It's been nearly a month since Hero's Destiny 4, It's time for the Wedding.

Part 1: The Wedding

Nick was getting ready, Tux and everything.

"Lookin Good!" Dillian said helping Nick get ready.

"Thanks." Nick said.

"Almost Ready?" Dillian asked.

"Yep." Nick said.

Io was helping Lunari with her dress and her headpiece.

"You look nice, Lunari." Io complimented.

"Awww, thanks..." Lunari said, a bit embarrased.

Once everything was ready, Nick peaked out and saw everyone, Rikai, Dalton, Justin, Mikasa, Matthew, Lisa, Doug, The Ether Spirits, The Lich King and Even Nate and Xirsec, Xirsec was handcuffed and powerless though.

Rosa was helping Lexie with her flower girl dress. Rosa smiled. "You look cute."

"Thanks!" Lexie answered. "You look beautiful, too." Rosa was wearing a bridesmaid dress.

A small friend watched from above, unnoticed.

Once everyone else except Nick, Lunari, and the Best Man (I think you know who the best man is) was where they should be, Nick began to walk down the aisle.

Everyone turrned to look at Nick.

Nick arrived at his place.

Then The Best Man, Dillian, walked to his place.

Rosa, the only bridesmaid, walked to her spot.

And then Io, the maid of honor, walked to her spot.

Sarah, the ring bearer, and Lexie, the flower girl, walked together, with Lexie throwing purple flower petals.

And, the one everyone was waiting for, Lunari, was next. She walked down the aisle, slowly, wearing a long white dress, which faded to a navy blue at the bottom.

"She looks so beautiful..." Nick said.

Lunari arrived at her spot, smiling, looking at Nick. "Handsome..." She thought to herself.

After everyone did they're things, Nick put the ring on Lunari and Vice Versa and more stuff And then he Kissed the Bride.

Everyone (Even Nate and Xirsec) started clapping.

The Wedding was over, and everyone left and Xirsec went back to hell and Nick and Lunari left.

Lunari smiled at Nick, kissing him again, they went on their honeymoon, traveling like Lunari used to do so long ago.

Once they're Honeymoon was over, They came back to the dojo.

Part 2: Drifting Spirits

"Have Fun?" Dalton asked.

"Meh." Nick said. "I guess."

Lunari nodded. "It was fun."

"Good for you two then." Justin said.

"Hey where'd my Room go?" Nick asked.

"Since our dojo is getting pretty Big, I merged you and Lunari's Room." Justin said. "I also merged Dillian and Rosa's room, Io and Dalton's Room and Rikai, Lexie, and Mikasa wanted to stay by themselves."

Io overheard this. "Wait, what?"

"Now where are we going to meditate?" "Home, I suppose."

"I said, I merged your room with Dalton's." Justin said. "Our Dojo is too big."

Io rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Anyway." Nick said. "I'm going to me and Lunari's room. You guys have fun."

"Okay..." Io said, through clenched teeth. She started walking to her and Dalton's Room. Meanwhile...

"Airion, I thought you were the serious one. Are you going to put up with this?" "Yes, Celeste. It be wise of you to settle down." "Settle down? How am I- I mean, WE ever going to settle down when we can't meditate?" "Don't talk back to me like that." "Oh, and you're so powerful? Let's see about-"

As soon as Io step foot into their room, she passed out.

Justin came in and sighed, he made Io wake up.

"Airion and Celeste." Justin said seriously.

"Y-yes?" Io answered, sounding a bit tired.

"You two argue too much." Justin told her. "Too make you appreciate each other I am giving you a test."

"Please. We do. That was a minor mistake. And a test, you say? How about going on like this for 200 years?" Io said, making her point.

"Your taking a test to see how much you need each other." Justin said, he snapped his fingers as Io split into two, with Airion and Celeste separate. "See how long you can last without each other."

"Okay. Challenge accepted." Airion said.

"Just like old times, huh?" Celeste said.

Dalton just came in.

"The fuck?" Dalton said.

"Separated them." Justin said.

"Oh." Dalton said. "Still cute."

Celeste giggled a little bit, but Airion looked away, a bit annoyed.

"Celeste you seem like being fun." Dalton said.

Celeste shrugged, nonchalantly. "A bit, maybe." She joked.

"Then go do something fun with me." Dalton said. "Like checkers or games or something."

"Okay!" Celeste said, happily following Dalton.

Dalton spent a while thinking of something to do.

"Help me think." Dalton said.

"Thinking, thinking..." Celeste muttered. "Airion's usually the one with good ideas, but not for this kind of stuff..."

"Think harder!" Dalton shouted.

Celeste came up with nothing.

"I got it!" Dalton said, He opened a Symbol and walked through it.

Celeste followed.

They arrived at a large building with different rooms with large glowing letters above them.

"Pick a Game!" Dalton said. "Laser Tag, Magic Checkers, Magic Chess and More!"

"Laser tag? Sounds fun." Celeste said.

"Well then let's go!" Dalton said, he grabbed Celeste by the arm and took her to the laser tag area.

Celeste squirmed out from Dalton's grip (wonder why she doesn't want to be dragged....) , but followed him nonetheless.

They arrived at a large Arena with obstacles everywhere, colored like a Laser Tag Arena.

Meanwhile, back at the Dojo, Airion was meditating, taking advantage of the fact that Dalton wasn't there.

"Hold on." Dalton said, he teleported back to the dojo and ruined Airion's Meditation and teleported back. "Mkay I'm back, Whatchu picking? I'm picking the Laser Assault Rifle, I think you'd like the Laser Sniper rifle, cause you know... You snipe alot."

Dalton took his weapon and ran in.

Celeste flinched for a second, as if she knew what happened to Airion. Me, sniping? Never." She grabbed a Laser Pistol and ran in.

Dalton blasted another team, eliminating them, and ran behind a barrel.

Celeste fired a few times, getting a feel for the pistol.

Dalton eliminated the last other team.

"This team is progressing to the finals against our Champions!" A Voice shouted.

"Yay!" Dalton said.

Then two figures were beamed in, They were Nick and Lunari!

"Nick?" Dalton muttered.

"Sup." Nick said. "Challenging our championship, HA!"

"BEGIN!" The Voice shouted.

Nick shot lasers but they hit the barrel.

Lunari gracefully jumped off of a different barrel, and tried shooting at Celeste from above. Celeste fired back, but missed.

Nick fired at Dalton but missed, Dalton tried to fire at Nick, but missed.

Celeste fired at Nick, Lunari fired at Dalton.

Nick dodged and fired at Celeste, Dalton dodged and fired at Lunari.

Lunari didn't dodge in time, but Celeste was faster. She moved out of the way pretty quick.

"Lunari was eliminated!" The Voice shouted.

Nick shot Celeste square in the chest and shot Dalton in the head.

"Celeste and Dalton were eliminated!" The Voice shouted. "The Champions are still Our Champions!"

"Easy." Nick said.


Celeste shook Nick's hand. "Good game, mate." She said.


"GG." Nick said.

(What did I say about autohitting?)

"You too." She said, bowing slightly.

"Don't Bow." Nick said.

(It's a game of Laser Tag in a Roleplay, Chill.)

Everyone teleported back to the dojo.

Celeste went back to her room with Airion, who was still trying to meditate. "Thanks for trying to keep him busy, Celeste. My, this is actually more useful than I thought." She said, somewhat condescendingly.

"Anytime, Airion. It was fun." Celeste answered.

Dalton took Airion and threw her out the window.

"STOP MEDITATING!" Dalton shouted.

Airion got up, with a couple cuts from the glass. She walked away. Celeste smacked him across the face and followed her.

"Ouch..." Dalton said. "That hurt."

"Get over your little Boo-Boo ya fucking baby." Nick said.

"Nick, come on now. No need to be mean." Lunari insisted.

"Fine." Nick said.

"Thank you." Lunari answered.

"Oh, That reminds me, Lunari?" Nick said.


"Why are you talking in Italics?" Nick asked.

"Um, hello..." Lunari answered, telepathically.

"Anyways, back to the point." Nick said. "I'm thinking of getting a house for us, what do you think?"

"Great!" Lunari replied.

"Bored." Dillian said.

Lexie could be heard [playing her clarinet] in her room, quite impressively.

Justin called everyone.

"What's goin' on?" Rosa asked.

"Babize is up." Justin said.

"Well I need to give that bitch a piece of my mind." Nick said.

Airion and Celeste didn't come back, oddly.

"Well, where is he?" Lunari asked, curiously.

"Are those two meditating?!" Dalton suddenly said, he teleported away.

"I'm teleporting you to him." Justin said teleporting them to Babize.

Part 3: Babize's Return

Lunari focused, looking for Babize with her telepathic abilities.

Babize appeared.

"Oh look." Babize said. "Idiots."

"Oh, and you're so tough! Guess the lack of oxygen in space made ya forget how badly we beat your ass." Rosa snarked.

"I don't need oxygen." Babize said. "And you did nothing against me."

Rosa mockingly held her hand to her ear. "What's that? Someone doesn't remember their lesson? Well! Time for a little review!" Rosa joked. She turned Techno, rapid-firing cyber-blasts at Babize.

Babize held them back and threw them away.

"Hmm, Let's see." Babize said. "We have Some Bad Code, A Ghostly Freak and a Dragonic Bitch."

"Bad code? Really? I believe you mean 'incomplete.' But I'm still complete enough to send you running away with your tail between your legs." Rosa said, throwing a cyber blade at him.

"You say that like you're perfectly normal. I pity you tunnel-minded folk. Anyone different from you is just instantly a mess. Waste of space. It must be so frustrating that you can't see any other way." Lunari said, mocking him slightly.

"Time to erase you freaks." Babize said blasting them all into a building.

Lunari, after the impact, used her spirit form, joining with Nick.

"Ta-ke-ah-d-oh-ma!" Babize shouted, which sent Lunari's Spirit back into her body, then blasted Rosa unconscious and then blasted Lunari followed by blasting Nick.

