In this Hero's Destiny, a new Threat has come to conquer Mobius!

Part 1: Attacked

Nick called everyone to the computer.

"Guys, The City Kroton Was attacked." Nick said. "We need to go investigate, It's not in Soleanna, it's in Downunda."

Rosa and Io nodded, sure of the situation.

"Come on Lunari!" Nick shouted.

Lunari raced into the room. "I'm here." She said.

Lexie, hearing Lunari as she ran, followed, and came in soon after her.

They all teleported to Downunda, but were stopped by an Orange Hedgehog, Green Fox and Yellow Echidna right at the Border.

"Hold up, You have no Aurthority to be here." The Hedgehog said.

"This is our Mission." Nick said.

"My continent." The Hedgehog said. "We are the Heroes here."

"Well I don't see you deflecting a Giant Planet killing Laser OR Traveling through the Galaxy OR Fighting a Giant Three headed f*cking Hydra now do I?" Nick said.

"You wanna pass, you beat us." The Hedgehog said.


The Hedgehog, Fox and Echidna were on the floor bleeding.

"Let's pass." Nick said as if beating all three of them was easier then Breathing.

Io, Lunari, and Rosa all nodded in agreement.

Lexie shot a glare at the hedgehog on the ground. "Hmph. 'His' continent. I'm from here as well." Lexie mumbled, sounding very annoyed.

They found a Blue Echidna.

"You called?" Nick asked.

"Ah, Yes." the Echidna said. "I am Kyle."

"Hello!" Lexie replied, smiling.

Lunari did a small curtsy. "Nice to meet you." She responded.

"You too." Kyle said, they walked into a Room with a Dead Guy.

"Yea, What about it?" Nick asked.

"Look." Kyle said pointing to the Computer.

It said, '01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001100 01101001 01100011 01101000 00100000 01000011 01101111 01101101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010 00101100 00100000 01010101 01101100 01110100 01101001 01100011 01101111 00101100 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110011 00100000 01001101 01110101 01110010 01100100 01100101 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01101111 01101100 00100000 01100001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110010 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01110100 01110010 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100110 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00100000 01110101 01110011 00101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100110 01100001 01101100 01101100 00101100 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100000 01010111 01001001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01000100 01001001 01000101 00100001'

"Binary." Nick said pulling out a Laptop and trying to decode it. "It says, The Lich Commander, Ultico, has Murdered this fool as a warning, do not try to fight us, you will fall, YOU WILL DIE!"

Rosa could translate it herself, as her cybernetics also allowed her to translate almost instantly, but Nick said it before she did. She pondered the message for a moment, wondering what to do.

"Lich? That sounds Fimilar, Lich Cave!" Kyle said. "Go there Immediately!"

"You got it!" Nick said teleporting them to a Dark Cave.

Part 2: The Cave

Io looked around, keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

Lunari focused, trying to sense if anyone else was there.

Nick looked surprised.

"Umm, Guys? You might wanna come look at this." Nick said using Fire to light up the place.

"A Prochecy." Dillian said.

Io came over to look, and seemed to recognize something. She ran over to the carvings in the wall. "Unbelievable..... these carvings are in mystic language." She said, reading the message.

"Woah, so the Lich Army was an ancient Army who ruled over everything?" Nick said.

"Indeed." A Deep voice said as three Lich Mobians with Clubs walked out to fight them.

Io hissed, albeit quietly. The fact that the message was written in mystic, the language of Runes and Magic, only made less sense. "Alright, I'm confused. What's mystic language doing here?" Celeste asked, whining a bit. "Shush, Celeste. Not the time." Airion responded, scoldingly.

"Who are you?" Rosa asked, harshly.

The Middle one pointed to a pic of a guy smashing someone with a club.

"Commander Zachio, and Two from the 7th Division of the Lich Army." Zachio said.

"Alright then, Now let's fight!" Nick said, but then about 98 more showed up, 100 soldiers, and a Commander. "Um, Let's fight Anyway!"

The Gang Charged at the Army who Charged back.

Nick engaged with Zachio and Dillian with about 10 Soldiers.

Io tried to strategize. "Airion, I can handle this." Celeste suggested. "Alright. If the going gets rough, we'll summon the spirits. They can help." Airion said. Io morphed into Celeste, and went after the other commander, using fast magic attacks.

Rosa summoned twin blades of cyber energy, and started helping Nick fight Zachio, slashing him with her blades.

Lunari turned into her Lightning form, and fired electric shots at the swarm of soldiers.

Nick blasted Zachio who deflected it at Rosa and bashed Nick in the head.

Rosa tried to dodge, but the blast hit her on the side. She got knocked to the ground, but got up soon after, and resumed the fight.

Nick seemed knocked out, but then once Zachio was knocked next to him he got up and blasted him then Punched him.

Dillian summoned with Boxing Glove Things and was getting over-powered and turned Symbol.

Lunari was trying to get rid of as many of the soldiers as she could, so that the fight would be a bit easier for everyone else. She continued blasting them with electricity.

One clubbed Lunari in the head.

Lunari fell, seemingly badly hurt.

Lexie, who was surprisingly fast, grabbed Lunari and dragged her to safety. There wasn't much she could do to help Lunari, other than just watch over her so that nobody kicks her while she's down.

"Lexie, Use your Power!" Nick said punching Zachio, he gave all of The Gang Earmuffs.

Lexie nodded, though she was a bit unsure of herself. Could she pull it off? She knew she had to try. For everyone's sake. She focused, and the high-pitched sound started again. Lexie focused even harder, straining herself, and then it happened. The sound blasted in a wave across the ranks of soldiers, giving them all a headache. Lexie doubled over, breathing hard. She was seemingly exhausted, as she had never pushed her sonokinesis that far before.

Lunari, taking advantage of the soldiers' confusion and chaos, launched her best electric blast right into the crowd, knocking out a lot of the soldiers.

Nick blasted Zachio, then Zachio and The others teleported away as The Gang Removed their Earmuffs.

"Lexie! You did great!" Rosa said, going over to help her up.

Io noticed the situation at hand, and ran over to Lunari. Reverting back to normal, she drew a healing rune for Lunari.

"Thanks, Rosa...." Lexie said, sounding tired.

Nick teleported them back to Kyle.

"We were Attacked." Nick said.

"Intresting." Kyle said.

"You got that right." Rosa agreed.

"Listen, There is Things happening." Kyle said."Like you, DYING!" Kyle said summoning a Sword as The Gang was Surrounded by Sword weilding Mobians in Armor.

Rosa looked around. Surrounded. Well, great. Her quill started to turn red, but only flickered. Cyber energy swirled in her hands. She was ready to fight.

Io, reverting back to Celeste's form, gripped her staff tightly.

Lunari stood, healed, and realized what was going on. She gathered some electricity, ready to hit the first enemy that dared move.

Nick turned Super.

They rushed at The Gang.

Lunari, turning into her Super form as well, fired super blasts at the crowd.

Rosa summoned her twin cyber blades again. She glared at Kyle. "You backstabber!" She said, attacking him. She swung her blade, leaving a gash on his nose.

"You Fucktard!" Kyle yelled slashing Rosa on the chest.

Rosa now had a long cut across her stomach. Turning Techno, Rosa slashed at Kyle's face so rapidly, her hands moved like a blur.

Kyle suddenly grabbed her Swords by the Blade and broke them in half and thrusted them into her chest.

The blades were made of cyber energy, so they dissolved soon after Kyle's attack. Rosa fell, unconscious and badly wounded.

"You hurt ROSA!" Dillian yelled turning symbol and punched Kyle in the face through a wall.

Io heard Dillian, and quickly came over, changing unto Airion's form. She carried Rosa away, and began to heal her.

Half the solders restrained Dillian, but he blasted them away.

Lunari, realizing the situation at hand, started firing blasts at the soldiers near Dillian.

Dillian eventully Blasted Kyle into nothingness.

Nick blasted the Rest of them into oblivion.

Rosa woke up, slowly.

"Are you OK?" Dillian asked turning normal.

She nodded, slowly."I'm fine." She said, getting up.

Lexie and Lunari came over to check on her.

"Good." Dillian said.

Rosa smiled, giving Dillian a hug.

Dillian hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek.

Lunari looked over at Nick. "Well, what next? She asked.

"We take down The Lich Army." Nick said.

"Well, aright then." Lunari said. She noticed Lexie, who ran over next to her. "How about you take care of the Dojo while we're gone?" Lunari suggested, to which Lexie replied with a content nod. Io drew a teleportation rune for Lexie, who used it, going back to the Dojo.

Part 3: Mysterious Castle

Nick teleported them to a Place that looked like the End from Minecraft, if instead of End Stone it was Obsidian.

"Where are we?" Io asked, looking around anxiously.

"Their Castle." Nick said.

Lunari focused, trying to sense how many people were there.

Suddenly a Guy with a Club came and slammed Lunari into the ground.

Lunari fell, unconscious.

Nick Turned Super and Blasted The guy.

Rosa turned Techno, and fired a blast if cyber energy at the man.

The Guy died.

Io drew a healing rune for Lunari, who recovered quickly. She stood up, back to normal.

1 Billion more Dark Armored Mobians, led by Zachio with Clubs appeared.

Io morphed into Celeste's form.

Rosa surrounded herself with cyber energy, ready to attack.

Lunari's hands crackled with electricity.

Nick turned Super as his hands burned with Flames.

Rosa attacked first. She rushed at Zachio, forming her cyber energy into a blade. She meleed Zachio, using punches, kicks, and her cyber blade.

Nick also attacked Zachio and blasted him in the face.

Suddenly a bright white light shined in the middle of the fight.

Lunari was shocked. "What is that?" She asked, sounding nervous.

Rosa would have stopped to check, but she was busy fighting Zachio. She didn't even bother to stop.

Suddenly Rikai landed on his feet from the White Light as it faded.

"Let's get this party Started!" Rikai said beginning to destroy 1,000's at a time.

"Alright then!" Lunari said, turning Super, joining the fight.

Io, having morphed into Celeste's form, used her magic to battle as well.

Nick blasted Zachio who smashed Rosa with his Club.

Dillian turned Symbol and summoned his Sword and slashed 1,000,000 instantly.

Nick knew they were Over-Powered and ran to Lunari.

"Lunari, I think Nickolari needs to put on a show." Nick said.

"You got that right." Lunari replied.

Nick and Lunari performed the Fusion Dance and Fused into Nickolari!

"Alright!" Nickolari said before destroying Hundreds of Millions at a Time.

Rosa used her cyber energy to make blades all around her, and tore through the ranks of soldiers.

Eventually, Nickolari Blasted Zachio out of Existance, then defused.

Than a Giant Black and Purple Echidna came out of nowhere and punched Nick in Ithe face.

"Ow, That thing is like 12 Feet Tall!" Nick said.

Io gave the echidna a suspicious glare. "Who are you?" She asked, harshly.

"Me Yuner." The Echidna said in a dumb-voice that was so loud it made a large wind blast.

Io stared at him, seemingly curious about what he was doing.

Yuner Smashed the ground Creating a shockwave knocking everyone back.

Io and Rosa fell over, and quickly got back up. Rosa, who still has her cyber blade, dashed at Yuner and attacked.

Yuner punched Rosa in the face.

Dillian tried to fly at Yuner in Symbol Mode, but Nick turned Super and held him back.

"Dillian, look, he is on a chain, he's being forced to attack us!" Nick said. "Maybe we can get his trust."

Nick summoned a Giant Blue Crystal Ocarina and gave it to Yuner.

"Yuner Like." Yuner said playing it, he sat down and played notes.

Nick entered the Castle and motioned them to follow.

Lunari nodded, following. If they had time, maybe she would play along with him after.

Io and Rosa also followed Nick.

They saw, all of the Divisions gathered infront of All the Commanders and 3 Admirals.

Rosa glared at the army before them, intent on taking them down.

Nick summoned a Meteor destroying most of them.

Rosa knocked out the rest with blasts of cyber energy.

All the Admirals attacked, but Nick knocked them out.

Then Xirsec appeared.

"XIRSEC!?" Nick yelled.

"What are you doing here?" Lunari asked, harshly.

"Isn't it obvious?" Xirsec said, he snapped as everyone else regained consciousness. "Kill them."

The Gang was surrounded.

Rosa sneered. Summoning her twin cyber blades, she rushed at Xirsec, slashing repeatedly at his face.

Xirsec put up a Forcefield.

Nick teleported them all away to the Dojo.

Nick noticed a painting out of place infront of Lexie and shot Fire which put it back into place.

"Eep!" Lexie yelped, running all the way back to her room, and slamming the door shut behind her.

"What the?" Nick muttered walking into her room opening the door slightly. "Lexie?"

Lexie was clearly scared, evident from the look on her face. "No.... Not fire...." She muttered to herself.

Nick walked into the Room shutting the door behind him.

"Lexie, What's wrong?" Nick asked.

Lexie didn't answer. She just stared.

Then Nick relized something.

"Oh, your afraid of this?" Nick said lighting a small flame on his finger.

Lexie backed up, with a small, frightened nod. He was right, Lexie was terrified of fire.

"Oh." Nick said stopping the Flame. "Lexie, I'm sorry."

Lexie tried to regain her composure. "It's okay...." She said, her voice trailing off.

Part 4: Dreams of the Group

After a few Hours, everyone went to bed, but woke up in the same white space as when Nick and Lunari had a dream.

"What the?" Dillian said.

"This is where me and Lunari's Dreams happen." Nick said.

Lexie, dazed and confused, wandered about, mutterimg something to herself in Spanish.

"Intresting." Dillian said.

Lunari caught up quick. "Well, this is different. Looks like everyone's here." She said, focusing.

Rosa and Lexie found each other, and then found everyone else. "What's going on?" Rosa asked.

Airion and Celeste were talking to each other, a ways off, before they finally found everyone else.

"Guys, We are going into someone's past now." Nick said as they teleported.

They ended up at the edge of a large clearing, in the middle of a forest. It was the middle of the night. A short green Hedgehog, holding a staff, seemed to be drawing a pattern in the grass.

"What the? Who's that?" Nick asked.

"That's Ricard!" Airion said, sounding surprised.

"This is our past." Celeste said, sounding much calmer than Airion.

Ricard finished his rune, and knelt down at the edge of his pattern. His rune cast a faint gloW. But then, it started to glow brighter and brighter, out of control!

Nick and Dillian covered their eyes.

When the light faded, Io was on the ground in front of the rune, unconscious. Ricard went over to check on her, and then the dream shifted.

They were in a house where a small green hedgehog was yellling at a Blue Hedgehog and an Orange Hedgehog.

"I don't need to do shit for you!" the Small Hedgehog said.

"Don't you talk to me that way!" the Blue one said.

"FUCK YOU!" The Green Hedgehog yelled shooting a fireball at the Blue Hedgehog knocking him back as The Green Hedgehog left.

"My Past, No doubt about it." Nick said.

"Whoa....." Lunari said, surprised.

Past Nick was running downn a Street and picked up an Emerald, then cut to him getting punched by a Mech.

Lexie flinched at the sight of the mech, but calmed down quickly.

"Wow...." Rosa said, not knowing what to say.

Then it cut to Dillian, a Beam clash happened then they were in another place.

Rosa was in some kind of base, in a maze of hallways, quietly sneaking around. Oddly, she didn't have the stripe on her quill at all.

"That's- oh, no....." Present Rosa said, knowing where they were. "We're in Cydik's lab." Rosa stated, trying to stay calm.

Past Rosa turned a corner, and saw Cydik. She's been caught, red-handed.

"Uh-oh." Nick said.

