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Part 1: Return to the Dojo

It's been over a year since the attack of Radik, Nappaxe and Vexu. Aswell of the events of Hero's Destiny, this continues where we left off.

Nick is in the Jungle exploring when his wrist com beeped.

Dillian is in his home when HIS wrist com beeped.

Lunari is in the middle of her travels when HER wrist com beeped.

(Goes into triple view mode.)

"Hello?" They all said.

"It's time." the Wrist Com Hung Up.

(goes back to normal view mode.)

Ion was walking through a Warp hole, looking around and looked at his wrist Com who one of his friends built from a distant universe. "Corta, can you get a reading on any inhabitants on this world?"

"sure can, let me check", Corta said through the wrist com.

Lunari looked up from her wrist com. She had to get back to the Dojo, quickly.

Nick ran to the Dojo.

Dillian ran to the Dojo.

Lunari had been quite a ways away, so she caught a train ride to a small town near the Dojo. When she got off, she walked the rest of the way there. "Guys, what's going on?" She asked.

"What's up!" Nick and Dillian asked in unison as they entered.

"Guys, and Girl, we've got contact from another planet, they are being taken over by, Xicorith." Sensei said. "This could be the most dang-"

A hole blew up part of the Dojo!

"Vexu!" Nick said, getting ready to fight.

"What do you want!" Dillian demended, getting ready to fight.

Lunari drew some electricity, ready to hit Vexu if he so much as moved.

"Calm yourselves." Vexu said. "I know about Xicorith, he blew up my home planet, he used my race, I will team up with you, but only this once."

Lunari lowered her bolt of electricity, hesitantly. "Nick, do we trust him?" Lunari asked Nick, telepathically.

"Yea, for plot convenience!" Nick said through telepathy. (Nick OOC: I'm gonna enter our team in The Diamond Arena! just reply to it, so they know another user was in the team, check the recent wiki activity, it's called Aetherium '15 Sign Up.)

"Ok then." Lunari replied. She let her electric bolt dissolve into static, no longer needing it.

"OK, we trust you." said Nick as the flames in his hands desolved and the symbols on Dillian's hands did the same.

"Grab on." Vexu said. "I can go faster than the speed of light in space."

Nick and Dillian grabbed on Vexu's hands, Nick held out his hand for Lunari grab onto.

Lunari gripped Nick's hand. She was nervous, but excited.

Vexu sped off, they arrived in space.

"You can let go now, in space if you release energy at a speed, you'll stay at that speed, just so you know, you all have your own bubble so you don't die." Vexu explained.

Lunari nodded. The zero-gravity was going to take a while to get used to.

"There!" Nick said.

They landed on the planet only to see a village being terrorized by Red Alien Hedgehog, Foxes and an Echidna who appeared to lead this small force.

"Give me the Stone! and the Necklace! you little Twirp!" The Echidna said to a tiny Alien Green Hedgehog Child who was holding a Stone.

"Hey!" Nick yelled to them. "You! Leave him alone!"

They looked terrorized at Nick.

"m-m-m-m-m-Master w-what are you doing here?" a soilder mumbled.

"Huh?" Nick said.

"Imposter!" The Echidna said. "Attack!"

They rushed at Nick Dillian Vexu and Lunari.

Lunari was a bit confused, but at least she knew she was fighting these airheads. She immediately noticed they weren't looking at her, so she circled around behind them, firing electric bolts from behind. She started her telepathic relay effect, to keep the group coordinated.

Part 2: The New Planet

Nick shot a fire blast destroying most of them, it was just the Echidna.

"Wait, your the one from the prophecy! I gotta go to my Master!" the Echidna said before running off.

Nick grabbed him and blasted him in the face really hard.

"Who is this Master?" Nick asked.

Lunari came up behind the Echidna, surrounding him with electricity so that he couldn't escape. She went to stand next to Nick.

Ion was walking in discovering that he found the source of power that was looking for but found more Mobian like people there, ion then gets in his battle stance preparing for what's to come.


Ion then stood there, looking calm and looks at nick and the others, getting out of his battle stance."how's everybody?" Ion said calmly.</p>

"Hey Ion!" Nick said.

Ion noticed familiar faces and replied. "Hello Nick!", Ion's Watch Com started beeping.


Ion then yelled. "CROTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" he looked at the others. "My world is in danger, and so is core city... was it that Echidna?!" he said angry.

"I don't think it was, he said something about a master." Nick told Ion.

Ion then thought to himself. "I hope they will be alive when I get there."

Lunari noticed that Ion had not seen her yet, so she waved.

Ion looks at Lunari and waves back, but then is worried about his friends.

"Let's Go!" Nick said.

"Wait!" the Green Hedgehog Child said. "Take this Stone and Necklace, Don't let them have it."

He gave Nick the Stone and Necklace.

"Ok little guy." Nick said. "Now, Let's Go!"

Nick flew away.

Ion summons a warp hole, and yells at nick "GUYS IN HERE!!!"

Lunari nodded, going into the warp hole after Ion. She was curious about the necklace the boy had given them. Maybe it gave the person who wore it special powers?

Nick flew into the warp hole.

Ion came out of the warp hole alongside the others appearing in Core City, in which was oddly fine considering it was under attack before. "what the, I thught it was under..." he then was tackle hugged by Corta, who was a female cardinal.

Corta Smiled. "Ion your ok, we scared that tyrant away!" Ion then looked at her smiling. "without me?" he said jokingly.

"Get a room." said a voice.

"Nate?" Nick said.

Nate the Hedgehog was standing there bored.

"Oh look, it's the King of Losers, and his dumb GF, along with ninja poser fool."

"Hey!" Dillian said angerly.

"this is not my girlfriend for once, and two who are you and how did you get here!", ion shouted.

Part 3: Confusion in Core City

"Chill your faces." Nate said.

"This is Nate, he's from my planet, for how he got here, i don't know." Nick explained.