Then a figure walked by and saw the fight. He just watched, curious to see what was happening. Plus he was kinda on break from his 'job'. He summoned a chair and sat down to watch as he checked his non-existent watch and said "Break's up in 15 minutes".

Nick got up and punched Babize who dodged and shot a spell at Nick knocking him back a little.

Lunari got hit by the blast. It stung a bit, but she got back up, and readied some electricity.

Rosa fell, knocked out.

The figure checked his watch again and said "10 minutes till break is up". Then he summoned a hamburger and said "Just hold on a bit longer guys".

Babize kicked Lunari and punched her in the face with galaxy-busting force.

Lunari didn't dodge in time. The punch killed her, she fell to the ground. It was over. All the lovely time she had with Nick was over. Gone. A tragedy...

Nick had offically had it with Babize.

"I know we're going to revive in less than Two parts." Nick said. "But now I'm pissed."

Nick's eyes glowed Red and he Turned Dark, Then Dark 2, Then Dark 3 and he put up Three Fingers.

"Three Seconds." Nick said. "I'm giving you Three Seconds."

"Ha!" Babize laughed as Nick lowered a finger.

"Two Seconds." Nick said.

"Freak." Babize said as Nick lowered a Finger.

"One Second." Nick said.

"I'm not surrendering to you." Babize said.

Nick smiled.

"That's too bad." Nick said.

Nick instantly teleported behind Babize and punched him One Billion times, each able to destroy a universe, then kicked him and punched him, and then snapped, disintegrating Babize.

Nick turned back to normal and teleported everyone to the Dojo.

They found Lexie cleaning, as she usually was.

"Stop cleaning for once in your life." Nick said.

Lexie huffed a bit, but started to laugh in spite of herself. "Oookay...." She answered.

Nick put a fire on his finger.

"Just get out of here for a minute." Nick said.

Lexie did not need to be reminded. As soon as she saw the fire, she sprinted out of the dojo.

Nick set Lunari down on the floor and Him and Justin began the revival process.

"That should be enough." Nick said.

Lunari eventually came back to life, but apparently was asleep.

Nick used telepathy to wake her up.

Lunari moaned a bit, slowly waking up. "....Huh?"

"You died." Nick said.

"Yeah. I get that." Lunari answered, a bit sarcastically. She giggled to herself softly. "Thank you so much, Justin."

"It's Fine." Justin muttered.

Lunari stood up, holding Nick's hand.

Nick gave Lunari a kiss.

Lunari kissed him back.

"Oh geez, do you mind not doing that in front of me". said a voice from the shadows. Then it said "Now before any of you try to attack me, take a look at my aura". Then the figure revealed an aura that wasn't that of a typical mobian. It seemed stronger than a normal mobian. Then the voice said "Well"? "What do you see"?

"We're married, We're supposed to kiss each other." Nick said. "Now what do you want."

"Why are you intruding in my dojo." Justin said.

"Relax". "If I wanted to cause trouble, I wouldn't have given away my position". Then the voice said "My name is Sarcasm the hedgehog". "And I am here to assist you in your next few problems by command of Lord Chaos". Then Sarcasm said "I can tell jokes AND help you fight". Then Sarcasm summoned a talking card that said "Do you wanna hear a joke"? Then the card took Sarcasm's hand from him and ran off. then it yelled "Don't make me play my HAND"!

However, Sarcasm captured it and got his hand back. Then he unsummoned the card and said "Man". Then Sarcasm summoned a tire and said "Chasing that card really TIRED me out". Then Sarcasm said "Yeah, I'm pretty much harmless". "Unless you're evil, then you're gonna have a bad time". Then Sarcasm laughed and said "Well, I guess I'll join you for the next mission". "Seeya". Then Sarcasm walked back into the shadows and vanished.

Lunari had been too distracted studying his aura to even say hello to the stranger.

"I think I know him from somewhere." Justin said. "Perhaps from the Council?"

"No, I don't think so." Nick said.

Lunari stared at Justin curiously, as if to ask 'What council?'.

"Do not ask about the council." Justin said. "We will tell you when the time is right."

Lunari nodded, heading back off to her room.

Then another voice said "Conceal"? Then a hedgehog jumped out of the shadows and said "What are you trying to conceal from I, the great Tenyu"?

Justin used Telekinesis to push Tenyu back.

"Why have you intruded on our Dojo?" Justin said.

Tenyu looked a little annoyed and said "I, the great Tenyu, am looking for my brother". "I came here with him and then he started talking to you guys". "Then he disappeared and I can't find him". "He didn't tell me where he was going and now I can't rest untl I find him". Then Tenyu said "You don't have to worry about me attacking or anything of the sort". "I can be dangerous if I need to be, but my brother is one that'll give you a bad time".

Then Tenyu said "Well it appears that he isn't here anymore". "So I, the great Tenyu, shall leave your dojo and continue on his search for is brother known as Sarcasm". "Farewell". said Tenyu as he teleported away.

"Narcissistic Idiot." Justin muttered.

"Anyway." Nick muttered.

Part 4: Heavenly

"Your next mission takes place in Heaven." Justin said.

"What?" Nick asked.

"There are problems in the afterlife, Go." Justin teleported them to Heaven.

Lunari looked around, somewhat amazed.

Lexie stayed close to Rosa, a bit clingy and unsure.

"Holy shit." Nick muttered. "Literally."

"Wow." Dillian muttered.

Dalton looked around and then saw some Blackness in the distance.

"Over there!" Dalton said.

Then Someone was watching them seemingly pissed, nobody was sense to sense them.

Lunari, Rosa, and Lexie all looked the same direction as Dalton.

The One watching them went into a portal to Mobius.

"Let's Go." Nick said.

Meanwhile, at the Dojo...

A Golden Armored Hedgehog Girl with Golden wings and a Golden spear floated infront of Justin.

"Justin!" The Hedgehog shouted.

"Yes?" Justin said.

"What have you done?!" She shouted at Justin.

"I sent them to Heaven." Justin said.

"I told you what you were supposed to do, you were suppose to keep them on Mobius! WHY DID YOU SEND THEM TO HEAVEN?!" The Girl shouted.

"Discrepdencies in the Afterlife." Justin told her.


"I do what I need to do." Justin said.

"Your getting very close to crossing the line, Justin." The Girl said.

"I know." Justin said.

"Call them back. NOW." The Girl said.

"No. They need to do this." Justin said.

"NO THEY DON'T! Do not cross me Justin, I will eradicate you if you do not call them back." The Girl said.

"Feel free, but you know what will happen if you do." Justin said.

"I can contain it without you." The Girl said.

"You know very well that you need me." Justin said.

"We can find another Mobian for the Council." The Girl said.

"No you can't. And you know it." Justin said.

"I DON'T CARE! CALL THEM BACK!" The Girl said.

"I've told you. They are staying there until they clear the problem." Justin said.

The Girl stabbed Justin in the chest, barely missing his heart.

"You know how a battle between us would go." Justin said removing the spear. "If we fight then this Dimension will be destroyed."

"I am warning you." The Girl said. "For the last time."

"I Will not be calling them back." Justin said.

The Girl threw a punch at Justin, who caught it, which sent a titanic shockwave.

"Stop it Mia." Justin said.

"Fine." Mia said. "I'll force them to retreat."

Mia went into a portal.

Meanwhile, In Heaven...

"Woah!" Nick shouted. "Did you guys feel that shockwave?"

"What the hell was that?" Dalton asked.

Lunari focused, trying to sense where it came from.

No Luck.

Then Mia appeared infront of them.

"Retreat." Mia said. "NOW."

Lexie backed up, startled, hiding behind Rosa like a mere shy child.

Rosa patted Lexie on the head.

Lunari looked curious. "With all due respect, madam, may I ask why?" She asked, politely, trying not to offend Mia.

"Because I said so." Mia said pointing her spear at Lunari, the tip of it fired a beam at her, but Nick dashed and took it to the chest.

"DO NOT TOUCH HER!" Nick shouted.

"Nick!" She said, rushing over to him to make sure he was okay.

Nick had a small hole in him, but seemed fine otherwise.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick, healing him.

The hole regenerated soon.

Nick punched Mia, but Mia caught it and threw him down.

"Listen your Mo-" Mia shouted. "Listen to Me!"

Lunari helped Nick recover.

Nick looked at Dillian and they nodded.

"Fuuuuuuu-sion!" They shouted doing the Fusion Dance. "HA!"

They fused into Nickillian, then punched Mia while turning Super 2.

Mia got hit in the face, but then slashed Nickillian back into Nick and Dillian.

"What the?" Dillian said.

"Do not attempt to fight." Mia said.

Nick used a full power punch and landed a hit on Mia's chest, then yelped.

"OUCH!" Nick said holding his wrist. "MY HAND!"

"You can't break my armor." Mia said.

Lunari continued to help, the throbbing in Nick's hand slowly going away as she healed him.

Nick summoned his Light Sword and slashed at Mia's Shoulder, then, The Sword broke!

"What the fuck?!" Nick shouted as the sword disappeared.

"Even a Divine Weapon like the Light Sword cannot pierce my Armor." Mia said.

Lexie hid further behind Rosa, a bit scared that Mia was going to try attacking them.

Mia spun around with her spear point out, sending a slash of energy at everyone.

Nick tried to hold it back.

Lunari's spirit gave Nick strength. He could go Spirit Super if he wanted to...

Rosa also dashed in, joining the effort to hold back the slash.

Nick closed his eyes then reopened them, this time glowing with spiritual energy and blue mist coming from them.

They pushed the slash back at Mia, who backhanded it away like it was nothing.

"That was my weakest attack." Mia said, she pointed her Spear up that charged a large ball of energy then fired it, but then Justin grabbed it and pushed it back at Mia.

"Do not interfere with them." Justin said.

Rosa mouthed a quick 'thank you' to Justin.

Mia slashed at Jusitn who blocked it.

"Fine then." Justin said, he punched Mia which teleported them to somewhere else.

"Alright, we gotta get to the black stuff over there." Nick said.

"Okay." Lunari started heading toward it.

They could feel shockwaves from Justin and Mia.