Past Rosa put her hands up in surrender. "Sorry! I didn't know anyone was here-" She said, but Cydik grabbed her by the sleeve of her coat, and dragged her along with him.

Lexie hugged Present Rosa. "I had no idea....." Lexie said.

They were now in a Forest Dillian was getting punched by some Gang.

"What's going on?" Rosa asked.

Airion hissed, though quietly, muttering something in a different language.

Future Dillian looked to the side not saying anything.

"Yo Dipwad." One of them said.

"You've come to the wrong forest Dude." Another said punching Past Dillian.

Airion hissed again, clearly unimpressed with the gang's disrespect for the forest. Celeste motioned something to Airion, who then calmed down.

Rosa hugged Dillian. "It's okay." She said, trying to make him feel better.

Past Dillian then ran away, then the Gang was in another part of the Forest.

They saw a Small Pink Hedgehog who nearly crying being bullied by the same guys.

"You leave her alone!" Past Dillian yelled punching them in face with his Stone Boxing Glove Things.

Lexie felt bad for the girl. She had been in almost the same situation before.

Rosa was about to ask who the girl was, but didn't want to make Dillian feel bad.

Lexis eyes went wide.

Past Dillian Punched the last of the Gang into a Tree.

"Are you OK Sarah?" Past Dillian


"I think so." Sarah said.

A Bright Light flashed and they were in another place.

They were in a bustling town, filled with short brick buildings and people going about their day. There were patches of fire in different places, but everyone acted like this was totally normal.

Lexie gasped. "This is where I grew up." She said, shocked and a bit scared.

"Intresting." Dillian said.

Suddenly, a shout came from near one of the brick walls behind them. They turned, to see a very young Lexie, pinned to the wall by two older hedgehogs.

Nick simply stared.

"What do you think you're doing here, freak?" One of the hedgehogs demanded. Lexie didn't answer. "Well? Off to play with fire, like the rest of us? Oh wait- you can't." The other hedgehog teased.

Nick growled.

"This town's known as a gathering place for pyrokinetics." Present Lexie explained. "I wasn't the same."

One of the hedgehogs lit a fire on his finger, holding it right in Lexie's face. Lexie yelped, and the other Hedgehog burnt her on the back of her ear.

"Those little Shits are a Disgrace to all Pyrokinetics!" Nick yelled.

"Tell me about it. They were the worst. The rest just gave me a funny look, and moved on." Lexie said.

The hedgehogs shoved Lexie away from the wall, and she fell to the floor. "Shoo, freak fox. If you're lucky, you'll get burnt again." One of them jeered, as Lexie got up and ran. Then, the dream shifted again.

Nick punched the Hedgehog, but it went through him.

"Gr, If Jack was around." Nick said.

"Hm? Jack?" Lunari asked,curiously, as the dream shifted.

They ended up in a small cottage. They saw Lunari packing her favorite drawstring bag, before she walked out. Her mom was there, waiting. "Bye, Lunari. Be safe." Her mom said.

Lunari hugged her. "I'll be fine, mom." She said.

Present Lunari couldn't help but chuckle at her own promise. "If only she knew...." She laughed.

"What's this suppose to be?" Nick asked.

"This is when I left my hometown. I'm a traveler, now." Lunari answered.

Then, they woke up.

Lexie woke with a start. How did that happen? She was amazed.

Part 5

"Spiritual Bonds." Justin said.

"Huh?" Lexie said, turning around towards Justin.

Lunari, also hearing Justin, knew what he meant. She could sense the bonds spreading between the whole group.

"It's complicated." Justin said.

Lexie was curious, but didn't ask, since she didn't want to be a bother.

Then there was a knocking on the Dojo Door.

"Diiiiiiiillllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!" A Little Girl's Voice yelled.

"Is that?" Dillian asked.

"Come on! I know your there!" The Voice yelled again.

"Yep." Dillian said.

Lexie giggled a bit. "Hello?" She asked the voice, as cheerful and friendly as usual.

Dillian opened the door as that same Pink Hedgehog from the Dream came running except older and taller.

"Hi Sarah." Dillian said.

"Hi Mobians!" Sarah said.

"Nice to meet you!" Lexie said, waving.

Lunari and Rosa also walked in. "Hello!" Lunari said, doing a small curtsy.

"Hello there." Rosa said, smiling.

"Hi!" Sarah said.

Io peeked around the corner at Sarah, before coming out to see her. She waved, but didn't say anything.

Sarah waved back.

"Alright Sis." Dillian said. "What are you doing here?"

"Yea, what's up?" Lunari asked, casually.

"I just wanted to see my Brother." Sarah said hugging Dillian.

Suddenly a Blast flew right by Nick.

"What the?" Nick said looking up, he saw Ultico floating there.

"Who are you?" Lunari asked, harshly.

"The Guy who will kill you." Ultico said.

"That clears things up." Rosa snarked.

Ultico blasted Rosa and Sarah.

Rosa put up a shield of cyber energy, protecting Sarah from the blast.

Dillian was Getting mad and punched Ultico in the face.

Io went over to protect Sarah, letting Rosa join the fight.

Rosa, summoning blades of cyber energy, slashed Ultico across the face.

Lunari, turning Super, also punched Ultico in the face.

Ultico summoned his Army to help beat them.

Rosa continued to slash at Ultico, before kicking him in the chest.

Lunari turned her attention to the army, and started blasting them.

Ultico's Army blasted half The Dojo Away.

Nick was about to kill them, but Justin stopped him, then did a poking motion, Ultico and His Army were suddenly Destroyed, Then the Dojo repaired.

Justin never ceased to impress Lunari. "Wow. Justin, you are awesome." She said, returning back to normal.

"I know." Justin said.

Lunari, Rosa, Lexie and Io all giggled at the comment.

"Anyways." Dillian said.

Lexie headed off to the training room. She wanted to practice her sonokinesis.

Sarah followed Lexie.

Lexie didn't know she was getting followed, so she continued. She set up a few pins to knock over, and focused hard. She was trying to use the sound blast she had used earlier.

Sarah took a Deep Breath.

"HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sarah yelled.

"Ahh! Loco!" Lexie yelled, surprised before realizing it was Sarah. "Oh, goodness, you surprised me." Lexie said, out of breath.

"Good, I was Trying to." Sarah said.

Lexie giggled at her remark.

Sarah giggled aswell.

Nick walked outside and flew away, presumably to look for Trouble.

Io noticed him fly away. "What's he up to...." Celeste wondered.

Lexie went back to practicing her sonokinesis.

Nick arrived at Xecnon City.

Meanwhile Dillian went on the computer.

Lexie focused, using her sonokinesis. She tried knocking over the pins she had set up with sound waves. The first attempt didn't work.

Part 6

Suddenly all the pins fell over as Nate and Mikasa flew down.

Nate shoved Lexie aside and walked in the Main Dojo Room.I

Lexie backed away, scared.

Nate walked up to Dillian furiously b*tchsmacking Rosa and Io on the way.

"Where the F*ck is Nick!?" Nate yelled grabbing Dillian by the Shoulders.

"He went to go check on something." Rosa said. "Now get your hands off my boyfriend." Rosa said, glaring at Nate.

Nate turned and shot an Electricity Beam from his Eyes at Rosa.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Dillia.

Rosa got hit, and started to twitch erractically., her quill turning yellow.

Mikasa Held Rosa to the wall.

Nate held Dillian 4 Inches off the ground by the Neck.

Rosa punched Mikasa in the face, her coding affected by the electricity.

Io blasted Nate, unafraid.

Lexie was anxious, but she had to try. Struggling, she used another sound blast, hitting Nate, before collapsing to the ground.

Nate rebounded the Blast at Io as Mikasa punched Rosa in the face.

Rosa broke free from Mikasa's grip, and used a shockwave of cyber energy, hitting everyone.

Io put up a shield, protecting her and Lexie. She then morphed into Celeste, rushing at Nate.

Nate turned Super as Mikasa joined him turning Spirit Super, then punched Io in the face.

Io got hit. She looked badly hurt. But, oddly, her presence seemed to mess with Mikasa's spiritual energy. Souls were weak to Ether Spirits.

Rosa kicked Nate in the chest, enraged by the damage the electricity had done. But, she then passed out from the electricity.

Nate blasted Io to the floor.

Io passed out, reverting back to normal.

Rosa awoke, weak. She could hardly move, she was paralyzed by the electric attack.

Suddenly Dillian in his Super Form kneed Nate in the back of the Head knocking Mikasa's Spirit from Nate, also knocking Nate sprawling to the floor.

Lunari's spirit also gave Dillian some strength.

Rosa saw Dillian. "Thank you..." She said, trying to break free from her paralysis.

"You OK?" Dillian asked Rosa turning to normal and helping her from her paralysis.

"I'm fine." Rosa said, slowly standing up. "That reckless idiot shocked me..."

Suddenly Dillian fell to the ground as Nate stood there and then punched Rosa into a wall.

Rosa almost dodged the punch, but still got hit. She got knocked into the wall, unconscious.

Lunari had to wake Dillian up. "Dillian! Rosa's hurt, you have to help her!" She shouted, in Dillian's mind, knowing exactly what motivated him. She lent him most of her spiritual energy, giving him strength and energy.

Dillian's body covered in sparks as Nate walked toward Rosa charging Energy.

Lunari wasn't sure what Dillian was up to, but gave him her spiritual energy to help him anyways.

Dillian started turning a Bright Yellow and normal Color again rapidly.

Nate charged energy in his fist.

Lunari strained her spirit, using all of her spiritual energy to help Dillian. Lexie, Io, and Rosa were all down, it was her time to help out.

Nate punched Rosa, but Dillian teleported and blocked his Punch, then turned Super 2!

"What the?" Nate said as Dillian thrust his hand that was holding Nate's Fist forward Braking his Wrist. "AHHHHH!"

Lunari's spiritual energy surrounded Dillian, like an aura.

Dillian punched Nate 8 Times, then one more time in the face knocking him out as Mikasa teleported away.

Lunari's spirit was exhausted from the strain. Dillian could hardly even feel her presence anymore. She was going to have to rest.

Nick had just floated down in his Super 2 Form, but realized Dillian kicked Nate's ass.

Rosa fidgeted, slowly starting to wake up.

"Are you Alright Rosa?" Dillian asked.

Rosa didn't.say anything. She just laid there for a while, until her eyes fluttered open.

"Rosa!" Dillian said. "Are you OK?"

I'm fine." Rosa answered, sitting up. She reached for the stripe on her quill. "Ugh, he shocked me..." She said, disdainfully.

"It's OK Rosa." Dillian said hugging her.

Rosa hugged him back, though she was thinking about how not okay it really was. She could have easily hurt him or anyone else that was on her side, thanks to that stupid electric attack, and her own weakness.... It was pretty easy to tell what was on Rosa's mind.

Dillian kissed Rosa as Nick threw Nate out of the Dojo.

"Now I need to clean up this blood." Nick said.

Rosa looked away, clearly annoyed by Nate's shock.

Nick seemed proud of Dillian's Super 2 Form.

Rosa hugged Dillian more, happy that he used a super 2 form.

Dillian hugged Rosa OVER 9000!!!!! Times.

"Thanks Dillian..." Rosa said.

Lexie moaned, waking up slowly.

Nick called Justin who repaired and Healed everything with a snap of his fingers. (literally.)

Part 7

Io stood up, before dusting off her skirt. "Ugh, what happened....." She said.

Lexie woke up as well. What'd I miss?" She asked.

Lunari went back to her own body. "Nice job, Dillian." She said, giving Dillian a high five.

Nick explained.

After the explanation, Lexie went off to the practice room, training with her Sonokinesis.

Dillian chatted with Sarah.

Lunari, Io, and Rosa went back to their rooms.

Nick trained talking with Lexie.

Lexie finally got her sound blast down after a while. She knocked over all the pins with one blast. "Yes!" She cheered.

"Good Job!" Nick said using Magic to make the Pins stand back up again.

Lexie smiled. "Thanks, Nick." She said, using another sound blast, knocking them over again. She stood them back up herself.

Nick continued practicing before turning Super.

Lexie watched, curious about what he was going to do.

Nick summoned a Pin 12 Miles Tall and poked it, and it Blew up in a Forcefield Nick contained it in.

Lexie stared, speechless."Nick, have I ever told you that you're awesome?" She complimented.

Rosa slammed the door to her room shut, not in a good mood.

"No You ha- Wow what up with Rosa?" Nick said hearing the Door Slam as he walked over.

Rosa seemed to be upset. She couldn't help but think about how she lost control when she got shocked. If she hasn't passed out, she might have attacked Dillian, or Lexie, or Io.And it was because of her weakness, that they were in even more danger.

"Rosa!" Nick yelled in her face. "What the Frick is Wrong?"

Having Nick yell in her face seemed to snap her out of it. "Oh! Uhh......." She said, awkwardly. "Just a little upset. Stupid Nate....." She muttered, just loud enough for Nick to hear.

"Nate is Dumb. we know, just stop breaking your Room!" Nick said pointing to cracks around her Door.

Rosa looked shocked at the damage she'd done."Whoa, didn't mean to do that. I'll fix it." She said. She then sighed. "It's not Nate, really, it's me. My weakness to electricity, put everyone there in danger. It bothers me that I can't control it." She explained.

"Thank you." Nick said giving her tools to fix the Wall.

Rosa quickly finished, before sighing, not feeling much better about herself.

Dillian walked over to Rosa and hugged her.

"Thanks, Dillian." Rosa said, hugging him back.

Dillian kissed her as Nick did a Thing.

Rosa wanted to tell Dillian how she felt, but was too busy wondering what Nick was doing. She gave Nick a questioning stare.

Nick seemed to be making another room.

Rosa seemed to understand. She sighed, before kissing Dillian back.

Sarah talked to Lexie a lot.

Lexie decided to show Sarah her sonokinesis. She whistled, softly, and used her sonokinesis to change the pitch.

"Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool." Sarah said making a Cup out of Ice and Filled it up with Water that appeared out of nowhere.

Lexie seemed impressed. "Wow." She said, not knowing what else to say.

"I learned Hydromancy, I'm a pro at Cryomancy and I dabble in Pyromancy." Sarah said.

"Interesting..." Lexie said. Then, she realized something. "wait, pyromancy?" She asked, her voice sounding nervous.

"Yea, why?" Sarah asked.

Lexie seemed to snap out of it. She didn't want to make a fool of herself. "Oh, nothing. That's really cool." She said, a bit awkwardly.

Sarah lit the tip of her finger on fire and put it infront of Lexie's face. "I know Right." she said. Lexie backed up, afraid. She nodded, trying to get her to stop.

"Oh your scaaaaared." Sarah said chasing her. "No, please, no!" Lexie shouted, running away. She was actually surprisingly fast, for not having super speed.

Sarah however did have Superspeed then kept up with Lexie Then ran into a giant Symbol.

Lexie kept running, not even noticing that Sarah had ran into something. She ran right out of the dojo.

Dillian teleported Lexie back with him.

"Sarah Melody Jetpyhsic!" Dillian said.

Rosa opened the door to her room, looking out into the main room. "What's going on?" She thought to herself.

"Sarah go to my room!" Dillian yelled at her.

Sarah walked to his room slamming to her room.

"Oh, brother..." Rosa mumbled, walking over to Dillian. She then noticed Lexie, who looked sad. "Oh, Lexie, it's okay...." Rosa said, giving Lexie a hug.

"She was always a jerk." Dillian said walking away.

Suddenly a Melodic Tune starting coming from Dillian's Room.

Hearing music, Lexie seemed to cheer up pretty quick. Curiously, she wandered over to Dillian's room.

