With Cydik still alive and Metal rebuilt, our Heroes are in Major Trouble, Nate also has a new friend to rival Lunari, Not only that but an evil wizard has come to revive an evil Demon to destroy the world! And Cydik has given Metal the ability to go into cyberspace! And another Hedgehog has his own Robot Army! How can Nick and the gang save the planet this time from 3 different threats!?

Returning Characters

Nickolas the Hedgehog (DS)

Dillian the Hedgehog (DS)

Nate the Hedgehog (DS)

Justin the Hedgehog (DS)

Cydik the Techno-Hedgehog (DS)

Metal (DS)

Lunari the Echidna (64)

Rosa the Hedgehog (64)

Lexie the Fox(64)

Io the Cat (64)

New Characters

Rikai the Hedgehog (DS)

Babize the Wizard Hedgehog (DS)

Xicon the Hedgehog (DS)

Xicon's Robot Army (DS)

Mikasa the Echidna (DS)

Zevi the Demonhog (DS)

Part 1

An innocent brown fox wandered the town, minding her own business. Little did she know what was to come...

In the dojo Nick had called Lunari he had gotten a message from Nate, he is bringing Lunari and Dillian with him to go fight Nate, Dillian is just to spectate.

Lunari quickly made her way to the dojo. "Well, let's blast the smug look right off Nate's face, shall we?" She said, walking in.

"Aw yea!" Nick said.

Lunari smirked. "Ready?"

"Let's go!" Nick said before teleporting them to a flat grpund, it had some grass and lot's of trees surrounding it, Nate came floating down.

Lunari glared at Nate. "Nice to see you again." She said, sarcastically.

"Hmph, let's cut to the chase." Nate said turning Super, Nick did the same.

"Lunari, Let's do this!" Nick said.

"Hold it. Mikasa!" Nate shouted, then a Red Echidna wearing a Shirt with a Snake on it and jeans walked out from behind a tree.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick.

But then Before Lunari went into her spirit form, Nate said something.

"Mikasa do your thing!" Nate shouted.

"Gladly." Mikasa said, she was able to Stop Lunari from joining with Nick, then a Red Transparent Version of herself separated from her body, She had a Spirit form too!

Lunari was shocked. Another spirit form user? How? Lunari could also stop Mikasa, so she did just that.

Mikasa however stayed in her spirit form.

"Obviously I have a more advanced form than you and your little child form." Mikasa said.

Lunari forced Mikasa back to her body. "You say something?"

Mikasa broke free from Lunari's Forcing angered, so Being a Spirit also she started attacking Lunari.

Lunari started fighting Mikasa, clearly irritated by the fact that she wasn't the only one with a spirit form. But maybe, she thought, they could try to get along.

Nick and Nate started going at it aswell, being as even as can be.

Meanwhile Mikasa had eventually knocked Lunari into her body.

Lunari decided to do something a bit risky. "Mikasa. We both have spirit forms. We can get along, right?" Lunari said, no longer attacking.

Mikasa seemed to have twitched abit.

"Yea, I'm happy I'm not the only Spirit Form aroun-" Mikasa said but started twitching and yelped in pain and then was all evil again. "Never! Sure. Never!" It appeared some force made her evil, but she couldn't overcome it.

"Are you okay?" Lunari asked, curious about how her attitude had changed so quickly. She could sense some kind of force affecting her, but she didn't know what it was.

"Shut up!" Mikasa said attacking her more.

Lunari blocked as many attacks as she could, but did get hit a couple times.

"Lunari! I need you to join with me!" Nick shouted just as Nate shouted "Mikasa Come on Lets Go!"

"I'm on it!" Lunari shouted back. She used her spirit form, joining with Nick.

Mikasa us her Spirit Form and joined with Nate.

Then they both turned Spirit Super.

"That poor girl. I think she's under some kind of mind control." Lunari said.

Nick and Nate started fighting, after about an hour or so, Nick had won.

"Nice job, Nick." Lunari said.

"Thanks." Nick said turning normal.

Lunari finished using her spirit form.

So did Mikasa, then Nate and Mikasa teleported away.

"Well, that's over with. What next?" Lunari asked.

"Dunno." Nick said teleporting them and Dillian back to the Dojo.

Lunari went off to practice her telepathy.

After an hour Nick had called Dillian and Lunari.

"Presenting, Rooms, now you both have rooms instead of bunk beds in my room." Nick said.

"Hey, thanks, Nick!" Lunari replied.

"Your welcome Lunari." Nick said.

Lunari went right into her room, and started moving things around the way she liked them.

Dillian went into his room.

Part 2: Metal's Return

Justin called everyone.

"What's going on?" Lunari asked.

"Remember Metal?" Justin said.

"Of course, how could I forget?" Lunari replied.

"Weeeeellllll, You need to kill him, again." Justin said.

"Really? Alright, then. No time like the present." Lunari said. "Where is he?"

Justin teleported them to the city.

(Nick OOC: Lunari's gonna get something epic Eeheeheeheeeeee)

(Luna OOC: I'm excited! Also, can we introduce Lexie here?)

Lunari looked around. "Alright, where is that lowlife?" She said.

(Nick OOC: Sure.)

"After I'm done with him he'll be a no-life." Nick said ready to destroy Metal again.

Then Metal came out of nowhere and hit Nick in the face.

Lunari hit Metal in the chest with an electric shock. "Oh look, a zombified tin can." Lunari snarked.

"Hmph." Metal said dodging it, he hit her through a wall, after an hour of fighting, they started losing.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick. (Luna OOC: What might this epic thing be?)

Metal knocked Lunari out of Nick, started kneeing him in the chest while Nick started coughing up blood. (Nick OOC: If she loves Nick she'll get mad and, just make her get mad.)

Lunari was enraged. She snuck up behind Metal, and sent a huge electric shock at him.

Metal knew she was mad so he knocked her away and kept kneeing Nick.

That's when Rosa showed up. Having been following recent changes in cyberspace, she had found Metal here. In her techno form, she launched a shot of cyber energy at him.

Metal had destroyed the blast getting Lunari mad.

Lunari, as mad as she was, could not stand Metal any longer. She charged at Metal, turning into her Lightning form.

Metal knocked her back and kept hitting Nick.

Lunari needed Rosa's help. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!" Lunari said, telepathically. Her and Rosa charged at Metal, and hit him in sync, from the same side. (Luna Ooc: That epic thing had better come quick, or Nick might not make it. Lunari's not strong, you know that.)

Metal hit them both back.

Lunari stood there, too angry for words. She was trying to think of something, anything she could do to get Metal away from Nick.

Then, as Lunari was Enraged, A Yellow Aura Surrounded her as her quills flew up, and she had turned Yellow, Lunari had turned Super!

Lunari, feeling a rush of power, charged straight at Metal, knocking him far away from Nick.

"Woah." Nick said, interrupted by a cough of blood.

Metal started attacking Lunari.

Lunari fought back. For once, she wasn't attacking from a distance.

A young brown fox, who had made it through the attack, looked around a corner. She saw Nick.

Nick was getting up, but fell over, coughing up more blood.

The fox, known as Lexie, ran over to help.

Lunari kicked Metal far off into the distance, and turned around to check on Nick. "Nick!" She said, running over to help.

"OK, If you ask me how I'm feeling, Whoosy, Bloody, Dying, and you two look like cotton candy." Nick said fainting.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick. She used almost all of her spiritual power, healing Nick.

Nick got up after an hour.

Lunari went completely silent, still in her spirit form. She had overused her power, which had worn her out.

Lexie looked worried. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yea." Nick said.

"That's good." Lexie replied, relieved.

"Eh." Nick said teleporting to the Dojo.

Part 3: Regrouping

After a little while, Rosa made it back to the dojo. "Haven't seen you in a while, Nick." Rosa said.

"Yeah, it's been a year." Nick said.

"Well, how have you been?" Rosa asked.

"Meh, OK, I gue-" Nick said.

"ROSA!!!!!" Dillian said excitedly, he ran up to her and hugged her.

"Nice to see you, Dillian." Rosa said, hugging him back.

Nick and Nate rolled their eyes.

Rosa didn't care, she was just happy to see Dillian.

"Ugh." Nate said.

"I know right." Nick said. "It's like they're gonna make out."

"Ugh." Nick and Nate said in unison, shuddering.

Rosa giggled a bit. "You two actually agreed on something. Amazing. Not correct, but amazing." She said.

"True." Nick said.

Rosa continued to laugh.

"Hey, Where's Lunari?" Nick asked.

Lunari was still in her spirit form, stuck from having healed Nick. She was starting to recover. "I'm right here...." She said, somewhat quietly.

"Huh What, Oh." Nick said going into his mind and saw her.

"I got stuck here, after I healed you." Lunari said.

"Oh, Why not just drink a re-energizing Spirit potion?" Nick asked pulling out a Transparent Potion.

"Thanks...." Lunari said, taking the potion.

"No Problem." Nick said.

Lunari's spirit left Nick, and went back to her own body.

Nick left his mind.

Lunari stood, slowly.

"Bout time." Nick said.

"I agree." Lunari said. "Getting stuck is awful." Lunari said to Nick, using telepathy, for the sake of not confusing everyone.

"Eh." Nick said bored.

Lunari shrugged her shoulders.

Part 4: Cydik

Justin called everyone again.

Lunari went over to Justin. "What's going on?"

"So, Umm, Rosa, You need to sit down." Justin said.

Rosa looked skeptical, but sat down as she was told.

"Soo Umm, Cydik's Back." Justin said quickly.

Rosa looked irritated. "You've got to be kidding me..." She moaned, rolling her eyes.

"And, Look at this live video feed." Justin said.

Cydik was destroying the city with a Giant 40-foot Sign that says 'ROSA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!'

Rosa's quill started to turn red, but she tried not to show how angry she was otherwise.

Justin teleported them to the city.

Rosa, utilizing her Techno form, shot a last of Cyber energy at Cydik. "Nice sign." She snarked.

"Like it?" Cydik said dodging it.

"Absolutely not." Rosa said. She was trying to distract him, and let the others sneak up on him.

Nick was behind him about to Strike.

"And I know your there Nick." Cydik said using his Tazer Sword to strike Nick's Attack.

At that moment, Lunari launched an electric shock at Cydik, while he was turned around. She started her telepathic relay effect, to keep everyone coordinated. She figured that the best plan was to surround him.

"Grrrrrrrrr." Cydik said.

He and Nick engaged in a sword fight.

Lunari launched a few electric shocks when she had openings.

Dillian had snuck up behind them and turned Symbol Mode and Punched Cydik Right in the Back of the head.

Lunari smirked. "Nice job, Dillian." She said, telepathically.

Dillian smiled and summoned his sword, him and Nick fought Cydik with swords.

Lunari and Rosa both fired shots when they had openings.

Then all of a sudden Metal came and slashed Lunari in face leaving a big gash on her forehead.

Lunari turned away, hurt. Rosa came up behind Metal, and kicked him away.

"LUNARI!" Nick yelled noticing the gash on her, he tried to fly to her, but Cydik Stabbed him in the spine, as Nick fell, Dillian attacked but Cydik slashed him in the head, Dillian fell aswell. Cydik floated down to Rosa.

Rosa fired several shockwaves of cyber energy at Cydik.

Lunari, fortunately, wasn't as badly hurt as she had seemed. She stood, facing Metal. Turning Super, she started attacking him.

Cydik laughed, he had gained a new technique, he went into the blasts one by one and then they turned Red and went at Rosa, Cydik left the last blast.

"Whoa!" Rosa yelled, dodging the ricocheted blasts.

A young black-and-white cat peered out from around the corner. Noticing the battle, she knew she had to do something.

Cydik had taken the opportunity to run up to her like in an anime then kicked her in the face through a wall. Metal started attacking Lunari actually doing better than last time.

Lunari stayed on the offense, punching and kicking Metal.

Rosa got knocked away.

The cat knew she needed to help. Revealing a small staff, she rushed over to the group. Kneeling over next to Dillian, she started drawing a symbol of some sort. When she finished, the rune started to cast a faint glow, and Dillian's wounds started to heal.

Dillian got up and noticed the Cat and Symbol.

"Rune Magic huh? Intresting, though I prefer Jutsu's." Dillian said, then looked around for Nick.

Meanwhile Cydik decided to double team and attacked Lunari.

The cat, known as Io, simply nodded, before turning around. She had spotted Nick earlier, and she was going to heal him too.

Lunari continued to fight Cydik and Metal, but it was clear that she was getting overwhelmed.

Eventully Cydik slashed Lunari and Metal sliced her with his elbow.

Meanwhile Rosa was still a Mile away and Dillian found Nick and begun to heal him.

Io followed Dillian, and traced another rune, healing Nick.

Lunari fell, knocked out.

After Lunari fell, Io looked over at the fight. "Ready, Celeste?" A voice rang through her mind. "Of course." Replied another. She traced another rune, and the tip of her staff burned with blue flame. She fired the blue flame, first at Cydik, then at Metal.

Cydik seemed surprised aswell did Metal, they however Blocked the Flames and started firing Blasts at her.

Part 5: New Levels of Power

Nick had got up, then Looked over at Lunari.

"..." Nick's Eye started twitching as he turned Super. "G-g-g-g-rrrr." Nick's Super Form flickered. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Dillian Looked Alarmed.

"Nick! Snap out of it!" DIllian said trying to calm Nick down.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Nick Growled as his Super Form Flicked to a lighter yellow and back again.

Io dodged the first blast, and then got hit with the second. She fell over, but quickly got back on her feet. She started firing again.

Then Metal Slashed Io and Cydik Blasted Dillian.


Then At that Moment Nick's fur turned even more Yellow as his spikes stood up taller then in normal Super. Then Nick Dashed at Metal and Uppercutted Him kicked him away and Blasted Cydik.

Io fell over again. As she got back up, she turned to look at Nick. She was a bit startled, but she shook it off. She started to fight once more, drawing more runes as she needed them.

Nick had Punched a hole through Metal and looked at Cydik.

"This is the Second Stage of Super, Super 2!" Nick said Kicking Cydik through a building.

Io launched a blast of energy at Cydik, before looking back over at Nick. She nodded, a small smirk on her face.

Nick eventually found Lunari and stuck his hand out transferring energy giving her consciousness.

Lunari fidgeted a bit, slowly waking up.

Io noticed Lunari, and drew a healing rune for her.

Nick attacked Cydik, who had took Metal and retreated.

"DAMN YOU!" Nick yelled after him.

Lunari had finally woken up. "What happened..." She mumbled, as her eyes opened.

Nick tapped her on the shoulder since she didn't notice him and his shiny fur.

Lunari turned around. "Whoa!" She said, noticing that Nick had turned Super 2.

"That's better." Nick said giggling slightly.

Io smiled, and Lunari started to laugh.

Meanwhile Dillian is recovering from the blast as he just walked over clutching his left arm.

Lunari looked over, and noticed Dillian. "Dillian, are you ok?" She asked, as she ran over to help him.

"No I think my arm is broken." Dillian said.

Io also walked over to check on him. She traced another healing rune, this one a bit bigger than the rest.

Nick teleported them to the dojo.

Part 6: New Faces, Old Friends

Io looked around the dojo, curiously.

Dillian went into his room.

Io looked back at Nick. "Hello..." She said, shyly. Looking at her was a bit unsettling, since she had heterochromic eyes.

"Hi." Nick said though he was thinking "So she can talk!" "This is the Dojo."

"My name's Io. What's yours?" She asked.

"I'm Nick, that's Lunari there's Dillian that's Justin and, anyone know where Rosa is?" Nick said.

"And I'm Nate." Nate said floating down from the ceiling.

"Nice to meet you!" Io said.

"No, it's not." Nick said.

"Why cuz I'm too awesome?" Nate said floating around.

"I'm gonna go hunt for those dweebs." Nick said leaving.

"Seeya!" Nate said.

Meanwhile Cole was in the forest when heard someone in the bushes.

"Who's there?!" Cole said summoning a wooden sword and shield.

Nick walked out of the bushes.

"Oh, It's you." Cole said lowering his weapons.

"Nice to see you to." Nick said sarcastically. "Anyway Wanna go to the Doj-"

Nick was staring at a Red Robot Hedgehog with Black Stripes going on it's quills a little before the end of the quill, for each one #Specific lol.

"Wha-" Cole said before noticing the Robot.

"What is that!?" Nick said..

"Oh, there you are!" Rosa said, coming over to join them. "I was looking for you." She then noticed the robot. "What the heck is that?"

"Dunno! Can't you just alarm the dojo?" Cole asked.

"I can't. Nick, can you?" Rosa asked.

Just then Dillian Nate and Lunari all burst through and punched the robot. "There's your Answer." Nick said.

"Well, great timing. Now, what do we have here..." Rosa said, as she kneeled down over the robot. She went into cyberspace, looking for information.

The Robot got up and ejected Rosa

Nick put up a force field around everybody the robot did the same.

Just then a yellow Hedgehog came flying down in a blocking stance and blasted upwards.

"Who are you?" Lunari asked.

the red and black striped hedgehog who looks like the robot was modeled after it and three more robots flew down and hit the other hedgehog in the face.

Lunari was a bit confused, but she started attacking the robots.

Io showed up, and launched an energy blast from her staff at one of the robots.

They fought until two robots had the yellow hedgehog's arms behind his back as the non robot pointed his glowing red finger at the yellow hedgehog's heart.

Rosa and Lunari knocked the non-robot aside.

"You can't keep up your rebellion forever Rikai!" the Non Robot said before shooting a laser through Rikai's shoulder as blood sprayed from the back of his shoulder.

"AHHHHHHHH! Xicon! I will end you!" Rikai said as Xicon teleported away along with the Robots.

Lunari cringed a bit at the sight, clearly squeamish.

Io walked over toward the hedgehog, somewhat timidly. "What should we do?" A voice in her head asked. "Wait. We'll find out what to do from there." Another replied.

Rikai passed out from the loss of blood, when he woke up he was on Nick's bed covered in bandages.

Lunari noticed that Rikai was awake, and went to check on him. "Are you okay?" She asked.

Nick walked over to him aswell.

"Hello there couple." Rikai said. Nick tried so hard not to punch Rikai in the face successfully didn't. "Yes I'm fine. That Piece of sh!t killed my family, they stopped a little rebellion, you there." Rikai said pointing at Nick. "Yea?" Nick asked. "I knew your parents, they helped mine take down Xicon but Xicon killed my parents and." But Nick cut him off. "Wait, then that means." Nick said flickering to Black and back to green.

Lunari, realizing the situation was about to get out of hand, had to do damage control. "Io! Can you get a shield up for this fellow?" She asked, telepathically. Io nodded, running over. She drew a rune, and then her and Rikai were surrounded by a forcefield. In that moment, Lunari ran over to Nick, and hugged him. "Nick, calm down. Please." She said to him.

Nick back handed Lunari and walked to the door.

"Nick! Wait!" Lunari shouted, getting back up, and following him. "We'll take down Xicon together."

"No, this is my revenge." Nick said dashing away at the speed of light.

"Nick!" Lunari yelled, but he was already gone.

Rosa spotted the nervous look on Lunari's face. "He'll be fine." She said, reassuringly. Io took down the forcefield.

Lunari turned back to Rikai. "You okay?"

"I'm Fine." Rikai said.


Nick turned Super 2 once he found Xicon in his castle.

"YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!" Nick said as Xicon jumped off his throne.

Nick ran at Xicon.

But Xicon punched a hole through Nick, and at that instant, Nick turned Normal and then got kicked which flung him away right into the Dojo's wall into his room.

"Nick!" Lunari yelled, running over to help him. She used her spirit form, joining with Nick, and bagan to heal him.

Nick took Lunari from him.

"I know I'm Dying and Shit, but, no offense but it's kind of annoying when your inside me, it gets annoying." Nick said. " I'll go find someother healing methed."

Lunari went back to her own body. "I was just trying to help..." She thought.

Io was confused by what Nick said, but she didn't let that bother her. Taking the situation as a cue, drew a healing rune for Nick.

Then as Io drew the rune Nate burst in with Mikasa.

"Alright Nick Prepare to DI- ..." Nate said as he noticed the hole in Nick. "Holy Shit. WTF Happened?"

Mikasa had a hatred for Lunari so she attacked her.

Lunari blocked and dodged attacks, but didn't actually attack her. "Mikasa, we can be friends, right?" She said.

Mikasa eventully backed Lunari to the wall and got so close to her they're noses were touching.

"We will NEVER Be Friends, GOT IT TRIBLE PUNK!?"

Lunari tried to get out from Mikasa's grip, but couldn't. She was pinned down.

Io looked around a bit, before going right back to work on her healing rune. When she was finished, something odd happened. Though it wasn't noticeable right away, her eyes had changed color so that they were both blue.

Mikasa got madder.

"WELL?!?!?" Mikasa yelled before headbutting Lunari in the face giving Lunari a bloody nose.

"Yes, yes, got it!" Lunari said, in a desparate attempt to get herself out of the situation.

Nick simply watched from the floor as he couldn't do shit.

"I don't think you do! How about some Chin Music!" Mikasa said punching Lunari in the chin breaking her jaw, however Lunari stayed conscious.

Lunari, in one last attempt, turned Super, knocking Mikasa away from her.

"You SON OF A BITCH!" Mikasa yelled turning Dark. (Does VS. in between them like in Scott pilgrim vs. The world.)

Lunari punched and kicked at Mikasa.

Io looked at Nick, checking to make sure her healing rune was working.

Mikasa dodged the punch but not the kick then blasted Lunari and started rapidly punching and kicking her like in DBZ.

Lunari found an opening, and tripped Mikasa, before missing her attempt at kicking Mikasa again.

Mikasa fell and quickly wrapped her feet around Lunari's head and backflipped throwing Lunari to the ground.

Lunari was starting to lose the fight, but she pressed on. Lunari sent an electric shock at Mikasa, stunning her.

Nick was ready to fight the hole was fixed, Nate decided to step in and lunged at Lunari But Nick dashed to stop Nate and they fought as Mikasa was still stunned.