Sarcasm suddenly appeared at the scene of Justin and Mia's fight. He looked over at them and said "You 2 are fighting"? "No wonder my hammock was shaking". Then Sarcasm teleported to where Nick and co had gone.

"Hey, I guess you guys could use some help". "Especially since she came to stop you". Then Sarcasm looked over at the black stuff and said "Hmmm... wonder what that could be".

Rosa looked it over. ".... I don't have a clue."

"Corruption." Nick said.

"Hmph. Any way to get rid of it?" Rosa asked.

"We destroy it." Nick said.

"Well, that makes sense." Rosa shot a cyber blast at the black mass, to see how much damage it would take before it dissapeared.

It did nothing.

"Well, ism't that great. How 'bout we all hit it at the same time?" Rosa said, walking a bit closer, readying another cyver blast. Lunari gathered electricity, and Lexie focused, gathering the sound wsves around all of them.

Everyone fired at it, but nothing happened.

"So much for 'destroy it.'" Rosa snarked.

Sarcasm walked over to the corruption and said "Let me have a go". Then he chopped it with enough force to rip a galaxy apart. Luckily, he focused it on the corruption only.

Nothing happened.

"Shit." Nick said. "We'd need something pure, If only that bitch didn't brake my Light Sword."

Then, Nick might have thought of Lunari's spirit form. Spiritual energy was very pure, when wielded by the right person.

Sarcasm shrugged and said "Pure huh"? Then he said "Maybe a pure heart can break it's defences". "Who has the purest heart here"? he asked, despite already knowing the answer...

Nick got an Idea.

"Guys." Nick said. "Remember what I did during the first fight against Xicorith?"

"Yea, You took energy from everything." Dillian said.

"What if we do that, but with Pure Energy." Nick said. "Give me your Energy!"

Everyone put they're hands up and gave Nick energy.

Sarcasm gave Nick a lot of pure energy. "That should be enough". said Sarcasm as he summoned a chair and sat on it. Then Sarcasm was about to think of something when he realized that Nick, Lunari, and Dillian were all telepaths. Then he said out loud on purpose "Gee, I've seen some mixed up teams before, but this one almost takes the cake". "a pyro-electro hedgehog, a half-spirit echidna, a jutsu-using hedgehog, a rune-using cat with TWO eye colors, a sonokinetic fox, the jutsu-user's older brother, and a cyberhog". "All you guys need now is some edgy rival and his girlfriend to join you and you guys would be the most mixed-up team I've ever seen".

Then Sarcasm laughed and said "Nah, I'm only kidding with ya". "I've seen far worse before". Then he said "Anyway, I've held us up long enough". "Let's break this corruption and move on".

"Then you must have not met Nate and Mikasa." Nick said. "Alright, Time to kill this corruption."

Nick flew into the corruption and it began to turn back to pure white.

"Alright." Nick said. "It's looking good."

Tenyu suddenly teleported next to Sarcasm and said "There you are brother". "Why did you leave without me"? Sarcasm looked over at Tenyu and said "I had to go on a mission". "A SECRET mission". Then Tenyu said "Are you talking about the mission that Lord Chaos gave to you"? Then Sarcasm said "Yep, gotta help these guys with their quest here". Then Tenyu said "Then, I, the great Tenyu, will also come along". Sarcasm glared at him and said "You do realize that the leader has a short temper and you tend to really annoy people, right"?

Tenyu thought for a moment and said "What do I have to worry about"? "My brother is right here afterall". Then Sarcasm sighed and said "If you get into trouble, I will not bail you out unless it's absolutely nessesary". "Capische"? asked Sarcasm. Then Tenyu shook his head yes and said "Fine". Then Tenyu looked over at everyone else. Then he said "Fear not, me and my brother are on your side". Then Sarcasm grabbed Tenyu by the ear and said "Man, you really could test the patience of a stone". Then Tenyu said "Fine, I'll stop talking for a little bit".

Then Sarcasm said "Whelp, this should be just about done".

"Finished." Nick said.

Then TLK Appeared.

"Now I can de-" TLK started. "Where did Mia go?"

Nick sighed.

"Lemme guess." Nick said. "You did this didn't you."

"Yes." TLK said. "But where did Mia go?"

"Fighting Justin." Nick said. "In some other Universe or something."

"And you cleared my corruption too?" TLK said.

"It was corruption. Corruption is evil." Nick said. "And it's Kind of our job to destroy Evil. So yes."

"Well I'll just make more." TLK said.

"Dad!" Nick shouted turning Super 3. "I will whoop your ass again if you do!"

"Don't talk to me like that." TLK said.

"I AM AN ADULT! I DO WHAT I WANT!" Nick shouted.

"Actually your only Seventeen." Dillian said.

"SHUT UP!" Nick shouted at Dillian.

"Well I'm off to find Those two." TLK said.

"No Your not!" Nick shouted, but TLK teleported away.

Tenyu bumped Sarcasm and whispered in his ear "He's here too"? "That can't be good". Then Sarcasm whispered back "The plot thickens".

"Well shit." Nick muttered. "I'm going after them."

Nick opened a portal.

"You can come, but your only watching." Nick said flying through the portal.

Sarcasm and Tenyu followed, eager to see what was about to happen. "I can't believe that someone WANTS me to watch this". said Sarcasm. "Usually, I get yelled at for being lazy". Then Tenyu said "Well, let's hope he can deal with the situation by himself". "Because I doubt he wants our help". Then Sarcasm said "Okay bro, enough talking, it's time to watch this". Then they both summoned chairs and sat down.

Once they arrived they saw Justin fighting TLK and Mia.

Nick arrived next to Justin.

Nick and Justin looked at Each Other and nodded.

Both of them Turned Super and rushed, Nick took on TLK and Justin took on Mia.

Sarcasm and Tenyu were watching in anticipation. Then Sarcasm said "The kid's pretty strong already". "He has some good potential in him". Then Tenyu nodded and said "But does he know the truth like the rest of us do"? Then Sarcasm said "Nope". Then Tenyu said "I wonder if Justin will tell him". Then Sarcasm said "Perhaps, but I'm sure that he'll figure it out before long".

Nick landed a few hits on TLK, then TLK punched Nick away.

Justin kicked Mia, then Mia stabbed Justin.

Lunari seemed hesitant. Sure, TLK had hurt a lot of people, but Mia was clearly just trying to do her job. She really didn't want to fight Mia, Good thing Nick said only him and Justin could fight.

Nick shot a fireball knocking TLK away, and Justin shot a Windball blowing Mia back.

Rosa huffed, annoyed that she had been sidelined.

Nick punched TLK away and looked at Justin and they returned to base.

Nick threw something to Justin.

Then they flew at each other and fused into Justinolas!

Justinolas turned Super and chopped TLK and Mia on the back of the neck.

Mia and TLK had shocked looks, then fainted, who Justinolas caught and returned them and everyone to they're correct universe before defusing themselves.

Lexie looked on, shocked.

"Easy." Justin said.

Lunari ran up and hugged Nick.

Nick gave Lunari a kiss.

Lunari kissed him back.

Dillian used a Symbol to teleport everyone into the Dojo, then teleported Nick and Lunari into they're room.

Airion and Celeste had come back from wherever they had ran off to. They were in they're room, asleep. (Can we introduce Alaine here?)

Dalton went into his Celeste's and Airion's room and went into his bed and fell asleep.

Lunari and Rosa also seemed pretty tired, they both went to sleep.

Nick went to his and Lunari's bed and fell asleep and Dillian went to his and Rosa's bed and fell asleep.

Lexie went to bed last, not quite as tired.

The Next Day, Nick got up a little before Lunari.

Once Lunari finally got up, she rolled out of bed, got ready, and headed out to the main room. "Oh, hi Nick." She said.

"Heya." Nick said.

"What's up?" She asked.

"The sky." Nick said.

"Ha-ha-ha. Very funny. What's going on?" Lunari asked again, before starting to giggle.

"Nothing Really." Nick said. "I was just gonna go wake you up."

"Oh, okay." Lunari answered, nonchalantly.

"Come here." Nick said.

"Yes?" Lunari questioned, as she walked over to him.

"So I had a great Idea." Nick said. "What if."

"Yes?" She repeated herself.

"We had." Nick said. "A Baby."

Lunari hugged Nick tightly. "That sounds great." She said, holding him.

"Good." Nick said.

Lunari kissed him quickly, and then started making breakfast for both of them.

After they made and ate breakfast, Nick teleported them to a house filled with their stuff.

"Welcome to our house." Nick said.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" Lunari said, looking around, stunned.

"Our Room is that way." Nick said pointing forward.

Lunari rushed into their room, and looked around, happily.

Nick plopped onto they're bed.

"Didn't take long to do either." Nick said. "Just teleported everything to here."

Lunari flopped over onto the bed too. Comfy. "It's wonderful, Nick. You're the best."

"I know." Nick said.

Lunari laughed a bit.

Nick gave Lunari a hug and a kiss.

"So, I take it you Like the House?" Nick said.

"Love it." Lunari replied.

"So Lunari." Nick said.

"Yes?" Lunari asked.

"Tonight we're gonna start doing our things to try and get a Baby." Nick said.

Meanwhile in The Dojo...

Dillian and Dalton were playing on the Computers.

...And Rosa was playing in the computers, in cyberspace. She wasn't messing with them, so it was hard to tell she was there.

The next day Nick happily burst into the dojo.

"What are you so happy about?" Dillian asked.

Nick gave Dillian a quick hug and continued on his way to the computer.

"I'm gonna be a father!" Nick said happily.


Something had landed outside the dojo.

Part 5: Tiny (Not) Terror

"The Freak was that?" Dalton said. "Be right back."

Dalton looked out side, and picked up a shrunken hedgehog girl, named Alaine.

"What the?" Dalton said. "Meh."

Dalton flicked Alaine 120 Miles away.

Alaine landed right near Nate's Cave.

Nate stepped on Alaine.

"What the hell?" Nate muttered looking down and seeing Alaine. "Oh. It's still alive. Let's fix that."

Nate stomped on Alaine multiple times.

