Arc is a wolf and the son of Cosmia the Goddess of Lust and a Mortal Mobian from the Cora Zone, and a leader of the Cora Zone Gang Core Bashers... Rash the Wolf, Arc is not like his mother and father as he is more pure than anything and serves as a true god, despite being a half blood, he watches for threats within his Heaven and watches over Mobius and its dimensions

Arc is also more modern as he wears modern clothing unlike typical Gods and Goddess and has a more modern attitude due to his father being a modern gang leader.



Arc can get into gods and mortals heads simply using his mind, this is inherited by his father.


Arc can use And manipulate mythic and unreal energy, types of energies that dont exist within the real world, he also can copy moves like Chaos Spear and the Kamehameha Wave with ease.

Love Spike/Lust Spike

this is a move that arc rarely uses due to having more lust than love... knowing he is very perverted, he tries to keep it to himself and never uses it unless he DOES fall in love, this spikes love interest or Sexuality within a individual to who ever used this spell like power.


Arc is a perverted and easy going demigod Wolf but does not show his perverted side as often as he easy going and cocky side.


Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Durability


Arc cant age or die to mortals, but he can be killed, but its almost IMPOSSIBLE, gods have a much higher chance of killing him.


Not much is known about his life, though he usually alternates between Mobius and Heaven at his own will due to being a Demigod


Cosmic Light

this is a godly sword known to carry light and fire, this sword is extreamly powerful


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