"Nate, long time no see!" Lunari said. "Umm, Ion, by GF, I think he meant Nick and I." She said, awkwardly.

"Lunari the Dumb-chidna's right, but Ion, you and Corta go get a room anyway, your both ugly as hell." Nate said.

Ion got mad in an instant. "I will KILL you if I was not a hero, consider yourself lucky!" Corta then snapped. "you are calling ME ugly, look at yourself Ugly peace of crap!"

Lunari ignored the fact that Nate had called her dumb. "He does this to everyone, don't take it personally." Lunari told Ion and Corta, telepathically.

Ion then nods at her calming down, same with Corta.

Lunari sighed. "So, what's next?" She asked.

"We find this tyrant, he must me hiding somewhere!" Ion said to Lunari.

"Right." Lunari replied. She closed her eyes, focusing. She was using her telepathic abilities to look for Xicorith. She frowned. "He's not anywhere nearby. Maybe he already left for a different planet. " Lunari suggested.

Ion then looked at the sky. "...or this tyrant is with my arch nemesis hiding his energy from us."

"Yo Uglies, open up that wormhole, or are you to UGLY!" Nate said.

meanwhile at a fortress where ion's arch nemesis was along side the tyrant himself.

"SOON we will have the multiverse conquered and it will be ours!" the human said with an evil laugh.

Back in Core City, Lunari shrugged. "You might be right, Ion." She replied, completely ignoring Nate at this point. "It's definitely worth checking out. Where might this arch-nemesis be, anyways?" She asked. "Does he have a base of some sort?"

Ion looked at her, "yeah, i know the spot."

Lunari nodded. "Okay then! Let's go check the base!" She said, eagerly.

Ion then said. "might as well!"


Ion looks at him, "how bout no" he laughs and starts to walk off.

Nate teleported infront of Ion and punched him in the face through a building.

Ion just took it hit, runs for Nate and does a FALCON PAWNCH moment. "Atom PAWNCH!!!!"

Nate took the Atomic energy Falcon, spun to dodge the punch and fired the falcon at Ion.

Ion just teleported and Hits Nate's pressure point, knocking him out.

Nate blocked all of his hits and punched Ion again.

Nick was in his Lightning Form and blocked Nate's Punch.

"Both of you stop it!" Lightning Nick said.

Ion starts backing off, knowing it was pointless. "come on! lets find my arch nemesis!"

Lunari nodded. "Right! Ion, lead the way!" She said. She turned to Lightning Nick. "Hey Nick, while you're in your Lightning form and all, I want to try something. Come here. " she said.

"What?" Nick said walking towards her.

Ion looks at them waiting

"Ah, sorry Ion, one minute. I promise this will be quick. " she said. She turned back to Nick. " I just wanted to experiment with one thing." Lunari explained. She tried to bend the electricity making up Lightning Nick's form. "Does that hurt?" She asked.

"OW OW OW OW HOLY SH!T OWWWWWWWW!" Lightning Nick yelled.

Lunari stopped. "Oh! Okay! Sorry!" She said, somewhat surprised. Lunari took out one of Nick's beans, giving it to him.

Lightning Nick summoned a Healing Potion and drank it.

"Ahhhhh, Much better." Lightning Nick said.

ion was still waiting starting to get annoyed, "I am WAITING!"

"I Don't CARE!" Lightning Nick said before hitting Ion in the face.

Ion just flew but lands sliding backwards and stands up calmly. "nick, chill!"

"Fine." Nick said.

"Ok you guys ready to find my arch nemesis?!" ion said to them

"OK!" Nick teleported them to Coratin, he was talking to The Echidna they fought earlier.

Ion then looks quietly, "I knew it, he was planning something this whole time." he whispers.

"Oh sh!t it's them!" The Echidna said.

"So, your the on-" Coratin stopped mid-sentence as he noticed Ion. "Ion, I didn't think you'd come here."

Ion looked at coratin, "alright coratin, what are you up to now!"

"Oh my friend here was just telling me about some tyrant, whoever he is appears to be stronger than me." Coratin said to Ion in a menacing expression.

Ion Snickered. "stronger than you!? HA give me a break!"

"Thanks for the compliment, but I'm afraid that I must" His voice turned Demonic. "End your visit."

Ion smirks then dashes towards coratin, and attempts to attack him.

Coratin blasted him.

Ion simply Teleported and kicks him in the face sending him flying to a wall, "really corstin... is tah the best you can do?"

"No, this is!" He said as a hole appeared, it turned out they were in a spaceship, Everyone but Nick and Ion fell out, two tubes came down and trapped them, right next to Coratin's Throne, the Door closed.

Ion was unphased, "... wow very impressive Coratin!" he said sarcastically.

"It's unbreakable." Coratin said.

"Grah!" Nick growled banging on the tube.

Ion then snickers again, "but is it burnable!?" Ion then uses his atomic energy to melt the glass while he and nick is in it.

"Nope" Coratin said as Ion's Shoulder caught on fire.

Ion then took the fire and shook it off, "ehh, Gavin can do better to burn me... shoot... when did coratin get smart this time!?" Ion was ticked.

Meanwhile, back in Core City, Lunari roamed the streets. She was making sure that nobody was hurt. Even though the city hadn't looked under attack when they arrived, she figured it was worth double-checking. (Lunari OOC: I'm only putting Lunari here because I have no idea what is going on. Sorry I haven't edited in a while.)

Dillian, Corta and Vexu were on the ground.

"I checked downtown for any damage, just in case. " Lunari said.

Dillian got up.

"Nick and Ion are trapped!" Dillian told Lunari pointing to space.

Lunari's eyes widened. She muttered a few cusses, before closing her eyes, focusing. "Nick! NICK!! Are you okay?" She asked Nick telepathically, desperately. Using her telepathy to contact someone so far away was difficult, but she managed.

"Lunari! LUNARI!! Me and Ion need your Help, I'm sending you where we are going!" Nick yelled through telepathy, but right after he showed her where he got cut off.

