Cydik, He is 18 years Old. Cydik is a Genius, he also an experienced fighter.

Powers and Abilites

Cyber-Space  - Cydik can travel into Cyber-Space at will, he can for example change text cuz he is awesome i suck "Tee Hee." Wait WTF Don't change what i say! Cydik can also take viruses and transfer them to someone else, he can do all sorts of stuff in Cyber-Space.

Teleportation and Infinite Back-Pack - Cydik is able to Teleport using a device called by him as "An Instantaneous Movement Device." Cydik! I got this! He also has a Backpack that could give Link and Villager's Pockets a run for their money, it can store infinite items, that is why he keeps so many devices in his back-pack, it uses teleportation to grab things seemingly out of NOWHERE.

Super Speed - He is as fast as a Bullet Train.


He is a Dark Blue Hedgehog with a Pixel Pattern on his fur.


Theme Song


Cydik was originally supposed to be a Hero, he'd be the jokester, hence his non evil not caring about anything behavior, however Lunari had a cool idea to connect his story with Rosa so the creator made him evil, What if Cydik was a good guy is the *white noise* ...