Lunari quickly went for one last shot. She kicked Mikasa square in the chest, sending her far away from the Dojo.

Io was relieved that her healing rune had done its job.

Nick blasted Nate away.

Lunari was relieved. "Finally." She said, as she looked around, to check on everyone.

Everyone left they're Super Forms.

Part 7: Kita the Fox

Then a White Fox in a Black Dress with Black Lipstick, Black hair, Purple Eyes, Black Nails, a Black Tail with White on the end of it and Black High Heels came floating down.

"Hello." The Fox said.

Nick and Dillian whipped back around with a surprised and angry expression.

"What do YOU want?!" Dillian shouted at the Floating Fox.

"You Got a lotta nerve comin' back here!" Nick yelled at the Floating Fox.

"Who are you?" Lunari's asked, somewhat harshly.

Io said nothing, but looked at the fox with a glare.

"Aww The Poor Couple is Angry." The Fox said.

"What do you want!" Nick yelled.

"Oh Nick still adorable as ever." The Fox said.

Lunari was getting more confused and more annoyed at the same time. "You know her?" She asked Nick, telepathically.

"Did she Kill someone and is hiding here?" Dillian said.

"Dillian is still suspicious as ever I see." The Fox said. "But no."

"I Swear I will Kill you!" Nick yelled. "That's Kita, my 'Girlfriend' before Well, Things."

I see." Lunari replied, as she formed a bolt of electricity in her hand. She didn't fire it yet, she was just waiting for the right moment.

"What I can't visit a friend?" Kita said.

"You tried to kill my Best Friend." Nick said pointing at Dillian. "While trying to kill me. OF COURSE NOT!"

Lunari and Io both glared at Kita.

"Fine." Kita said shrugging then she cloned herself into three and attacked everyone.

Lunari fired her electric bolt at one of the clones.

The clone Kita Scratched Lunari.

"Grrr..." The Real Kita said attacking Nick. "Mach 3 Jutsu!: 300 Fists!" The Real Kita Hit Nick 300 times in the blink of an eye.

Lunari, turning into her lightning form, quickly countered the real Kita's attack.

"HAAAA MACH 10 JUTSU!: 1000 FISTS!" Nick and Kita both said perfectly contering every punch creating 1000 shockwaves.

"Still have some of my moves eh? How about this! HAAAA!!!!!" Nick turned Super 2.

Lunari started rapid firing electric shocks at Kita.

Io fired a couple of energy blasts at Kita as well.

Meanwhile the clones Still fought Dillian and fought Io and Lunari, meanwhile The Real Kita Kept attack Nick, though didn't do anything.

Lunari turned Super, and fought the clone from close range.

Io cast spells with her runes, attacking the other clone.

Suddenly Nick turned to normal, as if in a trance and walked to Kita and stared at her.

"Damn it! Nick's being Mind Controlled again! He doesn't have a mind-block! That's why he fell in love with her the first time! Someone go Snap him out of it!" Dillian said Slashing a Clone.

"Got it." Lunari said, knowing what she was going to do. Despite the fact that Nick found it annoying, she knew that her spirit form was the only hope she had to help him. Using her spirit form, she joined with Nick. "Nick! NICK! Can you hear me?" She called out, in Nick's mind.

"Try Hitting him! I know you don't wanna, but you got no choice!" Dillian shouted.

Lunari knew he was right. Though she hated to do it, she sent a painful blast of spiritual energy through Nick's mind.

Nick Screamed holding his head.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHAT THE HECK!" Nick yelled. "What the Hell Lunari!"

Kita Slashed Lunari's body.

Io quickly countered Kita, and set up a forcefield around Lunari's body.

"Nick! Oh, thank god! You were under mind control, that was the only way I could snap you out of it." Lunari said, relieved.

Ah, You Son of a bitch! Lunari I'll kill you!" Nick yelled.

Kita slashed at Dillian so ferociously she had cut off his arm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dillian screamed as his arm fell to the floor, Dillian fell dead on the floor.

"YOU HEARTLESS! SON! OF! A! BITCH!" Nick yelled, he had turned Even Darker than in Dark form as his quills stood up longer than normal, he switch from normal to this multiple times.

Lunari tried to go back to her own body, but she couldn't get past Io's forcefield.

As soon as she heard Dillian scream, Rosa burst into the room. As she stood there, shocked by Dillian's death, she turned into her techno form. She looked over at Kita, knowing that she was the cause. "DIE!!!!!!" Rosa screamed, ferociously attacking Kita.

"Sh!t!" Kita said getting hit by all her attacks. "EHAHHHHHH!" Kita cloned into 12 of her and attacked Rosa.

Rosa fired a shockwave of cyber energy around her, knocking away most of the clones. Rosa continued attacking the real Kita, her attacks moving remarkably fast.

Kita had gotten enough bullsh!t and used Mind Control on Rosa and Nick to find each other irresistible allowing her to not be attacked and go for Lunari and Io.

As Rosa was subjected to the mind control, her quill changed to a dark purple color.

Lunari's spirit hovered around the forcefield, a bit frantically.

Io seemed to notice Lunari's spirit, but something about her reaction showed some kind of strange understanding about the situation. She quickly let Lunari's spirit through the forcefield, before going after Kita.

Part 8: Dillian's Spirit

Meanwhile Dillian's Spirit could be see by Lunari, So Dillian stopped Lunari from going in her body.

Meanwhile Nick floated towards Rosa as if drawn to her.

Lunari was a bit suprised. "Dillian!" She said, but only Dillian could hear her.

As Io started to attack Kita, something strange happened. "Airion?" A voice in her head asked, bit there was no response. Her appearance changed, morphing into a black cat with blue eyes. She continued attacking Kita, seemingly more geared for offense then she had been earlier.

"We both need to join with Kita, with us both we will destroy her!" Dillian said glancing at Nick and Rosa.

"Right." Lunari said. She drifted toward Kita, and joined with her. She hated joining with the enemy, but sometimes, it is the best option.

Rosa walked towards Nick, as if she was in love with him.

Suddenly once Dillian joined they ejected Kita! they exited and fought Kita.

Then Nick and Rosa were face to face.

Lunari fought Kita as well. She was happy that Dillian was okay, at least as a spirit.

Io continued attacking Kita, but what Lunari was doing was starting to puzzle her.

Rosa wrapped her arms around Nick, hugging him.

After hugging Nick wrapped his arms around Rosa about to kiss.

"THIS IS FOR MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!" Dillian said uppercutting Kita so hard she did several backflips, then Kita sliced Dillian.

Io, tired from the form change she had used, fainted, before reverting back to her normal form.

Lunari used her spiritual energy, sending small, fast blasts at Kita.

Rosa kissed Nick on the lips, still under mind control.

Dillian glanced over blushing slightly, then triple kicked Kita.

"Lunari. Team punch. THIS IS FOR YOUR MISCHIEF!" Dillian yelled harnessing all his spirit power into one seismic punch.

Lunari did the same, focusing almost all her spiritual energy onto the attack.

Dillian went into Lunari's body and bitchslapped Nick and Rosa outta the mind control.

"Ok Lovehogs, funs over." Dillian said.

Rosa snapped out of the mind control, her quill changing back to its regular green color. Realizing how close she was to Nick, she backed up, and ended up falling over, comically.

Lunari also went back to her own body. What Nick and Rosa would notice is that Lunari's birthmark seemed to grow in size, right before their eyes.

"Wait Loveho- WE DIDN'T!!!" Nick said.

"Well ya did." Dillian said still in Lunari's he moved her out since they could see her spirit.

Realizing what had happened, Rosa quickly wiped off her lips. "Eww..." She muttered. She then looked up, noticing Lunari's spirit. "Wait- then who's....." Rosa said, puzzled.

"Oh you could do much worse, wait who Is that? Mikasa?" Nick said.

"It's Dillian." Dillian said explaining what happened.

Rosa looked at Lunari/Dillian (however we're going to put that) with a curious stare. "Dillian?"

"That's right, I'll admit it's weird looking at my own dead body, some Princess of Mars crap right there." Dillian said.

Rosa was both utterly confused and unimaginably happy at the same time. She smiled, though she clearly had no idea what to say.

Lunari went over to check on Io, who was still unconscious.

Dillian carried, Dillian the the place they were last he died. On a table.

"Ready Nick?" Dillian asked.

"Yup." Nick said.

"REVIVAL JUTSU OF ULTIMATE POWER!!!" Nick and Dillian said, Dillian was sucked into his own body as sparkles made an arm shape in which his arm appeared as the sparkles disappeared.

Dillian again fell over not used to his own weight.

"Lunari helped me when I was in her body." Dillian said before Nick could be a smartass.

Rosa helped Dillian to his feet, once again.

Lunari went back to her own body. She laid there for a few minutes, unconcious, before finally waking up.

Once again Dillian fell over.

"Ahh nostalgia, pain in the ass ain't it?" Dillian said.

"Deja vu, if you ask me." Rosa replied.

Part 9: Late Night Conversation

Dillian got up and just in the middle of the night walked to the arena and started training his Jutsu's, waking up Rosa.

Rosa got woken up by the sound. As she slowly got out of bed, she made her way to the arena too.

She found Dillian attacking a dummy that looked like Cydik since they never changed the dummy.

"Dillian, what are you doing? It's late." Rosa whispered.

Dillian whipped around and blasted Rosa.

"Whoa!" Rosa said, dodging the blast. "Dillian, it's just me." Rosa said.

"Oh. Sorry." Dillian said. "I'm not used to seeing people out here."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to spook you." Rosa said.

"It's OK." Dillian said blasting the Dummy.

Rosa blasted the dummy as well, remembering everything Cydik had done to her and her friends. It was pretty easy to tell what was on her mind.

"Anyway, I'm out here Cuz I'm tired of being such a damn Pushover!" Dillian said, just as he said push-over he punched the dummy though a wall.

Rosa had no idea what to say in response, so she did the one thing she could think of. She walked over to Dillian, and gave him a kiss.

Dillian slightly less mad since he just got kissed walked over to the dummy and did a 400 hit combo.

"I've Litterally died TWICE!" Dillian yelled beating up the Dummy.

"And, you saved my life. I can't thank you enough for that." Rosa said.

"True, That was glorious, I think my Body is just weak, when you and Nick were, Ehem, Kissing, I Launched an attack stronger than my Symbol Mode Yet I was a Spirit, clearly My Body is Holding me Back." Dillian said.

Rosa listened to him, thoughtfully.

"I'm Done, you can comment." Dillian said.

Rosa looked over at the ruined Cydik dummy. "I really don't know what to say..." Rosa said.

"Though it was weird controlling Lunari though." Dillian said.

"Yeah. That was starting to freak me out too." Rosa said, giggling a little bit.

Dillian laughed.

Rosa laughed as well, and marveled a bit at how they hadn't woken anyone up.

Part 10: Nate and Mikasa

Nate and Mikasa came floating down.

"I'm just saying that I'm stronger in a Super Form then you in a Dark Form." Nate said to Mikasa.

"No You are not." Mikasa replied.

"Yes I Am!" Nate said.

"Can we just train here already." Mikasa said.

"Fine." Nate said.

Rosa eyed them suspiciously, but didn't attack them. She figured that if they hadn't attempted to kill anyone yet, they didn't intend to.

Nate and Mikasa noticed Rosa and Dillian.

"Oh God, it's Dr. Died Twice and Miss Mad." Nate said.

">_> Die." Dillian said running at Nate.

So much for that idea. Rosa rushed at Nate, knocking him off course.

Mikasa countered it, after 5 minutes Nick woke up.

"Huh?" Nick looked out the window. "Lunari Wake up!"

Lunari woke up, and looked straight at Nick. "What is it?" She asked.

"Look." Nick said looking at Dillian and Rosa fighting Nate and Mikasa.

"Oh, shoot!" Lunari said, running out to the arena.

Nick burst out aswell.

"What's going on!?" Nick yelled.

Rosa would have responded, but she was busy fighting Nate.

Nick stunned them all.

"What's going on?" Nick asked again.

"They were teasing Dillian. And I won't stand for that." Rosa said, pointing at Nate.

"Fine, Continue." Nick said unstunning them.

Rosa did exactly that. She continued attacking Nate.

Nate punched her in the face.

Rosa ended up taking the punch. She was knocked back slightly, but quickly resumed her attack.

Mikasa punched Rosa into a wall.

Rosa got knocked away.

Mikasa kicked Rosa right in the face.

Rosa fell, unconscious.

Io, who had been knocked out since the fight with Kita, finally woke up. Hearing the sounds from the fight, Io made her way to the arena as well.

What she found was a Super Nate hitting a Symbol Mode Dillian in the face who fell unconsciouss.

Lunari, turning Super, quickly joined the fight. She punched Super Nate in the face.

Nate however blasted Lunari to the floor and Io through a wall.

Dillian however got up.

"I. Am. Not. A. PUSHOVER!" Dillian yelled, still in Symbol Mode, he had gained a power boost and punched Super Nate in the face.

Lunari's super form had worn off, but she was okay otherwise. She sent fast electric shocks at Nate.

Io was a bit more resilient than she seemed. She came back, and started attacking Mikasa.

Dillian punched Nate in the face again, then a small old yellow Hedgehog floated down stopping the battle, as nobody known it was midday now.

"Hi." The Hedgehog said.

Lunari stopped. "Hello?" She said, a bit awkwardly.

"Now you'll die." The Hedgehog said teleporting them to a large cave labyrinth.

Io looked around, confused.

Then walls came down separating them into groups, Nick and Nate, Lunari and Mikasa, Dillian and Rosa, and Io.

"Okay..." Lunari said, looking at the walls towering over her.

Rosa smiled a bit, since she was with Dillian.

"OH you can't be serious." Nate said.

"No F*cking way, why." Mikasa said.

"Awesome, I'm with my Girlfriend." Dillian said.

Lunari turned toward the sound of Mikasa's voice. "Truce? I think it's our only option."

"Despite wanting to kill you, your right. Truce." Mikasa said.

Meanwhile Nick and Nate where already walking.

Io, on her own, started making her way through the maze. "Why did we have to be the odd ones out?" Asked a voice in her head. "Take a guess." Another replied.

Rosa held Dillian's hand. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Dillian said.

After an hour they still got nowhere.

"This is getting rediculous..." Rosa complained.

Meanwhile Lunari was bruised from a dozen punches from Mikasa every 10 minutes.

And Nick and Nate were getting angry.

"I'm Starving!" Nick said.

"Oh you think you have it bad?" Nate said.

"Yes Nate! Yes I Do have bad! Worse than you ever could!" Nick said snapping at Nate.

"There is nothing in your Puny No Good Worthless Life that is even CLOSE To what I've been through!" Nate yelled Snapping at Nick.

"Worthless!" Nick yelled. "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't even be here! My life is far worse then you!"

Nate tackled Nick.

"You are a worthless piece of Shit!" Nate yelled.

Nick rolled so he was on top.

"Were your parents shot right infront of you! HMM!" Nick yelled but Nate rolled on top of Nick.

"Shot! SHOT! SHOT!!!" Nate yelled. "My Parents were chopped up into 500 pieces and sold for their Meat and Organs!" Nate yelled but Nick kicked him off of him as they both turned Super.

Lunari could hear them, and knew it was going to get ugly. "Calm down! Both of you! We have to work together if we want to get out of here alive!" Lunari yelled at them, telepathically.

Nate used his own telepathy.

"No! I've had enough!" Nate yelled.

Nate punched Nick through a wall.

"You are a worthless piece, of no good, Shit!" Nate yelled blasting Nick.

Io was starting to get impatient. "Those two think they have it bad. Stuck together...." A voice rang through Io's mind."Airion?" "Yes, Celeste?" "I think it's time we show them something." "Agreed."

Nick blasted Nate.

Then the wizard floated into Io's part.

"Seems your not moving, Celeste and Airion." The Wizard said.

"How do you know about us?" Io demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?" The Wizard said.

Io glared at the wizard, gripping her staff tightly.

"Surely you haven't forgotten your old pal, Babize?" The Wizard said.

"I have no memory of you." Io replied, with a serious tone. (What in the blue cheese are you getting at?)

(You connect Cydik and Rosa, I connect Babize and Io, P.S., Kita's coming.)

"I'll deal with you all later." He teleported everyone out.

Part 11: Kita (Again)

though then everyone was teleported to a rocky place.

"Hello Guys." Kita said walking from the shadows.

Rosa turned toward the sound of Kita's voice. You." She said, clearly in no mood to see Kita.

"Still mad about You kissing Nick, ah Dillian, Revived I see?" Kita said.

Rosa and Io both glared at Kita.

"Nick, come to me." Kita said as Nick floated to her.

Lunari looked on, unsure and starting to panic a bit. Impulsively, she jumped in between the two of them.

"Move her." Kita said as Nick shoved Lunari out of the way.

Rosa caught Lunari, who was about to fall. Lunari mouthed a quick 'thank you'.

"Give me a Kiss Nick." Kita said before Nick kissed her on the lips.

Io noticed the overwhelmed look on Lunari's face. Now was the time. "STOP!" She yelled, at the top of her lungs, putting a barrier between the two. And then, she slapped Nick across the face to bring him back to his senses.

Though Nick's Energy was completely drained. Nick fell to the floor drained of energy as Kita grinned as electricity flew from her, she had absorbed all Nick's energy.

Lunari and Io carried Nick away, to heal him, leaving Rosa to fight.

Kita clawed at Rosa multiple times.

Meanwhile Mikasa and Nate were flying by when they noticed Lunari Nick and Io.

"What happened?" Nate asked.

Rosa kicked and punched Kita, leaving trails of cyber energy in her path.

Io drew a healing rune for Nick.

"Yea, Cool." Nate said flying by them again.

Meanwhile Kita cloned into three, the two attacked Dillian and Rosa and the real one flew after Lunari and Io.

Lunari, reacting instinctively, blocked Kita, turning Super. She punched Kita in the face.

Kita Knocked Lunari aside, unfortunately Nick Woke up.

"What th- HEY!" Nick yelled turning Super he punched Kita in the face knocking her back, though she cloned into three, she knocked out Io and Kicked Lunari stunning her. then two Kitas kept Nick busy and knocked him to the ground.

Rosa's quill started to glow red. She couldn't let Kita win. Not after what she had done. Turning into her Techno form, she blasted Kita with cyber energy, knocking her away.

Meanwhile the Real Kita and two clones with Nick and Io and Lunari, took Lunari and teleported away, so did the ones fighting Rosa.

"Huh? NO!" Rosa said, noticing Lunari was gone. But then, something strange (but ultimately predictable) happened. Lunari's spirit was still there, floating about. Of course, it seemed they really hadn't gotten Lunari after all.

(Perfect, I knew you'd do that, Remember the side effect of being in Spirit Form for Too Long, HeeHeeHee.)

"Little Help!" Nick yelled.

(You know, spirit form was my idea in the first place. I'm supposed to be the one who sets the limits on it, not you.)

(Wait, what? I thought all the clones were gone.)

(Mikasa's Spirit Form is the same if it has a limit it's the same as Lunari's Limit, just roll with it, I got something cool planned!)

(Now I will timeskip.)

"Got it!" Rosa said, running over to help Nick. Lunari followed close behind.

After 6 days 23 Hours 30 Minutes and 0 Seconds they still couldn't find Kita's lab, until.

"Found it!" Nick yelled.

"No time to waste! Let's go!" Rosa said, following closely behind Nick.

They arrived.

"OK Kita! Give Us Back Lunari's Body!" Nick yelled.

"No." She said.

They fought for 30 Minutes.

"Huh, Lunari!" Nick said noticing that her legs were fading.

Lunari took off, in search of a way to go back to her body. There was an odd déjà vu to the situation, but she couldn't dwell on it. She had to move fast.

"CHAOS SPIRIT!" Nick yelled, a green version of him separated from his body. "Lunari! use mine!"

"Thank you!" Lunari shouted. She went into Nick's body, desperately.

"No problem!" Nick's Spirit said spectating.

Lunari stood, slowly. It was always wierd, controlling someone else, and the fact that her spirit was weak from so much time in the open was not helping.

Dillian Slapped Kita as she tried controlling him.

Lunari got ready to fight. She tried using pyrokinesis. It was weak at first, but she tried again, and shot flames at Kita.

Dillian moved out of the way as the flames hit Kita right in the Face.

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Kita yelled attacking, Nick/Lunari

(Thanks,EditConflict the Hedgehog, I was gonna have Lunari say a few epic lines before the fight. Thanks a lot.)


Lunari fought back. It was really weird, controlling Nick, but she managed.

Nick had found Lunari's Body, though couldn't get to it, it was sealed in a glass cage.

Kita blasted Nick/Lunari.

Lunari dodged, barely. She sent more flames at Kita. "Oh, I dare. You're the one who crossed the line, not me."

"Name ONE Time I Crossed the line." Kita said dodging.

(Let's focus on this one for abit, also CHIBITY CHAT!)

(I would chat, but I'm on my phone, which would make it annoying. )


"You KILLED Dillian!" Rosa and Lunari said, in perfect sync. Lunati went in close, with fast punches and kicks.

"Well so did Cydik but I don't see you murdering him! No really, I saw him at the mall earlier."


Cydik and Kita walked down a mall.

"Hey." Cydik said.

"Sup." Kita said.

They kept walking.


"Name another!" Kita said.

"Thanks, I would love to. Why can't I just do that now?Oh, right. Because SOMEBODY took Lunari's own body away from her!" Rosa shouted.

"I Didn't PLAN For her not to be in it!" Kita shouted back.

Nate and Mikasa Blasted in.

"Hello Guys, Who the." Nate said.

"Fuck is that?" Mikasa asked finishing his sentice.

"Kita. Aka Heartless B*tch the Fox. " Lunari said.

"Wait, Nick? When have you name called?" Nate asked.

Nick's Spirit flew over.

"Hi." Nick said.

"Wait who's, Mikasa your not doing this are you?" Nate asked.