When she opened the door she saw Sarah playing a Small Harp made of Ice and Strings of Water.

Lexie saw this, and went back to her room. She came to Dillian's room shortly after, holding a clarinet. She started to play along.

They began playing extremely well, after they stopped Sarah was impressed. "Not bad."

"Why, thanks." Lexie said, with a giggle. "You did great."

"My middle name's Melody for a reason." Sarah said.

"Of course. Only makes sense." Lexie chuckled.

Sarah chuckled.

Lexie giggled as well.

Lunari, Rosa, and Io all relaxed in their rooms. They'd simply been enjoying the music.

Part 8

Nick called Lunari and Dillian.

"Nick, what's up?" Lunari asked, casually.

Nick slapped Lunari across the face. (geet in chit.)

Lunari ended up taking the slap. "You'd think I'd learn...." She mumbled, turning back to Nick. "What's wrong?"

Nick slapped her again.

Lunari fell to the floor. "Help..." She asked Dillian, using telepathy to avoid giving Nick another reason to slap her.

Dillian Punched Nick in the face and helped Lunari up.

"Thanks." Lunari told Dillian, gratefully.

"ARE YOU BLIND???? LOOK!" Nick pointed to a Computer where about 5,000,000 Lich Mobians were charging, This is LIVE VIDEO FEED and it's only 1 MILE AWAY!"

"Oh!" Lunari said, shocked. "Now I know what's going on. Thank you." She said, with a hint of sarcasm. She let out a loud whistle, getting Rosa, Lexie, and Io's attention. They all ran in. "Alright. There's a battle about to happen. Lexie, you stay here. Rosa, Io, you ready?" She asked, and Io and Rosa quickly nodded.

"Hold." Nick said. "Hold."

The Army came into view.


The Army came closer.

"NOW!" Nick said as everyone else charged.

Rosa, turning into her Techno form, started firing cyber blasts, knocking out a few soldiers at a time.

Io morphed into Celeste's form. She cast a spell, and her staff became covered in blue flame. She charged, using her staff as a weapon.

Lunari turned into her Lightning form. She dashed into the crowd, shocking everyone in her path as she darted around.

Nick turned Super and flew around with Lunari disintegrating everyone.

Io was quickly draining her magic, but she kept going.

Nick charged a finger Laser.

"Oh Crap, Everyone MOVE!" Dillian yelled teleporting everyone into the Dojo.

Nick fired and the laser expanded to the size of the battlefield and disintegrated all enemies.

"Thank you." Rosa told Dillian.

"Your Welcome." Dillian said.

Lexie was cleaning again, when she saw the whole group. "Well, Back so soon?" She asked, giggling a bit.

"Yes." Nick said.

"Of course, neat freak." Rosa said, with a smile.

Lexie laughed.

"I'll be right back." Nick said leaving.

"I wonder what he's up to...." Rosa said, curious.

"Who knows." Dillian said.

Rosa shrugged, walking off to her room.

Dillian followed her.

Io walked into her own room, looking worn out.

Rosa turned toward Dillian. "What's up?" She asked.

"Well, I'm Bored. So I'm following you." Dillian said.

"Makes enough sense." Rosa agreed. But, she had no idea what to do either.

"Wanna, maybe Go on a... Day, Da. Do. You know what I'm failing to say right?" Dillian asked.

"No. I don't have a clue." Rosa joked. "Of course. I'd love to."

"Thank you." Dillian said. "I brb." Dillian teleported away.

Rosa got ready for the date. (Or, in Dillianese, Day.)

Dillian returned ready. (Lol)

Well then, where to?" Rosa asked.

"Same cafe as last time?" Dillian asked opening a symbol.

"Sure!" Rosa agreed.

Part 9

Dillian teleported them to the Cafe.

Rosa took a seat.

So did Dillian.

"So, what do you want to get?" Rosa asked.

"I don't know, Ice Cream Sundae Supreme Sunday Mega Pizza of Things." Dillian said.

"Okay then." Rosa said, with an amused look on her face.

Dillian called over a waiter.

"Hello!" Rosa said to the waiter, smiling.

The Waiter took off his hood revealing to be Nick.

"What are you Two Doing here?!" Nick asked.

"Hm, I don't know, what does it look like we're doing?" Rosa snarked.

Nick grabbed them by the arms and walked behind the Cafe.

"What the Hell's your Deal?!" Dillian yelled.

"My 'Deal' is that there have been Lich Army Members Here including Xirsec! Where do you Think I went when Nate came?!" Nick yelled.

"Shh! Keep your voice down! if they're here, they might hear you." Rosa whispered.

Nick slapped Rosa.

"Xirsec IS here." Nick said.

"Okay. What's the plan?" Rosa asked.

"A good plan for You would have been NOT to come here, He almost Noticed you! Seriously! I caught Mikasa, Quinn and Io here already! Who's next? Lunari?!" Nick scolded.

"That doesn't answer my question. What's the plan NOW?" Rosa asked again.

Nick punched her into a wall.

"Don't demand an answer!" Nick said.

Suddenly Dillian punched Nick in the face 12 feet back then growled.

"I don't care if your a good guy, DON'T HURT ROSA." Dillian said.

"Guys! Don't beat each other up over it, I'm fine." Rosa said, trying to break up the fight. "We're not gonna get anywhere fast with this much friendly fire."

"Just stay outta my way! You've probably already compromised my Mission!" Nick said turning Contained Dragon.

Dillian turned Super 2.

Nick and Dillian stepped out.

"YO XIRSEC!" Nick shouted.

"What the?!" Xirsec shouted looking at Nick.

Nick blasted at him.

Xirsec dodged and the other 7 jumped behind things.

Rosa gathered cyber energy, preparing to attack.

Xirsec hovered up some tables and threw them at Rosa.

Rosa dodged the first one, but got hit square in the chest with the other. She got knocked over, and pinned under the table. It took her a while to get it off from her, but she eventually got backup.

"You son of a!" Dillian said, sparks flying around him.

Dillian flew at Xirsec and ruthlessly punched and kicked him.

Rosa came up from behind Xirsec, and stabbed him with a cyber blade.

"ENOUGH!" Xirsec yelled shooting a blast at everyone before he turned into a Hydra.

Rosa got hit, and looked somewhat hurt. She backed up, while she tried to plan her next move.

One of the Lichs pulled out a knife and snuck behind Rosa and stabbed at her, but Dillian jumped behind her and took the stab, then yelped in pain.

"Dillian!" Rosa shouted. She then looked at the Lich member with a murderous glare. Shockingly fast, she formed a cyber blade, and slashed at the Lich, ferociously.

Dillian stopped her though.

"He's mine." Dillian said pulling out the knife, he then punched the Lich giy so hard, his heart came out, then Dillian fell to the floor.

(What is this, Mortal Kombat?) Rosa caught Dillian, and looked sad to see him hurt. She tried to think of something she could do to help him, despite the fact that she wasn't a healer. "Oh come on, where's Io when you need her?" She thought, while she held Dillian.

Rosa could,probably sense his power level at 0, and feel his heart stop beating, Dillian turned to normal.

"No!" Nick shouted sensing his power level at 0.

"Dillian.... Why did you..." Rosa murmured, starting to cry.

Nick flew over to Rosa, The Lich guys and Xirsec ran away.

"Rosa, It's Okay." Nick said trying to comfort her.

Rosa's quill flickered, dimly. "No... it's not...." She said.

"Rosa, we can bring him back." Nick said.

Rosa sniffles. "Okay...." She said, trying to stop crying.

Nick helped Rosa to her feet.

Rosa cried on his shoulder. She stopped for a moment, staring him straight in the eyes. Without warning, Rosa suddenly kissed him, right on the lips.

It took Nick 4 seconds to get what just happene,,d, then his eyes widened.

"Uhhhh, What, We aren't under mind control, SShe needs to cheer up, if kissing me is how, then I'll her." Nick thought.

Rosa looked back at him, almost as if she had no idea why she had done that either. "Why did I do that? I really need to get it together..."

Nick stared at Rosa.

"Well. Um. Back to the Dojoooooo." Nick said in a bad fake excited tone.

Rosa tried to smile. "Okay then."

They all teleported to the dojo.

Rosa picked up Dillian, and laid him down on the bed.

Nick and Justin put their hands out giving Dillian lifeforce.

Sarah walked in and saw Dillian.

"Is he sleeping?" Sarah asked.

"Uhhh, Yea, He's gonna get up soon." Nick said.

"Man, I wanted to play with him." Sarah said walking out.

"Lunari! Io! Lexie!" Nick shouted.

They all ran over to Nick. "What is it?" Io asked.

"Stick your hands infront of Dillian and concentrate." Nick said.

Lunari took a deep breath. "Got it." She held her hands out, and closed her eyes.

Lexie looked confused. But, she did as she was told.

Io set down her staff, and held her hands out as well.

Suddenly Green Beams shot out from they're hands and Dillian started to float and Dillian's eyes opened.

"Huh... Wha... Oh!" Dillian said landing on his feet, he seems to have gotten the hang of Spirits and Such.

Rosa hugged Dillian, bursting into tears of joy.

"Geez! You weren't this happy the Last Two times I came back!" Dilian said.

"So what?" Rosa joked, hugging him tighter.

Dillian made noises.

"I can't Breathe." Dillian said.

Rosa let go of him. "Oh, sorry." She said, still smiling.

Sarah came in.

"Lexie, Come here! I wanna show you something, and you two." Sarah said pointing at Io and Rosa.

"Alrighty!" Lexie said, coming over.

"Hey Dillian, I go-" Nick said.

"I know, Rosa kissed you, I was hovering over you." Dillian interrupted.

"Wait, what?" Lunari asked, glaring at Nick, and then Rosa, who was walking away, safely out of earshot. "Are you serious?"

"Yea, didn't he tell you?" Dillian asked.

"No..." Lunari answered, sounding angry.

"I'll just let myself out..." Dillian said running away.

"Nick, you'd better have a good explanation." Lunari demanded.

"W-w-I-Well..." Nick stammered.

Lunari stared at him. "Yes?"

"I-W-Uhhhh, Ummmmm" Nick stammered.

Lunari continued to stare, waiting for an answer.

"Well she needed comfort!" Nick said.

"Alright.... So her boyfriend dies, and the first thing you do is kiss her?" Lunari pointed out.

"Well, She, I, Uhhh." Nick said.

"Makes me wonder how I ever get a word out of you." Lunari joked, shaking her head.

"Well it's like I, It's, It's." Nick stammered.

"Go on...."

"I didn't, I, Umm." Nick said.

Lunari seemed to be getting it now. "So, you didn't kiss Rosa, she kissed you?"

"Yes!" Nick said.

Lunari seemed a bit skeptical, but she could tell by reading his aura that he wasn't lying. "Okay then. Next time, tell me. Don't wait for Dillian to rat you out."

Nick gave a sigh of relief.

"Am I really that intimidating?" Lunari joked.

"No, I could easily beat you to a pulp." Nick replied, then immediately wished he didn't.

"Probably accurate." Lunari said, not sounding quite as amused.

"Extremely Accurate." Nick said, the, again wished he hadn't.

Lunari let off an annoyed sigh. "Has anyone ever told you you're really blunt?"

"Yes." Nick said.

Lunari nodded. "Okay then."

"Your still my girl." Nick said kissing her on the cheek relieved the fight was over.

Lunari blushed a bit. "Thanks."

"Your welcome." Nick said.

Lunari hugged him.

Nick kissed her on the lips.

Lunari kissed him back.

Part 10

Suddenly Nate shoved through them.

"Move it!" Nate yelled.

"Do you mind, Nate?" Lunari snapped.

Nate grabbed her by the collar off the ground.

"Don't EVER talk to me like that!" Nate yelled before throwing her.

Nick caught Lunari before she hit the wall.

"Thanks, Nick." Lunari said to Nick.

"No problem." Nick said kissing her o, the forehead, he put Lunari down and turned Super 2 and smacked Nate across the face.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick, and Nick turned Spirit Super.

Nick punched Nate, but Nate caught it in his fist and punched Nick into a wall turning him into his normal form.

Lunari started to heal Nick.

Rosa heard the commotion, and came inside. "Oh, Nate. How nice it is to see you again!" Rosa snarked, sarcastically.

Nate simply glared at her.

"Uh-oh, did I strike a nerve?" Rosa joked.

Nate teleported Dillian next to him and grabbed him by the neck.

"Maybe I should make your Boyfriend lose another life." Nate said as Dillian started gasping for air.

"Don't you DARE touch him!" Rosa shouted, blasting Nate square in the face, and following up by rushing him, and kicking him in the chest, knocking him away from Dillian.

Nate got up unfazed.

He then blasted Rosa in the face.

Rosa got hit, and knocked over. Io came in, and immediately put up shields, while she healed Rosa and Dillian.

Nate poked the shield making it disintegrate.

Io smacked Nate across the face with the end of her staff, before setting up a stronger shield, morphing into Airion's form in the process.

Nate however grabbed the staff and disintegrated it, the, punched Io in the face.

Io hissed, before getting hit. She'd gone through a lot of staffs in the span of 200 years, but that was an insult. She morphed into Celeste's form, and started fighting Nate with her bare hands. But, this left Rosa and Dillian vulnerable.

Nate shot a laser right through her arm and blasted Dillian, who's power level was suddenly gone and he went limp, then Nate kicked Rosa through the wall.

Rosa got knocked out. Lunari tried all she could to help Dillian recover. Io yelped in pain, and stopped fighting. She stood her ground. "Why do you always barge in and start a fight? What do you do it for? Is it because of Nick? If it is, I suggest you get it together. When we got trapped together, we learned to cooperate. Clearly, you don't care. You just go around, starting random fights for almost no reason." Io lamented.

"Yea, your dumb!" Nate said shooting a laser through Io's head, then went to kill Rosa, then suddenly Dillian in his Super 2 Form knocked Nate into a wall.

"Piece of Crap!" Dillian shouted.

Io passed out, and appeared to fade away, vanishing.

Lunari gave Dillian even more strength, pushing her limits.

"Lunari, heal Io with your Spirit Form." Dillian said, then Nick got up and turned Super 2.

"You thinking what I'm Thinking?" Nick asked.

"Yup." Dillian said.

Io had already completely vanished. Lunari went back to her own body, exhausted. She laid there, looking weary but not unconscious.

"Alright Nate, you hurt our Girlfriends, now You will PAY!" Dillas said.

Lexie watched from a distance, scared, bit she waited for a good chance to hit Nate with a sound blast.

Dillas blasted Nate who punched the blast sending it back.

Dillas threw Nate into a wall and signaled Lexie to do something.

Lexie understood. She took all the sound waves nearby, focusing them onto Nate, trying as best she can to give him a headache or distract him.

Nate however took the sound waves and turned them into a ball and fired it at Lexie

With astoundingly fast reflexes, Lexie dodged the blast.

"Impressive, but allow me to show you something." Nate said, he appeared behind her and chopped her neck knocking her out.

Lexie collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Dillas punched Nate But Nate chopped him into Nick and Dillian.

Then Sarah came in. "You little Scum!" She yelled suddenly summoning Ice shards to impale Nate to the wall and use a Fireball to burn him as Water bars kept him there.

Suddenly, Nick and Dillian could sense the presence of a lot of people, bit couldn't see anyone. Frustratingly, they had no way they could see or hear those people. As these anonymous people, arrived, all the injured began to heal.

"Woah, Sarah." Dillian said.

Lexie woke up. "What happened....."

"Sarah kicked some ass!" Dillian said, but nobody was happy. "What?" he turned around to see Kita. "You."