Alaine woke right up, somewhat hurt by the stomps but not too badly wounded. She rolled over onto her back, using her telekinesis to divert Nate's foot away from her, throwing Nate off-balance and likely making him fall.

Unfortunately, Nate fell directly onto Alaine.

Alaine squirmed her way out from under Nate, and started to run away.

Nate used Electricity to grab Alaine.

"Nope." Nate said.

Alaine tried to break free from the electric hold, but no luck.

Meanwhile, at the Dojo...

"What was that?" Lunari asked Dalton, out of curiousity.

"Dunno." Dalton said.

"Huh. That's odd. How about I go out and look?" Lunari suggested.

"Nope." Nick said. "Dalton flicked it to Nate's Cave and I am not having him kill you again."

"Wait, flicked it? Why? If you don't know what it was, it could have been important." Lunari asked. "I get the feeling whatever it was, it was important." Lunari (not Punari or Pinari, slippery fingers.) said. (Tiny poke at the fourth wall...)

"Probably wasn't." Nick said.

Airion, guessing that Lunari wanted to go check but knowing Nick wouldn't let her, decided to go and investigate for Lunari. She told Celeste where she was going, and took off, asking the spirits for the right direction as needed.

Lunari clearly couldn't convince Nick to let her go. "O-kay..." She said, though still curious.

"Why don't you stay in the dojo until the Baby is born." Nick said. "Don't want it to be killed or injured or anything."

"That makes sense." Lunari answered, though she was worried. If Nick went on some daring adventure without her, and he needed her help.... She didn't want to be off on the sidelines just letting him get beat up.

Nick looked around for something to do.

A Grey Hedgehog comes out of a warp hole outside, Scaning any threats in the area only to be next to the dojo.

"hmm.... why does this place seem familiar?" the Grey Hedgehog wandering where he is on mobius. "i sworn that there was a threat around here..." he added.

Then Nick appeared behind him.

"Hey Ion!" Nick said.

"Wha- Nick!? Whats been going on?" Ion said quite glad that he met Nick again.

"Well, I got married to Lunari, Saved some of Heaven, Fought some Angel bitch that broke my Light Sword, then fused with Justin to beat The Angel Bitch and my Dad." Nick said. "AND! Lunari's Pregnant with My Kid! And That's most of what's happened."

Lunari nodded, not thinking of anything else to add. Except for what just happened outside....

Nick gave Lunari a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, and we got a house." Nick told Ion.

Lunari giggled, and kissed Nick back.

Lexie walked in, and noticed Ion. "Oh, hello sir! How are you?" She asked, an innocent, friendly smile on her face.

Nick waved at Lexie.

Then a portal opened up about 30 feet away from them. A familiar hedgehog stepped out and said "Nickolas, a father at the age of 17". Then the hedgehog teleported to only 10 feet away and said "But, I won't waste time with info you already know". Then the hedgehog's cold glare made it clear that it was Vuxo. "I can sense that you've married Lunari". "I also can sense my 11th decendent".

Then Vuxo said "You've grown up quite a bit since our last meeting Nickolas". "So tell me, how are things now that you're an adult and not a teen anymore"?

Lunari waved to Vuxo, but didn't say anything.

Vuxo looked over and said "Hi". Then he looked back at Nick and said "There's no use in trying to hide it from me". "I can feel your uneasiness from thousands of miles away". Then Vuxo said "None of you trust me that much". "You all are expecting me to make a move any second now". Then Vuxo said "If I had came here to fight, I would have teleported INSIDE the dojo and murdered your backup first". Then I would've came here like I did". Then Vuxo teleported a old book to his left hand and said "You might find this interesting", said Vuxo. He teleported the book to Nick and said "It has info on all of your ancestors, from Maximus to TLK". Then Vuxo turned to leave and said to Nick "I watched over you since your birth". "Now it is YOUR turn to write YOUR story". said Vuxo. Then he said "When you die, I will find it and deliver it to the next decendent". "In this case, your child".

Then Vuxo said "This will be the last you see of me unless you come to my castle on your own initiative". Then he teleported next to the portal and said "Make sure you take care of that book". "Both of your parents have even written in it". Then Vuxo said "Oh, and make sure you give your brother a chance to write in it too". Then Vuxo turned and said "That book is very precious to have, it gives you a chance to see a part of each of your ancestors". Then he turned and said "You may also allow Lunari to write in it too for being your wife". "Therefore, making her a part of the lineage". Then Vuxo entered the portal and left to his castle.

Then, at a run-down house in between dimensions that was inside of a twisted forest, a mobian sat on a chair. It wore a mask over it's face and had yellow fur on it's arms and legs. It just sat there on the chair, barely even breathing. Then it said "717 years I have waited here, hidden from everyone I've ever known". Then it stood up and said "It is time for Mobius to see it's hero once again". Then it created a crystal on it's finger and said "This world has yet to see my gift". Then it walked outside to the forest that surrounded the house and said "And they all thought that my story was over". Then it laughed a mechanical laugh and said "No, it has only been re-done to fit MY standards". Then the mobian began walking through the forest, intent on making his way back to Mobius.

(Oh shit is that Maximus? Is Maximus coming While Nick is still here and we need Alex to stop the Time Paradox? IS NICK VS MAXIMUS GONNA BE A THING?!)

Nick muttered something, then everything that has happened to him, was transported into the blank pages.

(Yep, that's Maximus making his way back from the place that lies between life and death. He inherited Vuxo's godlike regeneration and it saved him right at Death's Door. Now, he has finally decided that he's had enough of being trapped there. However, I don't think there will be a Nick vs Maximus fight)

The mobian kept walking and eventually, reached the exit of the inter-dimensional place. He looked up and said "I should have left a long time ago". Then he walked through the exit and was back at his house. He walked was in and looked around, but nothing looked the same as he remembered it. He sighed and said "Diana and Eliza must have already passed on". Then he slammed his fist on a metal desk and made a hole straight through it and said "Dammit". Then he left his old house and kept walking off into the artic, where he knew his father would still be.

(So It's like the plot of something else I watched, it was Minecraft movie called Minecraftian, then The guy died at the end, and he 'Respawned' as Steve, but he had a potion, so reality basically glitched and the original and the reincarnation existed at the same time, except the original was corrupted and evil that nobody ever looked for him.)

"Well, I'm gonna look for Vuxo." Nick said flying away.

Maximus arrived at Vuxo's Castle and said "Father, it is I, your one and only son". Then Vuxo appeared and said "Maximus"? "How are you alive"? Maximus replied with "It was YOUR regeneration that sustained me until I healed from my injuries". "But I awoke in a limbo between life and death". "But as I waited, time began to wear down on my body". "I was forced to partially roboticize myself in order to stay stable". said Maximus as he showed he had a robotic hand and 2 robotic legs. Plus one half of his face was robotic while he wore a mask to hide the disfigurement. Then Vuxo said "You put yourself through so much torture just to come back 717 years later"... Then Vuxo said "What did you expect to find"?

Maximus shrugged and said "I was tired of being in that cage". Then Vuxo said "If I would've foresaw this, then I would've stopped the house from crumbling in the first place". Then Vuxo said "Wait a moment, I sense a presense coming this way". Then Maximus said "If it's looking for trouble, it's getting more than it bargained for". Vuxo said "No, it feels like Nickolas". "Nickolas"? asked Maximus. Vuxo looked at him and said "He's your reincarnation". Maximus's eyes got wide and he said "If he's coming here..." Then Vuxo said "He isn't aware of you still being alive". "Hell, I wasn't aware of you being alive".

Then Vuxo said "He'll be coming alone, he always does". "Maximus, our goal is not to fight him". "He has probably come with questions". Then Maximus said "Fine". "So what's Nickolas like"? Vuxo looked at his son and said "Just call him Nick and you'll be fine". "Don't call him Nickolas unless you KNOW you're stronger than him or if you're his elder". Then Maximus said "I am his elder". "Heck, I'm his ancestor that he was reincarnated from". Then Vuxo said "Regardless, we are not to be hostile UNLESS he initiates hostility against us first". Maximus shook his head yes and said "I understand".

Then Legna walked in and dropped her phone. "Uh Vuxo, who's this"? she asked while pointing at Maximus. Maximus prepared to fire a crystal at her when Vuxp stopped them both and said "Do not fight". "Maximus, this is your step-mother Legna". "Legna dear, this is your step-son Maximus". Then Maximus and Legna stopped trying to kill each other and shook hands. Then Vuxo said "Nick is nearly here". Then Legna walks away and says in telepathy to Vuxo "I have to talk to you about something". Vuxo says back in telepathy "Can it wait until after Nick's visit"? Then Legna said back "It can".

Then Johnny opened the front door and look out, expecting to see Nick at any second.

Nick just walked into to the castle, accidentally running over Johnny.

"Sorry Johnny." Nick said. "Anyway, Vux- Who in the Fuck is this?"

Rosa peered in the door afterward, having come with Nick as backup (since Lunari had to stay at the dojo). She helped Johnny back up onto his feet, looking around at the others.

"This guy's Energy feels just like mine." Nick said.

Meanwhile, at Nate's Cave....

"Let go of me!" Alaine shouted, kicking and flailing while Nate kept a firm grip on her.

"Nope." Nate said.

Alaine tried using her telekinesis to force Nate's hand open. She landed on the ground, and used her telekinesis to blast off from the ground, sening her soaring right into a kick at Nate's chin.

Nate grabbed her with his index finger and thumb.

"Yea, No." Nate said, he then threw hero on the ground and jumped on her.

Alaine strafed to the side, and started climbing up Nate's side, before firing a psychic blade at Nate's head.

"Oi!" Nate said before getting up and kicking Alaine into a building.

(How exactly could Nate kick something off of himself? Is he made of rubber?)

Alaine fell, before getting caught by... Someone. Alaine started to heal. "Hello, little one." Said a girl's voice. Alaine waved to the mysterious woman, before going back to fight Nate.

Nate stomped on Alaine multiple times.

On the last stomp, Alaine used her telekinesis to send herself and Nate flying.

Nate homing attacked Alaine.

Alaine got sent flying away....

Nate shot electricity after Alaine.