"I couldn't stand if I was." Mikasa said.

"It's me. Lunari. " Lunari said.

"But your Body's over there." Nate said.

"Long story. Now let's just get Kita out of here." Lunari said. She used electrokinesis, firing fast electric shocks at Kita.

Nate Through Lunari's body at her after breaking the glass.

Nick/Lunari got knocked over. She dragged Lunari's body away, just to get away from the fight for a moment. She left Nick's body, going back to her own. "Nick!" Lunari called out to Nick's spirit, telepathically.

Nick flew over.

"Sup?" Nick asked. "Oh, My Body!" Nick said going into it.

(Over Thankful Lunari reaction in 3 2 1 Now.)

(You know me too well. )

"Thank you, Nick. For everything. " Lunari said.

"Your welcome." Nick said hugging Lunari.

Lunari hugged him back.

Nick gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Now, Let's go kill Kita." Nick said.

"Of course. " Lunari replied.

Nick snickered.

Looking at Lunari, Nick could probably notice that Lunari's birthmark was bigger than before.

"What up with that thing though?" Nick said brushing his Finger over it.

"My birthmark. It changes with my spirit powers. " Lunari said.

Nick lifted up her dreadlock seeing how far back it went. "Geez. that's pretty big." Nick said.

"Yeah. " Lunari agreed. "But, we have Kita to deal with. "

"Right." Nick said running to find Kita getting rekt by Dillian and Nate. "Ummmm."

Lunari followed Nick.

"Should we Help?" Nick said.

"Why not?" Lunari said.

Nick charged Punching Kita in the face 100 times.

Lunari circled around behind Kita, and fired a few electric shocks, stunning her.

Nick shot a flame at Kita but she dodged allowing it to fly at Lunari's face.

"Whoa!" Lunari shouted, dodging it.

"Sorry about that!" Nick yelled though Kita was right behind him.

"Nick! Behind you!" Lunari shouted.

"Wha- WOAH!" Nick said though Kita Slashed him to the floor.

Lunari blasted Kita in the face with electricity.

Nick's face Started Bleeding Severely though he rushed at Kita anyway.

Lunari tried using her spirit form, but she couldn't. Having been in her spirit form for a long time, she couldn't use her spirit form again for a while. She mouthed a few cusses, before rushing at Kita, fighting her alongside Nick.

Kita Sliced Nick through a glass tube, allowing him to be cut more and start bleeding even more severly.

Lunari was starting to panic. She had to do something to save him, but her spirit powers weren't going to work for a while.

Kita teleported and threw Nick into a wall, breaking his left arm.

As if on cue, Io burst into the room, and blasted Kita with a magic attack.

Kita got hit through two walls.

Io grinned a bit at her own success, before noticing Nick. She ran over, drawing a healing rune. As she worked, Nick and Lunari could both notice that Io's eyes had turned both grey.

Dillian slashed at Kita.

"Thank you, Io." Lunari said, before turning Super. She dashed over to Kita, and started to attack her.

Dillian started losing before Kita turned to Lunari.

Not wasting any time, Lunari punched Kita in the face.

Kita got knocked back before charging a red ball of energy.

Lunari started charging electricity, ready to blast Kita.

The red ball was now the size of a house, Kita fired the ball at Lunari.

Lunari had no chance of dodging, and her electricity couldn't block the blast. The blast ended up hitting her. Her super form was neutralized, but she was still okay. She fired the electricity at Kita.

Kita charged another ball and fired it at Lunari, however this Time, Nick flew in front of Lunari and turned Super then charged up his Ultimate Super Blast and fired countering the ball resulting in a beam clash.

Io darted over to help, adding her own magic blast to help Nick's beam clash.

Then Dillian, Mikasa and Nate came adding they're own blasts.

Rosa and Lunari fired their own blasts, cyber and electric.

The Red Ball was getting overpowered.

Part 12: Io's Secret

As Io continued her blast, she transformed into a black cat with blue eyes.

The Red ball was overpowered and hit Kita in the face.

Io snickered a bit, reverting back to her normal form. "Nice work, Celeste." A voice in her head complimented.

"Io sup with your eyes? Whenever your attacking they turn blue and when your defending they turn grey."

Io hesitated. "It's a long story. "

"Your hesitant." Nick said before reading her mind.

He could hear Airion and Celeste. "He figured it out already?" Celeste said, surprised. "I guess there's one thing left to do. " Airion replied. "Tell him." Celeste answered, finishing Airion's statement.

"What the?" Nick said. "You are two spirits in one body?"

Io nodded, looking down. Then, she looked back up at him, her eyes swirling, changing from blue to grey and back.

"Wow." Nick said. "I never knew."

"Well, you guessed right." Io said, her eyes going back to their usual heterochromic state. She pointed at her grey eye. "Airion." Then she pointed to her blue eye. "And Celeste. "

"Does anybody else know?" Nick asked.

Io shook her head. "No. " she said. "But what about Babize-" "Shh."

"Were you planning to tell anyone?" Nick asked.

"You figured it out before I could tell you. " Io said back.

"That's cool." Nick said. "But we should get back to the Dojo."

Meanwhile, Lunari had been listening to the conversation, surprised. She had no idea that Io was two spirits!

Io nodded. "Okay. Let's go then." Io said. Now, she really felt like she could trust Nick. Before, she had just been tagging along, but now, they were friends. "Well, that's over. " Celeste said, relieved. "Agreed. " Airion replied.

They left the lair.

Part 13: Soundwaves

As Lunari was walking out, she could hear a high pitched sound. At first she didn't think much of it, but then it got louder. "Do you guys hear something? Or is it just me?" Lunari asked.

"I hear it too." Nick said.

Lunari tried to focus, but the sound made it difficult. She was trying to find where the sound was coming from. She could sense another person nearby. "Someone else is here. They must be the one making that sound. " Lunari said.

Meanwhile, a young brown fox was resting underneath a tree, minding her own business. She had her eyes closed, as if she, too, were focusing.

"Over there!" Nick said walking over to the fox.

"Huh? Oh, Hello!" The fox said, cheerily, quickly standing up. Her voice had a mild Spanish accent to it.

"How where you making that noise?" Nick asked.

"Yes! It worked!" She thought to herself. "I'm not even sure how it works yet. I can change the sounds around me. I'm just figuring it out " She said, smiling at her accomplishment.

"Sonokinesis!" Nick thought to himself. "You should come with us."

Lexie nodded. "Okay! My name's Lexie. Nice to meet you!" She said.

"Nice to meet you too! My name is Lunari. " Lunari replied.

Nick teleported everyone back to the dojo.

Lexie looked around, curiously.

"Lunari give her a tour." Nick said.

Lunari nodded, and showed Lexie around.

Dillian was watching Lexie before coming out.


"Hello!" Lexie replied.

"What's your name?"

"My name's Lexie! What's yours?" Lexie replied.

"Dillian." Dillian said.

"Nice to meet you!" She said, waving.

Suddenly Nate barged in the room.

"OUT OF THE WAY!" Nate said shoving everyone.

Lunari would've said something smart, but she didn't want to get Lexie into any trouble.

Lexie backed away from Nate, startled. "Who is he?" Lexie whispered in Lunari's ear.

"That's Nate. Don't say anything to him. " Lunari whispered back.

"HOLD IT!" Nick shouted getting infront of Nate. "What do you want." "GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!" Nate yelled.

Lexie continued to back away, a bit scared.

"It's okay, Lexie. You're safe with me." Lunari said, reassuringly. Lexie nodded, though she still looked nervous.

"Can we NOT do this in front of a guest?" Nick said. "Guest?" Nate said walking over to Lexie. "Boy do I love me some new dummies." Nate said firing a giant electric shock at Lexie.

Lunari used her own electrokinesis, countering the attack, and sending it right back at him.

As Lexie stood there, afraid, the high-pitched noise started again. It was really loud, and probably hurt Nate's ears.

"Lunari take Lexie and get outta here, I don't want you to get hurt." Nick said turning Super 2.

Lunari nodded, in agreement. She took off, holding Lexie's hand.

Io was once again getting irritated with Nick and Nate.

After awhile Lunari could probably see Mikasa chillin' on top of a Tree.

Lexie looked like she was going to say something, but Lunari stopped her. Directing Mikasa's attwntion away from the two of them, Lunari quickly passed by her.

Mikasa opened an eye noticing them.

"Oh, Lunass-face." Mikasa said closing her eye.

Lunari didn't say a word. She just continued walking away with Lexie.

"Oh Brighten up will ya?" An Echidna said sitting down next to Mikasa.

"Not happening." Mikasa said.

As Io watched Nick and Nate fight, she got really irritated. "They're just fighting because one of them had to be arrogant. How ridiculous." Airion pointed out. Io then put a shield up between Nick and Nate, interrupting them.

"Airi- I mean Io!" Nick said.

Meanwhile Mikasa jumped down.

"Why can't you two get along? You're fighting for almost no reason." Io said, with a serious tone.

"He tried to kill someone, LITTERALLY because they were new." Nick said.

Meanwhile Mikasa dragged her friend down.

"True, but even before that. When we were in that maze, you were fighting out of arrogance. You refused to work together." Io's eyes started rapidly changing between blue and grey. "I- WE learned our lesson when we got trapped together. It's time you did the same." She said. She shot a glare at Nate, knowing he was more the aggressor than Nick was.

But Nick was looking Above her where Babize was floating.

Io looked up. "Hello." She said, clearly not amused.

"Breaks over." Babize said teleporting them back to the maze.

Part 14: Lost

How ever the pairs were different Nick and Lunari, Nate and Mikasa, Dillian and Rosa and Io and Io.

Lunari looked around. "Lexie? Oh, no... Not now..."

Io rolled her eyes. "Back to this again...." Celeste remarked. "It'll be fine. As long as those two aren't together again..." Airion said, trying to reassure her.

"Crap." Nick said.

"Damn it!" Nate said.

"Atleast we're together." Dillian said.

Meanwhile, Since Lunari and Mikasa had both been taken back to the maze, Lexie was left with the other Echidna. "Hello..." She said, hesitantly.

"Hi there!" The Echidna said.

"She seems friendly enough." Lexie thought. "What's your name?" She asked.

"Annie, What's yours?" Annie said.

"My name's Lexie. Nice to meet you!" She said.

"Nice to meet you to!" Annie said.

Meanwhile Nick smiled noticing he was with Lunari.

"Well, I suppose that makes things better." Lunari said, noticing that she was with Nick However, she was still worried about Lexie.

Nick started walking along the maze wall.

Nate and Mikasa were already walking.

Dillian Looked around.

"I guess we should get going." Rosa said, holding Dillian's hand.

Dillian walked along, Nate and Mikasa still got nowhere and Nick and Lunari were having a good time.

As Io walked about the maze, absent-mindedly, Airion and Celeste were trying to figure out why Babize knew them. "He didn't look anything like Ricard. Almost nobody else knows..." Celeste said, pondering the situation. "Perhaps the other Ether Spirits told him. If he knew even a couple, surely they would have told him the story. " Airion suggested.

This time everybody seemed they were going somewhere, each team arrived at a Cubic Room, where a Babize appeared.

"Hello, it seems your doing well."

"Hello." Lunari replied, clearly not entertained.

"You will now before faced with a Minotaur." Babize said as a Minotaur appeared in every room. Then Babize faded away.

Lunari shocked the minotaur with electricity.

Luckily it one shot him, everyone went into a room, they fell down some tubes, when they came back, the pairs were swapped.

Nick and Mikasa, Nate and Lunari, Dillian and Io and Rosa by herself. Lexie and Annie are still together.

"Damn it! Just when I was gonna try and kiss Rosa!" Dillian said to himself.

"Oh, okay then." Lunari said, realizing that she was with Nate. "Don't hit me, and we'll get along just fine." She shouted over to him.

Io almost laughed, but then got her priorities straight. "Ready?" She asked Dillian.

Rosa looked around, by herself. "Great." She mumbled.

"Stop being a Magnus and we'll see." Nate said.

"Oh, It's you." Nick said.

"Oh, OK, Right." Dillian said.

Meanwhile, Lexie was still with Annie. There was an awkward silence. "So, how are you?" She asked, trying to start a conversation.

It had been an hour, Lunari was bruised from punches from Nate every time they hit a dead end.

Dillian and Io didn't talk much.

And Nick and Mikasa seemed to get along really well.

Lunari was pretty badly hurt from the punches, but she knew better than to complain.

Meanwhile, Mikasa Yelped as her eyes Glowed Red.

"I need to be alone." Mikasa said running off.

"Wait Mikasa! You'll Get!" Nick yelled but she was already gone. "Lost."

Dillian and Io still got nowhere.

And Nate punched Lunari in the face 80 times since they hit another Dead End.

"This." Nate said half-way through. "Is." Nate said powering up a punch then Punched. "REDICULOUS!"

Lunari got knocked unconscious from the punch.

Rosa was lost too, but she simply shrugged it off and kept going.

Part 15: Truth

Io morphed into a white cat with grey eyes, with Airion taking control. Celeste had been getting impatient, so Airion decided to handle the situation on her own.

"Ugh, Weak as F*ck." Nate said.

Nick looked for Mikasa.

"What the? Did you just Morph?" Dillian said.

Annie made friendly conversation the whole time.

Io nodded. "Yeah."

"That's not Normal. What are you hiding?" Dillian said.

Io, seemingly shy, reverted back to her normal form. She then looked up at Dillian, her eyes swirling blue and grey. She seemed less hesitant now. "They say the eyes are a gateway to the soul. If my eyes are two different colors, what might that mean?" She asked, as an attempt to explain.

"Two Eyes, TWO SOULS!?!?!" Dillian yelled jumping back.

"Exactly." Io agreed.

"Woah." Dillian said.

"There's two of us. Airion, and Celeste." Io explained.

"Wait, Celeste? I've heard of You before." Dillian said.

"Huh? How?" Io asked.

"When I was studying Spirits, hold on." Dillian said before pulling out a book called 'Famous Spirits and Runes'. "Just gotta find it."

Io couldn't help but laugh. "A book?" Celeste giggled to herself. "Well, that's.... different." Airion replied.

"Whaddya want me to have? A Mech with PROPERTY OF CELESTE Written on the side? No." Dillian said flipping through pages.

This only made Io laugh harder. "Good point." She snickered.

"Here, Celeste is one of the strongest Spirits, with amazing Offensive Spells, She also loves to Relax." Dillian said. "That all True?"

Io morphed again, into a black cat with blue eyes. "Exactly." Celeste said.

Dillian put the book away.

Part 16: Continuing Onward

Eventully Nick found Mikasa, she appeared to be in pain, and a Black Spirit was hovering there.

Meanwhile, Nate kicked Lunari.

Io reverted back to her normal form.

Lunari was already unconscious.

"Get up!" Nate yelled continuing to kick her.

Lunari couldn't get up, and the kicking was only making it worse.

Nate picked Lunari up and threw her on a wall.

"CHAOS BANISH!" Nick yelled, the Dark Spirit vanished, Nick helped Mikasa up.

Dillian and Io continued the maze.

Io turned toward the sound of Nick's voice. "Huh?" "I knew one of the Ether Spirits was up to something. Rrgh..." Airion said.

"You OK?" Nick asked.

Mikasa nodded. "Let's continue the maze." Mikasa said.

They continued the maze.

Io continued the maze with Dillian.

Everybody made it to another Babize.

Except for Lunari, who was still unconscious from Nate's abuse.

Nate Dragged Lunari Slamming her into the wall occasionally.

What Nate didn't know that Lunari's spirit had gone off in search of Nick. She was too badly hurt to go back to her own body.

Nate threw Lunari's body in a tube and everyone else was in a tube and pair were swapped again.

Nick and Io, Dillian and Lunari, Mikasa and Rosa, Nate and Lexie, and Annie and Annie.

What Dillian would find was that Lunari was badly injured, barely even breathing.

Lexie backed away from Nate, scared.

Rosa looked over at Mikasa. "Oh, hello." She said.

"What, No no no no NO!" Dillian yelled before shaking her.

Nate smiled being feared.

"Hi." Mikasa said.

Lunari's spirit had found Dillian. "Dillian!" She shouted, trying to get his attention.

"Huh? Oh." Dillian said relieved seeing Lunari's Spirit. "Phew."

"Nice to see you too." Lunari said. "Problem is, I can't go back. Remind me to thank Nate for that."

"F*ck Nate." Dillian said.

Lunari recoiled a bit, as her body was getting weaker.

"What up with the Recoiling?" Dillian said.

Lunari looked hurt. "I don't know....." She said. In truth, it was because her body was dying.

"I know your lying." Dillian said.

Part 17: Lunari's Death

Lunari's body had died, and her spirit seemed very weak. Lunari nodded, though it was hard to tell what she was actually thinking.

Dillian picked up her body.

"Let's go, we need to find Nick."

"Okay." She said. She joined with Dillian.

Dillian (and everyone else) found another room with Babize in it.

Io was getting very impatient with Babize. "What do you want?"

Lexie had been keeping her distance from Nate.

Rosa was also getting rather annoyed by Babize, but stayed silent.

"You will now be in pairs of three." Babize said as they went in tubes, Nick Dillian and Lunari, Nate Mikasa and Annie, and Rosa, Io and Lexie.

Lexie sighed in relief.

Rosa looked at Lexie. "You poor girl. Stuck with Nate...."

Io morphed again, into Airion's form.

"Huh?" Lexie said, watching Io change form.

"Why are you Holding Lunari?" Nick asked.

"Her body, is dead." Dillian said.

"She's WHAT!?!?" Nick yelled.

Rosa and Io both turned, hearing Nick's voice, and Lexie followed suit. "What's going on?" Lexie asked.

"Whatever it is, it isn't good. " Rosa said.


Rosa, Lexie, and Io all stood, speechless.

"No, she couldn't have...." Rosa said, quietly.

Lexie and Io had no idea how to respond.

"I'm still here." Lunari faintly whispered, still joined with Dillian.

Dillian told Nick how Nate killed her body.

"NATE! THAT IS IT WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!" Nick yelled Turning Super, he had had enough, he started bursting through every wall looking for Nate, He burst right through Rosa Io and Lexie.

"Whoa!" Lexie shouted, barely missing getting ran over by Super Nick.

"Nick! Oh, no...." Lunari said. "Why didn't you tell him you could hear me?"

"I don't know." Dillian said. "Just kidding, I wanna watch bash Nate's face in."

Super Nick continued flying directly through walls continuing to look for Nate.

"This isn't gonna be pretty..." Io mumbled. She hated having Nick and Nate fight, and now, she knew who the real aggressor was. Nate. Io was clearly not happy.

Then Babize was a few rooms ahead and yelled

"You Che-" Babize said.

"OUTTA MY F*CKING WAY!!!!' Nick yelled flying by him and punching him in the face.

"We'd better help. " Io said, starting to draw a rune.

Lexie backed away, nervously.

"I get the feeling you want to stay here. " Rosa guessed.

Lexie hesitated a bit. "No. I'll come. " She said, trying to be brave.

Rosa smiled. "That's more like it. "

Io finished her rune. They all stepped onto it, and were teleported to Nick and Nate.

Dillian was already there because Jutsu's are faster then Runes.

Nick flew directly into Nate's face than blasted him.

"Son of a Bi-" Nate said but was punched in the face.

Nick Started destroying Nate then turned Super 2 once Nate turned Super.

Lexie wasn't sure what to do, but then she noticed all the sound waves around her. "If I could just focus these..." She thought to herself. She concentrated, and all the sound waves focused toward Nate, distracting him.

Rosa blasted Nate with Cyber energy.

Io, drawing another rune, fired blue flames from her staff, aiming at Nate.

Nate was getting overwelmed.

"I Cannot Believe you!" Nick yelled. "I have put up with you for way too long!"

Nick Was about to punch Nate's head clean off but Dillian, Mikasa and Annie held his arm back.

"Help us!" Dillian yelled.

Rosa, Lexie, and Io all rushed over to help.

"LET ME GO!!" Nick howled.

"No!" Rosa protested.

Nick shot eye beams everywhere, hitting Nate's Quill directly.

"I SAID LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nick Bellowed.

"No!" Rosa, Lexie, and Io all shouted back, in unison.

Nick fired a Shockwave knocking everyone back and Charged a punch at Nate.

Then Dillian jumped in front of Nate and took the punch, Dillian was knocked into a wall.

Lexie quickly got back on her feet, and was the first one to start holding Nick back again. Io and Rosa got up not too long after, and also held him back.

"LET ME GO LEXIE, ROSA, AIRION AND CELESTE!!!!" Nick paused. "Woops."

Io growled a bit, gripping Nick even tighter. The others had a firmer grip on him as well.

Nick blasted everybody away.

Everyone was thrown back against the walls. Lexie got knocked out, Rosa looked hurt, and Io seemed to be okay. Io and Rosa got back on their feet, and held Nick back again.

"Stop this, Nick! You're out of control!" Rosa shouted in his ear.

Nick suddenly stopped struggling then fell to the floor.

Rosa quickly let go, and Io caught him as he fell. Rosa came over to check on him.

Dillian got up.

"Oh no." Dillian said.

Lunari was worried. "What is it?" She asked. "Is he gonna be okay?"

"They Triggered his Dragon Rage." Dillian said.

Rosa seemed to hear him. "Huh? Oh, no....." She said.

Io drew a healing rune for Nick, not sure what was wrong.

"Nick... Please be okay....." Lunari said, quietly.

"We need to leave him." Dillian said breaking Io's rune. "Airion. This is nnot the time to heal."

Once Dillian messed up her rune, Io jumped, and quickly erased the whole thing. She then stood, and nodded. She backed away from Nick, slowly. She realized that Lexie was knocked out, and picked her up.

Rosa seemed hesitant to leave. "What? He could get himself hurt!"

"What are you his Wife? No, He can't be moved AT ALL." Dillian said.

Dillian had won the argument. With out saying a word, she slowly backed away from Nick, walking over to Dillian.