Part 11

Lunari woke up, very dizzy. She tried to focus, and could sense the strange amount of people around them, even though she couldn't see them either. She then saw Kita. "You? Ugh, how wonderful...." Lunari said, sarcastically.

Then, all the mysterious presences vanished, as if Kita made them disappear.

"Quiet!" Kita said using an energy slash at Lunari. Lunari tried to move out of the way, but got hit in the side.

"Now, Nick destroy them." Kita said as NIck's eyes turned red.

Lunari used her spirit form again, joining with Nick. She tried to protect him from the mind control.

Nick shot Lunari's Spirit from him.

Lunari got knocked out, since she was so vulnerable in her spirit form.

Meanwhile, a girl was watching from afar. "Finally. Just me. Now, they need help. But how...." She said, contemplating, before taking off. Nobody could see her, or hear her. She was going to have to learn a new skill before she could even try to help them.

Nick punched Dillian unconsious.

Rosa woke up, and immediately noticed Dillian. She dragged him away from the fight. Then, she stood up to Nick. "Stop this!" She said, getting ready to fight. But, she noticed that if she took out Kita, Nick would stop. So, she turned toward Kita instead, blasting her with a cyber blast.

Nick jumped and spiked the shot back.

Rosa tried to counter the blast, but reacted too late. She got hit square in the chest, and fell, weak.

"Nick, Come here." Kita said as Nick floated toward her, Kita kissed him, draining his energy.

Rosa tried to stand back up, but couldn't. the blast hit her in the leg.

Lexie, still a bit dazed, tried firing a sound blast at the two of them, but couldn't. She couldn't focus.

Dillian got up and used the last of his energy to heal Lunari.

"I gave you... I...Gave you... Super... 2..." Dillian then fainted again.

Lunari understood. She turned Super, and then flashed between a lighter yellow and her regular super form.

Kita continued Kissing Nick. "Geez He's got alot more energy than usual." Kita thought. "Maybe he has a new form?"

Lunari, in a rage, turned Super 2! She dashed into Kita, knocking her far away from Nick.

Nick's eyes instantly turned normal, and than fell in Lunari's arms.
"Thank... You..." Nick said.

Lunari held him, turning back to Super, giving Nick some of her energy. "Anything for you.." She said.

"My Dragon Energy Reserves are what kept me conscious." Nick said, then Kita began laughing.

"Kita! You're gonna pay for this!" Lunari screamed. She started charging electricity.

"Pay for What?" Kita said demonically.

"You've hurt, and even KILLED my friends! DIE!!!!!!!" Lunari screamed, firing the blast.

Kita dodged the blast laughing."Oh, but I believe YOU Are the one who will Pay." Kita said blasting her.

Lunari dodged as well, before darting towards Kita, punching her in the face.

Kita blocked and threw Lunari to the floor, then, turned Super!

Lunari got back up. Undaunted, she fired a blast at Kita, stunning her.

"You Idiot." Kita said unstunning herself.

Lunari growled, and started rapid firing electric blasts.

Kita laughed catching them all.Then suddenly Kita screamed as a Cyber Blade went right through her as Cydik teleported next to Lunari.

"Trust me, I've learned not to trust This Fox." Cydik said.

"Same. But, why are you helping us?" Lunari asked.

"WHY YOU!" Kita screamed charging a Ball 1/4 size of the Sun.

"Explain later, Fight now." Cydik said turning Techno.

"Okay." Lunari agreed.

Lunari started charging a blast as well.

Nick began charging a Blast.

Rosa woke up, dazed. She tried standing up, and noticed Cydik. "That bastard!" Rosa shouted.

"It's alright, he's helping us." Nick said.

"Are you out of your mind? How much do you trust him?" Rosa argued.

"We need anything we can get Rosa." Nick said.

"Ugh. If you say so. But, don't say I didn't warn you." Rosa said, turning Techno as well. She charged a cyber blast.

Cydik began charging one aswell.

"Alright Kita, give it up!" Lunari shouted.

Kita fired her Ball.

and everyone else Fired their Blast.

Lexie finally managed to fire a sound blast, and fired her best shot to help the clash.

The Clash was a Stalemate. Whenever one advanced, the other pushed it back into place.

"Lexie! Again!" Lunari shouted. Lexie fired another sound blast.

Nick fainted due to using all his energy.

Lexie caught him.

The Ball advanced destroying the Dojo.

Then, Justin came.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." Nick said getting up as Justin gave him consciousness.

"Justin! We could use a hand here!" Lunari shouted.

Justin turned Super and glared at Kita.

Suddenly, Kita went normal and fainted.

Rosa nodded. "Thanks, Justin."

the dojo reformed and Justin turned normal and went back to his place.

"Thank you, Justin!" Lexie said.

Justin didn't reply.

Rosa shrugged. "Typical."

Cydik got up.

Rosa looked at him, with a puzzled expression. "Can't believe I'm saying this, but thanks. Why did you help us?"

"Kita tried to drain me." Cydik said.

"Looks like we're allies for now." She said, with a bit of a disapproving sigh.

"I guess." Cydik said.

"Can't believe I'm doing this." Rosa huffed.

"Me neither Cyber-Sub- err, Rosa." Cydik said.

"You're gonna have to stop calling me that." Rosa said.

"Well, let's get to the dojo." Rosa said. Despite it all, she still didn't trust him.

Meanwhile, Lunari charged one last blast at the now-vulnerable Kita. She fired an electric blast, point-blank.

Kita teleported away just before being hit.

Nick began talking to Cydik.

Rosa brought Dillian back to the Dojo.

Lunari growled in frustration.

Dillian got up and hugged Rosa.

"Take it easy, Dillian." Rosa said, smiling at the fact that he was okay.

"No." Dillian said kissing Rosa.

Rosa blushed.

Dillian then kissed her on the lips, meanwhile Sarah kept burning Nate's chest.

Lunari noticed Sarah. "Mind if I join the fun?" Lunari said, mocking Nate.

"Please do!" Sarah said.

Lunari started shocking Nate's face.

Nate howled in pain.

Lunari charged a giant electric blast. "And THIS is for killing Io!" She said, firing the blast.

"There. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Do with him what you please." Lunari told Sarah.

"Learned your lession Nate?" Sarah said releasing him.

Lunari found Lexie, and the two walked back to the dojo.

Part 12

Suddenly Sarah screamed.

Lexie, with her oversensitive hearing, heard her. "Oh crap, that's Sarah... We've got to help her!" She said. She whistled, getting everyone's attention.

Nate had a Dagger stabbed in Sarah's Neck.

"GUYS! SARAH'S IN TROUBLE!" Lexie shouted, using her sonokinesis to make her voice carry through the dojo.

Sarah fell dead.

Dillian then in a rage tackled Nate ripping off his arm.

and Punching Nate In the face with 2 Tons of force with each punch.

Rosa wanted to get a shot in, but didn't want to risk hitting Dillian.

Lunari gagged, seeing the fight. She ran away, and threw up.

Lexie looked at Sarah, who was laying there, limp. She took Sarah back to the dojo, laying her down on the bed.

Dillian ripped Nate limb from limb and punched his neck with 8000 tons of force killing him.

Lunari looked away, squeamish as per the usual.

Nick patted Lunari so he wouldn't puke again.

"Uh, thanks." Lunari replied.

"Just dont puke again, I'm the one who has to clean it.

"I won't."

"Good. I'd kiss you, but you're kind've dirty, on the face." Nick said.

"Why thanks, flatterer." Lunari said, starting to laugh.

"Here." Nick said shooting all the puke off her face, and out of her mouth.

"Thanks." Lunari replied, awkwardly.

"Now I can kiss you." Nick said, kissing her.

Lunari kissed him bac.

Dillian kept beating Nate's corpse.

Lexie wanted to do something to help Sarah, but knew that she couldn't. Not by herself.

Cydik started to talk to Rosa.

Rosa talked with Cydik as well, pondering whether to trust him or not.

"Hey Ronan!" Nick shouted after kissing Lunari for like 5 minutes.

Rosa shrugged. "Eh, who knows what he wants. Better go talk to him." Rosa said.

"Stop calling me that!" Cydik said.
"I am calling you your REAL name." Nick said.

Nick tossed Cydik and Rosa a fanart of Cydik and Rosa making out.
"Eww." Cydik squirmed. "It's by some freak named, Zionic." Nick said.

"Who the heck thinks I look like that?" Rosa said, staring shocked at the 'art'.

Cydik just gaped at the monstrosity.

"Get that thing out of here!" Rosa said, crumpling the paper in a ball and throwing it out the window.

"Like I would kiss her, stupid fans, If my life depended on it, I still wouldn't, She's so Ugly!" Cydik ranted.

"How nice of you." Rosa snarked.

"Well you are very ugly. I would die if our lips touched." Cydik said.

"Well thanks for calling me ugly, but I think I'd die too." Rosa said, awkwardly contemplating the situation.

"We, let's test that." Nick said using electrokinesis to make them kiss each other.
"BLEACH! I NEED BLEACH!!!!" Cydik yelled flying to get bleach as Nick laughed his ass off.

Rosa fainted.

Dillian laughed aswell.

Rosa just laid there, conked out. Clearly, she wasn't ready.

"Lunari did you see that?!" Nick said laughing.

Lunari giggled. "Not very well."

Nick laughed so hard he accidentally turned Super.

Lexie knelt down next to Rosa. "Rosa, wake up." She said, rolling her r's with her typical Spanish accent.

Dillian walked over and woke Rosa up.

Rosa woke with a start, like she'd had a nightmare.

Dillian giggled.

"Nick, I'd f*cking kill you if I could." Rosa threatened.

Nick laughed even harder.

Rosa rolled her eyes, sighing in disappointment, walking all the way to her room.

Nick and Dillian kept laughin.

"Thanks a lot, guys!" Rosa shouted, flopping onto her bed.

They kept laughing.

Lexie opened the door to Rosa's room. "Rosa?"

"Finally, someone who won't mock me for kissing my worst f*cking enemy." Rosa answered.

Lexie and Rosa talked for a minute or two, before opening the door to see if anyone was around.

Dillian came in.
"Rosa, You OK?"

"I just got forced to kiss my worst enemy! Does it look like I'm okay?" Rosa shouted.


Rosa sighed. "Ugh....."

"He's our ally now, stop treating him like an Arch Enemy." Dillian pointed out.

"That doesn't make me suddenly okay with kissing him!" Rosa argued. She was scarred.

"Stop acting Stupid!" Dillian shouted.

"You might as well tell Nick that, he's the one that made us kiss!" Rosa shouted.

"It wasn't even a kiss, he made you peck each other's lips for a split second, stop acting like it's such a big deal!" Dillian yelled back.

Rosa huffed, sitting down on her bed. "Fine."

"Thank you, and I thought Nick had anger issues." Dillian huffed.

"True." Rosa agreed.

"Just be glad I'm not the kind of boyfriend who beats up his girlfriend for kissing someone else." Dillian said.

"I AM glad. Very glad. If you were, I'd either be gone or dead by now." Rosa said, starting to giggle.

"After What I did to Nate, Yea. You'd be dead." Dillian said.

Rosa checked the clock. "Geez, it's late." She said, yawning.

Everyone went to bed.

Part 13

2 Hours later Lunari had a knock on her door.

Lunari woke up. "Come in..." She said, sitting up in her bed.

Someone came in.

"Hello?" She asked, not sure who it was. She reached for the lamp next to her bed.

A Fire releaved it was a Spirit of Sarah."It's me." Sarah said.

"Sarah!" Lunari remarked. "Come here."

"I had a Nightmare." Sarah said floating to Lunari.

"What was it about?" Lunari asked, trying to comfort her.

"Not telling." Sarah said.

"I see." Lunari answered.

"Can I Sleep in here?" Sarah asked.

"Of course." Lunari agreed.

Sarah floated on Lunari's bed."Good Night." Sarah said.

"Good night. Sleep well." Lunari responded, going back to sleep.

Suddenly they woke up in the usual white Land.

"Sarah? You there?" Lunari asked.

"Yes." Sarah said. "Where are we?"

"A dream." Lunari replied. "You must have joined with me while you were asleep."

"Sorry." Sarah said.

"No, it's fine, it's fine. I don't mind. I've had to sleep in my spirit form too, it happens a lot." Lunari explained. At one point, she was going to offer to let Sarah join with her for the night, anyways.

"Are you Sure?" Sarah asked.

"Of course! I was going to ask you if you wanted to anyways, but you fell asleep before I had a chance." Lunari said, giggling.

"OK, so what happens in these things?" Sarah wondered."We see each other's pasts." Lunari answered. "It's a strange thing, really." Then, the dream shifted.

"What's this?" Lunari asked.

Another Sarah was running from large Echidnas with Bats.

"Oh, geez..." Lunari said, not sure how to react.

The Echidnas cornered her.

Lunari watched, intently.

The Echidnas beat Sarah with they're bats.

Lunari looked away, and gave Present Sarah a hug.

Sarah Was crying with a black eye and bruises.

Lunari wanted to ask who they were, but figured that it was a sore subject. She kept hugging Present Sarah.

"Please... Stop..." Sarah said bleeding.Another Echidna hit her in the face with a bat.

"Those punks. They're a disgrace to the echidna race." Lunari said.

Sarah got up sporting missing teeth."Stop........" Sarah said.

"C'mon! Beat 'em up!" Lunari thought to herself.

Dillian appeared and tried to punch one of them whacked Dillian and began whaling on him.

"Whoa!" Lunari said, shocked.

"Don't you even TOUCH HIM!" Sarah shouted shooting them with a fireball.

"Wow, Sarah. You're brave, and you kick ass. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." Lunari complimented.

"I like Dillian as much as that Rosa Person, except as a brother." Sarah said.

"I agree. Rosa's a good fighter, and an even better friend." Lunari answered.

The Dream Changed.

They were standing on a winding road, overlooking a small town. Lunari was walking along the road, but Eggman was a ways behind her.

Sarah watched.

Lunari heard a branch snap, and turned around, noticing Eggman.

"What's this?"

"I got kidnapped, and used for an experiment."


"I'd say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a nightmare at first, but it only turned out for the better when it was over." Lunari said.

Eggman cornered Lunari between two robots, and knocked her out, carrying her off.


"It's true. That's how I ended up with my spirit form."


The dream changed, and they woke up.

Part 14

Lunari knew that Sarah was still joined with her. "Sarah?" Lunari called out, in her mind.


"Hello. Do you want to stay here, with me?" Lunari asked.

"Can I take your body?" Sarah asked.

"Sure. Just, be careful." Lunari said, letting Sarah take control.

Sarah walked around and said hi to everyone.

Rosa waved. "Hello!" She had no idea that Lunari wasn't the one in control.

"I'd rather not tell people about this." Sarah thought to Lunari."Hi Rosa!"

"That's fine." Lunari replied.

"Morning!" Rosa said.

"How's it going?" Sarah said Cheerfully.

"Good, how are you?" Rosa said, with a smile.


"You're awfully talkative today." Rosa pointed out.

"No I'm not, You are!" Sarah said smacking her and running.

"Ffff- Ugh, that's not right...." Rosa murmered to herself, as she walked over to Nick. "Hey, does anything seem different about Lunari to you?" She asked.

"No, I haven't seen her yet." Nick said cleaning the dishes.

"Lunari, how do I keep this Secret? What are you usually like?" Sarah thought.

"Quiet, mostly." Lunari thought back.

"Hey Luna-" Nick said, but quickly shut the door and spied through a crack as They didn't notice him.

"How am I suppose to be quiet?" Sarah thought. "Get out here and look at me!"

"You want me to take over?" Lunari thought.

"For now, yes."