Corta started worrying about ion and started hacking the ship to bring them back but no luck as the ship was heavily secure with a very powerful fire wall. "ion... please be safe..."

"Come on!" Dillian said, but then that same Red Echidna came with an Army of Red Foxes Hedgehogs Echidna's and a Falcon.

Corta: with out ion... we are not going to survive... not one trace will leave from us... and nick too... *she then starts tapping into her power and then transforms into her new found form, her Striker form. "you wont win you damn tyrant!!!"

"ATTACK!" The Echidna yelled.

Part 4: Battlling the Tyrant's Minion's Army

All of them, at least 999,999 of them rushed at Dillian and Lunari but the only the Falcon ran to Corta.

Corta: *she then punched and kicked the falcon and he was revealed, it was Tex, tho he smiled and whispered. "I am spying on them so I can find their weakness from the inside. Corta nods and they fake fight but it looks like they are really fighting, Corta lets Tex Win... Tex then covers himself up and looks at the Echidna.

Lunari fought her way through the mob, trying to get to Corta. Since Nick had not taken the bean she had offered him earlier, she gave it to Corta. She turned and saw Tex. "Who are you?" She asked with a harsh tone, not knowing he was on their side.

Dillian is still fighting the army.

After helping Corta, Lunari makes her way to Dillian, fighting through the army. Frequently using her electrokinesis was wearing her out, but she couldn't give up now. Not with Nick in danger.

Lunari yelled over to Dillian. "Hey! Dillian!"

Dillian fought through the mob to Lunari."I got an idea! remember that Lightning Storm Technique Nick tought you?" Dillian told Lunari, Vexu was still fighting the Mob.</p>

Lunari stopped. "I have a different idea. But I'll have to go somewhere safe..." She said."Wait, We can Combine our Attacks!!!!! Use lightning storm attack when i use my Ice Storm Jutsu!" Dillian said.

"No. We can combine our attacks a different way..." Lunari said. She climbed to the top of a safe building, and started to focus. She was separating her own spirit from her body, an ability she had been given during her travels. (Luna OOC: You'll see when I copy Lunari over. It's a long story...) A glowing form appeared in front of Lunari, and made its way to Dillian.

Dillian was abit nervous. (Nick OOC: I know i read it, It's a Really Unique power! Kudos to you!)

Lunari's spirit "joined" with Dillian. "Don't worry about me, Dillian. Just attack, I'll help you from here." Lunari told him.

Dillian flew above the army, He felt a lot stronger.

"ULTIMATE ICE STORM JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!" Dillian yelled, before a symbol bigger than the entire army, he could see Vexu looking up, than Vexu ran away from the army, still looking up.

The symbol seemed to glow blue, thanks to Lunari's help.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Dillian yelled as giant Icicles fell from the symbol destroying most of the army.

"There's still a few left. Nothing we can't handle together, though. Right?" Lunari said. Her voice seemed to echo a bit.

"Right!" Dillian said before floating down. (Nick OOC: g2g, seeya tomorrow!)

Lunari channeled her own power to Dillian, and his hands started to glow with spiritual energy.

Dillian punched one of the Hedgehogs in the face, he blew up.

"Boom." Dillian said.

"That the last of them, right? Looks like it. " Lunari said.

"Yep." Dillian said.

The spiritual energy surrounding Dillian's hands rippled a bit, before slowly starting to fade.

The Echidna was just standing there with his jaw dropped.

"NopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNope." The Echidna said The Echidna, walking off.

"Well, Let's get going! Wait Huh?" Dillian's Wrist Com started ringing. "Should i answer it?"

"Yeah. It might be Nick. Answer it." Lunari replied. Her spirit left Dillian, and went back to her own body. She sat up, groggily, before gliding over, landing next to Dillian.

Dillian Answered it.

"Hello Dillian?" It was Sensei! "Listen I know Nick and Ion are trapped, but you can't go after them yet! I'm coming to there soon though!"

Lunari closed her eyes, focusing. She was starting to wear out her telepathy too, but she couldn't let that get in her way. She had to try talking to Nick one more time. "Nick?"

"Luna-" Nick said through telepathy but got cut off as Coratin's voice was speaking in the telepathy. "Nick isn't going to be talking to you any time soon, AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Lunari doubled over, putting one hand over her forehead. She was breathing hard. Having Coratin interfere seemed to have put her in pain.

It wasn't long before she got completely cut off.

"Yo!" Cuz of course I gotta add Nate to this situation. "Maggots!"

"Shut up, Nate!" Lunari replied, slowly getting back on her feet.

"Someone's acting grouchier then normal, anyways, I came here ask you all something, What the Hell is that!?!!!!????!?" Nate said pointing to a giant floating spinning blue portal like object in the sky.

"Woah! I'm sensing a really high power from there!" Dillian said.

Lunari took a few cautious steps toward the portal.

"I'd not step in there if I was you!" Dillian said.

"I wasn't going to, Dillian. Not yet." Lunari replied, still staring at the portal.

You could make out (Oi! Not that kind of making out! Get your mind outta the gutter!) Coratin's ship! Nick and Ion were in Tubes next to Coratin's throne. Coratin was talking to a small army of Red Mobian like creatures.

"K" Dillian said. (Hey Lunari I want you to check out my fan-fic, it's called "Nickolas the Hedgehog and the Dark Temple" Comment on it!)

Lunari looked at the portal, before noticing Coratin's ship. Her eyes widened. "Guys, look, that's where Nick is!" Lunari said, pointing at the ship.

"Really!?" Dillion said surprised. (I don't wanna continue the story till Dubstep is here D: *whines*)

Lunari nodded. "Yeah. He showed me earlier. Let's go get him!" Lunari said.

"OK!" Dillian said.

"Yo Turds!" Nate said. "I'm sensing a large power heading our way!"