After a few rooms They all found Babize, the REAL Babize.

"You have cheated. PREPARE TO MEET YOUR FATE!"

Rosa never passed up the chance for a smart remark. "Um, hello? We didn't want to play your game to begin with. " She shouted.

Io set down Lexie, and made a shield around her, before looking up at Babize. She was not in the mood to see him. "Alright, this is enough. You're through!" Io yelled.

Everything in the room started to float upwards as Nick Entered with Red eyes and a Dragon aura.

Rosa, starting to float, did a flip in midair. "Nick?" She asked, unsure about the situation.

Io turned around to check on Lexie, who was floating, but still had her shield. She sighed, relieved.

Nick seemed to not float and attacked Babize!

Rosa used the zero-gravity affect to her advantage. She floated above Babize, then pushed off the wall, kicking Babize from above.

Babize threw Rosa upwards.

Rosa simply rebounded off the ceiling, before firing blades of cyber energy.

The cyber blasts also seems to float.

Nick bitchslapped Babize with Fire and Lightning.

Io had few places to use her runes, due to the floating, so she drifted over to the wall, and drew her runes there. She fired blasts of energy at Babize.

Babize dodged and walked towards Nick.

"Your Dragon Magic is Strong Nick, Too bad You can't Use it!" Babize yelled blasting a Dragon from Nick who yelped in pain.

"W-w-why you." Nick said falling, but then but he put his foot infront of him stopping himself!

"I WILL NEVER LOSE TO YOU!" Nick yelled Blasting Babize into Outer Space!

"Woah Woah Woah Hey!" Babize yelled as the Hey echoed three times.

"I hope he's okay..." Lunari said, nervous about Nick.

An exit appeared.

Mikasa looked at Nick.

"Nick." Mikasa said. "Thank you, for banishing the Spirit."

"Your welcome." Nick said.

Then Mikasa kissed Nick on lips.

Lunari looked on, disdainfully. "Aw, what? She did not!"

"What was that all about?" Dillian muttered after 10 seconds once they stopped kissing.

"Beats me." Lunari mumbled.

Nick teleported everyone to the dojo.

Io set Lexie down on the bed, and drew a healing rune for her.

"Guys, Where's Rikai?" Nick asked since Rikai wasn't in the bed.

Rosa looked around. "Beats me." She said, unsure.

Just then they heard Blasts outside.

"What was that?" Rosa asked, turning toward the sound.

They ran to the window and saw Rikai having a beam clash with Xicon.

Lexie woke up, muttering something in Spanish. Noticing that everyone was over by the window, she got up walked, though unsteady, to the window. "What's going on?" She asked.

Rosa huffed to herself. "Nothing good. C'mon, let's go." She said, about to run outside. But then, she realized just how wobbly Lexie was. "You should probably stay here. " She suggested.

Lexie nodded. Though she didn't like being sidelined when something was wrong, this was probably for the better.

They all ran outside and Nick fired a blast of fire with Rikai to help him with the beam clash.

Rosa and Io rushed outside, and added their own blasts to the beam clash. Rosa fired a blast of cyber energy, and Io fired a magic blast.

The beam overpowered Xicon's and he was blasted back into the woods.

"Phew." Rosa said, relieved. She watched carefully, making sure Xicon didn't come back.

After 4 hours it was time for Sleeping.

Part 18: The Ether Spirits' Party

"Huh, Full Moon." Nick said before going in his bed.

"Full moon. The spirits will be out celebrating tonight, for sure." Celeste pointed out. "I miss all of them." Airion said. "Then why don't we go see them?" Celeste asked. "I suppose."Airion answered. "We'll wait until everyone's asleep." Io got in bed, but didn't fall asleep. She waited, patiently, until everyone was asleep, before sneaking out. On her way, she might have woken up Nick....

Nick stealthly got up and followed Io.

Not noticing that she was being followed, she continued deep into the forest. She arrived in a large clearing, where lots of spirits were gathered.

Nick followed and snuck behind a tree.

As soon as Io stepped foot in the clearing, many of the spirits stopped to look at her. Some recognized her. "Airion!" Some cheered. "Celeste!" Others chimed in. They welcomed her in, and she laughed and talked and shook hands, like she was part of the big happy family.

Suddenly a voice laughed.


All of the spirits reacted, some panicking, some staring curiously. Two, tall, majestic winged spirits walked toward the sound, seemingly leaders of the rest.

Io gripped her staff, following the leaders, but paying careful attention not to walk ahead of them.

An Orange Spirit of a Hedgehog with Shadow's Shape came floating down as Lightning struck his outstreched hands.

"Time to crash this party!" The Spirit said shooting lightning at Io.

Io was hit, but not very badly hurt.

"Airion! Assemble the spirits for battle!" One of the lead spirits commanded.

"Yes, ma'am!" Io said, nodding her head. She ran back into the crowd of spirits, preparing them for battle. Mere seconds later, Io was back at the leader's side, with the spirits ready.

"Who are you?" The other leader asked, harshly.

"Bro, you are insignificant." The Spirit said blasting the leader in the face.

The leader, using her own staff, ricocheted the blast back at the spirit. "How dare you!" She shouted. "Explain yourself!"

"I've been trapped in another Dimension for 4 Years! and I have returned to steal this Universe for my own!" The Spirit said using Telekinesis to take the Leader's Staff. "You see, I won't be beaten by any other Spirits or a certain pesky Hedgehog!" The Spirit broke the Leader's Staff in half and threw it back to the Leader then blasted The Leader.

Two more spirits stepped up, defending the leader with shields. The leader gave Io a stare, and Io knew what she meant.

Io turned toward the army of spirits behind her. "Charge!" She screamed, pointing at the rebellious spirit. The rest of the spirits rushed at him, casting a variety of spells.

Io then joined the fight herself, using many different runes.

The Spirit however stopped them and shot a Shockwave knocking them all back.

"ZETH!" Nick yelled stepping out from behind a Tree.

Zeth floated toward Nick.

"Well Well Well Well Well Well Well Well." Zeth said cloning all around Nick. "It's been Awhile! Hasn't it?"

"You have no Reason to be here!" Nick yelled Punching him, but then his fist was grabbed and Zeth threw him back.

"Don't you See? You've trapped me in another DIMENSION for 4 YEARS!" Zeth said. "I am taking this place BACK."

"You Never Owned it!" Nick yelled.

Io, still not far from the leaders, turned toward the sound of Nick's voice. "Nick! Rrgh, he must have followed me here..." She said, mumbling a bit.

"You know him?" Both leaders asked.

"Yes." Io replied. "Do not attack him, he is a valuable ally."

"Understood. " One leader replied, before shouting commands to the soldiers.

Nick turned Super then Blasted Zeth who deflected it.

The spirits resumed their attack, seemingly fiercer than before. Io joined the ranks, shouting orders and using runes.

Zeth easily overpowered them.

Io came back to the leaders. "We're getting overpowered. "

"We shall not retreat. We must fight without mercy. " The leader ordered.

Io rejoined the ranks, fighting harder. Healing spirits hung back, tending to the wounded. Offensive spirits rushed at Zeth, fighting with many elements.

Zeth easily pushed them back into Trees.

As he pushed away some spirits, more took their place, fighting, attacking him from all angles.

Zeth shot lasers from his eyes and hit all the spirits, knocking most out cold.

Io, though hurt by the lazers, stumbled back to the leaders.

"We shall take on this fiend, Celeste. Have the others retreat." One leader said.

"But Selene-" Io said, but was interrupted by a harsh glare from her superior, Selene. She obeyed. "Yes, ma'am." She then turned to the other leader, holding out her staff. "Take my staff, Lady Tempest, since he broke yours." She offered. Lady Tempest hesitantly accepted, taking Io's staff.

Io whistled to the spirits, who vanished into the night.

Zeth Continued to blast them, then blasted a Leader in the Wing.

"Ah!" Selene wailed, getting hit.

"Selene! You mustn't stay. It's too dangerous." Io said, tending to Selene's wounded wing.

Selene, despite the pain, laughed softly. "I don't remember you giving the orders, Celeste."

This made Io smile, but she worked diligently.

Zeth Lasered everything, attacking Selene.

Io put herself between the attack and Selene, taking the blast for her. Selene, realizing that Io had been correct, vanished, along with Lady Tempest, leaving Io and Nick to fight Zeth.

Io was badly hurt from taking the attack, but she stood. She looked over, realizing that Lady Tempest had left Io's staff there. Thank goodness. She picked up her staff, and began drawing a rune.

Zeth broke the Rune and held Io up to it so it Backfired on her.

The rune backfired, and Io passed out from the effect.

Nick was now offically pissed and turned Contained Dragon Form and attacked Zeth again.

Nick called everybody using telepathy.

Lexie woke with a start, unsure of what happened. She had heard someone, but she wasn't sure how.....

Rosa woke up shortly after. She shook her head, knowing something was wrong. She got ready, and woke up Dillian.

"No Princess Rosa, I'll eat your lollipop later." Dillian said still dreaming.

This made Rosa laugh, but she had to get Dillian up. "Wake up!" Rosa shouted, shaking him.

Lunari was still joined with Dillian. She was wide awake, having gotten the telepathic message. "Dillian! Wake up! Nick's in trouble! " She yelled.

Once he heard Trouble His eyes instantly opened he sprung out of bed.

"Well what hell are we waiting for!" Dillian yelled dashed off at the speed of sound.

"That's more like it. Lexie, take care of the place while we're gone!" Rosa shouted, as she started taking off after Dillian.

Lexie nodded. "Be careful!" She said, waving back to Rosa.

They arrived shortly after. Nick was bloody and Zeth was laughing. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Dillian shouted. "Who might you be?" Zeth asked. "Lunari, He's a Spirit, you can fight him." Dillian muttered.

Lunari tried to leave Dillian, but she couldn't. She was stuck. "No, I can't. I can help you, though." She said. Slowly, Dillian's hands were surrounded by a familiar blue energy. However, it wasn't quite as powerful as usual.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that we're here to take you down. " Rosa answered, confidently.

Nick couldn't take another hit or even move, So Dillian created a forcefield around him And Nick mouthed a Thank you, Then Dillian punched Zeth in the face.

Rosa followed up Dillian's punch, kicking Zeth in the back.

Zeth Blasted Rosa, Then Dillian had enough, his eyes turned Red and he uppercutted Zeth Twelve feet in the air before his eyes turned to normal.

"I'll be back, VERY Soon." Zeth said disappearing.

Rosa was knocked to the ground by the blast, but got back up quickly. She tried to get one more attack in before he dissapeared, but she missed.

Io was still passed out, but then some of the Ether Spirits came back. Healers gathered around Io and Nick, and cast their spells. Soon, Io and Nick were completely healed.

"Much Better!" Nick said.

"Thank you, my friends." Io told the spirits, grateful for their help.

Of course, Rosa looked on with a confused stare.

"I am going back to the Dojo." Nick said, he and Dillian teleported away.

Io drew a teleportation rune for Rosa. "Here. I'll be a little bit longer." She said, letting Rosa use the rune.

Rosa stepped onto the rune, and teleported back to the dojo.

Io came back several minutes later.

Part 19: Metal and Cydik's Master Plan

"UM GUYS!" Dillian yelled from Nick's Room. "SOMEBODY STOLE NICK'S EMERALD!"

"What?" Rosa, Lexie, and Io all shouted, in unison. They all ran into Nick's room.

And sure enough, The Emerald was gone.

"Looking for for this?" A voice said.

"Cydik." Nick said turning around, Cydik was tossing the Emerald up and down.

Upon hearing Cydik's voice, Rosa's quill turned red. "You again." She muttered, glaring at him.

"Me indeed." Cydik said.

"GRAH!" Nick said jumping up to attack Cydik, but Metal teleported and stabbed Nick in the chest then punched him to the ground.

"Nice Try." Metal said.

Rosa wasn't going to waste time. She fired a blast of cyber energy at Cydik, before rushing in and kicking him in the chest.

Cydik created a shockwave to send her back to the ground.

Rosa got right back up, and continued her attack, rapidly punching, kicking, and using cyber attacks.

Metal however snuck up behind her and stabbed her.

"Aah!" Rosa howled in pain.

Io, using a magic blast, knocked Metal away

Metal quickly recovered and blasted Io.

"Listen up and Listen Good." Cydik said creating A Red Cyber Bubble around Rosa, it seemed Only Cydik could manipulate it. "If you ever want to see Rosa again you'll go to the Bridge connecting Soleanna and Downunda at 12:00 and bring the Other Emerald."

Rosa attacked the cyber bubble fiercely, but recoiled, due to her stabbed shoulder. She couldn't escape.

Io also tried to attack the bubble, morphing into Celeste's form in the process, but it didn't do anything.

Cydik and Rosa and Metal all teleported away.

Io growled softly, reverting to normal.

Lexie looked at Nick, shocked. "What do we do?' She asked, worried.

"We wait." Nick said.


Rosa caught her breath, before banging at her cage again. She had been trying all day, but made no headway.

Nick and everyone Appeared out of a symbol.

"Alright Cydik, The hell do you want!" Nick yelled

Rosa waved to Nick, relieved.

Nick waved back and Cydik zapped Rosa.

"I want a fight, with one thing different. in MY Domain." Cydik said tossing them rings. "In CyberSpace." Cydik said before throwing a computer with an exposed wire on the ground, He, Metal and Rosa entered Cyberspace.

"OK Then!" Nick said putting on the ring, He, Dillian, Mikasa and Nate entered Cyberspace.

Io, reacting quickly, went in with them. She was definitely disoriented by her surroundings, due to her magic nature, but she shrugged off the weird feeling.

Metal Dashed and punched Dillian in the face.

"Come on, You little 01010011 01101000 01101001 01110100." Metal said.

Io blasted Metal with a magic blast from her staff.

Metal deflected it.

Lunari, doing her best to help, lent Dillian her spiritual energy, giving him strength.

Dillian punched Metal in the face, meanwhile Super Nick was beaten Cydik up.

Io, morphing into Celeste's form, fought alongside Dillian.

Cydik Metal and Rosa suddenly flew away then exited Cyberspace, everybody followed then were in Cydik's Lair.

Io was relieved to be out of cyberspace. Cyberspace was starting to mess with her.

Rosa flinched. She didn't want to be back here.

Cydik attacked Nick and Metal attacked Io.

Io countered Metal's attacks with her staff.

Dillian ran to Rosa's Bubble.

"Dillian!" Rosa said, but the bubble made her voice sound distorted.

Dillian tried using Jutsu's. but no luck.

Rosa punched and kicked at the bubble, but made no progress.

But Then Dillian relized something, if Cydik could enter Cyber-Blasts, why couldn't he enter the Bubble? So he got into the Cyberspace of the bubble and disabled it.

"Thank you, Dillian!" Rosa said, hugging Dillian.

"No Problem." Dillian said.

And then, something strange happened. Rosa twitched, seemingly reacting to something.

"Rosa? What's Wrong?" Dillian said concerned.

She shivered. "I don't know for sure." She muttered. What she didn't realize was that the rest of

her coding was here, in this very lair. She must have been reacting to it, one way or the other.

Dillian motioned Nick and Mikasa to come over here while Nate fought Cydik

Rosa yelped in pain, and her quill changed to a dark blue, matching her fur. She seemed to not even

recognize them anymore. "Why have you come?" She asked, a metallic edge to her voice.

"Uhh, What?" Nick said.

"Rosa, it's OK, it's us." Dillian said.

"Rosa? I am Ameza, apprentice to Cydik." She said.

"What the, Come on Rosa this isn't funny!" Dillian said tears starting to fall.

Rosa didn't seem to understand at first, but then, her quill flickered between dark blue and its usual

green. It seemed Rosa was trying to fight the effect. "Dillian.... Destroy the computer....." She said,

her voice, sounding strained. She then went back to her controlled state, completely unaware of

what she had just done.

Dillian turned to the computer and ran at it.

"How dare you!" Rosa said, countering him. She was still under control.

Dillian dropped his fighting stance.

"I'm not fighting you." Dillian said.

Rosa stepped between Dillian and the computer. "No, but you tried to destroy my master's

computer. Unacceptable!"

"Rosa..." Dillian said.

"Haven't I told you? I am Ameza." Rosa responded.

"No, You are Rosa, My Girlfriend and nicest person I have ever met." Dillian said.

Rosa seemed to start fighting the control again, but ended up collapsing onto the floor. She simply

couldn't take any more of the strain.

Dillian ran to the computer and punched the Screen in half and smashed the keyboard, then found

the motherboard and Blasted it.

Rosa's quill changed back to green, and stayed that way, but it was very dim, due to her passing out.

"NO! MY MOTHERBOARD!" Cydik yelled.

Io blasted him while he wasn't paying attention to her.

The blast knocked Cydik into a wall.

Io, still in Celeste's form, was breathing hard. She morphed to Airion's form, since Celeste had used

up all her magic.

Io walked up to Rosa, and started to heal her. It seemed her strategy had almost completely

switched, since she had changed form.

Metal teleported to a Red Button and pressed it before him and Cydik teleported away.

"Ugh.... What happened......" Rosa moaned, as she woke up. She saw Cydik, just as he teleported

away. "Coward!" She shouted, banging her fist on the metal floor. Io helped her to her feet.

Dillian ran and kissed Rosa.

Rosa got caught off guard by Dillian, but kissed him back regardless.

"Oh my God Rosa, I'm so glad your OK!" Dillian said once the kissing stopped.

Rosa laughed in spite of herself, although she had no idea what had actually happened. "Ok,? What

happened?" She chuckled.

"You were under Control and called yourself Ameza." Dillian said.

Rosa growled softly to herself. "Cydik. I'm gonna mess up that punk's face......" She muttered.

"You attacked me, but I wouldn't fight you, and then you tried to fight the control but then

fainted." Dillian said.

"That's the rest of my coding...." Rosa mumbled. "I'm sorry, Dillian." She said, hugging him.

"Rest?" Dillian asked.

"When I got my powers, I wasn't given all the code I was supposed to. If I had been given all of my

code, I'd be like that all the time." Rosa explained.

"What stopped you from getting all the code?" Dillian asked.

"One of my friends busted me out of here." She answered.

"Who busted you out?" DIllian asked.

"His name was Dalton." She said, before looking around. "Come on. Let's go back to the dojo." Rosa


"Alright." Dillian said.

Io drew a teleportation rune for them, and they were taken back to the dojo. They found the dojo

nice and clean, thanks to Lexie being a clean freak.

"Who cleaned the place?" Nick asked.

Lexie walked in. "Oh hey, you're back!"

"I take it you cleaned the place?" Nick asked.

Lexie giggled. "Yeah, that was me." She admitted, her Spanish accent ever apparent.

"What a Sec!" Nate said.

"What?" Nick asked.

"Gimme that!" Nate said taking the Emerald "I knew it!" He crushed the Emerald into shards and

Dust. "This is a fake! Cydik still has the Real Emerald!"

Rosa growled."That punk! He's gonna pay!" Lexie instantly backed away from Nate, still a bit afraid

of him. "Lowlife!" Io said, with a slight hiss.

"When I get my hands on him!" Nick yelled.

"Come on, let's go get the real one back!" Rosa said.

Nick put his arm infront of Rosa.

"Not now." Nick said.

Rosa's quill started to turn red, but went back to green. "Why?" She asked, out of curiosity.

"Listen, we can't FIND him for one, and Two, We can't Fight again right now." Nick said.

"Good point. Well, I just can't even picture what kind of plan Cydik will come up with if he has that

thing for too long...." Rosa said.

After a Day, Nick called everybody.

"Yeah? What's up?" Rosa asked. Rosa, Io, and Lexie all came over to Nick.

Nick B!tchslapped them all.

Lexie backed away, a bit startled. Rosa followed, trying to comfort Lexie. "It's okay, kiddo." She

said, before approaching Nick again. "Nick, what has gotten into you?" Rosa asked.

"What has gotten into me?! THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED!" Nick yelled slapping her


"Alright, alright. What's the plan?" Rosa asked.

"THERE IS NO PLAN WE CHARGE!" Nick yelled teleporting them to the City, a Giant Spaceship was

hovering there.

"Nick, I swear....." Lunari said, joined with Dillian. She lent him her spiritual energy. Rosa did exactly

that. She charged cyber energy, ready to blast anything that got in her way. Io morphed into

Celeste, ready to attack.

Everybody flew into the ship to find an army of Robots waiting for them.

"Alright, what's going on here?" Rosa said.

"Your all dead." Nick said, his eyes started glowing completely Red.

"Nick! Oh man, what is he doing?" Lunari said, a tad bit worried.

"Nick is no more, I am Zash." Nick said.

"Nick! What are you doing?" Rosa said, shocked.

"I AM ZASH!" Nick yelled.

"No! NICK!" Lunari shouted.

Nick however couldn't hear her, matter of fact, only Dillian could.

Dillian could feel Lunari's spiritual energy. She was trying to help him.

Dillian tried punching Nick but hit a forcefield.

Ripples of Lunari's spiritual energy surrounded Dillian.

Dillian tried again but failed.

Rosa and Io joined it the attempt, but they made no progress.

But then Nick flew into the ship?

Rosa and Io backed away, so that they wouldn't get run over.

"Alright Metal Me, Let's how Strong you really are." Nick said.

"Huh?" Rosa said, unsure.

"You thought this was me?" Nick said.

"I'm confused. What's going on?" Io said.

"That doesn't Matter, I'll hold these guys off, You go stop Cydik!" Nick said turning Super.

"You bet!" Rosa said, taking off to find Cydik, dragging Io along.

Dillian and Mikasa followed, but Nate stayed behind to help Nick as he turned Super.

Rosa found Cydik. "Alright, punk. This is it! You're through!" She shouted.

But Dillian pulled her by the Neck into the Shadows before Cydik could turn, he picked his ear

thinking it was nothing.

"ARE YOU KIDDING!?" Dillian yelled quiet enough for only them to hear. "Cydik would MURDER us

without Nick and Nate!"