Lunari took control, and immediately noticed that Nick was spying on her. "Nick, I'm a telepath. You know that doesn't work." Lunari said, loudly.

"Shit Shit Shit Shit!" Nick yelled running to his room.

Lunari laughed. "Well, back to practicing...." Lunari said, just loud enough for Nick to hear. She went over to the corner of the training room she liked to practice in.

"Alright, This ain't right." Nick said.

"See? Don't stretch out the conversation." Lunari thought.

Nick grabbed Rosa and pulled her into his Room.

Rosa yelped, caught off guard. "Huh? What's up?" Rosa asked.

"Something ain't right with Lunari, and your going to help me find out what." Nick said.

"Alright, got it." Rosa said, nodding.

"Alright, you said she's talkitve correct?" Nick asked.

"Yes. And then she smacked me across the face and ran. Like some kind of prankster." Rosa recalled.

"Talkitve, Prankster... Sounds like..." Nick said, than he Snapped. "Sarah!"

"Huh. You're right...." Rosa said. "Must have something to do with Lunari's spirit form whatever it is." Rosa said, still not quite understanding Lunari's spirit abilities.

"Sarah is possessing Lunari!" Nick said.

"Sounds about right." Rosa answered.

Nick burst into Lunari's room.

Lunari was sitting on the bed, as if she were daydreaming. "Huh? What's up, Nick?" Lunari asked.

"Drop it." Nick ordered.

"Uhhhh, Nick?" Lunari questioned.

"I know Sarah is in there with you." Nick stated.

"Your turn, Sarah." Lunari thought, having Sarah take control.

Sarah punched Nick in the face.

Rosa blocked it. "Sarah. I knew it. Punch first, ask questions later." Rosa pointed out.

"Guys, it's totally me!" Sarah said.


"Ye- I mean I'm Lunari!"


"Fine." Sarah put Lunari in control.

"Alright, you got us." Lunari said. "She joined with me last night."

"Why were you hiding it?"

"Sarah wanted to." Lunari said.

"Whatever, Hey Di-" Nick started."No, No, No, No, NO." Sarah said pulling her hand over Nick's mouth and punching him everytime she said No.

Rosa took off to go get Dillian. "Dillian! Get in here man, this is getting ugly." Rosa shouted.

Sarah used a Pyromancy Spell to stop her.

"Pyromancy won't leave you if you go into another body."

Rosa growled. "Makes no sense to me. Save the explanation for Nick, he gets it." Rosa admitted.

"Magic is hand movements and incantations, not natural Born powers, Magic can be performed by anyone and any body." Nick explained to Rosa.

"Ohhhhh." Rosa said, nodding her head.

Nick stared at Lunari/Sarah.

Lunari took control. "Dillian!" She shouted, knowing that Sarah would take control again soon.

Dillian ran in, "Yea?"

Lunari made Sarah take control.

Rosa stood there, staring awkwardly at Lunari/Sarah. She knew Lunari just helped them. But, she wasn't sure what to do from here....

"Sup?" Dillian asked.

"Lunari's been freaking out. We think she's possessed... By Sarah." Rosa explained, knowing Dillian would not be happy.

"Wait WHAT???? SARAH MELODY JETPYSIC! Dillian yelled fired a shockwave knocking Sarah from Lunari, then used a Revival Jutsu bringing Sarah Back to life.

Lunari passed out, but woke up shortly after.

Sarah went to Dillians room.

Lunari shook her head. "Thanks, you guys...." She said, sounding a bit tired.

"No problem." Dillian said.

Rosa helped Lunari to her feet. "You okay Lunari?" She asked.

"I'm fine." She answered. "Just a bit tired."

Nick kissed Lunari.

Lunari kissed him back.

They kissed for awhile.

Lexie walked in. "My alarm didn't go off, what did I miss? I heard you guys shouting." Lexie said.

Lunari chuckled. "A lot."

Cydik came back.

"Oh, hello." Lunari said.

"Don't. Swallow. Bleach." Cydik said.

"Oooookkkkay, I won't." Lunari said, with an awkward look on her face.

"And As for you!" Cydik said looking at Nick about to summon a weapon. "Your lucky I'm on your side." Cydik said.

Lexie backed up, seemingly a bit scared of Cydik.

"Oh its alright, little fox girl. I won't lash out." Cydik said patting Lexie.

"Okay." Lexie said, a bit more relaxed.

"And Rosa, I know you still don't trust me." Cydik said.

"I figured you'd notice sooner or later." Rosa replied.

"I've always noticed."

"And If you want me to, I will leave right now and never come back."

"We need all the help we can get." Rosa said. She hated to do it, but she needed to say it. It was for everyone's sake.

Cydik smiled. "By the way Nick, Don't do that again, or I Will Attack you." Cydik said.

"I'll keep an eye on him." Rosa joked.

Cydik chuckled.

The mysterious spirit watched over the group, invisible, inaudible. She seemed to be looking closely at everyone, evaluating them. She did this to all of them, before settling on Lexie. "I wish I could warn them...." She thought, before disappearing.

Nick sensed the spirit, but she was gone soon after.

Rosa laughed as well.

Nick went to his Room.

Lunari sensed the spirit as well, but she vanished before Lunari knew what was going on.

Part 15

it teleported everyone to the City, Except Sarah.

"What are we doing here?" Lunari asked.

"Are you Blind?" Nick said pointing behind him where 3 Liches were destroying the city.

"Good. I really don't mind giving them a piece of my mind." Rosa said.She started rapid-firing blasts, hitting all three of them.

They all died and then, The Lich King Appeared.

"Hmph. Who are you?" Rosa asked, with a snotty tone.

"Disrespectful..." The Lich King said slamming Rosa into the Ground with Telekinesis.

Rosa stood back up. "Nobody answers your questions these days..." Rosa muttered, as a but of a joke.

The Lich King shot a Sword through Rosa almost killing her.

Dillian got pissed and rushed at The Lich King, but The Lich King stabbed Dillian, killing him.

Lexie was afraid. High pitched sound waves started coming off of her.

The Lich King knocked her out and vanished.

Nick teleported away with everyone.

Lunari was in shock. First Io, then Lexie and Rosa.... She had to help. She used her spirit form, joining with Lexie, and began to heal her.

Nick healed Rosa, several hours past as Nick researched.

Rosa was left unconscious, but fully healed.

Lunari finished using her spirit form, once Lexie was fully healed.

"Hey Lunari." Dillian said as a Spirit.

"Dillian!" Lunari answered, telepathically.

"Can I join you?" Dillian asked..

Lunari nodded. "Of course."

"Thanks" Dillian said joining her.

Lunari walked back to her room, and laid down on the bed. She wanted a quiet place, so she could talk to Dillian. "Well, back to this again. You can join me anytime you want to."

"Hey! I can hear Rosa getting up!" Dillian said taking control.

"Ohhhh, my head..." Rosa moaned, waking up.

"Rosa!" Dillian shouted running over to her and kissing her on the lips.

Rosa was so dazed, she hardly even knew what happened until it was over. "Lunari? What's wrong with you?" Rosa asked.

"Oh right, forgot about your body, heh heh, sorry Lunari" Dillian thought letting her take control.

Lunari gave Rosa a shocked stare. "Rosa, that wasn't me." She said, with a perfectly straight face.

"You know, Lunari? If it wasn't for the issue with Sarah, I wouldn't have believed you." Rosa chuckled. "Dillian?"

Lunari nodded, letting Dillian take control again.

"Yes, Sorry for making you look like a lesbian." Dillian said.

"Do not speak of this again. Ever." Rosa said.

Dillian slowly summoned his phone typing Lunari kissed Rosa on a Mass Text.

"Dillian, No! If you loved me, you wouldn't." Rosa argued.

Dillian's Thomb was about to hit send.

Rosa, with her typical temper, smacked the phone out of Dillian's hand.

The Phone shattered Into an uncountable number of pieces.

"Hey!" Dillian shouted.

"Oh gosh, sorry!" Rosa said. She wasnt planning on breaking tbe phone, just getting it out of his hands

"You little twirp!" Dillian said grabbing Rosa by the collar. "That cost me 4000 Dollars!"

"Did you think I was going to sit there and just LET my boyfriend tease me until I dump him?" Rosa asked.

"It was a Joke!" Dillian shouted.

"You don't think it was a little too much?" Rosa asked.

"It was a text to me you and Lunari!" Dillian yelled.

"Oh, really? Sorry." Rosa said, ashamed of herself.

"Sorry? SORRY?!" DIllian shouted. "SORRY ISN'T WORTH 4000 DOLLARS!"

Rosa looked away, not even sure what to say anymore. She'd messed up, badly. All because of her volatile temper.....

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Dillian shouted.

Rosa looked back at him, and for once, she looked legitimately scared. Afraid.

"You cannot just Break everything you want!" Dillian shouted.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have done this..." Rosa said, motioning toward him, since he was still in Lunari's body. "Then, none of ths would have happened!"

"Oh Oh! Now your blaming me for Dying!?" Dillian shouted.

"No, I'm not!" Rosa answered. "Don't even understand your own girlfriend, maybe you shouldn't have one...." Rosa muttered.

"UGH!" Dillian shouted opening a Symbol. "I need to re-think this Relationship." Dillian walked in the Symbol and shut it behind him.

Rosa, ashamed of what she had just done, put on her coat, and ran out of the dojo.

Lunari fell asleep, leaving Dillian in complete control.

"WAKE UP!!!" Dillian shouted in his mind.

Lunari woke up. "Yes?"

Dillian thought of what just happened to show Lunari what just happened.

"Geez. Tough luck..." Lunari said. "Rosa probably just needs to cool off."

Dillian arrived at a wooden house in a forest and walked in.

"Hm? What's this?" Lunari asked.

"My house." Dillian said, he went into another room plated with Metal Everywhere. "I'm making myself a New body."

"Okay." Lunari said She lent him some of her strength.

After 10 minutes there was a Metal Dillian ready, then Dillian possessed it.

Lunari stumbled, and almost fell over, but caught herself. She looked at Dillian, impressed but not sure what to say.

Metal Dillian's eye's glowed Yellow as he possessed it.

"Alright, I can get used to this." Dillian said, then his chest rang, and Dillian pressed it, Nick appeared on a Hologram.

"Dillian! You need to come back!" Nick shouted. "Your body is deteriorating due to the whole in it!"

"I'm not coming back." Dillian said.

"Bu-" Nick said as Dillian pressed his chest again.

Lunari looked at him, curiously. Now she had even less of a clue about what to say.

Dillian went outside.

"So, what now?" Lunari asked, following him outside.

"Nothing." Dillian said, a Metallic Edge to his Voice. "You can go if you want."

"I'll stay. I mean, if that's okay with you." Lunari said.

"I don't care." Dillian said, then Nick called everyone, and said Xirsec was attacking the City, but Dillian didn't go.

"Huh? Lunari said, getting the call. "Okay Nick, I'm coming." Lunari replied, telepathically. She ran out, back to the dojo.

Everyone was at Xirsec, Who quickly knocked out Nick, Lexie and Lunari.

Rosa kept fighting Xirsec. She was the last one to hold him off.

Xirsec shot a wave knocking Rosa to the ground and charged a Blast.

"Any last Words?" Xirsec said.

Rosa looked over at the unconcious Nick, Lunari, and Lexie. "I'm sorry, I failed you guys... I was reckless.... And, sorry Dillian.... I messed up...." She said, starting to tear up.

Xirsec blasted Rosa, then a Metallic Symbol appeared Deflected the Blast.

"Apology Accepted!" A Voice said as Dillian dropped down. "Like I'm just gonna let my Girlfriend get wasted!"

Rosa saw Dillian's new robotic body, and passed out on the spot.

Dillian got into his fighting stance and so did Xirsec.

After 5 Minutes of intense Fighting, Xirsec teleported away and Dillian got everyone up and teleported them to the dojo.

"Rosa... Rosa... Hey Rosa..." The words seemed to echo as Rosa regained conscious. "Rosa!"

"Dillian.... Robot...." Rosa said, slowly waking up. "Huh?"

"Hi." Dillian said a Metallic Edge to his voice.

"How did you...." Rosa was about to ask, but didn't finish.

"Listen, I'm sorry I got mad at you." Dillian said. "As for this, I built myself a Metal Body and possessed it."

"Sorry Rosa, I should have told you." Lunari said. "But I wasn't sure you'd believe me." Lunari snickered.

Rosa laughed a bit. "Sorry for making you mad." Rosa said, hugging Dillian. It was cold, and hard, but she didn't mind. She knew it was still Dillian

"I'd kiss you, but my mouth and tongue are made of metal." Dillian said.

"Yeah... That's an issue." Rosa said, with a disappointed look on her face.

"Well, you'll need to deal with it, Your body's disapperated, it's been taken over and eaten by Bacteria." Nick said.

Dillian chuckled.

"After all the trouble we've had with Robots now we live with one." Dillian said.

"True. Oh so very true." Rosa said, laughing.

"Stop all the Joy, You know that now your a Robot you can be hacked?" Cydik said.

Rosa rolled her eyes at Cydik, but she knew he had a point.

"Plus you have Ports and USB's, anyone who can go into Cyberspace has easy access to your files." Cydik said.

"No sh*t, Captain Obvious..." Rosa thought to herself.

Dillian shrugged.

Lexie started to wake up.

"Oh, Lexie!" Dillian said helping her up.

"Thanks." Lexie said. But, when she noticed that Dillian was a robot, she stared, her eyes wide.

"God damn it. Yes I'm a Robot now." Dillian said.

"Okay." Lexie said, awkwardly.

"I'm bored." Dillian said.

Lexie shrugged. "Me too."

Part 16

A mysterious presense filled the air. It felt like it was watching everyone.

"Who's there?" Lunari called out, sensing the strange presence.

Nick sensed the Spirit and looked around, then, he realized who it was. "Alright Dude, Come on out!" Nick Telepathically Shouted only at the Spirit.

The spirit came out from behind a tree. It slowly moved to where Nick and co were standing.

"Show yourself." Nick said calmly.

The spirit walked to where they were standing. As it walked, it had an aura coming off of it. The aura was a weird one, it changed colors every few seconds. When the spirit reached them, it said "We have come to help you".

"Why do you always talk like that Axel?" Nick said shrugging.

"We speak as a unit". "We have knowledge on the one that killed the one you call Dillian".

Lunari knew what Nick was getting at. She knew a certain someone who talked like that as well, every now and again....

"We also know of a way to save your body Dillian". "Do you wish to know or would you rather walk around in that"? asked Axel.

A sudden bolt of lightning hit the ground next them. A portal opened there. "If you pass this trial, your body can be restored". "What says you"?

Dillian looked around then smirked. "Your on!"

"That's my man, Dillian." Rosa said, smiling.

Dillian walked into the portal.

Axel looked at Nick. "This trial is a test of the past". "He must face his past". "If he cannot overcome his past, then this metal creation you see now is his future".

"Also, we think you may require a trial after him". "If you pass this trial Nick, it is possible for you to reach a more powerful form than Super 2"."However, we have to inform you first, your trial is significantly harder than Dillian's". "While his past is bad, yours focuses on a subject you don't like to talk about". Axel looks away for a second and then looks back. "It focuses on your parents and your family".

Nick's eyes turned Red.

"Let's just get this over with." Nick said.

"You've got this, Nick." Lunari said.

Another bolt hit thd ground as another portal opened.

"This trial is no joke Nick". "I excaggerate nothing when I say it could kill you". "To reach your ultimate strength, you must let go of the past". "This will take you to several places you haven't been".

"If you survive, you will get to talk with your parents". said Axel. "However, you will meet other members of your lineage as well".