Lunari focused, and also sensed power.

Part 5: The Fight

"Whatever!" Nate said before pushing Lunari and Dillian into the Portal. "See ya later! HAHAAA!" The Portal closed.

Lunari stumbled backward into the portal, grabbing Dillian's hand in the process.

"GRRR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!!!!" Dillian said.

Lunari sighed, and shrugged. "Well, let's see where this thing leads..."

"Ok let's go." Dillian said.

Lunari nodded, looking around in the portal, hoping to find an exit.

Dillian noticed Lunari was still holding his hand, but before he could say anything he saw the exit.

"There!" Dillian pointed to a room that the portal lead to.

Lunari followed him out of the portal, letting go of his hand in the process.

"Hmm, Over there." Dillian whispered. "Listen."

"I have captured Nick and Ion!" Coratin said.

(Nick OOC: ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT PART?????????) (Too Bad it's coming now.)

Lunari stifled a gasp, trying to be quiet. It was the same voice she had heard telepathically.

"Let me Out of this stupid tube! I want a Sandwich!" Nick said from the Tube. "I'm gonna get outta here!"

"Shut up Weiner Dog." Coratin said.

"I will kill you in your sleep." Nick said.

"Nick!" Dillian whishpered.

Lunari tried to direct Coratin's attention away from them. (read her page again, she can do that.)

"And I can sense your presence Dillian and Lunari." Coratin said.

Dillian stepped into the room, taking Lunari with him.

"Dillian, Lunari!" Nick said.

(Nick OOC: I'll just control Corta and Ion.)

Ion just looked at them.

Lunari looked pissed. She surrounded Coratin with electricity. "You. You're the slithering little slimeball who kidnapped my friends! You are going to PAY!" She yelled.

"Bring it on!" Coratin said.

Lunari did just that. She used the electricity to constrict him.

Coratin Blasted the electricity into thin air. (Nick OOC: Yo, I'll be on at 6:00 to 8:00 or 9:00 Tomorrow!)

(Luna OOC: Suuuuure....)

Lunari took a small step back, and met Dillian's eyes. "Ready?" She asked, telepathically. She couldn't do this alone, and besides, she was better off helping than taking the lead.

"Ready!" Dillian said.

Lunari used her spirit form, much to Nick's surprise, and "joined" with Dillian again.

(Nick OOC: Sorry...)

"Woah!" Nick said.

"OK Cora-dork bring it on!" Dillian said.

Dillian's hands started to shimmer with blue spiritual energy, once again. The energy seemed to ripple a bit, like heat waves. (Luna OOC: No problem.)

Nick and Ion watched intently.

Dillian opened up a symbol above Coratin.

"Ice Storm Jutsu!" Dillian said as a bunch of Ice Crystals fell on him.

"Oh I'll show you!" Coratin said before blasting Dillian.

Lunari surged her own power through Dillian, helping him recover from the blast.

However Coratin was prepared, he pulled Lunari's Spirit out of Dillian knowing she was a weak combatant, and Dillian couldn't beat him without Lunari joined with him.

"HAHAHA!" Coratin said before blasting them both.

"No!" Nick said from the tube.

Lunari's spirit went back to her own body. Immediately, she felt the stinging pain from the blast. Lunari decided to fake getting knocked out,using her spirit again, joining with Nick this time. She was going to try to help him break out of the tube. However Coratin was pulling her back as he could see her Spirit.

Coratin stood in front of Dillian and Lunari's bodies charging a blast, but then, something slashed Coratin it was Corta!

"That's for messing with my friends!" Corta said, then Nick and Ion appeared next to her, she teleported them to her!

Realizing that using her spirit form was hopeless, Lunari went back to her own body. She sat up groggily, still stinging from the blast. "What the heck? He can mess with my spirit? How? Grr, I need answers." She thought to herself.

"Take this!" Nick said. Suddenly a huge bright light surrouded them, they were back on the planet they were on before going to Core City! "Well Coratin shouldn't be bothering us anymore" Nick smirked.

"Awesome!" Dillian said.

But, Something was in the distance, a Green Hedgehog, it looked, familier, like a Certain Alien Nick and Lunari fought.

"Hey, what's that!" Nick pointed to it. "I'm sensing really High Power from that!"

Lunari looked rather worn out. Hearing Nick, she turned where Nick was pointing. "Well, great. We've got company." She said.

"It can't be, it's Zigath!" Nick said as The Hedgehog floated down.

"Oh Nike and Luneru, the two who i pwned before." Zigath said.

Lunari rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything.

"What do you want Zigath!" Nick said angered that Zigath called him Nike.

"To kill you." Zigath said.

Part 6: The Return of Zigath

Nick got into his fighting stance.

Lunari got ready to fight. "Backup in 3, 2, 1,..." She thought to herself, ready to help Nick with her own abilities. She was pushing her luck, using her spirit form so many times in a day, but she used it again, joining with Nick.

"Ready to help!" She said, her voice echoing in Nick's head.

Zigath punch Nick in the face before he could even react. Lunari got flunged out of Nick.

(Luna OOC: What? No, no, that's not how it works!)

Lunari took a turn for the stubborn. She joined with Nick again. Nick's hands started to glow with spiritual energy.

(Nick OOC: No, No, No, I got something EPIC Planned!)

Zigath pulled Lunari out again.

(Luna OOC: For the love of Goomther, Nick, this had better be good.)

Lunari'a spirit went back to her own body. "What's going on? It's almost like my spirit powers are getting weaker. They shouldn't be. After all, they're part of my DNA now..." Lunari thought to herself, as she recovered from the strain of having used her spirit form so much.

(Nick OOC: Lol.)

"Lunari!" Nick shouted. "Remember the Fusion Dance?"

(Luna OOC: Finally.)

"Yeah!" Lunari replied. She started the fusion dance.

"Oh no you don't!" Zigath said before blasting them.

Nick grabbed Lunari and jumped out of the way of the blast.