Rosa sighed. "Thank you for catching me. I got a bit ahead of myself." Rosa whispered.

"Listen, with Nick and Nate gone, I'm the leader, we are taking the Stealthy approach." Dillian said

sneaking out, but was instantly thrown back into the room with a Knife in his chest!

"What the? DILLIAN!" Rosa shouted, shocked.

"Did you fools HONESTLY think I wouldn't know you were here?" Cydik said walking in.

"How dare you. You're not getting away with this! DIE!" Rosa shouted. Lunari started healing Dillian,

hoping that he would be okay.

Cydik however made Robots restrain Rosa. "Oh Ameza." Cydik said. "Such a fool. But now, It's time

I showed you something."

Rosa blasted the robots away. "You're disgusting." She said.

"Yea Rosa, Yea, and What the Hell do you think your gonna do about it?!" Cydik said leening toward her.

"This." She said. Since the robots were no longer holding her back, she punched Cydik in the face HARD.

The punch sent Cydik into wall.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAH!!!!!!" Cydik yelled turning into his own Techno-Mode! he wielded a Red Cyber Gun!

"Your not Unique Rosa, and you won't ever be, anything you can do I can do Ten times as better!"

Rosa went into her Techno mode. "So you think." She said, but then she vanished. She kicked Cydik in the back of the head.

Cydik vanished after getting kicked behind Rosa and shot her three times.

"Aah!" She wailed, getting hit. However, thanks to her Techno form, she quickly recovered. She rushed Cydik, spun behind him, and blasted him.

Cydik countered with a shot from his gun destroying her blast.

Rosa vanished again, before reappearing at Cydik's side, and driving a cyber blade right through him.

Cydik Howled in pain then shot himself with his gun reattaching his legs back to his torso. Cydik then Rapid shot Rosa not missing once.

Rosa wailed, hurt badly by the gunshot wounds. "Thus isn't over...." She said, though she was clearly weak.

Cydik laughed before pointing his gun at her head.

"Get away from my Girlfriend!" Dillian yelled.

Cydik however held the trigger down as his gun started Charging.

"I SAID GET AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!" Dillian yelled, then he turned Super! He put his finger in the barrel right before it shot destroying the gun sending Cydik into a wall.

Fortunately, Dillian turning Super helped Lunari too. She gave him even more power. Rosa was shocked. She tried to stand, but one of the gunshots had hit her leg. In a rage, she sent one fast Cyber blade at Cydik.

But then Dillian caught it and stabbed Cydik.

Io ran over to Rosa, morphing into Airion's form. She started a healing rune. Rosa healed, but seemed to be wierded out. Something about how magic and cyber powers didn't go together seemed to be messing with both of them.

"Grrr, Listen fools, You won't stop me, I will destroy the world, and look at that, The laser is ready, Metal, Do it." Cydik said to Metal, he pushed a button, and the laser fired.

Nick and Nate left the ship and tried holding it back, but, they weren't strong enough, The Laser disintergrated them, it hit the planet's core, Mobius exploded.

Dillian, Lunari, Celeste, Airion and Rosa all woke up as Spirits.

"W-What the? Everyone OK? Crap, We're Spirits! Hey wait." Dillian said. "Io, Are you in One piece?"

Airion and Celeste were separated, but they remained close together. "No, I don't think that's the case." Airion said. Celeste tried drifting away, but Airion got dragged along with her. It seemed they were still stuck together, even if they were both visible.

Rosa was thouroughly freaked out. "Ummm.... Guys? What's going on?" She asked, her voice sounding a bit panicked.

"You Died." A Voice said. A Neon Cyan Hedgehog was walking toward them. "By, Cydik Xicata and Metal. Luckily We have Bodies for you, Lunari, Dillian, Airion, Celeste and Rosa." He showed them some bodies replicating there original ones.

"Thank you." Lunari said, going back to her own body.

Dillian entered his and walked around thinking what could they possibly do?

Rosa went back to her body, glad to be away from the spirit nonsense. She never wanted to do that again. She got back up, unsteadily. "Wait, where's Lexie?" Rosa asked.

"Bout time your up." Mikasa said, she Annie and Lexie had been awake for while.

"Hello!" Lexie said, waving to Rosa. "Lexie!" Rosa said, said, happy to see her. "I was worried about you, kiddo." She said, waving back. Even though they had met not too long ago, Rosa treated Lexie almost like a little sister.

Airion and Celeste hesitated, before returning back to their body. They shared once again, almost certain that it was for the better.

"Alright, who the f*ck are you?" Dillian asked the Neon Hedgehog.

"That's No-Way to talk to a GOD." The Hedgehog replied.

Lexie and Rosa backed up, in surprise.

Io woke up, hearing the conversation. She stood, and proceeded to try to prevent a fight before it started. "Thank you." She said, doing a small curtsy.

Lunari was still unconscious. Since her body had died, she had been in her spirit form for too long, and she would have to recover, at least for a moment.

"Don't believe me? Here." He said he made Lunari energetic and fully healed.

Lunari woke up, and stood. "Thanks!" She said, gratefully.

"No problem, now, I am Kioku the South Vikor, we are the Gods of Gods, now you must find the Wish Stone on our Planet to reverse the destruction of Mobius." Kioku said.

"Alright!" Dillian said. "Let's go!"

Lunari nodded. "No time to waste." She said.

They set off, but found a Neon Echidna guarding a Glowing Stone.

"That's Definately it, Lunari and me Will Take him Down!" Dillian said turning Super.

Lunari turned Super as well. "You got it!" She said, encouragingly.

They dashed and beat the Echidna.

Dillian held the Wish Stone and Spoke.

"I wish, that we were there a minute before Mobius Exploded." Dillian said, they teleported and saw Dillian turning Super.

"STOP!" Present Dillian yelled. "THE LASER'S READY!" They all teleported outside and then turned into they're Super Forms and healed Past Rosa, The Laser Fired and they stopped it and rebounded it into the Ship blowing it up.

"Alright" Lunari celebrated, giving Dillian a high-five.

Suddenly, the Present Gang started faded.

"What's going on?" Nick asked.

"We created another timeline, yours is safe, mine won't come into this one ever again." Present Dillian said. "Good-Bye!"

They faded completely.

"Wow. That was cool." Nick said.

"Cool? Understatement of the year, Nick." Rosa joked. "That was awesome!"

"But, Where was I?" Nick asked. "I died..."

"Oh, save the confusion for later. You're alive now, and that's what matters, am I right?" Rosa pointed out.

"Right." Nick said teleporting them to the Dojo.

Io, who was still in Airion's form, collapsed onto her bed, exhausted. Slowly, she started to revert back to her normal form.

Nick's Emerald was put in a Safe now.

Part 20: Dalton

After 4 Hours they were going to Bed, Dillian seemed sad about something.

Rosa and Lexie went to bed as well.

Dillian sighed and pulled out a Picture.

Rosa was about to go to bed, but she noticed Dillian's expression. "Dillian? What's wrong?" She asked, a bit worried.

"It's just, Dalton was my Brother's Name, He left to bust out his friend." Dillian said showing her a Picture of a Dark Blue Hedgehog. "Never came back."

Rosa looked at the picture, and stifled a gasp. "That's him!" She said, surprised, but she tried to keep her voice down so that she wouldn't wake up everyone else.

"It is?" Dillian said. "He did mention a Reza, He musta ment Rosa! Well, I wasn't listening that well." Dillian sighed again. "One way or another, He's dead."

Rosa felt bad. "You poor guy." She said. She wrapped her arm around Dillian's shoulder, hugging him.

"So how else d'you know him?" Dillian asked.

That's when it hit her. She dated Dalton, and now she was dating Dalton's brother. This was awkward. "Well, we were dating for a little bit..." She said, trying to be casual about it.

"Oh. Well that's intresting, he did brag about datting someone." Dillian said.

Rosa smiled, and kissed Dillian.

After they went to bed, Nick got news of a Plane-Crash, they teleported to a Forest.

"Alright, find any survivors and watch out for Robots." Nick said.

Meanwhile a Hedgehog was fighting Robots and heard Dillian say "Come on Rosa!" But fought the Robots as he was needing to survive.

Nick and Io found some Robots and fought them.

Rosa ran over to Dillian.

Io blasted the robots with magic energy.

Dillian looked at the Hedgehog.

"FIREBALL JUTSU!" Dillian yelled firing a fireball at the Robots.

"That Voice..." The Hedgehog said. "Dillian?"

"DALTON?!?!" DIllian shouted.

"Rosa? Is that you?" Dalton asked.

"Dalton! It's me!" Rosa said, a single tear of joy rolling down her cheek. However, she got her priorities straight, and joined the fight, firing blasts of cyber energy at the robots.

Dalton blasted the last Robot.

"Oh my god, My Girlfriend, and My Little Brother, Oh my god, It's been so long!" Dalton said.

Rosa smiled. "Dalton!" She said, a cheerful smile on her face. She ran up to Dalton, giving him a little hug.

Dalton hugged her back.

"So, Rosa I HAVE To Ask, What are ya doin' with Dillian?" Dalton asked.

Now THIS was awkward. "Uh... Long story." Rosa replied.

"Yea, We're kinda maybe sorta, Boyfriend and Girlfriend." Dillian said.

Dalton seemed Impressed.

"Oh Wow, seems you got some DNA from me too!" Dalton said. "How'd you get someone like Rosa?"

"Long Story." Dillian said.

Everyone else arrived.

"The Hell's the Screaming about?" Nick asked.

"Umm, well...." Rosa stammered.

"This is my Brother." Dillian said.

"Thought he was dead." Nick said.

"Well, so did we. Until now." Rosa said. She had finally regained her composure after the awkward encounter.

Nick teleported everyone and Dalton to the Dojo.

"Oh, hello!" Lexie said, once they came back.

"Hi Lex." Dillian said.

"Umm, Who is that?" Dalton asked looking at Lexie. "She's kinda cute." He said looking at Io.

Lexie smiled, as cheerful as always. "My name's Lexie. What's yours?" She asked.

Io simply waved, not saying much.

(Oh right, forgot the Reviving segment.)

(No prob.) When Io looked Dalton in the eyes, Io's heterochromia stood out, and it was rather unsettling.

"CREEPY." Dalton said.

"You'll get used to it." Nick said.

Io looked away, giggling a little bit. She always found it a bit amusing to see the look on people's faces when they noticed. "Haha! Never gets old!" Celeste chuckled.

"What's your name?" Lexie asked again.

"I'm Dalton." Dalton said.

"Nice to meet you!" Lexie replied.

"Nice to Meet you too." Dalton said. "So, What's this place, can I have a Tour?"

"Actually, I was making new rooms, I could make a room for you, but in the meantime you'll need to sleep in someone else's room." Nick said. "Which reminds me, Lexie, Io, Rikai and Rosa, Ya'll have your own rooms."

"Thanks!" Lexie replied, with a smile. She ran into her room, eagerly, like the child she was.

"Sweet. Thanks, Nick." Rosa responded, walking away to check out her room.

Io nodded. "Thank you." She did a small curtsy, before walking into her room.

"Dalton, Choose what room ya wanna stay in, in the mean time, Me, Dillian, Rosa and Nate are going to investigate a Robot Attack." Nick said said teleporting him, Rosa, Dillian and Nate away.

Rosa looked around, unsure of what to do first.

Meanwhile Dalton looked around the Dojo.

"So, What's up?" Dalton asked Io after looking around the place.

"Oh, not much." Io replied, casually. "And how are you?" She asked.

"Not bad." Dalton said. "Soooooo, What up with the whole Heterochromia there?"

"It's a long story." Io said, trying to get herself out of having to explain.

"Yea that's cool, Cutie." Dalton said. "So, I'm Bored, I'll go Train."

Io made a bit of an awkward face. No one had ever called her that. She then chuckled a bit, realizing how silly she must have looked. "Okay." She replied.

Every minute they heard Dalton yell something like Fireball Jutsu or something.

Lexie relaxed in her room, whistling, using her sonokinesis to change the notes.

Io went into her room, and started rearranging things the way she liked.

"Hey! Cutie! Can you do me a favor and clone this?" Dalton yelled to Io.

"Huh?" Io replied, walking quickly into the training room. "My goodness, he is not being subtle about this." Airion said, sounding a bit annoyed. "Yea, what is it?" Io asked.

"Clone this thing, My Jutsu's aren't good for cloning." Dalton said holding up a dummy.

Io drew a rune, which cloned the dummy into multiple copies.

"Thanks Cutie." Dalton said using multiple Jutsu's and blasting the dummies.


Io smiled, going back to her room. While getting called cutie was weird for her, she didn't complain.

Nick went on the Computer to search for some activity.

Lexie continued to practice sonokinesis in her room.

Nick still searched on the Computer, but then, a Metal Echidna came and Bitchslapped Nick in the Face.

Io came to check on him.

"Exo." Nick said. "Didn't I Throw you in Lava?"

"Huh?" Io asked. Airion and Celeste were both confused.

"More on that later, go to Angel Island tonight." Exo said vanishing.

Rosa walked in a bit too late. "What's up?" She asked.

Part 21

"Exo, That Bit- OH COME ON!" Nick said. "Can't We ever catch a Break?!"

Kita was floating above them.

"No. No you cannot." Kita said.

Rosa growled. "Get lost."

"How About No?" Kita said.

Rosa summoned a cyber blade. "You'd better."

Kita shot an eye beam destroying the Cyber Blade.

Rosa turned into her techno form, and vanished, reappearing behind Rosa with another cyber blade in her hand. She grabbed Kita from behind and held the blade up to her neck.

"Rosa, do you REALLY Think you can kill me?" Kita said.

"You're in a bad position, you know." Rosa said, holding the blade even closer, almost touching her neck. "So, yes, I could."

"No Rosa, you could not." Kita said charging an eye laser.

"That's it!" Rosa said. She impaled Kita in the neck with her blade, making it so Kita couldn't breathe.

Kita fell limp, though seemed to be smiling.

"DIE!" Rosa screamed, slicing the limp Kita in half.

The limp Kita exploded into bits.

Rosa sighed. "Finally. That's payback." She said.

Nick stepped back.

Dillian and Dalton's eyes were wide.

"Holy Shit." Dillian muttered.

"Wow...." Lunari said, but she sounded weak.

Dillian and Dalton went to revive Lunari.

Rosa laughed. "Too intense?"

"Let me, just uh, take that from you." Nick said taking her Cyber Blade.

The cyber blade dissolved. "Okay, okay, I'm calmed down now." Rosa said.

After about 2 hours Nick got 2 letters.

"Hmm? What are those?" Rosa asked.

"Go get Lunari." Nick said.

Rosa ran off, looking for her, only to find Lunari sound asleep, with Io taking care of her.

Lunari woke up, slowly. "Th... Thank you...." Lunari said, sitting up.

Nick handed her a letter to some party.

"Why wasn't I invited?" Dillian asked.

"Because they could only invite the two strongest and best ones on the team." Nick said.

"Whatever you say..." Rosa said, a bit jokingly.

Lunari read the invitation.

"Well, I guess Tomorrow me and you are going to a party." Nick said to Lunari.

"Okay." Lunari said. She still sounded tired. She had been in her spirit form for way too long. Joining with Dillian helped, though. She owed him a lot.

After everyone went to bed and woke up, it was time to go to the party.

Lunari got up, and got ready for the party.

After Nick and Lunari got ready, Nick teleported them to the Party.

Lunari looked around, unsure of what to do first. She wasn't a big fan of crowds.

Nick went to get something.

"Hmm?" Lunari said, looking at him as he walked away.

Hiding up in the rafters (like Sly Cooper *wink*), a chameleon was watching the party, staying camouflaged. He seemed to be looking for anything that aroused suspicion.

Nick came back a few minutes later with two cups of punch handing one to Lunari.

"Pfft, Punch at a Party. It's so cliched at this point." Nick said taking sip of his punch.

"It's a cliché because it works." Lunari said, sipping her punch as well.

Nick laughed then stopped all of a sudden and started looking serious.

"What is it?" Lunari asked Nick.

The chameleon watched Nick closely, paying attention to what he was doing, and taking notes on a small notepad.

"I sense someone." Nick said. "Right, THERE!"

Nick fired a blast of fire at the Chameleon knocking him down.

The chameleon fell, landing hard on the floor. "Oww.... What the f*ck?" He mumbled under his breath.

Nick walked over to him charging a blast in his hand pointed at the Chameleon's Head.

"Yo, What's the Big Idea spying on us?!" Nick shouted.

"That's confidential." The chameleon answered, oddly calm. He slowly stood up.

Nick pushed him into the wall.

"I suggest you Tell me why before your Face becomes a Blank Slate!" Nick Shouted pointing The Blast at The Chameleon's Face.

The Chameleon moved his hand toward his belt. Before Nick could even react, The Chameleon grabbed one of the gadgets on his belt, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Oh No You Don't." Nick said locating him, he dashed to where he sensed him.

The chameleon stared at him, sizing him up. "Tell you what. You want to make a deal?"

Nick summoned a Fire Sword and pointed the Tip at the Chameleon. "Make it quick."

The chameleon tossed Nick a small communicator. "I bet you have an enemy. Someone who you'd do anything just to get rid of them. I can help you with that person. They'll hire me, I'll keep you posted on what they're doing, so you'll have an advantage."

Nick crushed the Commmunicator.

"Sorry, but I know what a Triple Crosser is." Nick said dashing at the Chameleon, he swung his sword at him.

The chameleon got hitt, since he didn't react in time. He started to bleed. "Fine then." He said, somehow remaining completely calm. "Don't take the help that's offered to you. I know your type." He said. He pulled a knife from his belt.

Nick blasted the knife out of The Chameleon's hand and swung his sword again.

"If you won't work with me, then I'll be leaving now." The chameleon said, dodging the slash. "I have important matters to tend to."

Nick punched The Chameleon in the face and slashed him.

The Chameleon dodged the punch, but not the slash. "Okay, I'll tell you what I was up to. I heard that a man calling himself Rowland was going to crash the party. But, I had no idea what he looked like. So, I was looking for him." The Chameleon admitted. He picked up his knife, and clipped it back on his belt.

Then, Nick heard Lunari's voice, telepathically. "Nick, come here! It's an ambush!" She said, sounding panicked.

"Lunari!" Nick shouted. "I gotta go!"

Nick ran back into the party.

Lunari, in her super form, was fighting against a dark orange Hedgehog.

The Chameleon watched as he ran, a bit confused. Then, he put it together. "Rowland! He finally showed up..." He muttered, following Nick back to the party.

Nick turned Super 2.

"STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Nick shouted punched the Hedgehog in the face.

Then Nathanyl kicked the Hedgehog.

The Hedgehog, Rowland, got hit with the punch, but dodged the kick. He used his gyrokinesis to make everyone fall over.

The Chameleon arrived back at the party, and blasted Rowland with a shock pistol. He was stunned for a second, returning gravity to normal.

Nick got up and punched Rowland followed by a blast of electricity.

Rowland got hit by both, before getting unstunned. He took out a rather short sword, and slashed at Nick.

Lunari came up from behind Rowland, and kicked him in the back.

Nick ducked and summoned his Light Sword then slashed Rowland.

Rowland countered with his sword.

Derek snuck up behind Rowland, and stabbed him in the back. Rowland fell.

Nick Slashed Rowland multiple times.

As Rowland laid there, bleeding, Derek stuck some sort of small digital tag on him. Rowland got up, and ran away, as Derek pressed a button on the side of his belt.

"Hmph. Hit and run, huh? Coward." Lunari snarked. "Thanks, Nick. And you, too.... What's your name?" She asked, pointing at the Chameleon.

The Chameleon bowed slightly. "Derek." He paused. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm quite busy." He said, walking away, and starting to jog. He was going to catch up with the other units he'd sent after Rowland, help them deal with him.

After hours of Partying, They went back to the dojo.

"Well, that was fun." Lunari said, stretching a bit.

"Sure it was." Dillian said. "But you to need to fight that annoying wizard, Babize, again, and Xicon."

"I'll stay here, I'm too tired." Nick said.

"OK, then Me and Lunari will go fight Babize, Dalton and the rest will go fight Xicon, Rosa, You stay here, We can't risk you getting hurt." Dillian said.

"Why me? I'm not fragile. You of all people should know that, Dillian." Rosa said, confidently.

"We're going to experiment on your Coding soon, so you have to stay here." Dillian said.

"Ooookaayyy then." Rosa said. "What? They should know that's not the best idea...."

Io gripped her staff. "Alright then, let's get going."

Everybody teleported away.

"Well, I'm bored, What do you wanna do?" Nick said.

"I'm not sure." Rosa said, shrugging. She walked off to her room.

Part 23

After 40 Minutes a Dark Spirit appeared and threw Rosa out of her Room.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Rosa shouted, getting back up. She formed some cyber energy into a blade.

The Spirit used Telekinesis to grab Rosa A Mile into the Air, then shot an eye beam hitting her in the face, and threw her down so she'd die from the fall.

"NICK!" Rosa screamed, mid-fall, trying to get Nick's help.

Nick instantly dashed out and caught Rosa in pose that looked like they were about to kiss.

The Dark Spirit's hand lit on purple Fire.

"I'll come back, You will be destroyed, or possessed." The Spirit said disappearing.

Lunari walked in just after the spirit vanished.

"Thanks, Nick." Rosa said, smiling a bit. She didn't notice Lunari was there.

Lunari stared, not even knowing what to say.

Dillian came in a few seconds later having a few cuts on his chest.

"WHAT?!" Dillian shouted causing Nick to accidentally throw Rosa back in surprise.

Rosa hit the side of her head on the floor, but didn't look that dazed. "Oww. Nick..." She mumbled.

"What do you two think you're doing?" Lunari asked, sounding angry.

"We almost got our Heads Cut Off and you Two have been Making out at the Dojo!" Dillian shouted.

"We wer-" Nick said.

"Save it!" Dillian yelled.

"Shows how much you two care." Lunari said.

"But There was an Evil Spir-" Nick started.

