Derek the Chameleon is a character created by Lunari64 on 1/3/16.


Derek is an orange Chameleon with gold eyes. He wears a navy blue long-sleeve shirt, and jeans. He also has a belt with multiple spy tools clipped onto it.


Derek is smug, and serious. He is rather professional in his approach, and quite formal. He doesn't joke around much, if at all. He isn't very heroic, and is really just out for himself. He is a bit of a benevolent traitor, often "working" for the villain just to screw them over, take their stuff, and move on.


Derek was born into a family of spies. He never knew his mother, who left shortly after he was born. So, his father raised him to be a spy like himself. When it was time, Derek worked along with his father on missions and the like. He still does spy and mercenary work to this day, and looks for his mother between missions.



Like all Chameleons, Derek can camouflage himself with his surroundings, making him almost perfectly invisible. He is a master of this skill, and uses it often.


Derek is able to manipulate fire. However, he has little control over this skill, and usually the flames only activate when he's angry. This leaves his pyrokinesis as a sign of him being angry, or a last-resort defense in battle.


Derek is weak to water, which damages him far more than any other element.

Theme Song Derek's main theme. (Sorry, all the versions on Youtube were sub-par)


Derek was at one point going to be a villian.

Derek is a skeptic. He doesn't believe in ghosts or spirits.