He missed, Alaine was unconscious, blasting off again... To be caught by the same girl when she landed. Airion. She teleported herself and Alaine back to the dojo.

"Hmm?" Dalton said.

Airion ignored him, carrying Alaine into their room.

Celeste perked up. "Back so soon? What have ya got there?" She peeked over Airion's shoulder, looking at Alaine.

"Give." Nick said taking Alaine and putting her onto a piece of Paper and putting on binoculars to see her better. "Hi there."

(She's not that small, Nick. she's like, the size of a paperclip.)

Alaine waved, a bit nervous. Why was everyone else so big? "Hi?"

"Why are you so tiny?" Nick asked.

Alaine shrugged. She had no idea; she couldn't remember anything but her name.

Lunari walked in. "What are you guys up to?"

"Look at this tiny thing." Nick said. "It's adorable."

Lunari looked over Nick's shoulder. "Oh, hello there. Who are you?"

Alaine sighed. "Alaine. Nice to meet you."

Lunari waved.

"I think someone shrunk her with Magic." Nick said.

"That sounds right." Airion said.

"Any Magic that is done can be Undone." Nick said. "I could re-enlarge her, but only a little bit."

"Nonono, that's fine." Alaine said, still a bit nervous.

"Why? You like being possibly crushed?" Nick said.

"No. I don't know why, but I just like this size. " Alaine said, somewhat clueless.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too Bad." Nick said shooting an enlarging spell at Alaine.

Alaine got a bit bigger, but not much at all. She only got about half an inch taller.

"Oh so you wanna be like ya stupid spell hmm?" Nick said shooting Enlarging spells until Alaine was about an inch taller.

"Nick, it might be best to just leave her that size. If you use too much magic on her, it'll kill her. Especially because she's so small." Airion said, and she was right. Magic in large amounts would corrode a normal soul like her's...

Alaine looked dizzy. She stumbled a bit, and almost fell over.

"Don't Care." Nick said.

Airion and Celeste both glared at Nick.

Alaine looked scared. "P-please don't kill me mister... I'll be nice!" She said, desperate.

"I'm not trying to kill you." Nick said. "And Don't call me Mister."

Alaine let out a sigh of relief. "Well, what's your name?"

"Nick." Nick said.

"Well, Alaine, how about you meet everyone else?" Lunari suggested.

"That would be nice, I suppose...." Alaine answered.

"Guys! C'mere!" Lunari shouted. Rosa and Lexie came running to Io's room.

Part 6: A Nate Visit

Then Nate appeared and Dropkicked Alaine.

Alaine got sent flying, Lexie ran and caught her.

Rosa tackled Nate from behind. "What do you think you're doing here, punk?"

Nate elbowed Rosa in the eye.

"Looking for this punk!" Nate said.

Ion comes back with a can of soda, when he noticed the situation.

"damn it, I leave for one second and shit already went south!" saying before sighing.

Nick punched at Nate's face, who dodged and caused Nick to punch Ion in the face.

"Whoops." Nick said.

"Ahh!" Rosa shouted, getting hit, but she kept holding on to him. "Well, you made a pretty big f*cking mistake, Nate!"

"Did I?" Nate said turning Super 2, he punched Rosa in the face 125 temmies.

Rosa got sent flying backwards.

Nate was about to blast Rosa, but Dillian punched him the f*ck out.

Lexie ran over to Nick, with Alaine in her hands. She figured if anyone could keep Alaine safe, he could.

Nick turned Super 3 and flicked Nate, which sent him flying out of the dojo.

Ion drops his can which busts open spilling everywhere.

"ALRIGHT, IM SICK OF THIS NONSENSE!" ion when full out Hyperatomic and charges at nate even though he was sent flying outside, after reaching him, he grabs his throat and slams him to the ground. "im sick and tired of people like you hurting others, IM SICK OF YOU PERIOD!"

Ion punches Nate straight in the face and repeatedly punches him in the face untill he was knocked out cold. he then puts him down and walks back to the dojo. "i hate nate so much right now."

"So do we." Nick said turning back to Base. "Sorry about punching you in the face."

"its fine, nate deserved it for making you punch me." he said to nick still quite angered.

Nick looked around for Alaine.

"Lexie where'd you put Alaine?" Nick asked.

"um... who now?" ion asked confused.

"Right here." Lexie said, holding Alaine in her hands. Ion would see, she's tiny, not much bigger than a big paperclip.

Alaine waved. "Hello?"

"Hi." Nick said.

Outside the dojo, Hectic was laying on the ground, sleeping as he faced the sky.

"I'll be right back, I sense something." Nick said walking outside and seeing Hectic. "Oi, Professor Robot."

"Hey.." Hectic said to Nick. Hectic really didn't need to open his eyes to see Nick. He sensed him also.

"Mister Robot." Nick said. "Whatcha doin?"

"Eh, just thought I could catch a little rest, that's all..." Hectic said. He then got up and stretched out his arms and legs.

Lunari and Rosa soon followed Nick outside. "Well, would ya look at this! Hello there, fella!" Rosa said to Hectic, somewhat excited.

"Did you just say Fella?" Nick said.

"Yes. Problem?" Rosa asked.

"Right back at ya." Hectic said as he approached Rosa, as he was expecting a handshake.

Rosa shook his hand. "Nice to meet ya!"

"Rosa, Don't mess with his Cyberspace." Nick said.

I wasn't going to, Nick." Rosa said. Hectic would likely notice Rosa's glowing stripe on her quill; it was clearly unnatural.

Hectic noticed it, but didn't care about it. With that, he released Rosa's hand and went inside the dojo. "I just wanna take a peep..."

Justin instantly turned around, firing a large Ice Crystal at Hectic's Face.

"Duck!" Rosa dragged Hectic to the ground so he wouldn't get hit. "Justin! Chill!" Rosa shouted. "Use that spell on yourself for a change..."

"I Don't Want uninvited people in my dojo." Justin said.

"I was just planning to do that..." Hectic said, as he was bewildered by something sharp about to hit his face. He then took 7 steps back from the dojo.

"Don't mind him." Rosa said, trying to ease Hectic's nerves. "He's just a bit too cautious."

Justin turned back to what he was doing.

Lexie head the commotion, and came out to see Hectic. "Oh, hello!" She said, innocently. Alaine was perched on her shoulder.

Nate came running and punched Alaine off Lexie and ran away.

"Who the heck is that guy??" Hectic asked.

"Eep!" Lexie ducked, frightened.

The kick sent Alaine flying to Nate's cave.

Rosa went over to comfort Lexie. "That's Nate. Ignore him."

"Don't get in his way, he'll turn into Dick Mode." Nick said.

Nate came running back and kicked Hectic away and ran away again.

"Wow, that really hurt...." Hectic whispered with sarcasm.

Nate came back in Super 2 and rapid-punched Hectic, making dents in his armor and hurting him, then flew away again.

"Wow, now that had to hurt, right my perfect armor??" Hectic said as he looked at his bruised body. But really, he hadn't felt any at all. As a robot, he was reprogrammed to not feel any pain, nor fear death. But, he does love to feel pain, and the pain from others that he despises. "If Hec-DEAD was released, I'm sure he would see this as a pleasure...."

"Sure thing Mr. Creeper." Nick said.

Alaine landed in Nate's cave, right in Nate's bowl of salad. She seemed dazed.

Nate arrived and saw Alaine in his bowl of Salad.

"Meh." Nate said thinking it was nothing, he then ate her along with some salad.

A few minutes later...

Alaine finally came around, miraculously alive. "Where am I?"She thought. She felt around, since she couldn't see a thing. "Oh god, no...." She started to kick at her surroundings.

Thud. Thud.

She was in Nate's Stomach.

"Somebody put something in my salad." Nate said, he ate a lightning bolt. "That should take care of it."

Alaine got shocked, and paralyzed for a while. Once she could move again, she knew a simple way to kill Nate from there. Using one of her psychic blades, she cut a small slit in Nate's stomach. There. His days were numbered.

Before she could do that, another 120 lightning bolts came at her and lifted her out of the area she could kill him, then zapped her.

Alaine got knocked out for a while.

Part 7: DJ Dante

A few hours later, Alaine woke up in the sewers, and everyone else was called by Justin, but Nick wasn't there.

"You. City. NOW." Justin said.

Lunari looked around. "Nick?"

Alaine managed to find her way out of the sewers, and clean up with some fresh water, before taking off, not really knowing where she was headed. She was never mentioning that. To. Anyone. Ever.

Ion was looking around trying to find Alaine, he could not let her get hurt... knowing she has been though a lot.

"Where is she... she cant be far..." he said looking for alaine.

Meanwhile, They saw someone in a White jacket with a Blue Sonic Head on the back and Headphones, and was Green.

"Oh Look, Fans." The Hedgehog said. "DJ Dante up this his-house!"

"We're here to STOP you, not to listen to your music!" Dillian shouted.

"Figured." DJ Dante said, he slid open his hand which had 5 discs in it, like a Ninja with Kunais. "Come at me, I'll beat all of you!"

DJ Dante threw the discs at them all, each one blew up upon contact.

Hectic didn't know what this was all about, but he hadn't had a good battle in a while....

He went to the group, but was not expecting a "flying disc" to head straight for him.

DJ Dante fired rapid-discs at everyone, each one exploded on contact.

Ion comes back from finding Alaine and ends up getting in the middle of the battle, he also nearly dodged a Flying Disk.

"The Hell Man! i had a rough day and then this shit happens! dick move man, dick move!" ion said quite infuriated.

"You think I care?" DJ Dante said, he turned all Blue and knocked Ion and Dalton out.

Ion did not feel a thing and was immune to his power somehow.

"You think your power would be enough to knock me out? pfft, please... your the least of my worries!" Ion told Dante as he has a large power increase.

"That got me a bit excited..." Hectic said. He had dodged all of the discs, but he still wanted some action.

Than a hedgehog dropped in next to DJ Dante and said "Ya know, your last album was trash to be honest". Then the hedgehog laughed and said "But luckily for you, I'll let Ion and Hectic take care of you". Then the hedgehog teleported next to Ion and Hectic and said "The name's Sarcasm".