"Oh Really?! Then where is it?! Hmm?! Where's the Damage?! Where's the Scars?!" Dillian shouted.

"Exactly. Where's the spirit? I can't sense it." Lunari added.

"It Left." Nick said.

"Oh How Convenient!" Dillian shouted.

"Oh for the love of God, I saved her life!" Nick shouted.

"From What, Virginity?!" Dillian yelled.

"From the Spirit!" Nick said.

"You mean your imaginary Friend?!" Dillian yelled.

Everybody else had already arrived but heard the shouting and were just listening without coming in and kept there power levels at one so they couldn't be sensed.

"Holy crap Dillian." Dalton whispered.

Io heard them mention the spirit, and took off. She clearly had something she needed to do.

Lexie amplified the sound waves a little bit, so that it was easier for everyone to hear.

"Dillian, I swear. He saved my life." Rosa said.

Lunari looked fed up. "Well, you clearly like Rosa so much. How about you just hang out with her then, huh?" She said.

"Lunari!" Nick said.

"Yeah?" Lunari asked, with a snotty tone.

"You know I like you!" Nick said.

"Keyword, Like." Dillian said.

"Hahaha. Good one, Dillian." Lunari said.

"You seem to 'Like' Alot of People. Who else do you like? Mikasa? Io?" Dillian said scoffing. "I'm leaving the team." Dillian teleported away.

"Dillian!" Nick said.

Lunari huffed, waking away to her room.

Everyone else stopped listening.

"Wow." Dalton said.

Once Lunari was safely out of earshot, Rosa said something. "Well, I think I just got ditched. I think you just got ditched. Hmmmmm....." Rosa said, hoping Nick would catch on.

"Maybe we can hook up and make them jealous?" Nick said. "I mean we're BOUND to run into Dillian again."

Everyone else walked in.

Rosa stared at him for a brief moment, as if she were thinking about it. "You know what? I like that idea." She said, smiling.

Lexie, realizing what was going on, walked over to Lunari's room. She stepped in, hesitantly. "Lunari?"

"Hi, Lexie...." Lunari said, disdainfully, her head buried in her pillow.

Nick looked at his watch.

"Crap, Rosa, They aren't going to come because they don't believe it." Nick said. "That Spirit thought it could stay safe destroying the city, you ready to go?" Nick said.

"You bet." Rosa said, with a smirk.

Nick and Rosa teleported to the city.

The Dark Spirit turned.

Then, the spirit got hit with a magic blast. Io had taken off earlier when she heard them talking about spirits, and now she had found the culprit.

"Io! I was wondering where you went." Rosa said. She joined in, and fired a cyber blast at the spirit.

The Dark Spirit laughed.

"You think you will make a difference? Come on Celeste, Your brighter than this." The Spirit said. "Airion's kinda on the Dumb side though."

"That's enough out of you, ghost!" Io said, starting to draw a rune.

"Hey! Who you calling a Ghost! You know as well as I that We are not Ghosts!" The Dark Spirit said firing a blast Ruining Io's rune.

The rune backfired, exploding in Io's face, and Io got knocked unconscious.

Rosa growled a bit, and turned Techno. She started rapid firing blasts at the spirit.

The Spirit dodged all of the blasts and kicked Rosa, then punched Nick.

Nick and The Spirit punched each other until Nick missed a punch, and The Spirit punched Nick 100 times instantly, knocking him out.

Rosa jumped behind the spirit, trying to stab it with her cyber blade. She figured if punching the spirit did anything, so would a stab.

The Spirit yelped in pain before punching Rosa 12 times instantly knocking her out, then fired a large shockwave of purple fire, then disappeared.

Io moaned, slowly waking up. Her eyes fluttered open, both blue. Celeste was awake, Airion wasn't. Seeing Nick and Rosa, Celeste tried to wake Airion up. "Airion! Wake up!"

Nick eventually got up groaning.

"Huh... What... Rosa... Rosa!" Nick shouted running over to Rosa.

Io also came over, as Celeste kept nagging Airion to wake up.

Nick shook Rosa viciously.

"Get up!" Nick Shouted in her face after he was done shaking her.

Rosa moaned, seemingly hurt.

"Airion! For ether's sake, get up!" Celeste shouted, trying to wake Airion up. "Celeste.... Huh?" Airion finally came around. Io cast a small healing spell for Rosa, keeping the rune small, because she knew Rosa wasn't very accustomed to magic.

Nick waved his hand over the rune making it disappear like gas.

"Get that outta here! Tech and Magic don't Mix!" Nick shouted, Nick pulled out a Silver ball, which turned into a Capsule. "I've been working on this for Rosa." Nick helped Rosa into the Capsule, and shut the door, then flicked a switch and it started glowing Cyan Faintly. "This outta heal her right up. Without any Side-Effects."

"Ah. I see." Io said.

Rosa started to wake up, and freaked out a bit realizing she was in a capsule.

"Rosa! Rosa! It's OK! This Is a Healing Capsule." Nick said.

Rosa looked back at him, seemingly more relaxed.

After 2 Minutes Rosa was fully healed and Nick took her out, and the cupsule turned back into a ball, they started going back to the dojo.

"By the way, Io. I heard that spirit mention a couple names. Aaron, was it? And Celeste?" Rosa questioned.

"Long story." Io answered, quickly. "I'll tell you when we get back."

After a few minutes they were back at the Dojo.

Lexie was cleaning, just like usual. "Hi, Nick! She said, with a bright, innocent smile.

Io went into her room with Rosa, and the two of them talked for a while.

"Dawww, That's Adorable!" Nick said looking at Lexie.

Lexie giggled. "Thanks..." She said, looking embarrassed, before going back to her cleaning and typical OCD-ness.

Nick gave Lexie a pat on the head and went to his room.

As Nick walked away, Lexie started whistling a little tune while she worked.

Nick saw Lunari and was about to say Hi, but remembered how pissed she was at him, Then Nick went on his Computer.

Lunari turned and looked at Nick as he looked away. She actually felt really bad. She somewhat believed him when he was talking about the spirit, but was too shocked to admit it. And now, she knew there was no taking back what she had said. It would only make things worse. If she had spoken up, Dillian wouldn't have left, Nick would still be her boyfriend, Rosa would still have Dillian.... It was all her fault. Nobody saw it, bit she actually teared up a bit, almost crying.

Dalton came into Lunari's Room.

"Aw, What's Wrong?" Dalton asked.

Lunari tried to pull it together. "I-It's... I'm fine." She said, stuttering and stumbling on her words. "W-why are y-you in my room?"

"Well, You were on the verge of crying, So I came to comfort you." Dalton said. "Come on Lunari, What's wrong?"

"I-I-I.... " Lunari faltered. She didn't want to talk about it. "I should've said s-something when we were arguing." She said.

"Your blaming yourself for what happened aren't you?" Dalton said. "It's Not Your Fault."

"If I'd said something, t-the whole argument would have ended!....." She then stared at Dalton, with sad eyes. "Your brother would still be here, happy as ever. I'm sorry...." She said, burying her head in her hands.

"It's not your fault Luna, It's not your fault." Dalton said.

"I wish it wasn't." Lunari replied, slowing down a little bit.

"It already wasn't, You know that." Dalton said, his voice sympathetic.

"Bow should I know? Because of me and my stupid mouth, Dillian's gone, Rosa's not with Dillian, and Nick and I are through!" She shouted, before burying her face into her pillow.

"Luna, You didn't cause this." Dalton said patting her on the back. "Just Calm Down, It's OK"

Lunari slowly did stop crying, but didn't feel much better about herself.

"Stop feeling bad Luna." Dalton said. "Everything will fix itself up."

Lunari didn't answer, but she looked up at him, not crying, hardly even frowning anymore. She didn't say a word, but it looked like she cheered up a little bit.

"Glad I could cheer you up." Dalton said getting up. "I need to Train now."

"Okay." Lunari answered.

Dalton went to the training field.

Lunari practiced her telepathy in her room.

Rosa was out on the training field, using her cyber blades to slash a dummy to shreds.

Nick Used Telepathy to talk to Rosa.

"Rosa! The Spirit's Back!" Nick said through telepathy.

Rosa turned around, and ran out of the training field.

Part 24

They teleported to the city, and The Spirit was there.

Rosa growled a little bit, throwing a cyber blade at the spirit.

The Spirit Dodged and fired a blast at Rosa knocking her a mile into the air.

Rosa started to fall, infree-fall.

"Grr, This Guy's got a Mile-in-the-Air Fetish." Nick said catching Rosa.

"Thanks, Nick..." Rosa said, standing up. She turned Techno, and rapid fired insanely fast blasts of cyber energy at the spirit.

The Spirit shot a shockwave that went all the way to the Dojo.

Lunari felt the shockwave, in the midst of practicing her telepathy. She knew something was wrong. She got Io and the two of them teleported to the battle.

Dalton also Teleported.

Nick was fighting the Spirit with the Light Sword and The spirit was using Claws.

"This Spirit is Way tougher than a normal Spirit!" Nick shouted.

Io morphed into Celeste's form, and dashed at the spirit, attacking up close.

Lunari fired electric blasts at the spirit.

Nick stabbed the Spirit.

"OUCH! I'll be back Again!" The Spirit said knowing It was out Numbered, Then it Teleported Away.

"Coward!" Lunari shouted, but the spirit was already gone.

Io reverted back to normal form, looking ticked off.

"I Told You The Spirit was Real, I Told You!" Nick shouted to Lunari.

Lunari couldn't even bring herself to look at Nick. "I know." She said, her head hung low in shame. "I believed you, but I was too shocked to admit it. I'm sorry, for what I said."

"Sure, Sure. Just go back to the dojo!" Nick said.

"Okay." Lunari said.

Io drew a rune for Lunari, and they both teleported back to the dojo.

Dalton also left.

"Rosa look!" Nick said pointing.

"Oh, Hi Dillian!" Rosa shouted.

Nick covered her mouth and pulled her behind a building.

Dillian looked over and shrugged thinking he imagined it.

Rosa rolled her eyes, but stayed put.

"Do you really think he is going to be happy again?" Nick said.

"Maybe. It was worth a shot." Rosa said.

"We need to play the Jealousy game, Not the desperation game." Nick said.

"I'm just trying to be friendly." Rosa answered.

"He ain't gonna accept that." Nick said.

"Fine. If you insist." Rosa replied.

Here, follow me." Nick said opening a symbol and walking through it.

Rosa followed him.

They where near the end of the street.

"Alright, Make out with me." Nick said.

"Oh, okay..." Rosa joked, making out with him.

As they were kissing Dillian came by.

"Uh!" Dillian said blushing, he was jealous.

Rosa waved to Dillian, mid-kiss. It was hard to tell if she was trying to make him more or she was just happy to see him.

Dillian ran away Blushing and Jealous.

"See? I know everything that makes him jealous." Nick said after the kiss.

Rosa giggled a little bit.

Nick teleported them to the dojo.

Rosa seemed bored. "What to do, what to do...." She mumbled, walking to her room.

After around an hour Nick Teleported Rosa into a large field.

"What are we doing here?" Rosa asked.

"Just summon a Cyber Sword and spar with me." Nick said summoning his Light Sword.

"Okay." Rosa said, summoning a cyber sword.

While they were sparring Dillian came by.

"Um!" Dillian said running away thinking of all the times him and Rosa play-sparred with swords, even more Jealous.

Rosa hardly even noticed, she was so busy sparring with Nick. She was starting to lose.

"Ehem." Nick said stopping pointing at Dillian.

"Oh! Hi again!" Rosa said, waving to him.

Dillian couldn't hear.

Nick teleported them back to the Dojo.

"Well, good game." Rosa said to Nick.

"GG." Nick said.

Another hour later Nick teleported them to a park.

Rosa took a deep breath, stretching.

"Alright, Now, Skate with me." Nick said summoning two skateboards.

"Oh, oh goodness...." Rosa said. She didn't know how to skateboard.

"Just take my hand." Nick said putting his hand out.

"Okay." Rosa said, anxiously, stepping onto the skateboard.

Nick started skating with Rosa.

Then Dillian came and just watched.

Then after 5 minutes of skating they stopped and Nick kissed Rosa.

Dillian was the most jealous he had ever been in his life and ran away.

Rosa blushed a little bit, but she was starting to feel bad about making Dillian run away. She only hooked up with Nick because she didn't want to be alone. Now, she was making the person she really liked run away....

Nick teleported them back to the dojo.

Then at Night when everyone was in bed, Rosa heard a knock on her door.

"Who's there...." Rosa said, slowly waking up.

A Hedgehog came in and shut the door behind him.The Hedgehog fell to his knees.Then he lighted the room up."Take me back! Take me back! Take me back!" Dillian said.

"Dillian?" Rosa said. She knelt down, giving Dillian a hug and kiss.

"So You will take me back?" Dillian said hopefully.

"Of course." Rosa answered. "If I wouldn't, why would I give you a hug and kiss?" She joked.

"I Dunno." Dillian said.

Rosa giggled. "Correct answer."

Dillian tackle hugged Rosa onto her bed. Thank you for taking me back after how I acted."

"Oh, it's no big deal." Rosa answered.

"Yes it is." Dillian said.

"But, it's over now. Right?" Rosa pointed out.

"I guess." Dillian said.

Rosa laughed, hugging him.

Dillian hugged Rosa back.

After she was done laughing, Rosa yawned. "Geez, it's late. Well, good night." She said.

Dillian fell asleep with Rosa.

Part 25

Rosa woke up in the white space.

"Hi Rosa!" Dillian said to Rosa.

"Oh, there you are." Rosa said.

"Is it OK That I fell asleep in your bed?" Dillian asked.

"Uhhh..... Too late now, I suppose?" Rosa said, awkwardly.

Dillian giggled.

Rosa laughed a little bit.

"Let's get this dream started." Dillian said.

"Good idea." Rosa replied.

The Dream Shifted.

The two of them found themselves in cyberspace. Past Rosa was laying there, slowly starting to wake up.

"Where am I..." She said.

"Hmmm." Dillian said.

"Oh, right. This is my first time in cyberspace." Present Rosa said. "Memories...." She chided, sarcastically.

Past Rosa stood up. "Hello?" She shouted, with a resounding echo. No response.

"Interesting." Dillian said.

Then, the dream shifted.

Dillian and Dalton were sitting in a Room.

"What's this?" Rosa asked.

"This is when he left to go save you." Dillian said.

"Oh, goodness..." She said.

"I sense something." Dalton said. "My Girlfriend is in danger."

Rosa slowly started to get angry, remembering how helpless she was back then.

Dalton got up and teleported away.

Then the Dream sped up, Seconds turned in to days.

"Whoa!" Rosa said, watching the sped up dream. "Well, there's one way to make someone's head spin..."

The days turned into years and Dalton was still gone.

"Oh man. Dillian, I'm sorry. If I hadn't gotten into that mess, this wouldn't have happened." She said, hugging Dillian, starting to tear up.

Dillian also started tearing up.

Then the Dream Shifted.

Rosa hugged Dillian, hopefully until they both stopped crying.

Dillian gave Rosa a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm sorry..." She said again.

"It's OK." Dillian said.

Rosa sighed, and started to look around at where they were, just to get her mind off of it.

"Where are We?" Dillian asked.

"I'm not sure." Rosa answered.

"It's called your bed." Nick said.

"..huh?" Rosa said, then realizing that they were already awake. Seeing Nick, Rosa instinctively grabbed her pillow and threw it, but missed. "Nick! You could knock, you know." Rosa shouted.

"Nope." Nick said.

Rosa rolled her eyes a bit. "Basic Mobian decency..." She thought to herself.

"So, What happened in the dream?" Nick asked

Dillian explained the dream, but left out the part about crying.

"Interesting." Nick said. "But not really."

"Rosa, It's not interesting because I already knew all of that." Nick told Rosa through Telepathy after he read her mind.

Rosa looked at Nick, as if to say, "Oh, okay."

"I'm Bored." Dillian said leaving Rosa's Room.

"Well, what to do..." Rosa mumbled, looking around her room.

"What? Oh right." Nick mumbled to himself. "Yeah I'll take her now."

"Huh?" Rosa asked, hearing a little bit of what he said, bit not understanding him.

"Rosa come here." Nick said opening A Symbol and walking through it.

Rosa followed him in.

They were in a Rocky land with a few Mountains and a lab.

"In here." Nick said taking Rosa to the lab after closing the Symbol.

"What's this?" Rosa asked.

"No Questions, Sit down in the chair." Nick said pointing to a Metal Chair.

"Okay...." Rosa agreed, sitting down, but her mind was reeling with questions.

"Now go to Sleep." Nick said. "Dalton, Put her to sleep."

"Alright." Dalton said trying to put Rosa to sleep.

Rosa seemed drowsy, and slowly fell asleep.

The last words she heard were "Alright put the helmet on her and cuff her wrists with the Metal Cuffs." by Nick.

Rosa fell asleep before she could react.

Dalton took off the Helmet and uncuffed her.

"Rosa summon 2 Cyber Blades please." Nick Said.

"Alright..." Rosa said, summoning her typical cyber blades.

"What the heck?" Rosa asked, surprised.

"Go outside and imagine that you are blasting a mountain with the arm Cannon." Nick said.

Then as she imagined it, The Arm Cannon fired a blast destroying the mountain completely.

"Whoa!" Rosa said.

"Do you like it?!" Nick asked.

"Pretty sweet, no doubt." Rosa said.

"Do you wanna keep it or switch back to another Cyber Blade?!" Nick asked.

"I'd rather switch back to my Cyber Blade. That was honestly a lucky shot, I have bad aim." Rosa said.

"No you don't, It fires where you imagine it does!" Nick replied.

"Okay. But, I'm still better with my cyber blades." Rosa answered.

"Come back in here!" Nick shouted.

"Okay." Rosa said, coming back into the lab.

Nick sat her down and Dalton put her to sleep and put the things back on.

Rosa fell asleep again.

When Rosa woke up again, she felt very Mad and Aggressive.

"Guys, what are you doing?" Rosa asked, sinisterly.

Dalton took off the Cuffs and Helmet.

"Go outside." Nick said.

"Fine then, bossy." Rosa said, storming outside.

"Don't Call me that. Ever." Nick said. "Now Punch a Mountain."

Rosa shot him a glare, but punched a mountain like she was told.

The Mountain exploded into nothingness.

"Awesome." Rosa said, a confident smirk on her face.

"Come back In Here." Nick said.

"Okay..." Rosa said, coming back inside.

"We are going to tweak your code to lower your power a little." Nick said. "And change the attitude."

"Fine then." Rosa said, with a bratty tone.

"Sleep." Nick said.

Rosa couldn't sleep. "Not tired."

"Sleep Anyway!" Nick shouted.

"Okay then, Green Bean." Rosa said, and slowly fell asleep.

"Don't Call me that! I'll remove your voice if you do." Nick said.

Rosa fell asleep.

"Cyber Knight? What's that...? I'll activate that." Nick said.

"It activates only when she is mad... I'll make her mad." Nick said.

A few minutes later Rosa woke up.

"Good evening sire." Rosa said, sounding medieval. Rosa then shook her head a bit. "Okay...." She said again, back to normal.

Nick walked outside and started beating up Dillian.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rosa shouted, angrily, as she got covered in cyber armor.

She ran outside, breaking up the fight.

Nick punched Rosa in the face and kept beating up Dillian.

Rosa grabbed Nick, and threw him away, before summoning a cyber sword and shield.

Nick broke from Rosa's grab and beat up Dillian some more.

Rosa slashed Nick with her sword, and rammed into him with her shield, knocking him away again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit!!!!!!!" Nick shouted.

"Don't touch Dillian." Rosa said.

"WHAT THE SHIT." Dillian said looking at Rosa's Armor and Shield.

Rosa snickered. "Not bad, not bad...." She said, looking at her armor and shield.

Then they started to fade.

"Fucking Hell, My Kids are gonna remember that." Nick said.

"Hmm. Suits thou- you well." Rosa said, and then rolled her eyes. "Cydik's sense of humor....."

Nick growled and punched Rosa in the face.

Rosa tried to dodge, but got hit on the arm. "What was that for?"

Nick grabbed her, walked to the lab And put her in the chair.

Rosa fell asleep again.

A few minutes later Rosa woke up.

"What now?" Rosa asked.

"Ehem." Nick said before summoning his Light Sword and stabbing Dillian through the heart, killing him.

"Hell no!" Rosa said, dashing at Nick.

Then Nick Killed Dalton because Rosa wasn't mad enough.

"DIE!" Rosa screamed, her armor and sword and shield coming back. She slashed at Nick, aiming right at his neck.

"Nope." Nick said dodging.

Then Rosa's Armor left her and she turned Techno, but Stripes now covered her Arms and Legs.

"How dare you!" Rosa said, summoning her cyber blades, slashing at Nick furiously.

Nick kept dodging multiple times.

Rosa stopped, and stared at Nick with a glare, realizing that she needed him alive if they were going to revive Dillian and Dalton.

Nick summoned two symbols and revived Dillian and Dalton.

"Better." Rosa said, calming down a bit, before running over to check on Dillian.

Dillian shoved Rosa aside.

"Oh. Give. Me. That." Dillian said taking Nick's Light Sword and stabbing Nick threw the head with it killing him.

Rosa just stared, speechless.

Then Lunari appeared because Dalton teleported her there.

Lunari was in her spirit form, since she had been practicing with it when she got teleported.

Then Dalton teleported her body.

Then Dalton pointed to the dead Nick.

"Dillian did it." Dalton said.

"Oh, goodness...." She said, sounding sad.

"And Me." Dalton said.

Lunari looked around a bit, with a soft gaze, looking for Nick's spirit. He had to be here somewhere.

"True Story." Nick's Spirit said.

Nick revived himself and punched Dillian in the face.

"Guys, stop it!" Lunari shouted, though she doubted they would listen.

Dillian punched Nick, but Nick stabbed Dillian in the arm.

"Rosa help me kick his ass!" Dillian said Punching Nick.