"Never thought i'd need to use this!" Nick said pulling out an earring. " Lunari Catch!" Nick threw her the earring. "Put it on you left ear!" Nick pulled out another identical earring and put it on his right ear.

Lunari put the earring on, wondering what it was.

(Nick OOC: ;D

but then a strange force pushed the two into each other, then a bright light shined, when it cleared, they were fused, but not into Nickolari the Echidhog, into, Lunarickolas the Hedgechidna! a cross between the two, but Lunari takes the Gender and Appearance and Personality (and Person who controls her.)!

Lunarickolas was confused. "This is wierd..." She thought to herself. With Zigath right in front in front of her, she realized she would have to save the confusion for later.

Meanwhile in Lunarickolas's mind, Lunari stood in a land with nothing but a floor...

(Luna OOC: Nick, thanks. This is more my thing.)

Lunari walked around in this blank space, seemingly curious about why she was there.

(Nick OOC: :D np)

Nick was running towards her, with his fist up?

"Nick! What's going on?" Lunari asked. Lunari seemed to know rather well that she was in a subconcious area, (And her spirit powers will vouch for that), but she wanted to know why.

Nick was coming Nearer ready to hit Lunari.

Realizing that Nick was trying to punch her, she stubbornly stayed put, hoping her friend would snap out of whatever spell he was under. "Nick! What are you doing?!?"

"Lunari Duck!" Nick shouted still running at her.

Lunari did exactly as he said, putting her hands over her head. She realized he sounded like his normal self. She sighed, relieved.

Nick punched another fake Nick and blasted it. "You can get up now." Nick said.

Lunari stood, cautiously. The blank, subconcious space was really starting to get to her head. "What was that?" She asked.

"Limbo Nicks, Fake mes basically, Anyway, uhhh, now that we are Potara Fused, Uhh, It's Kinda Maybe Sorta Permanent *Awkward Smile* Heheh." Nick said.

Lunari forced herself to smile. "Great. This place is already starting to mess with me, too." She replied. Then, she made an odd gesture. Lunari rubbed her hands together, creating friction, before holding her hands over her forehead, right where her third eye would be. She seemed to relax a bit.

Meanwhile in Mobius Lunarickolas was fighting Zigath and winning!

Back in the Mind.

"Well I guess we are stuck here..." Nick said.

(Nick OOC: Sorry for not editing, had to go to bed, now I'm on my tablet, so technically I'm Sleeping with you XD.)

"Right. Well then, I might as well show you something I wanted to show you earlier." She said.

(Nick OOC: I have bad news, check Lunari's Page...)

"And What's that?" Nick asked.

(Luna OOC: I knew not to trust him.)

"A new ability I got during my travels." Lunari replied. She used her spirit form, and joined with Nick.

"Woah!" Nick said. "That's what you did with Dillian?"

"Yeah. This is my spirit form." Lunari replied.

"Intresting, The fight is over, But we are Permenetly Fused." Nick replied.

"Ok..." Lunari replied. Her spirit went back to her own body.

"Let's Concentrate Really Hard! Maybe we'll unfuse!" Nick said.

After using the same odd gesture she did earlier, (It helps her telepathy, and concentration) she started to concentrate.

Nick Concentrated aswell, suddenly they were in the real world split!

"It worked!" Nick said.

Lunari took a deep breath, relieved.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, What the hell just happened!?!??!?!?" Dillian asked.

Lunari looked over at Nick, hoping he would explain.

After a while it was completely explained.

Lunari looked tired. She had overused her powers, which had completely worn her out.

Nick threw her a bean and Teleported them to the inside of a mountian.

Lunari took the bean. When they got to the mountain, she seemed curious. "Where are we?"

"Just a little place to stay." Nick answered.

"Okay!" Lunari replied. After a bit of an awkward silence, she remembered something. "Hey, Nick. Do you still have that necklace the kid gave you?"

"Yea!" Nick said taking it out.

"Can I see it?" Lunari asked.

"Yea, here!" Nick said handing it to her.

Lunari started to look it over. She could feel some kind of energy coming from it.

"Watcha doing?" Nick asked.

"This necklace is strange. There's some kind of energy coming from it." Lunari said, without looking up from the necklace, not answering Nick's question.

"Hmmmmmmm" Dillian said, when suddenly a giant bright light shined in the mountian, everyone looked at the portal like object.

"Whoa, whoa, what is that?" Lunari asked.

Suddenly Sensei walked out of the portal patting his jacket as the portal closed.

"Ugh, rough on the way out, hey guys!" Sensei said.

"Hello, Sensei." Lunari said.

"Ah, Just Call me Justin!" Sensei i mean Justin said.

"Okay, Justin." Lunari replied.

"Why are you living in this cruddy mountian, here!" Justin said as they teleported to a copy of the dojo just outside of the mountian.

Part 7: Sensei/Justin's Arrival

"Woah, it looks exactly the Dojo!" Nick said.

Lunari giggled a bit. "Home, sweet home, I guess..." Lunari said.

"Yea, Home Sweet Home!" Dillian said.

Lunari continued to look at the necklace, and feel the energy coming from it. It was strange...

But then it flew into Sensei's hand.

"Stop staring at this Necklace! Go train or something!" Justin told Lunari.

"Well, you haven't changed. Fine." Lunari said, walking off, towards a little arena that she liked to practice in.

"I'll go train aswell." Nick said heading to the arena.

(Nick OOC: Head to the chat...)

Lunari started to practice with her electrokinesis.

Nick practices Dragon Abilities, breathe fire but literally blew up in his face multiple times before getting knocked out.

"Whoa! Nick, are you okay?" Lunari said, running over to him. She gave him a bean.

"Yea!" Nick said. "OOOOOW!" "No, Not now!, It can't break free!" Nick thought.

Lunari looked concerned. "Nick, what's wrong?"