"Nice to meet you..", Hectic said to Sarcasm. Then, he turned to DJ Dante. "And it's gonna be even more nice to battle you!" Hectic went into a fighting stance, as if he were going to attack at once.

After Ion had found her, Alaine was perched on Ion's shoulder. She started throwing a few psychic blades at Dante.

Rosa charged roght at Dante, figuring his discs would be hard to use at close range. She summoned her cyber blade, and tried to slash at Dante's face.

Hectic summoned a dark tentacle from the ground, making it act as a catapult as it grabbed Hectic and threw him towards Dante. Hectic then used his dark energy to make his fist act like a meteor, as dark flames surrounded his fist as he was coming down towards Dante for impact.

DJ Dante's quills grew to Super 3 length, then he easily beat everyone.

"Shame you didn't last long." DJ Dante said flying away.

Just after he left Nick came.

"Damn it! Missed him." Nick shouted.

Alaine was first to wake up. "Huh....? ?!? Guys!" She started trying to wake everyone else up.

Nick teleported everyone to the dojo.

"I'm gonna beat the shit outta that DJ Dickhead." Nick said.

Hectic then woke up. "I knew I shouldn't have went to attack in my original form. Why didn't I just turn Super 2 (Mecha Hectic) on him??" Hectic said. He was angered by his own self-confidence.

"I can never even find this guy!" Nick said.

Alaine ran over to Hectic. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just got some large scratches here and there. Don't worry though, it heals." Within seconds, the cuts heal, and Hectic looks better again.

"Good. Glad to see you're okay." Alaine  went to check on the next person. Airion.  "Hello?"

Airion woke up slowly. "H-hello, little one." She said, groggily, as she stood, and woke up Celeste.

Alaine went to check on Dillian.

Lunari heard the commotion, and came out to check on everyone. She, too, started to wake people up.

Nick went to the city to try and find DJ Dante, but right after Nick left, DJ Dante came back.

"Oh the dweebs!" DJ Dante said. "I've been wanting to try my new Song on someone."

Then he shot a large laser at everyone.

Airion put up a shield around everyone, just in time. "Don't you dare!"

Lunari started to focus. "Nick! Come back! He's here!"

Lunari didn't get a reply.

DJ Dante punched Lunari in the face and kicked Airion away.

Nate teleported in and punched DJ Dante in the face, but hit his headphones.

"Don't touch my headphones!" DJ Dante said kicking Nate back.

"Hit his headphones!" Nate shouted.

Lexie, who had just woken up, used a sound blast, hoping to knock his headphones off.

Airion motioned to Lunari to run away, knowing that Nick wanted her protected.

Lunari backed up, but did not turn around and run.

Celeste fired a magic blast at Dante, also trying to help get his headphones off. Or break them.

The Headphones were knocked off.

"NO!" DJ Dante shouted. "Do you know what you did?!"

Then a field of light surrounded DJ Dante, then when it disappeared, Nick was inside it and fell down.

Alaine slowed down Nick's fall with her telekinesis as best she could, giving Lunari enough time to catch him.

"Break... The Headphones..." Nick said fainting.

"Roger that." Lunari muttered. "Guys! His headphones! Break his headphones!"

Celeste, Rosa (who had just woken up), and Lexie all aimed at the headphones, and fired their best blasts at them, all at the same time.

Lunari used her spirit form, and joined with Nick, healing him.

Just before the Headphones got hit, they exploded and DJ Dante rose from them.

"You. YOU!" DJ Dante shouted, before he was able to fire a blast, held his head in pain. "When I come back, all of you will be destroyed."

"That's some pretty big talk, mate." Rosa said, firing another blast at Dante.

Dante dodged it and flew away.

"Coward...." Rosa snarked.

"Is everyone okay?" Airion asked.

"Looks like it's Light's out for Nick." Nate said.

Io cast a healing spell for Nick, even though she knew Lunari was helping him too.

It took an hour for Nick to wake up.

"Phew. Thank goodness you're okay." Lunari said, still joined with him.

Hectic again was laying on the ground, relaxing himself so he'll have enough energy to go super when Dante comes back again.

Once Nick was awake, Airion came to help him to his feet.

"Thanks Airion." Nick said.

"Any time." Airion answered.

Nick almost fell over, but stopped himself.

"You okay?" Lunari asked.

"No." Nick said. "Those Headphones did something."

"What's wrong?" Lunari asked, worried.

"My sense of Balance and Direction are all messed up." Nick said.

"I might be able to help.... Let's see..." Nick would start to feel a bit better, but he wasn't completely back to normal.

Nate left.

Airion let Nick lean on her shoulder.

Dillian looked around for something to do.

Lexie woke up, and noticed Alaine. "Oh, hello there." Lexie picked up Alaine, and brought her into her room.

Dillian couldn't find anything to do, so him and Rosa just made out in they're room for a while.

"You should get some rest, Nick. Maybe it'll clear up then." Airion suggested.

"Good Idea." Nick said opening a Symbol that took him into his house on him and Lunari's bed.

Just before he did that, Lunari went back to her body.

Meanwhile, in Lexie's room, Lexie and Alaine were working together, to make Alaine a little nook in Lexie's room for Alaine to stay in.

Dalton was bored.

Celeste dragged Airion outside. Airion protested at first, but once she figured out what they were doing, she smiled, and happily followed along.

"If those two are meditating..." Dalton muttered.

Hectic was under a tree, trying to get some sleep.

Sarcasm finally got up and dusted himself off. "I hope that DJ liked my performance of acting like he knocked me out". Then Sarcasm saw the dojo in the distance and said "Oh, thats where those kids and Justin were". Then Sarcasm stepped into a portal and ended up at him and Tenyu's house.

He walked in and entered his room. Then strange lights could be seen flashing from his window as he turned up his headphones to full blast and played Guitar Hero 3. (This is based on a true story BTW)

Nick came back to the dojo a few hours later and looked better.

Lunari noticed him. "Feel better?" She asked.

"Yep." Nick said.

"Great!" She gave Nick a hug.

Nick gave Lunari a kiss.

Hectic woke up, but still stayed below the tree, enjoying the scenery of some birds landing above him. He felt like today was a good day to relax, and not to get rallied up about anything.

Lunari kissed Nick back.

A Few Months Later...

"That DJ guy is back." Justin said teleporting everyone but Nick and Lunari there.

"Why can't we go?" Nick asked.

"Because If my esp vision is right, Lunari is about to have the baby, and I assume you would want to see her." Justin said.

"Oh!" Nick said. "Well let's go!"

Nick and Lunari teleported to a hospital.

Meanwhile in the City...

DJ Dante was destroying everything.

Rosa threw a cyber blade at him. "Hey! Punk! What's your problem?!?" She shouted.

"Yeah. Do you even know what your doing?!?!" Hectic shouted to Dante. He was becoming angry, and his eye color was changing from red to yellow.

Io seemed to notice this, and glanced at Hectic, as her eyes started to change to both blue. Her staff alit with blue flames, she fired a magic blast at Dante.

Every attack was blocked by a large disc.

"You know, you guys are REALLY starting to piss me off." DJ Dante said, then he turned Blue with Super 3 sized Quills. "Let's see your power!"

He blasted homing discs at everyone which blew up on contact.

Io shattered the one coming at her with her staff, and dashed at Dante, rapid-firing blasts at him from close range.

Hectic dodged one, but then another exploded on contact with a part of his body.

Lexie maneuvered around behind Dante, and fired a particularly powerful sound blast. She remembered what Lunari had told her, a couple months before. "I can't be there for them now, Lexie. You have to fill my place. Be strong. I believe in you."

The one Io shattered had a shard that just made contact with her, knocking her back.

DJ Dante shot a disc at Hectic that exploded multiple times rapidly, and kicked Lexie into a building.

Lexie looked pretty hurt, but fired another sound blast from where she was.

Io looked angry. She morphed, into a black cat with blue eyes.

Rosa started rapid-firing cyber blast, carefully aimed at Dante.

Each attack was blocked by the same-sort-of disc-shield.

Hectic was mad, but that really wasn't Hectic. He then recovered from the previous attack, and turned into Mecha Hectic (Super 2) and rushed at Dante at full speed.

He threw dozens of balls made of dark energy at Dante.

Unfortunately for Dante, the disc shields were only blocking attacks, not the sneaky little Alaine who jumped on Dante's back. She fired several psychic blades at his head and chest.

Luckily for DJ Dante, he planned for Alaine to do that, and used a disc to slash her off before she could hit him.

Suddenly, while flying up to Dante, Hectic remembered what Nick said before,"Break the headphones...". But he didn't even see if Dante had the headphones. He then looked upwards to check.

(Grr.) Alaine was more persistent than that. Alaine used her telekinesis to fly back, and hover around Dante's head, trying to distract him as much as possible so that everyone else could land some hits.

Rosa, Io and Lexie all took advantage, and started firing their blasts at Dante.

Hectic saw this, and decided to take advantage of the situation. He teleported towards Dante and started to punch him dozens of times in the stomach freakin' fast.

DJ Dante used two discs that circled around Alaine, cutting her until she was knocked out, then blasted everyone away.

They continued fighting for hours.

"You idiots are very persistent, but It's time to finish this." DJ Dante said as he turned Dark Red with his Super 3 Length Quills. "SO IT'S TIME FOR SOME METAL!"

He knocked everyone down and they were drained of energy and were forced to lay there, Then he pulled out a cannon.

"LET'S LISTEN TO MY NEW SONG!" DJ Dante shouted firing the laser, it was Red and was a Mile wide and a Mile long, it was about to disintegrate everyone and destroy the entire city, but an Electric barrier blocked it.

"You tried to destroy all these innocent people, and My Friends, along with the building my Wife and Child were in." Nick said turning Super 3 as he floated down. "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"

Nick punched DJ Dante in the face, then kicked him away.

DJ Dante tried using a disc-shield, but Nick punched through it and then hit DJ Dante in the face, then blasted him into the ground.