Rosa punched Nick as well.

"Oh goodness..." Lunari muttered. She started using telepathy. "Io? We could use your help."

Dillian blocked the Telepathy.

"Lunari! Stop the Pacifism and Help me!" Nick said Punching Rosa.

Lunari couldn't do this. She couldn't attack her teammates. "Stop it!" She shouted.

Dillian smacked Lunari before she finished shouting.

Lunari took the smack. "I'm not fighting you. You're my teammate, you're my friend. Right?"

Suddenly everyone was in a separate cage except for Dalton and Lunari in the dojo.

"You need to listen to Lunari more often." Justin said.

"Thank you. Someone agrees with me." Lunari said.

Justin then punched Lunari in the face.

Lunari got knocked out. Io came out of her room, hearing the commotion, and started healing Lunari.

After an hour or two, Justin let everyone out.

Rosa went to her room, disdainfully.

Io was finished healing Lunari, who stood. "Thank you, Io." She said, and Io replied with a nod. The two both left to their rooms.

Nick followed Lunari.

"What's up?" Lunari asked him.

"Hey so." Nick said. "Can we get back together?"

"Of course." Lunari said, smiling.

"Good." Nick said. "Oh and by the way."

"I wanted to give this to you." Nick said pulling out a Book. "It's filled to the brim with bad puns."

"Aww, thanks..." Lunari said. She started flipping through the pages, laughing.

By the time she looked up Nick had already left.

"Talk about a busybody..." Lunari mumbled, before going back to reading

Part 26

Justin called everyone.

"Well, Remember those Metal copies of You?" Justin asked.

Io looked on with a curious stare, having not been there during that time.

"Well before you killed Cydik and Metal, he Repaired and Remade them, along with new ones for the New Members, and Metal Nick is Leader Them." Justin explained.

"Oh, delightful." Rosa snarked

"A robot, to copy me? I must say, that sounds like quite the challenge to make." Io chuckled.

"I'll wreck them all on my own." A Voice said from behind everyone in a Shadow.

"Who's there?" Io said, turning around.

Everyone else looked around.

"Your Favorite Murderous Mobian." The Voice said coming out of the Shadows, It was Nate!

"Oh, Hi." Rosa said, unenthusiastically.

Nate turned Super 2.

"I'll do it faster than all of you combined." Nate said.

"Sure you could." Justin said. "Anywa-"

Just then Nate walked up and Slapped Justin in the face.

"Don't you dare get smart with me!" Nate shouted.

Nick just had the 'Oh Shiiiiiiit' expression.

Rosa glared at Nate some more, but didn't say anything.

"Nice job, Justin. You rock." Lunari complimented.

"I know." Justin said. "Anyway, The Robots have been spotted in several locations." Justin teleported everyone.

Nick and Lunari were in the City.

Rosa and Dillian were in a Desert.


Dalton and Io were in an Ice Field.

"Where is this thing?" Lunari asked, looking around, trying to sense it with her electrokinesis.

Rosa kept her guard up, as she prepared to fight.

Io gripped her staff, paying attention to her surroundings.

"Right Here." Metal Nick said floating down to the other side of the long road with Metal Lunari.

"Ready for a Fun Time?" Metal Rosa asked floating down on the other side of the Desert with Metal Dillian.

"Wanna see a Magic Trick?" Metal Io said floating down to the other side of the Ice Field with Metal Dalton.

Lunari, not hesitating, fired an electric blast at her clone.

Rosa smirked. "You're on." She said, rushing at the clone, summoning both her cyber blades.

"Wow. Talk about a cheap replica. You intrigue me, copy." Io said, before firing a magic blast at her clone.

Metal Lunari deflected it.

Metal Rosa summoned Cyber Blades and attacked Rosa.

Metal Io used a Magic Shield.

"Want to play, huh?" Lunari said, and turned Super. She dashed at the copy, ramming into it.

Rosa and Metal Rosa slashed and parried each other's strikes for a while.

"How odd, a robot using magic..." Io mumbled to herself, morphing into Celeste's form. "Nice shield. Want it broken?" She joked, before rushing at the copy, lighting her staff with blue flames, and breaking the Shield.

"You actually think You can win?" Metal Nick said grinning.

"We'll just need to see now won't me?" Nick said smirking.

(This song starts playing:

"Grr." Metal Nick growled, then went back to smirking. "Yes We Will."

Nick and Metal Nick dashed at each Other.

"Dodge This!" Metal Rosa said salading at Rosa.

Metal Io turned into a form resembling Celeste's Form.

"Let's do this." Lunari said, smirking almost the same. She remembered how using her spirit form the first time around bugged Nick, so she went after Metal Lunari instead, punching the copy in the face.

Rosa tried to move, but got slashed on the nose. In a rage, she turned Techno, and slashed back.

"Hmph. You know nothing of us, clone. You can mimic our abilities, but you do not have our conscience." Io lamented, as she fired a magic blast at the clone.

Nick and Metal Nick continued exchanging blows.

Metal Rosa entered the Cyber-Space of the Sword and then jumped out to kick Rosa in the face.

"Yes we do have a 'Similar' Conscience, We were programmed with Two AI Units." Metal Io said shooting a Magic Blast at the Magic Blast.

Lunari and Metal Lunari kept matching each other, blow for blow.

"Dammit...." Rosa mumbled. That actually caught her off guard. She vanished, and reappeared behind Metal Rosa a split second later, and used her cyber blade to tear open the metal, exposing some wires.

"Hmph. Only 'similar'. What a shame, really." Io said. Io moved to the side, and fired another blast,

Metal Rosa smirked and backflipped over Rosa's Slash. "Auto-Hitting is not how you treat a Lady." Metal Rosa said mimicing Rosa's voice.

Metal Io dodged. "You don't Know what this is like, We are Polar Oppisites, And Oppisites Don't Attract, We have almost been teared in half just because of the two AI chips." Metal Io said firing a few blasts at Io.

Rosa slashed at Metal Rosa again and again.

Thanks to Airion and Celeste's teamwork, Io knew exactly what to say. "You're torn. Opposites really don't attract. I understand. You two. Don't you just wish you could get rid of each other? Forever? Move on and act independently?" Io explained, attempting to sway Metal Io into letting her guard down. "You two just can't stop arguing, even over the simplest things. What way to go? How to get this done? This way, that way, back and forth to no end. It's horrible, isn't it?"

"Missed me Missed me now you gotta kiss me!" Metal Rosa said jumping on Rosa's Sword. "Actually, Don't do that."

"We Hate Each Other so Much, We'd Rather not live in a body than live with each other. It's just ridiculous!" Metal Io said losing her Fighting Stance and Her Guard.

Rosa, barely even knowing what she was doing, realized how she could get a good opening. She went over to Metal Rosa, and quickly kissed her, in an attempt to freak her out. After all, she was a clone. Why wouldn't she flip out?

"I thought you'd say something like that." Io said, smirking, firing her most powerful blast at the Metal Io. "Fool. You don't even know, it is a gift."

"HEY! WHAT THE SHIT! I'M YOU, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" Metal Rosa shouted rubbing her mouth.

"You... You... I was actually starting to think of you as a... Friend..." Metal Io said exploding.

Rosa went for a stab, right in the clone's chest. "You told me exactly how to lower your guard. I took advantage of it." Rosa snickered.

Io frowned a bit, having not realized the copy had taken a liking to her. "Thanks, Airion. Couldn't have done that without you." Celeste said. "And my gratitude to you, Celeste. You are a true friend, and comrade." Airion replied. "You could chill a bit, you know." Celeste teased. "Yeah, I'm not falling for that." Airion answered.

Metal Rosa looked unfazed. "Cleaver... Very Cleaver, But you do Know Your not hitting any Hearts Right?" Metal Rosa said kicking Rosa in the face.

Rosa got knocked aside by the kick. "I know. But I'm wearing you down." Rosa remarked.

"I Suppose." Metal Rosa said.

"Thanks, You know my voice chip was programmed to mimic your voice Perfectly." Metal Rosa said.

"Of course. Wouldn't feel right if you didn't sound and talk just like I do." Rosa said, laughing a slight bit. But, behind her back, she was starting to form a cyber blade.

"Yea, I mean I'm suppose to be a perfect clone and all." Metal Rosa said.

Rosa smiled. "True. You even fight quite a bit like I do." Rosa said, complimenting, while she made her cyber blade bigger, and sharper.

"I know, Cydik studied you alot, and he and Metal built us to speficially mirror you." Metal Rosa said.

"Oh, Cydik, huh? That punk." Rosa said. Then, trying to catch Metal Rosa off guard, Rosa threw her Cyber Blade, very quickly.

Metal Rosa quickly parried it away. "You idiot! Did you not here the Mirroring you part?!" Metal Rosa said dashing at Rosa.

"I had the odd feeling you would know what I was up to." Rosa said. Then, she tried moving out of the way, but got hit on the leg.

Metal Rosa came back around and touched Rosa's Stripe, then went into the Cyberspace of Rosa!

Rosa shuddered. She could feel where Metal Rosa was in her head, she could feel Metal Rosa moving around, and it was strange beyond words. She went into her own cyberspace, after Metal Rosa.

Metal Rosa started putting images in Rosa's Mind to confuse and frighten her.

A picture of a Dead Dillian popped up. "I'll kill him."

Then one of a Dead Dalton. "Him Too."

Then one of the rest of the team."We'll kill them All."

Rosa, in the real world, doubled over, and fell. In her own cyberspace, she tried to stop her copy. She fired cyber blades and cyber blasts at Metal Rosa.

Metal Rosa shot more Images, ones of her dead, ones of the dojo destroyed, ones of Dillian dead.

"Stop!" Rosa shouted, dashing at the clone, ramming into her.

Metal Rosa got knocked back, then showed Rosa images where she was killing Dillian and Dalton.

Rosa collapsed, unable to take any more. "You monster...." She said, weak.

Metal Rosa left her and created a Cyber Blade.

"Get ready to go to Hell." Metal Rosa said.

Rosa tried rolling out of the way.

Meanwhile Dillian was still fighting Metal Dillian, then stopped. "Rosa!" Dillian sensed Rosa in danger, then walked through a symbol to there and bashed his Stone Sword into the side of Metal Rosa's head.

"You OK?" Dillian asked helping Rosa up.

"That b*tch...." Rosa mumbled, as she got helped up. "Yeah, I'm fine." She said.

"Good." Dillian said looking at Metal Rosa. "And as for You!" Dillian turned Super. "You hurt my Girlfriend!" Dillian then turned Super 2 and bashed into Metal Rosa.

Rosa tried turning Techno, bit for some reason, she couldn't manage it. "What the heck?" She tried summoning her cyber energy. No dice. She pulled one metal dagger out of her coat pocket, which she usually kept as a backup. She unsheathed it. "You're done for!" Rosa shouted, getting ready to fight again.

Dillian held Metal Rosa so Rosa could kill her with a bunch of stabs.

Rosa stabbed Metal Rosa, again and again and again, until she was beyond repair.

Metal Rosa tried summoning a Cyber Blade, but Dillian took it and threw it Rosa. "Beat her with her own weapon!"

"Got it!" Rosa said, bug as soon as she touched the cyber blade, it dissolved. It seemed she had lost her cyberkinesis, at least temporarily. "No good!" Rosa said, before stabbing Metal Rosa one last time with her dagger.

Dillian took the other cyber Blade Metal Rosa made and ripped off Metal Rosa's arm and gave it to Rosa. "Try it with her Arm."

Rosa did just that, which worked. "Better." She said, stabbing Metal Rosa with the Cyber Blade, arm and everything.

Dillian ripped off Metal Rosa's Head and tossed it to Rosa. "You destroy it."

"Your Welcome." Dillian said.

"Wait- where's your copy?" Rosa said, looking around.

"Whaddya Mean My Co- SHIT!" Dillian shouted teleporting away, then Metal Dillian was destroying the city, but hasn't killed anyone yet, but was about to.

Rosa huffed, since Dillian had left without her. She didn't have any good means of teleportation, nor did she know where he went, so she couldn't follow him.

Then a Symbol swallowed Rosa and she was with Dillian.

"Much better." Rosa said. She tried using her cyber blades again, but all that resulted was cyber energy sparking around her fingers. Not good. She pulled out her dagger again, disdainfully. "Alright, let's do this." She said.

Dillian bashed into Metal Dillian.

Rosa also dashed at Metal Dillian, and slashed at the copy with her dagger.

Metal Dillian summoned a Metallic Symbol which shot Metallic Flames at Dillian and Rosa.

Rosa turned away, but got hit by the flames. She winced, looking hurt, but she could still keep going. She went for a kick to the chest.

Dillian summoned a Symbol which shot It's own Flames.

Once the flames went out, Rosa went in close for more slashes.

Metal Dillian bashed Rosa with the hilt of a newly formed Metallic Stone Sword.

Rosa was knocked away.

Dillian caught Rosa.

"Thanks." Rosa replied, getting back up.

Part 27

Suddenly, a blast of energy flew by and blasted the robotic Dillian to pieces. Then the one that fired the blast appeared wearing a robe with a hood. It looked over at Dillian and Rosa. "Are you 2 alright"?

Rosa nodded, despite the fact that her cyber energy wasnt working right. That was something she could fix herself, if she just had a little while to do it.

The hooded hedgehog took off his hood to reveal that it was Rudy. "I am Rudy". "I just happened to be in the area and thought you guys could use some help". "Anyway, what are your names"?

"The name's Rosa. This is Dillian." Rosa said.

Then Rudy smiled and said "Don't worry about your teammates". "My group will be assisting yours for this fight". Then a dragon flew in and landed. A figure got off the dragon's back and it also wore a robe with a hood. "Rudy, the cat has already beaten her duplicate before our arrival". Then Rudy said "Fine, you shall stay with me then". "This is Rosa and this is Dillian". said Rudy. The figure nodded and the dragon he rode in on disapeered. Then he took off his hood and it was Squall. "You can call me Squall". he said to them.

Rosa nodded. "Pleased to meet you."

Squall looked around and said "Let us leave this desert". Then Rudy said "So this means the metal copies of Dillian, Rosa, and Io were destroyed". "That means that there shoul only be 3 left". Squall thought for a few seconds and said "What about the little fox"? Rudy sighed and said "I doubt Cydik and Metal had enough time before they were killed". "We should go and help Nick". said Rudy.

"Why him over the echidna and pugilist"? asked Squall. "They already have help on the way". said Rudy. Then it cuts to where Lunari is fighting Metal Lunari. Then a sudden fireball hits Metal Lunari and knocks it flying through a building. "For once, I'll team up with you echidna". said the robed figure. It removed its hood and revealed itself to be Xia.

"Xia? Hello..." Lunari said, somewhat surprised.

Then while Dalton was fighting Metal Dalton, a sword cleaved right through Metal Dalton and it fell on the ground, cut in two.The figure responsible said "Now, let us go help Nick". It took off its hood to reveal that it was Ty. Then ty teleported himself and Dalton to where Rudy, Dillian, Squall, and Rosa were. Then Johnny came out of a portal with Io. "Now we go to the city so that we can defeat Metal Nick and finish Metal Lunari off". said Rudy.

Then Rudy teleports everyone there to the city with him.

Io got ready to battle.

Rosa hurried to get ger cyber energy up and running.

Nick was in his Super Form, and Metal Nick seemed in a Super Form aswell.

Rosa wasn't about to waste time. in an attempt to distract Metal Nick, Rosa tried throwing a cyber blade at the copy.

The cyber blade went through Metal Nick's head, but he really didn't care.

Rosa sighed in relief, cyber energy sparking around her figertips. "Back in business." She mumbled, smiling.

Io observed patiently. 'If the head didn't work...." "Then why not try the chest?" Io fired a blast of magic energy, aiming at Metal Nick's chest.

Metal Nick deflected it.

"Alright. I'm done." Nick said turning Dragon. He squished Metal Nick into the ground and turned back to normal.

Lunari smiled. "Nice job, Nick."

"Thanks." Nick said.

Rosa spun her fingers around, playing with her cyber energy, making sure that it was actually working and her blade wasn't just a lucky shot.

Part 28

Nick teleported everyone back to the Dojo.

Lunari collapsed on her bed, exhausted.

Nick went in his room an took out his emerald and locked the door shut.

"Sup with him?" Dalton asked.

"Dunno, he's been locking everyone out and doing something with his Emerald." Dillian said.

Lunari, hearing snippets of the conversation, used her spirit form. She kept her power level low so she couldn't be sensed. Heading towards Nick's room, invisible, she phased through the door slightly, enough to see what he was doing.

"Attach already!" Nick yelled in a whisper. "I gotta get you on this ring!"

Lunari came closer, curiously.

"No wonder people just go to jewelry stores for wedding rings." Nick whispered to himself.

Lunari was shocked. A wedding ring? Did that mean...?

"Can't propose without a Wedding Ring, And I have no Money." Nick Mumbled. "So I need to spend a week getting this attached."

Lunari stared at the ring, in awe.

"Can't wait to see Lunari's Reaction to when I propose Though!" Nick mumbled.

Lunari kept watching, enjoying herself.

"YES!" Nick shouted when it finally attached.

"What was that?!" Dillian shouted.

"Nothing!" Nick shouted back.

Lunari giggled a little bit, maybe enough for Nick to hear.

"Who's there?!" Nick shouted about to shoot a shockwave that reveals all Spirits, when another Spirit knocked Lunari into her Body, Then Nick released the Shockwave. "Oh, It's just you Mikasa, thought you were Lunari."

"I felt like spying on ya." Mikasa said. "But you found me, and that's no fun!"

Mikasa teleported away after winking to Lunari.

"Thanks Mikasa. I owe you one." Lunari said to Mikasa, telepathically.

"Your Welcome." Mikasa said telepathically.

Lunari smiled.

Nick came out of his room via teleporting and then left.

Hmm, what's he up to..." Rosa thought, watching him leave.

"What is he doing?" Dillian said.

Rosa shrugged. "Beats me."

"Must be important." Dillian said.

"Sounds about right." Rosa said.

"If he locked us out of his room it HAS to be important." Dalton said.

"I agree." Rosa replied. "He would get angry if we spied on him, though..."

Mikasa appeared behind them.

"Yea he did." Mikasa said.

"Did? What happened?" Rosa asked.

"Lunari over here was trying to spy on him, but I pushed her into her body before Nick could figure out who was spying on him." Mikasa said.

"Right, this stuff again..." Rosa rolled her eyes. "Thanks, Mikasa. He would have taken it out on all of us if he got angry." She said.

"Yea no kidding." Mikasa said.

Rosa yawned a little. "Geez, it's kind've late. Good night." Rosa said, walking back to her room.

"It's 1 in the Afternoon, someone damage your Programing?" Mikasa said.

"Huh?" Rosa turned around to check the clock. She was right. She muttered something about Metal Rosa being a bitch, wandering back into her room anyways.

Around an hour later Nick came back.

"Hello." Rosa said, waving. "What were you up to?" She asked, casually.

"Can't tell ya." Nick said.

"Really?" Rosa asked, with a questioning stare, trying one last time.

"Yep!" Nick said a little bit cheerfully.

Rosa smirked. "Oookayyy...." She walked back into her room.

Nick cheerfully went into his room via teleporting.

Lunari, Rosa, Lexie, and Io were all in their rooms.

Nick summoned a Calendar and Circled a day 2 Days from then, then returned it to his mind.

Part 29

Io was doing something odd in her room.

Dalton teleported in Io's room.

"Whatcha doin?" Dalton asked.

Io was sitting on the floor on her room, in the middle of a large rune. She was conpletely still. "Meditating." She replied, eyes shut, not moving a muscle.

Dalton picked Io up and shook her.

"But that's boring!" Dalton shouted in her face after shaking her.

"Ugh... Just as rude as they come, huh?" "Yep. No doubt about it." Io looked irritated. "But it helps, too."

Dalton grabbed Io by the arm and dragged her away.

"No, We're doing something fun. You and me, Right now." Dalton said opening a symbol.

"You're kidding me, right? Ugh..." She mumbled. How dare him, ruining her meditation. Their meditation. Shame on him.

"No." Dalton said.

"May I ask where you're taking me?" Io asked.

"Yes, Yes you may." Dalton said.

"Where are you taking me?" Io asked again, sounding irritated.

"I have absolutely no Idea." Dalton said.

Io sighed. "Then I'll be going now." Breaking free from Dalton's grip, she drew a teleportation rune and left.

"Nope." Dalton said erasing the rune. "We're doing something fun and your gonna like it."

Io rolled her eyes, but then had an idea. "I know somewhere we could go." She drew a teleportation rune, but didn't use it just yet.

"Where?" Dalton asked.

"Where I'm from." Io answered, mysteriously. "Don't you want to know?" She said, with a smirk.

"Yes." Dalton said.

"Well, let's go then." Io said. She grabbed Dalton's hand, and went onto the teleportation rune.

"Oh! Ether Forest!" Dalton said. "I haven't been here in forever!"

Io looked around. "Come on out, my friends. I have a guest." Various spirits began to show up.

A Light Blue Spirit, A Yellow Spirit and a Pink Spirit came over, They seemed too know Dalton.

"Sup Dalton." The Light Blue Spirit said.

"Hey Matthew." Dalton said.

"Hello Dalton!" The Pink Spirit said.

"Hey Lisa." Dalton said.

"Hey Dalton!" The Yellow Spirit said.

"Hey Doug." Dalton said.

"Ah. So you know the Ether Spirits." Io said, understandingly.

"Hey Lady Tempest." Dalton said.

"Hello there, friend." Lady Tempest replied. "It seems you've met our watchwomen. Hello, Airion, Celeste."

Io took a knee. "Hello, milady."

"Stop being so Formal you two." Dalton said.

"Hmhmhm. It seems you've figured me out." Io said, laughing.

"I've you figured out for a while." Dalton said.

Io chuckled heartily.

"Anyway, What are you doing here?" Matthew asked.