"Just go tell Dillian and Sensei it's breaking free!" Nick said in pain as a spiritual Dragon flashed around him multiple times.

Lunari ran through the Dojo, until she found Dillian and Sensei. She motioned to them to follow her, and they made their way back to the arena.

"Guys, jump in." Dillian said as he opened a symbol and jumped, Sensei did too.

"What? We can't just leave him here!" Lunari said.

"Listen, Your gonna die!" Dillian said pulling her into the Symbol, they were on that Mountian they could the the Dojo.

Lunari got dragged in. "Nick, please be okay..." She thought to herself. "Nick?" She asked, telepathically, to see if he was okay.

Suddenly a Green Dragon burst out of the Dojo.

Lunari looked on, in shock.

"That's Why we had to leave!" Justin said as the Dragon was raging. "ENERGY CAGE!"

The Dragon was Trapped in a Cage.

"That Dragon, Is Nick." Dillian said. "It better not hurt him!"

"It won't." Justin said.

"What can we do to help him?" Lunari asked.

"Nothing..." Justin said. "I gotta go back to the Mobius Dojo."

Justin Teleported away.

Suddenly a Red four tailed fox came.

"Die." He said before attacking them.

Lunari put up an electric shield, blocking the attack. "Who are you?!?" She asked, with a harsh tone.

"I Assume you fought an annoying Red Echidna? Well I'm another Minion of Xicorith." he said before tranforming into a muscular Fox.

Lunari looked at Dillian. "Ready?" She asked.

But Dillian got Punted about a solid 450 Yards by the Fox.

"I'd say that was about 450 Yards or so." The Fox turning to look at Lunari.

"Oh shoot, no..." Lunari thought. She started firing electric bolts at the fox.

"OUCH!" The fox said before blasting her.

Lunari tried to sidestep, but got hit on the arm.

"HAH!" The Fox said before Kicking her.

Lunari dodged, spun, and hit him in the back with a huge electric shock. "Nick, help..." She pleaded, telepathically. She was hoping that Nick could keep control of his Dragon form long enough to help her.

"GRRRRR!" The Fox turned back to normal and teleported away.

Lunari focused, trying to find where the fox was teleporting to. "He'd better not be sneaking up on me..." Lunari thought to herself.

Dillian appeared. "Let's go find Nick."

"Of course. Gee, I hope he's okay..." Lunari said. "Nick?" She asked, telepathically.

They arrived, Dragon Nick was still raging in the cage. But they teleported away, but then a small green Hedgehog that looked like Nick somehow, stood there.

"Ah Shit." Vexu said as he was already there.

Lunari looked worried, as she remembered catching a glimpse of the spiritual dragon earlier. She knew spiritual energy when she saw it, and knew how it could affect people. She was nervous.

"Astonding, I know, Minions!" The Hedgehog said as the Fox and Echidna came, But then Sonic Tails and Knux came! But instantly killed.

Lunari sensed a presence behind her. "Oh great, we have company." Lunari said.

Nate arrived terrified.

Then Nick arrived! then blasted the Echidna and Fox.

Lunari was relieved. "Nick! You're okay!"

"Grrrr, You messed with me, Now you Mess with my friends, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles! You Shall PAY!" Nick said, Fur turning Black going full on Dark Mode. "DIEEEEEEEEEE!"

Lunari was a bit shocked, seeing Nick use his dark form, but she had to keep her composure. She got ready to fight, alongside Dark Nick.

Dark Nick smashed the Hedgehog, but he teleported away, so Nick killed the minions.

"Your an Idiot, Like your Parents... *ded*" The Echidna said before Dying.

Part 8: Everyone vs. Dark Nick

"Grrrrr... HehehehehehheheheHAAHAHAHAahhahHAHAHAHAHA!" Dark Nick said before Attacking Lunari! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

"Nick! What are you doing?!?" Lunari yelled, telepathically. She was hoping she could get through to Nick. The real Nick.

But it didn't Work, He kept attacking her.

Lunari dodged a couple of the hits, but not many. Dark Nick was too fast, and too strong. She backed up, stumbling in the process. She fell, looking up at Dark Nick.

Then Corta and Tex slashed him. Nate started punching him, Dillian used some Jutsu's and Ion Hit Nick through the mountain. And Nick took it like it wasn't even Shit!

Lunari scrambled to her feet, and backed up, trying to get out of the thick of the battle. She was a support, and she knew it. She started her telepathic relay effect, to keep everyone coordinated.

Dark Nick Started Attacking Corta, Tex and Ion, who were Shortly knocked out, he turned to Lunari.

Lunari approached him, calmly. "Nick, listen to me. Stop. These are your friends you're attacking." Lunari said, hoping he would listen to reason.

"Yes, That's Really STUPID!" Dark Nick said before punching her in the face through 25 Mountians and 52 Buildings. Then Blasted Nate and Dillian and Vexu.

Lunari got knocked out from the hit.

Dark Nick just walked toward her. In his Mind, Nick was getting knocked around by Dark Nick, But then, A blinding Yellow light destroyed him, in the real world, Nick was back to normal, He looked at Lunari, It took him a minute to realize He did this, He ran toward her picked her up and then just shook her, then realized she was unconscious, A few tears rolled down his cheek, he took her and everyone else to the Copy of the Dojo.

Part 9: The Aftermath

Lunari was in her bed. After being unconscious for a while, she slowly started to wake up. Her eyes fluttered open.

Nick realized she was up, he ran towards her and Hugged her hard.

However, Lunari's shoulders hurt from crashing into the buildings. "Ow. Nick, easy." She said. "Good to see you, too." She said, with a smile on her face.

"Oh Thank God your Up!" Nick said.

"Thank goodness you're okay!" Lunari replied.

"I thought I killed you!" Nick said.

"Well, you didn't, now, did you?" Lunari replied. She tried to sit up, but her back hurt.

"Yea, Your OK!" Nick said.

"And you are too." Lunari said, hugging him.

