Various Jutsu's - Dillian will summon up symbols to do things, Shoot Fireballs, an Instantaneous Slash, Freeze things etc.

Weapons - Dillian can summon Boxing Glove-like objects for punching, a Giant Sword for Slashing, and his sword but with the gloves on the hilt, attached, this is his ultimate attack, it will fire a Giant Blast


His only known weaknesses is that he needs to finish saying the name of the jutsu, if you interupt him with an attack, the Symbol will Shatter, He is also not as durable as Nick, so no living after getting knocked through 57 mountains, nor is he as fast, however he is still extremly fast as he can run at the speed of sound.


Dillian was originally supposed to be 'Dylan' However there were already a few characters with that name, so the spelling was changed to 'Dillian'.