Axel looked at Lunari. "We sense your spirit". "Experimentation can have quite some unforseeable effects". Axel snapped his finger and a wall of wood appeared in front of him. Then it changed to sand and then to grass before Axel placed it back on the ground. "We were experimented on by a wizard named Eltrio". "He is the one that fused us into this one body".

"Fused into one body.... just like... Io!" Lunari said, coming to a realization.

"We guard the spirits of this world". "Wheather they are Ether Spirits or spirits of the dead". "We are a multi-souled reaper if you care to know". "We protect spirits and occasionly, living beings". "We command the forces of this planet". "We can ressurect the dead, reverse time, we can even shatter reality".

Axel looked at Rosa. "Dillian should be almost done now". "If he succeeded, I will ressurect his body". Axel looked at Lexie. "You have no reason to fear me". then Axel created a little stuffed animal and gave it to Lexie. He looked at Rosa again. Then he presented her with 2 new cyber blades. "These can open portala to Cyberspace at will". Axel gave Lunari an amulet."This can reflect magical or kinetic based attacks".

Axel looked at Cydik. "You already have a backpack". "But I will give you this". said Axel as he handed Cydik some bleach. "To be clear, I heard your voice from the Ether Forest". Axel walked over to Nick and gave him a mysterious sword. "You have the light sword already" "This is its counterpart the dark sword". Then axel opened portals in front of each of them. "Each of you have a trial that will make you stronger if you complete it". "These trials will resemble the dreams you have had recently". "You will need this new power if you wish to beat the one that destroyed Dillian's body".

Axel looked at Rosa. "I know you want first shot at him". "But it will take teamwirk". "While you all are facing your trials, I will be getting help for you in the coming battle".

Lexie nodded. "Thank you, sir." She said, innocently.

"Thanks." Rosa said, with a smirk. Then, she looked at Cydik, trying not to laugh.

"You have my gratitude." Lunari said, rather formally.

Another mysterious spirit watched over them. Despite her nocturnal nature, she had come to see Axel.

Nick entered the Portal, and Dillian came out beaten up.

"I couldn't do it." Dillian said.

Axel snapped his fingers and Dillian's body appeared again. "You may have failed, but our eyes on the inside said you gave it your maximum effort".

"You all will have a trial to complete". "I will be gone for a few minutes". "I will return with the help I spoke off earlier". Then Axel turned into a swarm of bats that flew away.

"Well Guys, To be honest, This Metal Body is much more Durable than my old one, I suppose I can keep this to possess if I want to." Dillian said.

The mysterious spirit took off, after Axel.(Psst, Dio. She's anonymous. Do not refer to her by name.)

Axel had flown to a castle. He entered and it was pitch black on the inside. As Axel walked the corridor, the braziers on the walls lit up 2 at a time. Axel reached a big door and entered the throne room.

Axel walked up to a dark-amored mobian sitting on the throne. "Justin's students are up against Valen". The mobian said in a darth vader voice "Let me guess, you want me to help them"?

"Yes". "You know how strong Valen is`. "He leads an army for a reason". The mobian stood up and looked about 7 feet tall. "I will not directly intervene". "But Nickolas is one if Justin's students". said Axel.

"WHAT"!?!?!?!?!? "I must go". said the mobian as he walked towards the door. "Not yet". said Axel. "Wait untill they have completed their trials". The tall mobian walked back to his throne and sat down. "Fine".

Nick came out of a Portal. "Hey Axel! I Think I'm lost!"

Axel looked over."No, this is a part of your trial". "Like how many things have an origin, your family is no exception". The tall mobian stood up and said "Nickolas". "The son of David and Anna". Axel looked at the tall mobian. "Are they his parents"? The tall mobian looked at Axel. "Yes". "That would explain his electro and pyrokinesis". "Also, since his mom was a telepath, he may have inherited that too".

Axel looked over at Nick. "This is the penultimate section of your test". "This is your first ancestor". said Axel, pointing at the mobian. "Be warned, he isn't as nice as those you know". The mobian walked back to his throne. "Let him pass Axel". Axel looked at the mobian.

"Are you serious"? asked Axel. "I did not studder". Axel looked at Nick. "You have a choice you can either contine to the last part of your trial or you can attempt to change his mind and actually talk to him". "What says you"?

"Uhhh, I guess I'll talk to him." Nick said.

The mobian looked at Nick. "If you have any questions, now is the time to ask".

"Well Vuxo, I Have been Wondering, are you ever going to fight my gang in This RP, I think It's called Nick Rules the RP." Nick said.

"You want me to fight your gang"? Axel chimed in with "Before this turns to violence, we think it is best for Nick to continue on with his trial". Axel opened another portal.

"If he wants me to fight his team, I'll give them a fight to remember". Axel said "I know how your fights go". "You don't want to kill your last decendent".

Vuxo said "Fine". "I will fight you another day". said Vuxo. Then he walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor of his castle.

Axel looked at Nick. "You do not want to start a fight with him". "You should go through the portal now". Then Axel teleported away.

"Alright, but Vuxo, In maybe 4 or 5 RPs, We WILL Fight." Nick said walking through the Portal.

Axel appeared where everyone else was at. "Has anyone passed their trial yet"?

"What about me?" Sarah asked. "I never got a Trial."

Lunari stepped out of her portal, looking disheveled but otherwise okay. "I did it...." She said. She was very content with her past, which made the trial a bit easier for her.

Axel looked at Sarah. "You too shall have a test then". Axel opened another portal in front of Sarah. Then he looked at Lunari. The spirits say you have completed your trial". "Here is your reward". Axel put out his hand and a warm light filled it. Then the light turned into a bag. axel gave the bag to Lunari. "Open that bag in your time of need for your reward".

" Thank you so much." Lunari said, doing a small curtsy.

Then a swarm of bars flew next to Axel. Axel closed his piercing blue eyes for about a minute and then said "They have foretold his arrival". "The one I asked to assist you said no". "But another has recieved my message".

The swarm of bats turned into another 6 foot tall hedgehog. He wore a robe with a hood. He had a scythe on his back. He looked at Axel. "Axel, it has been a while". "It has" said Axel. The other spirit looked at Io. "I sence your true form". "You are 2 spirits as one". "I am Zegram". "Better known as the Grim Reaper". "Axel is my little brother".

Axel looked at Zegram. "Zegram, I think your appearance has frieightened the young fox". Zegram looked at Lexie. "This is my normal appearance". "I can take on other forms though".

Zegram changed to look like Nick."You see, I can shape-shift". then he turned into Dillian. "I can turn into anyone on this planet". Then he turned into Io. "Even those with multiple spirits". Then he turned back to his normal look.(Since he's the reaper, his normal body is skeltal. Although his robe and hood make it hard to tell)

(Wait, looked at Io? Io got killed in the fight against Nate.)

Lexie looked at Zegram, a bit nervous but not as scared of him now. She hadn't passed her trial. She was still scared, afraid of her past, of fire.

Rosa came out of the portal from her trial, looking ticked off. She had barely beaten her trial, but the bad memories really made her mad. She walked right past the group, and away from them.

"And, Rosa's off to look for something to punch until she cools off." Lunari said, accurately judging by the look on Rosa's face.

Nick also came out of the portal looking pissed not even noticing the group, he hated his past, mostly his uncle, he walked into his room bumping into Rosa on the way.

"Watch it!" Nick shouted turning Super.

Axel snapped his fingers and Nick left super form. "Fighting won't get you anywhere". Then he looked at Rosa. "Calm yourself". "These trials are meant to teach you that you must let go of the past". "You must let go of the past, or you will never reach the future". "If you choose not to let go of the past, you will remain in the present and won't go any farther in life". "Do you want that"? Then Zegram chimed in with "Axel speaks the truth". "You have no idea how many potentials we seen that were wasted because of that very reason". Then Axel said "The past can hurt". "But that is because its the truth". Then Zegram chimed in again with "The truth can hurt, but you can learn from mistakes better than you can from success".

Rosa sighed, and seemed to calm down, but walked away anyways. She wasn't usually this secluded, but she needed some time to think.

Then Zegram looked around. "I sence someone watching us". Axel looked around. "It's Airion and Celeste". "Their body was destroyed". Zegram just looked around and said "Can't you just do your finger snap and bring it back"? "I could". "But it has not been asked of me yet". Zegram laughed. "Would you look at that green one". "He's the leader isn't he"? Axel looked at Nick. "Yes". Zegram laughed again. "I remember when we had a team all those years ago".

"Untill Lexias betrayed me, that is". said Axel. "She's the reason that there are 80 souls in my body, constantly bickering". Zegram looked at Axel and said "Calm down, it wasn't all bad". "You're even stronger than me now". "How many people can say they're stronger than Death"? Axel began counting. "Only 3". "Me, a crazy hedgehog named Yevon, and the deathbringer". Zegram sneered and said "I betcha I could beat that dude now and end his little streak". "Little"? asked Axel. "He is 103 to 0". Zegram jumped back and said "How long have I slept"? "He was only at 13 to 0 when I last saw him". Axel looked back at Nick. "You do have his blood in you". Zegram laughed and said "He wants to be the next Vuxo"?

"That's really funny". "If anyone is the next deathbringer, its me". "I have killed all but 3 people". "And out of those 3, there is only 1 I can't beat right now". Axel looked at Zegram. "No, you better not think of trying to lure Nick into a deathtrap". "If you do, I will kick your ass myself". Zegram looked at Axel. "HEY! I'M THE OLDER BROTHER HERE"! Axel stared Zegram down. "We can either fight and destroy Mobius or we can choose not to fight and keep everyone alive". "You know I'm the grim reaper right"? "I DO NOT CARE ABOUT STUFF LIKE THAT"! Axel stared back at Zegram. "You know who will win this fight Zegram".

Zegram looked away and said"Fine". "I won't kill the green one or anyone else here right now". Axel looked at Zegram. "If I leave for a few moments and return to find them dead, I will send you to Hell myself". "Clear"? Zegram shook his head and said "Fine"."But I don't know why you are so adamant about protecting them for". "They are fighting Valen". said Axel. Zegram nearly fell over. "Valen"? "They're dead". Axel shook his head "No they are not".

"I will protect them the best I can". "I ask you to do the same". "They are the saviors of the future". "If they die, he wins". Zegram looked puzzled. "Him"? "Yes, him". said Axel. Zegram looked at everyone. "Alright then, you have pursuaded me to protect them". Axel looked at everyone. "You are probably wondering who is Him".

Zegram chimed in with "He's our father". "He'll destroy Mobius if we don't stop him".

Celeste had finally shown up again, thanks to the setting sun. Still, the others couldn't see her or hear her. "If only Airion were here. Too bad, she's so busy working with Lady Tempest. She never gets a break....." Celeste thought to herself.

Axel and Zegram looked over in Celeste's direction. Zegram said "It is useless for a spirit to hide from me". "I carry spirits to their final destination". Axel said "We sense you Celeste". "Where is Airion"? asked Zegram.

"She's busy." Celeste answered. "Unlike me. So, I came to help."

Zegram laughed. "She's probably with Tempest". "I'll go get Airion". "Me and Lady Tempest are close friends". "If you catch my drift". Zegram turned into a swarm of bats that flew away.

"Leave it to Zegram to go flirt with a spirit". said Axel. He turned to Celeste. "Although I understand it was the negative outcome of a rune". "Do you wish to be Io again"? "If so, I can do that".

Celeste couldn't help but burst out laughing at the thought of anyone flirting with the spirits. "Yes, thank you." Celeste said. "I have enjoyed our time apart, but we have to go back. Our combination gave the spirits peace."

Part 17

Axel said "Then we must wait for Zegram to return". "If he succeeded in charming Lady Tempest, he will return with Airion". "If not, I will speak with her myself". "I try different ways my brother doesn't think of".

Axel seemed to get angry all of a sudden. "What do you want Lexias"? Then some bats transformed into a girl also wearing a robe. "I thought I would come see my big brother. "You are the one that betrayed me and turned us into this". "Tell me why I shouldn't cut you down where you stand"?

"Relax Axel, I didn't come to fight you". said Lexias. Axel looked away and said "Fine". "If you cause no problems, I will let you stay". Lexias looked at Rosa. "A cyberhog"? "I haven't seen one of them for a bit".

"The name's Rosa. It's a pleasure." Rosa said.

Lexias looked at Axel. "Well, what are we waiting for"? "Zegram is trying to see ih can convince Lady Tempest to let Airion off rot a little while". Lexias laughed and said "He is always trying to get a lady". "I don't know any girl that could handle him". "He's a loose cannon sometimes". Axel shook his head in agreement.

Celeste started laughing again. " That is not going to go over well. I'll go get Airion myself." Celeste said, drawing a rune and teleporting away.

Axel looked at Dillian."You are keeping your metal body"? "Hmm... it may come in handy later". Then Lexias looked at the sky. "He comes Zegram now". Zegram landed next to Axel and Lexias and said "Whats she doing here"? "She has come to help use Zegram". said Axel. Lexias laughed and said "How long has it been since all of us were reunited"? Zegram looked at her and said "There are 4 of us". Axel looked away and said "The youngest of us, Monoza". Zegram looked around a bit and said "Even I don't know where he got to after the war". Lexias sighed and said "Last I heard, he was dead" Zegram looked at her and said "He's not dead, I can promise that". Axel walked over to a tree and began to examine it.

Zegram just looked at Axel, and so did Lexias. Then Axel reached into the tree and pulled out an unknown spirit. "You have guarded this tree for centuries, have you seen Lord Monoza"?

"No sir." The spirit answered, quickly.

Axel released the spirit and said "Zegram, Lexias, we should leave and go to the North". "Why"? asked Lexias. "I can sense something afoot there". said Axel. Zegram looked at everyone. "Care to join us"?

Lunari thought about it for a moment. "Sure, I suppose." She answered, sounding rather casual.

"Well, I guess i came on time" a hedgehog returns after waiting for a long while,he looks at the gang with a smrik

Axel made a portal and said "Those that choose to journey with us, we are ready to leave". Zegram looks around a bit. Then he says "Somethings not right". Lexias suddenly turned around and said "Enough hiding inferior being". "Show yourself to us now". Then 2 hedgehogs stepped out from behind a group of trees.

"I am Xia". "You might have heard of me". said Xia. Then the other said "Inferior beings"? "We are higher ranking than all 3 of you". Lexias laughed and said "Oh, I do love comedy". "Tell me, do you have any more good jokes"? The other hedgehog said "I am Johnny, surely you know our master". Axel looked over and said "Your master may be higher-ranked than us, but the 2 of you aren't".

Xia opens a portal and says "C'mon Johnny, we can deal with these fools later". Xia walked into the portal and Johnny walked over to it. Johnny turned back and said "You got lucky this time". "I could kill you all myself with EASE". Then Johnny walked into the portal and it closed. Then Axel said "Now let us go to the North".

the hedgehog then gets himself noticed by the group. "hey remember me bitches!"

Lunari turned around, and her face lit up, happily. "Ion!" She said, waving.

Ion then smirks, "long time huh lunari"

Lunari nodded. "A long time indeed."

Lexie didn't recognize Ion, but followed suit with Lunari, smiling and waving. "Hello!"

Axel turned and said "The one from Core City it seems". "We have visited your city before". Then Zegram said "It has impressive architecture". Then Lexias said "As much as I like to talk, we should get going".

Ion then looks at them. "before i head out with you guys, whats been going on lately?"

"Well, Nick is currently on a trial that tests his past". said Zegram. "He should be back in a few minutes". said Axel. Then Lexias said "I'll give him 10 minutes, if he's not here by then, I'm leaving".