Nick kicked DJ Dante in the face and punched him in the stomach 120 times per second for a minute, then kicked him in the face and blasted him.

"DIE!" Nick shouted charging a blast.

"YOU FIRST!" DJ Dante shouted charging a blast.

They both fired, DJ Dante's pushed forward.

Nick's blast then pushed forward and disintegrated DJ Dante.

Nick heard Lunari through telepathy. "Nick... Thank you..."

Hectic saw the whole thing. He wasn't knocked down like the rest of them.

Alaine slowly started to wake up.

Hectic got up. Seemingly, there was something wrong with him by the way he walked, but he didn't care.

He walked over to Alaine and knelled down beside her. "H-H-Hey, yo-u-u ok-k-kay, Alaine?" Hectic asked.

Alaine had a couple scratches, and a couple bruises, but she was fine. Even if she couldn't remember it, she'd dealt with far worse in the past. "I'm fine. Are you okay?" She asked, sounding concerned.

Nick teleported back to the hospital to get back to Lunari.

"I-I-I'm not worried about myself r-r-right now, I'm worried about-" His words changed to increase stammering as he fell over on the ground, his face landing in debris as he stopped moving.

"Well shit." Dillian said.

"I'll fix him up." Dalton said.

"Thank you..." Alaine said. She was worried about him.

Sarcasm walked out of his house and said "I heard a beam clash going on". "What happened"? Then he saw Hectic and said "I think I know what's happening to him". Then Sarcasm transferred some of his energy to Hectic in an attempt to heal him.

Lexie and Rosa woke up as well. "Oww... Ow..." Lexie moaned.She had a few cuts from broken glass, but she was okay.

"Ugh... Is he gone yet...?" Rosa moaned, as she looked around. No sign of Dante. "Good. No more DJ Dipshit."

Part 8: The Baby

A few hours later everyone got to the dojo, but this time Nick and Lunari were there with the baby.

Lexie came over to Lunari, who had the baby in her arms. "Can I see?" Lexie asked.

Lunari held the baby so that Lexie could see.

"Aww, it's so cute!" Lexie said, smiling.

"We've thought of a great name for him." Nick said. "Micheal."

Lunari smiled.

Rosa came along to see the baby. "Well, isn't that just precious." She said, sweetly.

"He's so adorable." Dillian said.

Then The Baby's Spirit left it's body.

Lunari was shocked, speechless. She started to smile, and cry tears of joy. She had noticed he had her birthmark, but had no idea he was going to have her power too.

Lexie gave Lunari a hug (and a tissue).

Io watched, smiling, but she kept her distance from the baby's spirit. She knew she could accidentally hurt him with her magic if she got too close.

"Uhh, You gonna do somethin about that?" Nick asked.

Lunari's hand shimmered with spiritual energy, as she motioned to the baby's spirit to come back. The spirit followed, like it was on a leash.

Then it popped right back out.

Lunari did the same thing again. Seemed to her like someone just wanted to play...

Then the Baby shot flames at Lunari making her drop him, but Nick dived under him and caught him.

"Looks like he can't control his powers." Nick said.

"I guess not." Lunari responded, feeling at the slight burn on her face.

Lexie started humming a lullaby, hoping she could get Micheal to fall asleep and calm down.

Micheal started crying.


"Hush, darling." Lunari started rocking him. "Hush, hush."

Lexie stopped for a second, thinking that Micheal didn't like it.

And he didn't, everytime Lexie started humming, he whined.

Realizing this, Lexie went back to her room.

Lunari kept rocking Micheal until he fell asleep.

Micheal fell asleep.

"He's still cute." Nick said.

Lunari continued to rock him, shushing Nick.

Nick teleported away to do something.

Vuxo teleported into the room and stared at everyone. First Rosa, then Dillian, Io, Lunari, and then Micheal. When he looked at Micheal, he said "My 11th decendent". Then Vuxo closed his eyes and said "A dragon spirit resides within him". "He will be hard to control, even for Nickolas".

"I think I can control his spirit." Nick said teleporting back. "You know I have a Dragon God spirit, and if I can control a god, I think I can control a Baby."

Then Vuxo said "Perhaps". "But, do not forget that it also has that same dragon god spirit inside of it". "You remember when yours first activated, correct"? "Well with that same spirit, plus Lunari's spiritual aura, it works like Lunari's spirit joined with it". "In other words, it will be more powerful and uncontrollable than it was when you became a dragon". Then Vuxo said "If my visions are correct, Micheal will become more powerful than you Nickolas".

"Meh." Nick said. "And stop being so formal, just call me Nick."

Io looked away, slightly rolling her eyes at Nick.

Lunari held Micheal, staring at him. "He's so powerful..."She thought to herself.

Hectic teleported into the room, looking quite cheerful. "I'm here." Hectic said. But then, his face of cheerfulness turned into a face of concern and curiosity as he looked at everyone, including Vuxo. "Um, is this a bad time?" Hectic questioned.

Lunari smiled. "You're fine."

"Vuxo, I have a question." Dillian asked. "How come you're immortal?"

Vuxo looked at Dillian and said "Immortality isn't why I still exist". "Even immortality couldn't have sustained me this long". Then Vuxo turned and said "No, my sheer force of will is what has kept me going through the centuries". "I've outlasted 8 out of 11 of my decendents already".

"Only TLK, Nick, and Micheal still live other than me". "Or at least thats what I thought". said Vuxo as the door to the dojo opened and a robotic hedgehog stepped inside. It looked at everyone and said "I am Maximus, Keeper of Crystals". Then Maximus went into his mind and brought out a shiny blue sword that had a large crystal embedded into its hilt. Then Maximus said "This is my sacred blade known as Tournesol". "It has the power to break other holy weapons and it can pierce holy armor too".

Then Maximus sheathed the sword and said "But I am here for a different reason".

Then 1 by 1, each of the Legendary Warriors appeared. Eliza, Xexio, Ciri, Tortuah, Faadas, and then Yolanda. Then Vuxo said "It is a great day today". "Today we see 10 out of 11 generations standing together". Then Vuxo said "Me, First Ancestor Vuxo". "My son, First Decendent Maximus". "His daughter, Second Decendent Eliza". "Her son, Third Decendent Xexio". "His daughter, Fourth Decendent Ciri". "Her son, Fifth Decendent Tortuah". "His son, Sixth Decendent Faadas". "His daughter, Seventh Decendent Yolanda". Then Vuxo paused and said "Her son, although he isn't here, Eigth Decendent TLK". "His son, Ninth Decendent Nick". "And finally, his son, Tenth Decendent Micheal".

Then all of the previous Legendary Warriors looked at Nick and then Micheal. Then Vuxo said "Do not be fooled by his looks, Nick is a capable fighter".

"I am a capable fighter!" Nick said turning Lightning. "And if you!" Nick said turning Super "Say!" Super 2 now. "Anything different!" Super 3. "Then you have!" Dragon, then Contained Dragon. "An Angry Dragon God on your hands!" Nick said turning back to base, then pointed to Maximus. "Anyway, Vuxo, How come only his Energy feels exactly like mine?"

Lunari looked around at the other Legendary warriors, and felt somewhat shy. Was she really meant to be here? In front of centuries worth of live-saving fighters? She was just a wandering soul who had finally found a place to stay...

Vuxo sighed and said "Now before anyone decides to get hostile, this wasn't meant to be a fight night". "Nick, Maximus's energy feels the same due to you being a REINCARNATION of him". "After he was presumed to be dead, you were chosen to inherit his powers". "Your mental equipping, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, and even your sacred blades all are linked".

While Vuxo was talking, Ciri, being the kind-hearted one, said to Lunari in telepathy "It's okay to feel shy". "The other halfs usually do feel shy around us".

Then suddenly, a hedgehog opened through the front door and entered the room. It had red eyes and wore a black cloak along with a hood. It looked at Vuxo, who said "What is it dear"? Then the hooded hedgehog said "You do realize that you have forgotton TLK and M-". Vuxo put his hand over the hedgehog's mouth and said "TLK will be here only if he chooses". Then he removed the hedgehog's hood, revealing it to be Legna.

Legna looked around the dojo and said "Nice place". "Not as roomy as the castle, but it is definently warmer here". Then Legna sat down on a chair and said "Mind if I join our little posse we have here"?

"Thank you." Lunari answered Ciri, grateful for the reassurance.

Hectic was thinking about just teleporting away at the moment. He sorta felt extremely shy because of all the people that are here. 

TLK teleported in. 

"I sensed the Great Vuxo." TLK said. 

"Dad, did you really just call him The 'Great' Vuxo?" Nick asked.

Vuxo coughed and said "107 to 0". Then he said to Legna "This is NOT a posse". "I brought everyone here to see our newest family member". Then Vuxo said "Ah, that reminds me". Then Vuxo summoned 3 magic amulets. He gave all 3 to Lunari. "1 of them in yours, 1 of them is Micheal's for when he becomes resonsible enough to look after it".

Then Vuxo said "Alright, it's time to go". "C'mon". Then everyone teleported 1 by 1. Until only Vuxo, Legna, and Maximus were there. Then Legna teleported away and Maximus walked out the front door. Vuxo turned to leave and stopped. Then he said "A tip for the future, hold on to that third amulet I gave you". "You'll see why in about 2 years". Then Vuxo walked outside and teleported away.

(How's that for Rachel's necklace's origin?) 

(Dio chat plz.) 

Nick rolled his eyes. 

"Streak Streak Streak..." Nick muttered. "It's all he talks about." 

TLK teleported away. 

(I can't get on the chat from my Xbox :( )


Lunari put on her amulet, and quickly fixed Micheal's so she could put it around his neck and he wouldn't get it off. She looked at the third one, and glanced at Nick, wondering if he was thinking what she was. (Rachel's amulet was actually going to be a gift from Io, but that works too.)

Part 9: The New Enemy

Vuxo was at his castle. He motioned for Legna to come closer. Then he told her "Keep an eye on Nick". Legna sighed and said "Literally or metaphorically"? Vuxo crossed his arms. Then Legna said "Fine, it's a metaphor". Then she turned to leave, but was stopped by Vuxo. Then Vuxo said "It would be wise of you to NOT get into a fight with Nick". "He doesn't have the power to actually kill you, but you barely have the power to kill him". "Only fight if you have to". said Vuxo. Legna nodded and teleported off.

