Arraura is a character created by Lunari64 on 2/6/16.


Arraura is a transparent, pure white hedgehog girl, with short quills. She has light bluish, wavy stripes, going from around her eyes down her quills and arms. She usually wears a cream, off-white dress.


Despite being more authoritative around her angels, Arraura is usually the quiet, secluded type. Like the spirits she watches over, she spends much of her time observing, not interacting until the right moment. Arraura shows a lot of hospitality, and allows almost anyone to stay in her hall with her angels and various spirits.


Arraura is the goddess of spirits and ghosts, protecting those beings, as well as the spirits of all living things. (Perhaps more to come)


Spirit Form

Arraura can turn herself into a spirit at will. She tends to use this to observe events on Mobius.


Arraura emanates a field around her, healing anyone who comes close. This healing is incredibly powerful, but Arraura cannot turn it off, and could accidentally heal an enemy if she came too close.

Spiritual Energy

Arraura has free control of Spiritual energy, of her own and others. She uses this for ranged attacks when necessary, and to help guide the spirits.


Arraura has a lot less durability and battle experience than the other gods and goddesses, leaving her vulnerable if she were attacked. Again, her healing field cannot be turned off, and she could accidentally heal an enemy.