Then, Ion could sense two spirits right behind him, even though he couldn't see them. "Hello there." One of them whispered in his ear. "Who are you?" The other spirit asked.

Ion closed his eyes. "Ion, you must be a spirit am i correct?" He then opens his eyes.

"Correct indeed. My name is Airion." One spirit replied. "And I'm Celeste." The other spirit greeted.

Ion then smirks. "Nice to meet you both!" he replied.

Axel looked over and said "Is that Airion and Celeste"? Then Zegram said "It seems like their energy". then Lexias facepalmed and said "It IS Airion and Celeste". Axel and Zegram both looked at their sister with unamused faces.

Then a spirit appeared next to Rosa. It then teleported over to Axel, Zegram, and Lexias. The spirit took shape and it was Monoza. "Long time no see". said Zegram. "As much as I would like to simply chat, I have come here to announce that dad is making his way to Mobius as we speak". said Monoza

"Dad's coming here"? asked Lexias. "I guess its not a friendly visit either". said Axel. Then Zegram sighed and said "But who can stop him"? "Even all 4 of us combined couldn't beat him last time". "All we did was seal him away for several thousands of years". "What CAN we do if Death, Knowledge, Deceit, and Precepts can't stand up to him"? asked Axel.

Then Monoza said "All 4 of us are spirits, our true bodies have decayed a long time ago". "We need a strong, living, warrior to truly destroy him". Then Zegram said "Trying to find someone on this planet thats that strong wont be easy". "This planet is mostly just normal people living life the best way they can". "We are smarter now". said Lexias. "Maybe now we can beat him 4 on 1".

"Are you crazy"? asked Axel. "Hear me out before you yell at me Axel". said Lexias. "We have grown smarter and stronger in the 7000 years since our dad's return". "Back then, all we did was all run at him at once and hoped we could win". "Now, we have grown stronger in all attributes while Dad hasn't increased his power since".

Zegram closed his eyes and said "If he's the same as last time, we should be able to at least hold him off long enough for a living warrior to finish him off". Then Axel said "Forget about the North, we must prepare to face Dad for the 2nd time". "7000 years ago, we fought our own father to attempt to save out home planet". "We failed to save the planet, as well as our mother, but we did manage to seal out father away for all this time". said Zegram to everyone else.

Lunari listened to their story, thoughtfully. " A living warrior? Well, I'd say you have a pretty good canidate right here." She said, motioning towards Nick.

Ion closes his eyes again trying to sense any evil energy nearby.

Realizing what Ion was doing, Lunari also started to focus.

A giant figure landed in front of them. It stood aroud 20 feet tall and held a 30 foot spear in 1 hand and a ball of magic in the other. Axel whispered "Chaos help us, our father has returned".

Airion and Celeste flew up, to look the figure in the eyes.

The figure looked back and said in a voice that shook mountains "So this is Mobius" Then he looked at his children and said "Did you really think that your 4 lasers would really stop me"? "Well, here I am".

Then he looked back at Airion and Celeste. "What the"? "Theres spirits on Mobius"? "No matter". "I am Vishno, and I will destroy this planet". Then he turned the ball of magic into another spear and threw it at Lunari.(Yeah, Lunari may want to dodge. Just sayin)

Lunari instinctively jumped out of the way, only barely making it around the large spear. She whistled, impressed, but a bit nervous.

"Yes, there are spirits on Mobius." Airion answered. "Plenty of spirits. Want to see some?" Celeste teased, yielding a scolding look from Airion. Celeste ignored it, smiling confidently.

Lexie, frightened, scuttled behind Rosa. "It's okay, Lex. You'll be fine." Rosa said softly, reassuring her.

Vishno moved his hand and the spear returned to his hand. Then he combined the 2 spears into a double-bladed one. Then he began to glow yellow. "Interesting". "I guess I should warn you now". "I am a Spirit Killer". "I have murdered septillions of your kin across the universes". "Even Lady Tempest cannot beat me".

Then he suddenly turned into 3 clones, each holding a double-bladed spear. The one in the center said "There will be no mercy or sparing". Then he broke the 4th wall by copying Asgore's breaking the Mercy button. (The 4th wall is never safe when either me or Nick is around)

Part 18

The 3 Vishnos all began teleporting around and trying to impale everyone with their spears.

Airion hissed, angrily, muttering something about Vishno not showing any respect to authority. But, having only healing magic, she moved to the back of the crowd, ready to heal anyone who got hurt.

Celeste summoned her transparent, spiritual staff, and quickly starting firing magic blasts at one of Vishno's clones, aiming at his eyes.

Rosa growled, turning into her Techno form, and summoning a large cyber blade. She darted at another clone, trying to slash his chest.

Lunari backed up, trying to analyze the situation first before making a move.

Lexie's high-pitched soundwaves started to kick in, since she was scared.

The first Vishno got blasted by the magic attacks. But he shrugged it off with ease and said "None of you have as much battle experience as me". "I have been impaled by mountains and have survived". Then the second one tanked Rosa's slash and said "You are aware that spear beats sword in the trinity right"? Then the center one teleported back and brought his clones back to him. He de-summoned them and said "I see Mobius will not go quietly". Then he bowed his head and his eyes began to flash between blue and orange. He re-summoned his spear and said "But I won't go quietly either".

He then shrank down to only about 8 feet tall and said "That giant body was only slowing me down". He then held up a fist towards the sky and said "Weep for Mobius, for it is lost". He then turned his giant spear into a 12 foot sword and pointed it at everyone. "Hear this, any who would wish to be spared, yield now while I still have mercy". "Otherwise, I will be forced to relinguish your life". Then he summoned another sword and combined the 2 into a double-bladed sword. He then got his yellow glow effect again.

Rosa looked back at Lexie. The two exchanged glances, until Lexie shook her head no. She smiled, trying to be brave. Rosa smiled as well.

Vishno closed his eyes and said "I already know that at least 4 of you won't co-operate with me"."Is that right, Axel, Zegram, Lexias, Monoza..". He then smacked his blade against the ground, causing a spark that lit the blade on fire. He then summoned another double-bladed sword and it lit on fire as well. He the slammed the 2 blades together, making a really loud mettalic sound. "ANSWER ME YOU BASTARDS"! he roared at his children. Then Lexias said "Why are you so fed up daddy"? "We haven't even tried to fight you yet". "We're trying to avoid a fight with you".

Vishno glared at Lexias and said "Its a wasteful effort from ineffectial deities". "If you must know why, it is simple". "Because today, I BECOME A GOD"! "And I will not allow anyone from this backwater planet stop me". "I have waited for millenia to get my chance at immortality".

He then glows black while holding his 2 blades, one in each hand. Then he says "I AM VISHNO"! "DESTROYER OF GALAXIES"! "YOU WILL TASTE NO VICTORY"! Then Axel steps forward and says "Yeah, and YOU will taste your own blood"! Vishno looks at Axel and says in a more lower voice "Bold words child". "Bold words indeed".

Airion and Celeste floated beside Axel. "You. You are willing to take the lives of the innocent for your own immortality. Your greed, your benefit." Airion said, sounding angry, staring at Vishno icily. "Most of the people here on Mobius have done nothing to provoke you." Celeste added on. "Why? Why do you take countless lives for your own greed?" Airion asked. "It will make you no happier. It will only cause suffering for everyone else." Celeste finished.

(Nick OOC: Well, uh, You guys have kinda taken control,so, uh, well, Have Fun.)

Vishno just laughed and said "All I need is the blood of a powerful Mobian". "I've been looking for this planet for almost 20 thousand years". "I will not allow my bastard children and the denizens of this planet stop me". Then Vishno looked at Nick. "A full-blooded Mobian". "Today, I will have have my godhood". said Vishno as he turned his gaze to Nick.

But then Axel and Zegram both got in the way. "No dad, you can't kill him". said Axel. "He is a decendent of your sworn enemy". Vishno looked at Nick and said "A pipsqueak like him is a decendent of Vuxo"? "I'll believe it when I see it". Then Zegram said "Ya know dad, you weren't always like this".

"Otherwise, I can't see how mom could stand you". Then Vishno glared at Zegram, who's word had hit a soft spot. "YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD"! yelled Vishno. "THE WOMAN YOU THOUGHT WAS YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD"! "She wasn't even your real mother". "Your real mother died from childbirth after Monoza was born". "I'm not even your real father". "Your father commited suicide a week after your mom died".

"Me and my wife took pity on you and made you into the 4 beings you are today". "I gave you 4 your power, I can take it away". Then used telekinesis to blast Axel and Zegram out of his way. Vishno took another step towards Nick and said "You are just like them". "You also don't remember your parents".

Vishno looked up at the sky and closed his eyes as rain began to fall. Then, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out. "Tell me Nickolas". "When the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and there is a slight breeze". "What do children like you do"? Then before anyone could answer, Vishno's eyes turned red as he grew 2 more arms and now held 4 double-bladed swords.

"I'll tell you what they do Nick". "THEY BURN IN HELL"! said Vishno as he lunged at Nick with 4 flaming blades.

Lexie screamed, horrified. She started to run away, but she forced herself to stop. She couldn't leave her friends behind. Not today.

But then a sudden blast hit Vishno and knocked him back away from Nick. Then everyone sees Vuxo standing there. "So Vishno, you thought I'd let you kill my descendent"? Vishno looked at Vuxo and said "Fool, even you are no match for me now". Then Vishno lunged at Vuxo. But a giant skeletal hand rose from the ground and snatched Vishno. Then Vuxo said "Oh please Vishno, you already know that you can't touch me".

Then the skeletal hand threw Vishno and Vuxo said "Now go crawl back into your hole". Vishno got pissed off and blasted Vuxo with a laser that knocked him through 8,000 mountains. Vishno then turned to the others and said "There goes your only chance of stopping me". He then walked over to everyone with murderous intent in his eyes. He was spinning his blades like propellers as he was walking. "Now to finish what I started".


Lexie screamed, breathing hard. Something seemed... different about her, about her aura. She looked up at Vishno, her eyes now a light grey, with an insane, maniacal glare. "You're not going to do this. Not to my friends. You monster!" She said, walking towards him, slowly. She snapped her fingers, and fired two sound blasts at Vishno. The windows in nearby buildings shattered. These were far more powerful than anything Lexie had used before.

Rosa was speechless. This wasn't the Lexie she knew. "...Lexie?"

Vishno's spinning blades made the blasts bounce off and fly into the nearby buildings. He stopped momenterraly to look at the buildings crumble. He then looked back at Lexie and said "Your attempts to show off will not intimidate me". He then pointed all 8 blades at Lexie. "If you can do that, imagine what I can do".

Then he began shooting large fireballs off of all 8 blades at Lexie. But before they could hit her, they were blocked by a skeletal hand. "So Vishno, not man enough to play fair with a little girl"? asked a voice. Then Vuxo re-appeared and said "Your laser barely even touched me". Then he summoned a black sword. "My 1 blade versus your 8"? Vishno got very pissed and yelled "You will see Vuxo". "I am beyond even you".

Then Vuxo looked at Lexie and said "You did well by keeping him occupied". "Let Uncle Vuxo take care of this now". "Ok"?

Lexie smiled a little bit, as if she enjoyed her change. "Alright then, friend." She answered. "Show this heartless bastard who's boss." She slowly started to revert back to normal, her eyes losing their insane lust, turning back to their usual blue. Lexie fainted, apparently from fatigue. Lunari caught her, and Airion floated over, starting to heal her.

"That was so strange. She's never acted like that before." Lunari said, sounding confused and a bit worried.

Vuxo and Vishno walked around in circles, staring each other down. "All this time I thought I was the last of my era". said Vuxo. Then Vishno said "And by the end of this duel, there will only be 1 left". Then Vuxo said "Tell me Vishno, are you ready to join your wife in death"? "I could ask you the same question". said Vishno.

Then Vuxo took off his glasses and threw them to a skeletal hand that opened up to catch it. "'I'll spill your blood for that Vishno". Then Vishno said "No, I will spill your tainted blood first"! Then Vuxo turned super and said "My blood is more pure than yours".

Then they engaged in a swordfight. Vuxo blocked a high slash, a low slash, a middle slash, and then parried the 4th blade and broke it off. "1 down, 7 to go". said the calm Vuxo. Then Vishno yelled "YOU CANNOT BEAT ME VUXO"! He went for another slash and was blocked, parried, and Vuxo broke the blade off of another sword.

Vuxo fought back against all 6 blades. But 1 scratched his face. Leaving a scar on his eye. Vishno took the chance to impale Vuxo with all 6 blades. Then Vishno looked at the hurt Vuxo and said "Looks like you lost". Then as Vishno walked over to retreive the 2 broken blades, Vuxo laughed. Vishno turned and gasped.

Vuxo stood laughing with 6 blades being stuck in him. He then pulled 1 out and the cut instantly healed. "It looks like you lack the weaponry to kill me Vishno". Then Vuxo pulled out a second one and said "My regeneration makes Deadpool's look like a child". Then he pulled out 2 at once and said "I hope you brought your bag of tricks with ya". Then he pulled out the last 2 and said "Now, where were we"?

"Oh yes, I was kicking your ass". said Vuxo as he picked his sword back up. Vishno ran at Vuxo with the 2 broken blades and combined them into his spear. He swung the spear at Vuxo, but Vuxo held it back with brute force and pushed Vishno back. "How are you doing that"? asked Vishno. "Simple". said Vuxo as he impaled Vishno with his own spear.

Vuxo walked over and picked up his glasses. "Your pure rage was powerful, but useless against my skill". "I invented the spear before you could walk". said Vuxo. He then flipped open his glasses and said "Well this is goodbye for you Vishno". said Vuxo as he paced around holding his sword. "From 1 ancestor to another". Then Vuxo put his glasses on and his sword glowed white.

"Sayonara Vishno". said Vuxo as he raised his sword. Then he smiled and said "I'll see you in Hell". Then he chopped off Vishno's head and held it high in the air. Then he turned to everyone and said "It is done". Then Vuxo turns the head to ash and teleports away.

Part 19

Lexie woke up, slowly. "Oww... My head..." She moaned. "What happened?"

Axel looked over at Lexie and said "I'll let your friends explain it to you". "If I told you, it would involve multiple sullibalic words and would just turn into rambling".

Lexie nodded slightly in response.

"What happened? What happened? Lexie, you were amazing!" Rosa said, in awe. But, Lexie just stared at her. "What, you don't remember?" Rosa asked.

"N-no. I remember stopping myself from running away, and the next thing I knew, here I was." Lexie said, confused.

Lunari remembered what she had seen, Lexie's aura. It was different, really different.

Axel looked at the corpse of his father and said "A shame it is for us and our dad to part ways like this". Then he walked over and encased the body in a coffin he created. "He may not be our birth father, but he was a father to us nevertheless". "I will mourn him for years to come". Then Axel made a hole in the ground and placed the coffin in.

Zegram walked over and said to Axel "Wait". Then Lexias and Monoza walked over as well. Zegram opened the coffin and said "We want one last look at dad before we bury him". All 4 siblings looked at the man who was their father figure. Then Zegram closed the coffin and teleported all 4 of them a shovel. "We will bury him as a he and mom would like". "As a family". said Zegram. The 4 siblings took turns shoveling untill it was done.

Then Axel said "I now have 1 more purpose to life". His siblings looked at him and he said "They say karma gets everyone eventually". "I think it's about time karma catches up to a certain father murderer". Then Zegram said "No, do not blame Vuxo for this". "Dad lost control of his better judgement". said Lexias.

Axel turned to them and frowned. "You 3 would prevent my retribution"? "HE TOOK OUR FATHER FROM US"! Then Zegram yelled back "OUR FATHER BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF"! Then Axel said "I never said he was right in his choice to attack Mobius". "All I'm saying is that we should get vengence for all the good he's done for us".