"Why don't you two just kiss!" Nate said.

"Shut up Nate!" Nick said before thinking. "Though i want to..."

"What Nate, jealous? Single, even?" Lunari said, teasing him.

"D-B-W-Ah Shut Up! Your both Single too!" Nate said.

Lunari giggled. "Well, I guess he is correct."

Nick covered her mouth stopping her at well. "No I'm Not! I'm Dating, Uhhh," Nick looked around "Lunari!"

"What!?" Nate said.

"Yea, I'm dating Lunari!" Nick said.

"Whatever! I'm Checking on Vexu!" Nate said before exiting the room.

Lunari couldn't help but laugh out loud, even though he was covering her mouth.

"OK, That worked." Nick said.

"Well Vexu's still out cold. What are you two doing." Nate asked.

"Oh you know, Not being Single!" Nick said.

Lunari was trying her best not to laugh out loud again. To be honest, it was hard.

"Well I bet you two never kissed." Nate said Grinning.

"Sh!t He's onto us!" Nick said through Telepathy.

"It's an easy act to figure out, you know." Lunari replied.

"Kiss Me!" Nick Replied.

Nate just stood there grinning.

Lunari gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"HA! You two ARE still single!" Nate said.

"Not Good enough! Lips!" Nick said.

"Just this once." Lunari replied. She kissed him right on the lips, and stayed that way for a while.

Nate just stood there Jaw-Dropped.

"Damn my life..." Nate said before blasted himself in the head into his bed.

As soon as Lunari was done with the kiss-fest, she laughed. "Well, that will shut him up for a while."

"I'll be right back." Nick said, He put up a forcefield. "YES YES YES YES FINALLY OH YEA! YES *Victory Dance* WHO DA MAN I DA MAN OOOOH YEA!" Nick took down the forcefield realizing it wasn't soundproof.

Lunari doubled over laughing, but then straightened her back, because it still hurt. (Luna OOC: Get Smart much?)

"I'll go check on everyone else." Nick said. (Nick OOC: No, Comedy :D)

"Okay then!" Lunari said, still laughing.

"They are still out cold." Nick said.

Lunari stood, gingerly. Her legs hurt, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected.

"Hey She's Standing!" Nick said.

Lunari took a small step. Again, her legs hurt. But, for the most part, she was okay.

"Hey Lunari, I'll be Training if ya need me." Nick said before Walking off.

"No dragon things, please? I don't want that to happen again, ok?" Lunari said. She came with him, walking a bit slower than usual, with a bit of a limp to her step.

"OK Lunari." Nick said Laughing a little.

"Good. I'll work on my telepathy." Lunari replied.

After Some Training Dillian Appeared.

"Hey Dillian Your Up!" Nick said.

Lunari was still in her 'zone', practicing, so she used telepathy instead. "Dillian?"

"Sup." Dillian said.

Ion, Corta, Tex and Vexu came in.

"So everyone but Nate is up I see." Nick salad.

(Luna OOC: Epic autocorrect fail, read what you typed in. Leave it there, it's too funny *laughs*)

"Looks like it." Lunari replied.

"OK, So Wha-" Nick stopped, he noticed the same Nick looking Hedgehog.

Part 10: Everyone vs. Xicorith

"Hello There." He said.

Sensing the presence of the other Hedgehog, Lunari stood up. "Xicorith, I presume?" She said. She drew some electricity, ready to strike.

"So I'm Well Known..." Xicorith said. "I'm afraid you have a Necklice and Stone I need. Give it, I'll have to Destroy the planet if you don't.

Lunari had been practicing telepathy for a while, so she was really in tune. "Justin. You hear me?" She said, telepathically, contacting just Justin.

But it didn't work, Contacting someone with telepathy on another planet was impossible.

"You must be High on Drugs if you think I'll just hand them over!" Nick shouted at him.

"Now die." Xicorith said, after alot of fighting, he said. "GRRRRRR THIS SHALL FINISH YOU!" He transformed into a giant tall Hedgehog. "Now Die!"

"Shit! He is tough!" Nick said.

"Ready, Nick?" Lunari asked.

"Ye-" But Nick got kicked in the face, he then blasted Xicorith, after more fighting.

"GRRRR CONGRATS NOW I'M MAD!" Xicorith said, the spikes on the back of his head grew really long. "PREPARE TO DIE!"

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick. Nick's hands started to glow with spiritual energy, which rippled and shimmered like heat waves.

Xicorith just took her out like it wasn't shit.

After more fighting, they were nearly finished but then, Xicorith got kicked in the face, by Nate!

"THAT IS IT! DIE IN HELL!" Xicorith transformed into a normal sized Hedgehog with a Long Tail. "Now, Prepare yourselves, I have killed 8,000,000 Army's, by swiping my hand, YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR MY FINAL FORM!"

"Holy Shit! He is strong I can sense it!" Nick said.

Lunari's spirit was still joined with Nick. The spiritual energy surrounding his hands expanded, covering his entire body, like an aura. She was tapping even further into her spirit power, though this would wear her out quickly.

Nick attacked Xicorith, but got Lunari taken out of him, then kicked in the face.

Lunari went back to Nick, stubbornly. Her own body was too badly injured for her to go back. She was stuck.

Xicorith forced her spirit back into her body, Then knocked out everyone else.

"OK, That's It, You mess with Us AGAIN!?!?!?!?!" Nick said angerly Losing his temper completely.

Lunari was knocked out, from having her spirit forced back like that.

"I SWEAR TO GOD! You knock out everyone I know! That's Enough of your SHIT!" Nick yelled at Xicorith

Lunari slumped over, unconscious.

Dillian got up, and gave Lunari a bean.

Lunari stood, weakly. "Thank you..."

"No Prob, Nick's Losing his Temper Again." Dillian said, falling over, Nate and Vexu got up, they took Dillian and Corta and Ion and Tex back to there beds.


"Nick, calm down. Don't use your Dark form again." Lunari said.

