Haely the Bat is a character created by Lunari64 on 12/22/15.


Haely is a light gray bat, with black wings, and purple eyes. She wears a fancy, sparkly green tunic- like top, with dark skinny jeans, and black boots. She has short hair, which is pure white despite her age.


Haely is impulsive, and rebellious. Always taking life by the horns, she stops at nothing to do what she wants to do. She tends to rebel against authority, (especially her parents), but only on a small scale. She is flirty and talkative, and always has a mischievous grin set on her face.


Haely was the daughter of a very rich couple. She was rarely let out of her parents' sight, so she spent a lot of time reading. Her father taught her to fly, and that was when she got her first good look at the outside world. She wanted to see the world more, but she was always so busy, and when she wasn't busy, her parents were watching her around the clock.When her mother told her about her aerokinesis, she trained with her mother, and soon became very skilled in using her powers. But, all the time she spent with her parents was starting to annoy her, and she quickly gained a rebellious streak. She would just leave without telling her parents, she would stay out longer than she was supposed to, and was generally a nuisance. But, her parents loved her just the same.


Haely is an aerokinetic, a trait passed down from her mother. She has practiced her aerokinesis a lot, and is very experienced. She can whip up powerful gusts of wind at will, and use her aerokinesis to stay airborne for long periods of time.

Like all bats, Haely can use her wings to fly. She is quite a talented flyer, able to preform stunts mid-flight. She can even use her aerokinesis to augment her flight speed, and can fly at extremely high speeds.