Then Lexias stepped between the 2 and said "ENOUGH"! "Neither dad or mom would want us to argue like this". Then Monoza said "Indeed, they would want us to continue on without them". "Not to stay in the past with them". Axel then sighed and said "Then tell me Knowledge, in your ever so infinite wisdom, WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO"!?!?!?

Then he glared at Lexias and said "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY"! "YOU ARE DECEIT"! "! "ALL YOU DO IS LIE"! Then Axel turned to Zegram and said "AND YOU, YOU CAN RESSURECT HIM"! "BUT WILL YOU"!?!?!? "NO, OF COURSE YOU WON'T"!

Then Axel began to walk awsy and he turned and said "I never would have guessed that Death, of all people, was a pussy". Then Zegram said "What did you just call me"? Axel walked back over and got in his face. "I said you were a pussy". said Axel. Then Zegram back-handed Axel in the side of his jaw and knocked him unconsious.

Then Zegram said "If being mature makes you a pussy, then you definently are not a pussy". Then he walked away and teleported. Lexias and Monoza both walked over checked on Axel. Then Axel awoke and said "Where is that asshole"? Lexias shushed him and said "You're hurt". "He really put some power in that backhand". Then Axel stood up and said "Even if you 3 won't agree with me, I will still seek my vengencd".

Then Axel walked past Lexias and Monoza and teleported away. Lexias sighed and said "Like father, like son". "It seems Axel takes after dad". Then Monoza said "If he keeps up this way, he will meet the same fate as dad". Then Lexias scratched her head and said "I wonder if he knows that"? Then Monoza said "He knows". "He's just too stubborn to listen".

Then Monoza turned and pulled out a hourglass. He used it to open a portal and he walked inside. Lexias walked over and sat on a bench. She looked over at the group and said "Well, that all just happened".

"That's harsh. So that's what it's like to have siblings, huh?" Rosa said, trying to stay humorous.

Airion looked around a bit. "Celeste?" No answer. She then looked back at Lexie, apparently noticing something. She looked away, and said "Well Celeste, have your fun. I'm going home. I'm busy." Airion took off, headed back to the Ether Forest.

Lexias laughed and said "When we were longer, those 2 tried to kill each other". "Luckily, either mom or dad would stop them before that point 9 times out of 10". "I see WHY Axel wants vengence". "But actually getting it is another matter altogether". "If he just saw our dad get beaten by Vuxo with relative ease, what could he do"?

Then Lexias sighed and said "He was right". "Our dad's death did divide us". Then she got an idea. "I cannot just sit here and wait to hear that Axel is dead". "No, I will stop him from even reaching the castle". Then Lexias teleported away. She appeared in the North, near Vuxo's Castle. She walked around, looking for Axel.

Then she sees a figure walking through the snow. But it wasn't Axel. It was Monoza. He walked next to Lexias and said "You are not the only 1 who would rather see him live". Then the 2 of them both walked towards the castle.

Airion, hearing from the other spirits that Lexias and Monoza were at the castle, teleported over to them too. She had to stop Axel, talk some sense into him. She knew she could. "Hello again, friends." She said.

Lexias turned and saw Airion. "Airion". "I see you found us". Then Monoza said "You have come to speak some sense into Axel no doubt". Then they saw Axel walk out of the snowstorm unfazed and he glared at them. "Lexias, Monoza, Airion, you 3 stand in my way now when I have reached the end of my trip. All that remains in my trip is to enter Vuxo's castle and destroy him".

Then Lexias spoke the truth that she expected Monoza and Airion to already know. "Axel, you're doomed to fail". "Vuxo probably sensed you the moment you stepped into the artic". "It's likely that he's already prepared for you in case you attack". Then she looked at Airion and said "But you probably already knew that Airion".

Then the storm stopped and the sun began to shine. Than a girl in black armor appeared with a black mist swirling around her. She looked at them and said "You intrude on the land of Vuxo". "State your business now or prepare for bloodshed". Then the storm returned in renewed fury as she waited for their answer.

"WHY DON'T YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE!" A Green Blur shouted kicking the girl in the face sending her flying back around a Mile.

"Nick's got this under control..." Airion thought. She wasn't about to get sidetracked. "Axel. If you face Vuxo, all of Mobius would be destroyed in the battle. Ether Spirits. Mobians. All of us. You know that, you don't want that." Airion said, staring Axel in the eyes.

Axel turned and said "Fine". "I'll let it go this once". Then he began to walk away when Vuxo appeared in front of Airion and said "Leaving so soon"? He then looked at Nick and said "But I have bigger fish to fry then you Axel". Vuxo walked over to the girl and helped her up. "Now Nick, is that anyway to treat your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma"? Then the girl removed her hood and said "So this is our last descendent"?

Then she laughed and said "You humor me Vuxo". Then Vuxo said "I do not lie when I say he is our final decendent". "Instead of a fight to the death with him, I'd rather talk". Then the girl laughed and said "Don't tell me you're afraid of him". Then Vuxo said "I have no reason to fear him".

"His strongest form is contained dragon while I accended past that a long time ago". "I'm practically God". then the girl smirked and said "And that makes me the Hand of God". Then Vuxo said "Nick and any of his friends or associates have the right to pass through my domain". "Remember that for next time Legna". Then Vuxo and Legna teleported back to their castle.

"Thank you, Axel!" Airion called out, as Axel walked away.

Justin suddenly appeared and took everyone except Vuxo and Axel and such and teleported them to the City.

Part 20

"Hmm?" Rosa started looking around.

Axel appeared in the city and teleported himself a chair. "If you don't mind, we will watch this battle". said Axel as he sat down and summoned a bag of oreos.

"Have Fun Then." The Lich King said appearing then everyone was teleported to a Castle. "Lich Army. Take care of them.

Justin summoned a chair next to Axel and sat down then summoned and Bag of Pringles. (Sour Cream and Onion Flavor.)

"Guys, take care of the Army, I'll take the King." Nick said.

"Okay." Airion responded. She glanced over at Lexie. "C'mon, Celeste, anytime now."

Rosa summoned dual cyber blades. "Time for some fun."

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick.

TLK dashed at Nick summoning his Lich Sword, Then Nick summoned his Light Sword and dashed at TLK, they both slashed at each other creating a shockwave, then Nick turned Super, then TLK smiled a little then attacked Nick more.

Meanwhile Xirsec appeared infront of Rosa and his Scar turned Red.

Rosa's quill turned red as well. "Nice to see you, buddy." She said sarcastically, slashing him repeatedly with both her blades.

As if on cue from what Airion said, Lexie doubled over, as if tired, but stood back up. That different persona she'd had before... was back. Without hesitating, she rushed at the Lich army grunts, fighting with kicks and sound blasts.

Axel watched Lexie's new power with intrigue and said "The young fox is already so skilled in sonokinesis". Then he sensed Celeste's energy and said "We now know the source of this new-found power from before". Axel finished his oreos and stood up and said "The odds are not in their favor even with Nick here and the young fox using powerful attacks". Then Axel turned into a swarm of bats that flew around Xirsec, distracting him.

Rosa chuckled, confidently. "Thanks, comrade!" She said, slashing at Xirsec some more.

Xirsec used Telekinesis to move the Bats away, and start to choke Rosa.

"You've made me mad for the Last Time, Rosa." Xirsec said.

Then Metal Dillian came and punched Xirsec in the chest and kicked him in the face sending him flying.

"Motherfucker." Xirsec said before flying back and punching Metal Dillian so hard, his Body began to crack, then it shattered into his Normal body.

"Nice try buddy." Dillian said before kicking him in the face then punching him in the chest 10000 times.

Meanwhile Nick punched TLK in the chest and blasted him away.

Lunari gave Nick as much power as she could, giving him his Spirit Super form.

Rosa coughed, and caught her breath for a second, before whipping a cyber blade at Xirsec.

Nick had started beating TLK when he turned Contained Dragon.

Lexie continued making her way through the ranks of Lich grunts, taking them out with deafening sound blasts.

Dillian used a large blast to destroy almost half of the entire Lich Army.

Nick had blasted TLK and slashed him then Blasted him again.

"That's enough hurting People, Lich King." Nick said.

Rosa started fighting the Lich Army as well, with cyber blasts and throwing her cyber blades.

Nick looked at TLK.

"But First." Nick said taking off TLK's helmet.

Nick was in complete Shock.

Under the Helmet of TLK was an old Green Hedgehog with a few Beard hairs, Blue Eyes, and looked like just like Nick.

"D-Dad?" Nick stuttered.

"Yes, Nick." TLK said. "Your a Great Hero, just what this Planet Needs."

"Wait!" Nick said.

"See you around." TLK said teleporting away.

"Hahaha..." Lexie laughed, breathing hard, seeming a little too happy with her change.


All of the other Liches came attacking everyone.

"Come get some, bitch!" Rosa shouted, dashing at Xirsec, trying to crash into him.

Lexie laughed maniacally, continuing to fight the army.

Xirsec slowed down time and put his hand infront of the incoming Rosa Missile then a mile tall and mile wide blast came at her as time resumed.

"Who's the Bitch now." Xirsec said.

Rosa, not reacting fast enough to dodge, crumpled on the ground, weak. "You... are....." She said, smiling. Even in her darkest moments, she would never pass up the chance to be a smartass.

"Rosa!" Airion shouted, coming over to heal her.

"Motherfucking Smartshit." Xirsec said. "You stay out of this!" Xirsec shouted to Airion, he blasted her away and kicked Rosa's body into the ground then blasted the hole he made by kicking her into the ground.

Airion knew what she had to do. "Celeste!"

Lexie whipped her head around to face Airion. Realizing what needed to be done, Lexie started firing sound blasts at Xirsec.

Xirsec took the soundwaves to launch them at Lexie.

"Not gonna fucking happen." Xirsec said, then used Telekinesis to throw Lunari into her body then smash Lunari into the ground.

"Owww...." Lunari said, dazed. Airion went over to heal her.

Lexie moved fast as a blur, dodging all of the ricocheted sound blasts with ease.

Xirsec snapped causing Lexie too be stuck in Xirsec's Telekinetic Grasp.

"Annoying Fox." Xirsec said slamming Lexie into the ground 100 times.

Axel finally had seen enough. He walked right up to Xirsec while he was slamming Lexie. Axel's right hand glowed blue as his left hand glowed orange. He punched Xirsec in the gut, stopping his relentless assault. Then Axel said "You fight like a bully". Then the spirits in Axel's body began shifting. "Now you face a true hero". (Battle Against A True Hero starts to play) (Yes, that is an Undertale reference, It's Undyne's theme) Then Axel gave the "bring it" hand motion to Xirsec.

Lexie got up, despite being a bit wobbly. "Annoying fox, huh? I think you have the wrong spirit." She said. She went over to fight beside Axel.

Xirsec came at Axel and stuck a punch that could crack a galaxy open, right in his face, then kicked Lexie away.

Axel barely felt the punch and said "Is that all you got"? Then he teleported away for a few seconds. He came back with dozens of clones and said "It seems we inherited much from our fathee". Then the Axels each changed to a different soul.

One of them said "Hey buddy, if you take another step over here, you're gonna have a really bad time". Then another one said "Its time for our new program"! "ATTACK OF THE KILLER AXEL"! Then a third one took out a lightsaber and said "You don't know the power of the light side". Another one threw a rope dart and hooked a dummy. Then it yelled "GET OVER HERE"! Then the last one tied a headband on his forehead and uppercutted a rock into the air while yelling "SHORYUKEN"!

All of the Axels glared at Xirsec while the main Axel motioned Airion to heal Celeste and Lexie. Then all of the Axels walked forward to form a barrier against Xirsec. Then the main Axel said to Nick in telepathy "We will need your help Nick".

"Roger that." Airion came over to heal Celeste and Lexie.

"Thanks, Airion...." Lexie said, standing up. She rejoined Axel and the clones.

The last thing Axel heard with the 2 Clones before he was knocked out by Hyper Xirsec was 'Not gonna happen.'

"You're gonna pay for that!!!!" Lexie shouted, firing a huge sound blast at Xirsec, point-blank.

Xirsec slowed down time to dodge the wave then kicked Lexie away.

Then Nick came floating down, He was White and surrounded by a White Ball.

Xirsec dashed at Nick and punched him, But Nick caught the punch and slammed him into the floor.

"Your a Criminal." Nick said. "And I don't like those."

Nick then shot a Blast that was 12 Miles wide and tall, but only hurt the Villians.

A portal opened up and Zegram walked out. He saw Axel on the ground and walked over. He then looked at the hurt Xirsec and said "Nick, if you don't finish him"... Then Zegram summoned his scythe and said "I'll take him to Hell myself". Then Lexias and Monoza appeared. Lexias summoned her bow and Monoza summoned his stave. Then Lexias said "If you have the balls to mess with our brother Xirsec, then you better have the balls to mess with all 3 of us too". Then Monoza said "In less vulgar terms, if you fight one of us, you deal with the other 3 as well".

Then Axel sat up and said "You really don't know who you're messing with Xirsec". Then Zegram said to Xirsec "You should be scared". "No one that has gone against all 4 of us at once, has survived". Then Axel summoned a sword and said "By blade, by arrow, by magic, one of us will strike you down". Then the 4 of them all teleported around Xirsec, surrounding him in all 4 directions. Then Axel said "Now make your move Xirsec".

Lexie woke up once again, after the kick. "Oww...." For a second, she was back to normal. But then, Celeste took over again, amd joined Axel and friends.

Meanwhile, Airion was trying to heal Rosa, who was left badly hurt after one of Xirsec's attacks.

Nick picked up Xirsec by the Neck.

"Brother or Not, A Vulgar Creature like this isn't worthy to live on this Planet." Nick said giving Xirsec to Zegram. "So I'll let you take him to Hell, Where he belongs.

Zegram opened a portal to Hell. "Or I can let you send him there yourself" said Zegram as he gave Xirsec back to Nick.

"Gladly." Nick said, he stunned Xirsec right infront of the portal, Then Blasted him into the portal.

Zegram closed the portal and then they all put their weapons away. Axel looked at Nick and said "Well, you have an evil brother, an evil father, what's next"? Then Zegram said "Knowing his luck, next he'll find out that his mom is the queen of a kingdom". Then Lexias said "Or maybe he has an Uncle Joe that raps in front of a fountain at 2 in the morning". Then Monoza said "It is far more likely that his mom is a hero just like him". "If both his parents were evil, so would he". Then Monoza said "And you would wise to not mention anything to do with an uncle near him". "He has had some... bad experiences with his uncle".

Then Axel nodded and said "Nick, where do you intend to go next"? Then Lexias said "Well first, we need to tend the wounded". "Rosa took a beating, Dillian has some scars, and Lexie seems a bit shaken up". Then Monoza said "Yes, tend to the wounded and regroup". "Then you should plan your next action".

Then a familiar face appeared. "I see you met your father". said the voice. Then it revealed itself to be Vuxo. "So how was your showdown with dear old dad"? he said to Nick.

"Good... I guess." Nick said, the White Aura leaving him. "Hey Vuxo, Two Things. One Can you heal Them? Two Why does your name sound like a Dubstep Track."

Rosa, with Airion's help, had more or less healed. But, she was still unconscious.

Lunari, who had also been healed by Airion, walked over to join the group.

Lexie was still under Celeste's control. She snickered, looking very confident.

Airon floated over to DIllian, and healed him as well.

Everybody went back to the dojo lived till whatever whatever whatever Now trick you can go make your timeline theory.