"NO I HAVE HAD ENOUGH SHIT!" Nick screamed, but then, he had a Yellow Aura instead of a Black one. "I WILL KILL YOU!" Nick's Pupil's Disappeared for a second, then they turned Green, His Fur turned Yellow.

"B-W-H-NO THE PROPHECY! IT CAN'T BE!" Xicorith said terrified.

Lunari looked on, in shock.

"I WILL END YOU!" Super Nick said before Beating him up.

Lunari fired electric shocks when she had openings.

After A while, The Fight was over, Nick Won. Nick turned back to Normal. But the Rubble Moved, Xicorith flew up and his army of Shippings was flying charging a giant laser!

"No, I won't let him do this!" Nick yelled turning back into Super Nick, He charged energy from the Universe, then Flew upwards.

Lunari allowed Nick to use her Spiritual energy (assuming that energy from the universe means any energy, anywhere), although not using her spirit form made this tricky.

Nick flew up to the fleet and then blew up, releasing all the Energy he had gained. and fell in his normal form.

Lunari dived underneath Nick, trying to break his fall.

Nick fell right in her arms, he was unconsious.

Part 11: The Other Aftermath

"Nick? Nick, wake up!" Lunari said, shaking him, trying to get him to wake up. With one tear rolling down her cheek (This isn't déjà vu...) she set Nick down on the bed, to let him rest.

Nick was still unconscious.

Lunari sat right beside the bed, waiting for him to wake up.

Nick just layed there, Lunari had a flashback to Dillian giving her the Chaos Emeralds.

Lunari took out one of the Chaos Emeralds. She placed it in Nick's hand, and softly whispered a mantra she had once heard.

Nothing happened though.

Lunari sighed, getting the feeling she was going to do something she would regret. (Tiny poke at the fourth wall...) She took out the rest of the Chaos Emeralds, and they started to hover around Nick.

Nick just laid there.

Lunari started to speak, continuing on about what wonderful things Nick had done. (Don't really know what to say specifically, so I'm sticking to something general.) At the end of it all, she walked right up to him, and kissed him.

Nick woke up. And Noticed Lunari kissed him.

"Yes! Two kisses in one RP!" Nick said.


"Fine." Nick said.

Lunari was a bit confused about who he was talking to, but she was so happy about the fact that Nick was awake that she didn't care. "Nick! You're awake!" (A little repair work on the fourth wall for you guys. )

"And you are to." Nick said. (Fourth wall Repaired, Chat?)

Lunari gave him a hug. (Not now. Maybe at noon or so.)

"Sup, The Big Dude's Up i see." Dillian said walking in.

"Yeah." Lunari replied.

"Oh God, It's the Loser Lord..." Nate said walking in along with Ion, Corta, Tex and Vexu. (How about now?)

"Oh, shut up for a change, will you, Nate?" Lunari said.

"HA! No." Nate said.

"Anyway! We have intel of a few stragglers of the explosion, Me, Ion, Corta, Tex and Nick will go destroy them, Lunari and Nate, You stay here." Dillian explained before teleporting him and everyone else other then Lunari and Nate.

"Well, just the two of us here..." Lunari said, awkwardly. "I think I'll go back to training. Holler if you need me." Lunari told Nate, as she walked away.

"Oh thank god, Your so Ugly." Nate said.

Lunari didn't respond, she just went to go practice her telepathy.

Nate kept shooting little sparks at her to brake her concentration.

Lunari practiced her electrokinesis some while she was at it, by sending Nate's shots back at him.

Nate just reflected them back at her, then threw some Dirt-Sand Substance in her eyes.

"What are you trying to do, Nate, play electrokinetic catch?" Lunari said, continuing to send his shots back.

"Smart-Mouth, now Being Reflected, It gained so much Power, It'll "Hurt" Extremly, enough to kill a flipping dinosaur so we have no real choice." Nate explained reflecting them back.

Lunari sent the electricity harmlessly at the ground, not wanting to mess around anymore.

Nate dived under it and sent it back.

"You wanna blow this place up?!" Nate said.

"No, but I do want to stop playing electrokinetic catch." Lunari replied. She dissolved the electric ball into static.

"That Solved it, Miss Ugly-Face McGee." Nate said.

Lunari went back to practicing, ignoring his comment.

Nate Shoved her into a wall.

"OOPS!" Nate said in a sarcastic tone smirking.

"Stop..." Lunari said, irritated.

"HA! No." Nate said before pushing her into another wall.

Lunari walked right out of the dojo, sneaking away, the way she did when she wanted to be alone.

Nate sensed her and followed her, shoving her.

"Why are you following me, anyways? Stalker." Lunari said, even more irritated. The insults, she could put up with, but when Lunari needed alone time, she was not to be disturbed.

"To Annoy the Hell out of you." Nate said before pushing her into a tree.

Lunari loved to test her own level of tolerance. "No one's listening." She said.

"Worst Comeback ever Bro. Errr Sis." Nate said before Shoving her again.

Lunari noticed that everyone was coming back, so she decided to play victim, and get him in trouble. "Ow!" She said, favoring her shoulder.

"Yay!" Nate said shoving her again, then got flung around the planet, then Hit again across the Planet across again, then smashed into the ground by Nick.

(Luna OOC: Oh, god. Either we're playing Super Nick Galaxy around the shrinking planet, or this is godmodding.)

(Nick OOC: xD Nick is OP as Fuck!)

"That's better, He'll be like that for a while, now that that's over, let's go back to Mobius." Nick said to Lunari teleporting them Back to Mobius even Nate.

"Thanks Nick. He was being quite the bother." Lunari said.

"No problem." Nick said.

So then, Nick and Dillian went back to Training in the Dojo, Lunari went back to her travels, and Corta, Tex and Ion went back to their Timeline Universe thing, and Never Sa- wait this sounds familiar, but yea You get it, They never saw each other again.

The End...