Aden is a Cyan Hedgehog with Large 2 Foot Long White Wings and Light Blue Eyes, He always wears White Robes like Pit does.


Pyrokinesis - Aden can use Pyrokinesis, but only when his god Flarox, Allows Him too.


Aden has Mastered the Godly Weapon of Kyzumucu, Kyzumucu is a Bow that can Transform into a Sword, and it is infused with Godly Flames.


Not much is known about His Normal Mobian Life, But alot is Known about his Angelic Life.

Aden was chosen to be One of Flarox's Angels, And Aden Served Flarox, And Protected him with his Life, He usually went on Missions to Stop Other Corrupted Gods, Aden has helped Flarox Take down Shadeku, The Corrupted God of Shadows.