Glitrix is a Black and Green Hedgehog (I KNOW IT'S LIKE ASHURA! THERE AREN'T ANY OTHER GLITCHY COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM!) with Red eyes.


Reality Warping - Glitrix has the Power to Warp, or as he calls it 'Glitch' Reality, He can do anything he wants, even giving himself new Powers, Heprio9gjur9hkeokk "That's enough outta you, This is MY page. I explain what I can do. Bu328-@#(2 "I said Enough. I can do Absolutely anything, I could destroy this Planet in a Snap! I can travel through Dimensions! I can Control other Mobians, and No Mindblock Would Stop it! I CAN RIP THE FUCKIN FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME!"


Glitrix was #@0%@*)%&@#!)*^ "You Idiots don't Deserve to Know where I'm from!"


Glitrix's Weaknesses are !)*&%$*#@_!&( "As if!"


Glitrix's Form a!@)$@*&()$!_(!(@#)) "Wouldn't You like to know?"


Glitrix is !@)(&*^*&Y@#$@%_ "I think you can Guess."


"I'll allow it."

Glitrix is a mashup of Glitch and Matrix, a reference to the 'Glitch in the Matrix' Meme.

Glitri!@)$*(!&@!%(*_$ "That's enough."