"Well, someone interrupted my meditation, dragged me away, and insisted we go somewhere, even though he had no idea where. So, we came here." Io said, glaring at Dalton.

'Mediation is boring!" Dalton and Matthew said in sync.

"Good luck keeping your ether in balance..." Io said to Matthew. Lady Tempest nodded in agreement.

"I have other ways." Matthew said.

"Anyways, how has everyone been?" Io asked.

"Good. Very good." Lady Tempest replied.

"So, Io." Dalton said. "This doesn't seem very fun."

"I'm just getting started." Io said. "How about a party? Summon all the spirits, for festivities!"

"Ah, Io, you are a genius! I agree!" Lady Tempest let out a whistle. All of the other spirits arrived, and the party began.

"Oh. This could be fun." Dalton said.

"Very. The spirits know how to party." Io joked. She looked around.

Younger, child-like spirits started playing capture the flag, teenage-looking spirits started a bonfire in a clearing using dead branches, and older-looking spirits started to chit-chat.

Dalton looked around.

"Spme of the warriors like to spar, over there." Io pointed to a small cluster of spirits. "I'm sure they'd love to see a new competitor." Io chuckled heartily. "I might join in too."

Dalton looked happy.

"To the... Spar Thing." Dalton said going to the Cluster.

"Hey look; fresh meat!" One spirit joked, causing everyone else to laugh. "You wanna go?"

Dalton summoned an Iron Sword that's as big as Dalton.

"Do you wanna go?" Dalton said.

"Well, why wouldn't I?" The spirit stepped up, holding a long, transparent sword.

Everyone else gathered around in a circle, but made sure to leave plenty of room.

Io moved off to the side, (like a pokemon battle referee). "Alright. First one to drop or break their weapon loses. Are you ready?"

"Just start it." Dalton said as his Sword Glowed.


The spirit rushed at Dalton, and swung, their swords crashing together.

"Mach 100 Jutsu: 10000 Slashes!" Dalton said slashing 10000 times in the blink of an eye.

The spirit tried blocking, but ended up having his sword fly out of his hands from the strength of the blow.

"Dalton wins!" Io said.

"Hey, good game, pal. We should have a rematch some other time." The spirit said, complimenting him.

"Probably shouldn't have gone overboard." Dalton said.

"Nah, no problem. Love to see a good show." The spirit said, nonchalantly.

"Anyways, what now?" Io looked around again.

"Now? Now You Two gotta get back to the Dojo." Nick said walking in.

"Hmm? Oh, hello Nick." Io said.

Lady Tempest floated over to him. "Ah. How nice to see you. Nick, I've been meaning to give you this." She handed Nick an ornate staff. "Thank you for helping us."

"Oh, Fancy." Nick said. "Thanks! Anyway, Dalton and Io, You gotta get back to the Dojo, Xicon is attacking the city."

Nick opened a Symbol with the Staff and took Dalton and Io with him. "We're gonna need Celeste's Magic more, so Airion, You can just... Do what you do."

Part 30

They arrived at the City, and Xicon and Some of his Robots were attacking the City.

Io morphed into Celeste's form. "Show time." She wielded her staff, firing magic blasts off of it, aiming at the robots.

Some robots were hit before all the Robots started attacking them.

Io fought back, mercilessly.

Xicon rushed at Io and knocked her away then attacked Nick and Dalton.

Nick turned Super 2 and used Power Share so Dalton turned Super.

"Io, Get the Rest of the Dojo." Nick said.

"Got it." Io drew a rune, and teleported away.

Xicon attacked Nick who kicked Xicon back and him and Dalton made a GIGANTIC Symbol.

"Mach 1000000 Jutsu: 1000000000 Fists!!!" Nick and Dalton shouted dashing at Xicon and hitting him A Billion times in the blink of an eye.

Io teleported back, with Lunari and Rosa.

"Glad to see you came." Nick said. "Hey Io. You might need this." Nick used his Power Share to give Io a Super Form.

Io looked at herself, somewhere between intrigue and content. "Thanks Nick." She said.

"No prob, Now Attack!" Nick said shooting Blasts of Fire at Xicon.

Nathan came in a Super Form and Kicked Xicon in the back.

Cole came as a Golden Flying Squirrel and grabbed Xicon with his Tail and through him into a Building.

Xicon got up and punched Cole into another Building and punched Nathan.

Nick flew at Xicon and punched him in the face Three times, and Dalton kicked him in the face, and then Nick smashed him into the ground.

Cole shot a Blast where XIcon was smashed.

Nathan also shot some blasts.

Xicon came out and punched Nathan away and stabbed Cole before kicking him away.

Nick turned Contained Dragon and punched Xicon in the chest and kicked him in the face, then blasted him away.

"Nice shot." Rosa said, smirking a bit.

"Why don't you help?" Nick said as Xicon came walking back, really pissed off.

"Roger that." Rosa turned Techno, wielding a cyber blade.

Lunari turned Super too, ready to help.

Xicon punched Nick away, Kicked Lunari away, and Stabbed Rosa.

"Hey, Lunari." Nick said through telepathy. "I think Nickolari needs to kick some ass!"

Lunari smirked. She got up, slowly, and started the fusion dance.

Nick also did the Fusion Dance.

Nick and Lunari fused into Nickolari who turned Super 2 and flew at Xicon punching him in the face and kicking him in the chest, followed by a Blast to the face.

Rosa circled around behind Xicon, and went for a backstab.

Xicon kicked Rosa away and attacked Nickolari, but Nickolari punched a hole in Xicon.

"How do YOU like having a hole in you?" Nickolari smirked blasting him away.

Io fired a magic blast at Xicon, as well.

Xicon came back, this time in a Dark Form.

"Destroy Them." Xicon said as 1,000,000,000 Robots appeared, and attacked everyone.

Io fought back against the robots, which were starting to surround her.

Rosa fired cyber shockwaves all around her, fending off the robots.

Nickolari charged at Xicon, Who shot a Blast of Darkness at Nickolari.

Nickolari fired a Lightning Blast at Xicon.

The resulting Beam Clash sent Shockwaves that destroyed the nearby Buildings.

Rosa shielded herself from the shockwaves, before going back to fighting the robots. She went into cyberspace, and controlled one of the robots, to take out the rest of them.

The Robot Rosa was in, Self Destructed so Rosa couldn't do anything, if it didn't kill her.

Rosa made it out alive, but badly hurt.

Dillian came out of a symbol and healed Rosa.

Rosa took a deep breath. "Thank you." She stood back up, and once again fired cyber shockwaves at the robots.

Dillian turned Super 2 and attacked some Robots with Rosa, meanwhile Nickolari punched Dark Xicon in the face.

Io constantly went between firing at robots and firing at Xicon.

Nickolari punched Xicon back into a building, but then defused.

"Shit." Nick said turning Super 2. "No. This Form won't do."

Nick started charging energy, gathering it from everywhere, his quills started growing down to his legs as he turned Golden. Nick had ascended to Super 3!

"This on the other hand." Nick said firing a shockwave that destroyed all robots. "Will do just fine. All of you, get back to the dojo, I have a score to settle with this guy."

Io drew a teleportation rune, and everybody teleported away..... Or did they? Lunari was still there, in her spirit form, ready to help Nick if need be.

Nick attacked Xicon, hitting him in the face and kicking him in the air, then smashing him to the ground, Xicon got up and attacked Nick matching him blow for blow.

Lunari watched carefully, waiting for the right moment.

Xicon punched Nick in the chest, But Nick shot a large Eye Beam at Xicon knocking him down, Nick charged a Large Blast.

"Ultimate! ENERGY! BLAST! TIMES THREE!!!" Nick shouted blasting Xicon who got up and fired his own blast.

The Blasts collided and Xicon's started advancing.

"TIMES ONE HUNDRED!!!!!" Nick shouted as his Blast grew bigger and overpowered Xicon's, Completely Erasing him from this World.

Lunari smiled, and drifted over to him.

"That's for killing my Mom." Nick said turning back to Normal.

Lunari moved into his field of view, and waved.

"Huh? Oh hi!" Nick said.

Lunari giggled. "I was worried about you."

"Why? I can take care of myself." Nick said teleporting back to the dojo with Lunari.

Part 31

"Hey Nick, isn't your birthday coming soon?" Dillian asked when they got back.

"Yea, What's the point? We don't age." Nick said.

Justin looked at the ground and teleported away.

A day later, Justin called everyone.

"What's up?" Rosa asked.

"So, The other day, Nick mentioned how you never age." Justin said. "And I may be responsible."

"How?" Nick said. "I thought it was just an excuse so this Hero's Destiny Series could keep going forever."

"Well it IS" Justin said. "But They made a backstory anyway."

"Mkay then." Nick said.

"I've put an Anti-Aging Charm on all of you so you could always be around to train and save the world, but I've realized that you can take care of your selves." Justin said snapping. "I have just removed the charm, You begin to age."

Io smiled. "Not like the two of us needed one to begin with." Celeste said, jokingly.

"I never gave you one, Celeste." Justin said through telepathy.

"That makes sense." Airion replied.

"Well if we actually age, then that means..." Dillian said. "GET THE FESTIVITIES!"

Dillian opened a symbol and ran into it.

"Welp, looks like he's gonna get a party ready, He's got Five days, he shouldn't rush so much." Nick said.

"That's just the way he is..." Rosa said, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Yep." Nick said.

Lexie practiced her clarinet in her room.

Dillian came out of a Symbol and grabbed something then went back into a Symbol.

Io went back to meditating in her room, hopefully with no interruptions.

Dalton appearing in Io's room, he picked her up and threw out of the dojo.

"Stop Meditating!" Dalton shouted after he threw her.

Io rolled her eyes. "Do you ever mind your own business?" She walked away.

"No." Dalton said.

Io just continued walking away, not even bothering to respond.

Nick went to his room.

Lunari heard a little bit of the commotion outside, and rolled her eyes.

Rikai came to the dojo.

"Oh, hello." Lunari said.

"Heya." Rikai said.

"How are you?" Lunari asked.

"Bored." Rikai said.

Lunari shrugged, nonchalantly.

"Where's Nick?" Rikai asked.

"In his room." Lunari answered.

Rikai went into Nick's room to thank him for killing Xicon.

A while later, Io still didn't come back.

Dalton realized that she was meditating or something and teleported to her, in the Ether Forest.

There was no sign of her. Odd...

Dalton looked around.

"I know I sensed her here..." Dalton muttered, He tried a Telepathic Shout.

Nothing. Nothing but an uneasy feeling.

"Alright, That's enough!" Dalton creating a Symbol the size of the city and slammed it down, It would reveal anything concealed.

Much to Dalton's suprise, the symbol revealed a very thick, translucent web, with strands coming off of everything,even Dalton himself. It glowed faintly, getting thicker and brighter around each tree. Spirits were suspended in the web, apparently asleep. Despite all of this, there was no sign of Io.

"What the fuck?" Dalton said. "IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone else (Except Io) Appeared next to Dalton.

"What are you doing here?" Dalton asked.

"We heard you scream enough to blow up a sun." Nick said.

All of the spirits in the web woke up, and stared at them. Like with Dalton before, the strands started coming off of everyone else.

Rosa looked at him, somewhat annoyed, and somewhat curious. "What's going on?"

"Some kind of Web is here." Nick said turning Super, which destroyed the Web on him.

The spirits looked at him, harshly, scoldingly. The strands

Lexie moved around a bit, looking at the strands. They followed her, but didn't seem to do anything to her. "They seem pretty harmless to me..."

"What was the scream for? Is Io alright?" Rosa asked.

"Can't find her anywhere." Dalton said.

"Huh. Wierd..." Lunari looked around at the web surrounding all of them. Some of the strands even phased through them, like some kind of illusion. Lunari, if anything, looked a little dizzy. "Do you guys know where she is?" She asked the spirits around them.

"No. We haven't seen them." One spirit answered. "Let's go look for them." Another replied.

"Well then let's go!" Dalton said, He ran off to somewhere.

"Well, we'd better follow him. If he goes off by himself, who knows what might happen." Rosa said.

The Ether Spirits in the web started tugging on strings, waking up more Ether Spirits, sending them out to search. A few stuck around with the group, to help them, and one went out to tell Lady Tempest and Selene.

Matthew was following Dalton along with Doug and Lisa.

Rosa caught up to Dalton pretty quick. "Hello..." She waved to his friends, smiling slightly.

"Hi." Matthew said.

"What do you want?" Dalton asked.

"Dalton, I've got a bad feeling about this. I don't think anyone should be going anywhere alone. So, here I am." Rosa said, sounding nervous.

"We've dated before, You know how powerful I can be." Dalton said.

"And We're here." Matthew said gesturing to Him, Doug and Lisa.

"So is Io. And we don't even know what happened to her." Rosa said. "Thank you, friends." She said, nodding to the spirits.

Part 32

Then for some reason, They were teleported to a rocky desert, and everyone but Lunari's Spirit was taken and put into a Spiritual Cage.

Lunari looked around, in shock. All by herself! This wasn't good.

"Ugh... What the hell..." Rosa said, just starting to float around. She hated this spirit nonsense.

Lexie floated around as well, not as annoyed but just as confused.

Then Kita's Purple Spirit Appeared.

And Two lines of Bodies.

Nick, Lexie, Rosa and Dillian on Lunari's side and Nate, Mikasa, Dalton, Annie and Rikai on Kita's side.

"We're having a Possession fight, we each possess a body and destroy each other, until one side remains." Kita said possessing Rikai's body.

Lunari couldn't do this. If she possessed her friends... Kita would destroy all of their bodies. She couldn't be selfish like that. She looked down at her side, silent. Not agreeing, not refusing. Just silent.

Kita ran at Lunari and kicked her in the face through a mountain.

Lunari, desperately accepting her challenge, left her injured body behind. Every last part of her spirit resisted, but she knew she had to. She possessed Rosa's body.

Kita gave a kick at Lunari with some Telekinetic Pushes.

Lunari barely got hit by the kick, and proceeded to get shoved around a bit, but fired a cyber blast at Kita.

Kita used Telekinesis to rebound the blasts at Lunari.

Lunari jumped and dodged, but didn't stick the landing. She fell on her side, quickly scrambled to her feet, and summoned a cyber blade.

Kita shot a large blast.

Lunari got hit on the side, and fell over. But, she quickly got back up, and rapid-fired blasts back at Kita.

Kita shot more blasts to destroy Lunari's.

Lunari tried summoning Rosa's cyber blade, and threw it at Kita.

Kita used Telekinesis to keep it together so she could stab Lunari.

Lunari used Rosa's cyberkinesis to force the blade away from her.

Kita ran up to Lunari and Backflip-Kicked her.

Lunari got knocked over, but stood back up, looking a bit wobbly. She started rapid-firing blasts at Kita.

Kita used Telekinesis to bring Lunari to her, and repeatedly punch her if the face.

Lunari looked pretty beaten up, but she summoned another cyber blade, using her close proximity to try and stab Kita in the chest.

Kita created a Telekinetic shockwave to knock it away, then kicked Lunari away.

Lunari started rapid-firing cyber blasts at Kita.

Kita dodged them all and kicked Lunari in the head with enough force to crack a planet in half.

Lunari dodged, and summoned another cyber blade, ready to stab Kita. "What, you think you're going to autohit me and get away with it? I think not."

Kita had the 'Really' expression, she fired a shockwave to render Rosa's body useless.

(1. You really want this to be over don't ya? 2. How exactly would that work? And if she could do this the whole time, why wouldn't she use it sooner?)

Lunari tried to dodge it, but got hit with the very edge of it. unable to use Rosa, Lunari possessed Dillian's body.

(Because know Rosa's body is weakened, so she could have done this, also the Anniversary RP is not in HD4, but it does take place during HD4, it'll take too long to get to it, by the time we get to it, the anniversary would be over, also no electrokinesis for Dillian btw.)

Kita possessed Dalton's body.

After quickly figuring out how to use Dillian's symbols, she used the insta-slash jutsu on Kita.

Kita got a small cut on her chest, then used a jutsu on herself, before using an Insta-Slash of her own.

Lunari got hit on the leg. She used a fire jutsu on Kita.

Kita created a Symbol that shot an Ice-Ball to burst through the fireball and hit Lunari.

Lunari barely dodged. "You're still not gonna autohit me." She said, using another insta slash jutsu.

Kita jumped up before the Insta-Slash.

"Too Slow!" Kita said teleporting behind Lunari and going for a stab.

Lunari got hit between the shoulder blades, and fell.

"Give up yet?" Kita said leaving Dalton's body. "Why not have a Spirit Fight instead?"

Kita's Spirit tackled Lunari's Spirit out of Dillian's body.

"Alright. If you say so." Lunari charged up spiritual energy, and went for a kick.

Kita dodged and went for some slashes with her claws.

Nick tried to get out of his cage, but couldn't.

Lunari only got hit by a couple, but they hurt. Lunari fired a blast of spiritual energy at Kita, point-blank.

Kita scratched it in half, and then clawed Lunari.

Nick had seen enough, he opened up a Symbol and then appeared behind Kita and kicked her in the back, away from Lunari.

Lunari looked hurt in a couple spots, but she was otherwise fine. She loated right up to Nick and hugged him. "Thank you."

"It's Fine." Nick said, he readied to fight Kita, his Spirit turned Golden as his Spirit entered Super 3.

Lunari didn't have access to her forms as a spirit, so she simply charged spiritual energy, ready to fight.

Nick shot spiritual flames at Kita.

Lunari shot a blast of spiritual energy at Kita.

Kita got blasted away, seemingly destroyed.

Lunari started to focus, using her telepathy to make sure Kita was gone.

No sign of Kita.

Nick got everyone back into they're body, and Nick sent everyone into the dojo except Lunari.

Part 33

"I wanna show you something." Nick said.

"Yes?" Lunari asked, curiously. "Is this..." She thought to herself.

Nick took her to a forest with a tree in a stone circle, like it was special.

"See this tree?" Nick asked. "That's the tree you fell out of when we first met."

"Oh my god. You're right! It is!" Lunari said, excited. She climbed up to the exact branch where she was sitting then, and pointed out into the distance, where a road sat past the treeline. "And that's where the car was." She said, remembering Chace and Stephanie's car, and the honk that started it all.

"Took a while to build the stone circle, But I managed." Nick said. "But could you come down here for a second?"

Feeling pretty damn funny, Lunari intentionally fell out of the tree, just for nostalgia. It didn't even hurt; she started to laugh. But, she stood back up. "Yes?"

Nick got down on one knee and held out a ring with his Emerald on it.

"Blah blah, Mushy stuff, Let's get to the point." Nick said. "Lunari. Will you marry me?"

Lunari was speechless for a moment. "Yes!" She tackle-hugged him to the ground, starting to cry tears of joy.

Nick hugged Lunari back.

"I Love you, Lunari." Nick said, he was infinitely happy.

"I love you too!" Lunari said, overjoyed.

Nick got up once the hugfest was over.

"Hold on, I wanna do something." NIck said, Nick shot a laser at the tree, carving N+L Inside a heart on it. "There."

Lunari started laughing hysterically.

Nick gave Lunari a kiss and gave her the ring.

Lunari put on the ring, and kissed him back, climbing back up in the tree. She took a deep breath. She loved this little spot.

Nick opened a Symbol.

"I'm going back to the Dojo, You stay with your nostalgia if you want, I'mma go look for Io with the others.

Read The Hero's Destiny Anniversary, as that takes place now, Then come back as the next line takes place right after that.

"Well that was a cool fight." Nick said turning back to normal.

Lunari shuddered, still creeped out by being absorbed by Phantom. She'd never felt anything like that before.

"Io!" Dalton said.

Airion and Celeste appeared, right in front of his face. "Hello!" They said, at the same time.

Dalton jumped back a little.

"Were you trying to scare me?" Dalton said.

Celeste giggled. "Maybe."

"Well you succeeded." Dalton said.

"It was her idea." Airion said.

They both started laughing.

"You see Celeste, This is why I like Airion more." Dalton said.

"I always thought Celeste to be the more likable one. She's playful." Airion said.

"That's why everyone else likes her more, But sometimes you need to be serious." Dalton said. "Like you."

Airion didn't answer. She looked around, at the trees surrounding them. She let out a long, somewhat quiet whistle. They could hear something take off deeper into the woods.

Nick went to go talk to Lunari.

"So Lunari, When's the Wedding going to happen?" Nick asked.

"I really don't know." Lunari said. "By the way, isn't your birthday coming up soon?"

"Yes, It's in Three days." Nick said.

"okay. Well, it'd be kinda wierd to have it on your birthday, so, sometime after that?" Lunari suggested.

"Sure why not." Nick said.

3 Days Later...

Lunari woke up early, and made Nick breakfast in bed. She knocked on Nick's door.

"Come in." Nick said waking up, he shot a laser that opened the door. "Wazzup."

"Happy Birthday!" Lunari walked in, holding Nick's breakfast in bed.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Birthdays." Nick said. "Come here and Gimme a Hug."

Lunari set down Nick's breakfast in front of him, and gave him a hug.

Nick gave Lunari a kiss on the face.

Lunari kissed him back.

Lexie could be heard from her room, playing "Happy Birthday" on her clarinet.

After the kiss, Nick ate his food at the speed of sound and spindashed out of bed, then brushed his teeth at the speed of sound and went to the main room where everyone was waiting for him with cake and pie and stuff.

"Happy Birthday!" Dillian said hugging Nick.

Io smiled, nudging her present over to Nick. The staff Lady Tempest had given Nick before, was now embedded with a few blue gems.

"Happy birthday, Nick." Rosa said, smiling.

"Presents yay." Nick said, he burned off the wrapping paper.

Dillian got him a Shield, Rikai got him a Sword, Dalton got him some Emeralds and Mikasa got him a Spear.

Lexie got him a lightning-bolt charm, Rosa gave him a cyber dagger matching hers, and Lunari got him a strange-looking blue orb.

"Thanks you guys." Nick said, he gave everyone a hug and they all ate cake and pie and had a nice party.