A few hours later, Micheal woke up, then Nick picked him up, but then Micheal zapped Nick.

"I'm immune to low electricity, so that's not gonna hurt me." Nick said.

After Legna left, Vuxo called for Maximus. Maximus walked in and said "Yes Father"? Then Vuxo said "Make sure Legna doesn't get into any trouble". "You know how her temper tends to be". Maximus shook his head yes and said "I'll keep an eye on her". Then Maximus teleported away. Then Vuxo called in Xia, Johnny, Rudy, Ty, and Squall. "My 5 Generals, we are to prepare for war". "They are coming". Then the scene shifts to a bright white room with a bunch of hooded figures standing there. They all stood in a circle with 13 members. The one in the center was talking. He said "Now, it is the time that we re-take Mobius".

Then the scene shifted back to Vuxo. Who said "This will be a tough battle, even for those as strong as you 5 are". Then Ty said "They won't know what hit them". Xia snickered and said "You don't give us enough credit Vuxo, all 5 of us can destroy a timelime if we get angry". Then Rudy said "Yeah, this'll be a light warmup". Then Johnny laughed and said "C'mon Vuxo, you already KNOW that we'll own these fools". Then Squall said "How about instead of boasting, we actually listen to what Vuxo knows of them"? "He knows much more than what we do". Then Vuxo nodded and said "Don't worry, I have a trick up my sleeve". "You see, I can manipulate the age of things". Then Vuxo touched a sapling and it suddenly grew into a tree like magic.

Then the tree began to petrify from old age. Then Vuxo switched hands and the tree began to go back in it's life cycle. Then it turned back into a sapling. Then Vuxo took his hand off and said "That is my secret weapon". "It is NOT to be known by anyone other than me, you 5, my son, and Legna". Then Vuxo laughed and said "I have all of the pieces in my hand". "Now I just need to place them the right way". Then the scene shifts back to Legna, who was at the entrance of the dojo. She stood outside and relaxed.

Then she entered the dojo and saw Nick and Micheal. She just looked at them and said "How's it going Nickolas"?

"Call me Nick for once, will ya?" Nick said.

Micheal started whining, but Nick gave him food and he stopped.

Legna looked a bit pissed, but then went back to normal. Then she said "Alright then, how's it going Nick"?

"Good I suppose." Nick said. "Be right back."

Nick put Micheal on a bed and went somewhere.

Legna just looked around. Then she said "Are you 2 serioiusly the only ones here"? she thought, expecting just about anyone to suddenly appear. Then she looked at Micheal and said "Hmmm... you do have a strong potential". Then Legna walked closer and said "If I had to guess, you have both of your parent's powers". Then Legna stopped and said "Why are you here Maximus"? Then Maximus walked into the room and said "I'm not allowed to see the son of my reincarnation"? Then Legna said "It's not my place to tell you if you can or not, only Nick and Lunari can". Then Legna sighed and said "Nick is taking a awfully long time". Then Maximus walked back out of the room and masked his energy to match in with the surroundings.

Then Legna looked around a bit more before sitting in a chair.

Micheal shot a flame at Legna.

Legna was caught off-guard and hit directly in the face. She felt the slight burn mark and said "So that's how you're gonna treat your great times 8 step-grandma"? Then Legna got pissed and black light began to radiate from her body. She entered dark form and said "Sorry Vuxo, but you're gonna have to wait for another decendent to be born". Then Legna blasted a giant ball of dark light (?) at Micheal. However, Maximus blocked the attack and said "Legna, think about what you just tried to do". "You KNOW that if you so much as touch that baby, Nick will go on a manhunt for you". Then Legna returned to normal form and snarled before walking a few feet away. Then Maximus said "And an attack of THAT calibur wouldn've hurt Micheal, it would've KILLED him". "If I hadn't stopped you, you would've gotten into a fight with not only Nick and Lunari, but all of their friends too".

Then Maximus said "And to make matters worse, they all would be out for blood". "Even someone like you that isn't afraid to do anything to win would have a hard time beating all of them". Then Legna said "So why did you stop me"? "Weren't you told the plan"? Then Maximus said "What plan"? Then Maximus understood and said "Backup"? Then Legna shook her head yes and said "But I think it'd be better if we just asked them to help us with this problem". Then Maximus said "Then we shall ask Nick when he gets back".

(This is meant as a way for something BIG to happen, so I would appreciate it if you rolled with it)

(The Nick and Legna fight can wait for a bit) (But yes, it will still happen, just not right now)

Then the scene shifts to the bright white room. The leader of the group opened a portal and said "Now, we return to Mobius". "We will make Mobius ours again"! Then they all appeared on Mobius and one of them said "Mobius has changed quite a bit since out last time here". Then the leader said "We shall seperate for now". "We will meet up again later". Then all 13 of them took off in different directions. Each one was intent on something bad for the sake of Mobius. Then the scene shifts back to Vuxo, who says "They are here in Mobius". "Hopefully Legna has managed to get Nick to ally with us". Then Vuxo said "Ty, Xia, Rudy, Johnny, Squall, you 5 will each face 1 of them in a 1 on 1 fight". "Do NOT hold back for any reason, as these guys are extremly powerful". Then Ty, Xia, Rudy, Johnny, and Squall all teleported off to hunt down some of the members.

Then Vuxo teleported to the dojo and said "Nick, there is a problem that we would require your help to deal with".

(YES! This could lead to something I've been planning, The BATTLE OF MOBIUS! I didn't have a new villian, so these guys can do.)

"What's up?" Nick said coming in, then said to Maximus through telepathy. "Thanks for that save, Something bad could have happened if I had to teleport back."

Vuxo said "There is a group of 13, known simply as the Judges". "They have invaded Mobius for the second time in history". 'The first time they invaded, I was still young and I sent all 13 of them packing". "But age has slowely crept up with me". "So I would like you and your friends to help me and my allies defeat these invaders". "What do you say"? Then Maximus said back in telepathy "No problem Nick".

(BTW, these guys are the 13 Judges that I made the page for, Oh and these are all gonna be 1 on 1 fights with 1 person taking on each member of the Judges 1 by 1, And the Judges are meant to be a sort of test for the person they fight, Think of it like that each person has a particular one they'll face in order to help them grow as a person)

(Don't worry, I already have it figured out for everyone. This wizard was prepared ahead of time :D)

Lunari walked in, and picked up Micheal, holding him.


"You got it." Nick said turning Super 3. "I'll pummel anyone that tries to hurt my planet."

Vuxo nodded and said "We will also need your friends". "But Lunari is to stay with Micheal".Then Vuxo said "Be warned however, they each have a particular symbol that powers them". Then Vuxo sighed and said "They represent the 13 star signs". Then Vuxo said "Aries, Capricorn, Pisces, Saggitarius, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, and Ophiuchus".

"However, the one you face may or may not be the same sign as you". Then Vuxo said "For example, Nick may face the one that is Pisces just like him". "Or he could end up facing the one that is Cancer or Virgo". Then Vuxo said "13 of them, 13 of us". "Nick, Dillian, Rosa, Io, Dalton, Ty, Rudy, Xia, Johnny, Squall, Maximus, Legna, and... we may need Lunari afterall". "Unless Lexie wants to try, we convince Nate to help us, or maybe..." Then Vuxo said "I will teleport everyone except for Lunari and Micheal to where these invaders are meeting".

Then Vuxo turned and said "Stall them long enough for me and I'll have a surprise for them". Then Vuxo teleported everyone to the location for the battle. Then he said to Lunari "My surprise involvds Micheal". "I'll need you to bring him there". "But do not worry, they shouldn't attack you unless they are very pissed".

Then Vuxo teleported himself and Lunari to the outskirts of the battleground. Then Vuxo said "When I give you a message via telepathy, that's when I'll need you and Micheal". Then Vuxo teleported over to the battleground.

Lunari nodded, understanding what she needed to do but not why Micheal was involved. She knew trying to pry would piss Vuxo off; so she didn't bother.

Lexie was willing to try, thanks to the support Lunari had given her. "I belive in you..." She had said. She looked around at where they had ended up a bit confused.

Then Nick added his Lightning Form for Lightning Super 3.

"Who am I up against?" Nick asked.

Vuxo closed hie eyes and said "Zupior, the Virgo". Then Vuxo said "Dillian has Reks, the Capricorn". "Rosa has Vex, the Scorpio". "Io has Hayne, the Gemini". "Dalton has Basch, the Aries". "Lexie has Penelo, the Libra". "Ty has Secterro, the Leo". "Xia has Carrie, the Aquarius". "Rudy has Gwann, the Pisces". "Johnny has Yuloz, the Taurus". "Hectic has Nebude, the Saggitarius". "Legna has Tuiop, the Cancer". "And Maximus has the leader, the Ophiuchus". Then Vuxo said "Here they come".

The 13 Judges all appeared at once. They all stood ready to battle. Then the leader said "So this is the best that the "Great" Vuxo could do"? Then Vuxo said "I already whooped your ass once Valen". "However, if you're gonna threaten Mobius, you'd best be prepared for the concequences that lie ahead".

Then Vuxo turned dark form and said "To put it simply for your feeble minds". "If any of you take a single step forward, you all REALLY won't like what happens next". Then they all stepped forward at once. Vuxo returned to base form and said "Well, sorry Emma.." Then Vuxo entered Deathbringer form and said "This is why I never make promises". Then Vuxo shot a ball of energy into the air. It exploded and it gave everyone a piece of Vuxo's godlike strength. Then Vuxo walked to the sidelines and summoned a chair.

(Lets not kill any of the Judges, it's all part of the master plan)

Lexie liked this. Her heart started pounding with her newfound power, as she readied some sound waves, getting ready to fight.

Rosa summoned her signature two cyber blades, getting into a battle stance.

Io gripped her staff tightly, preparing herself.

Hectic turned into Highlight Form, raising his fist up as if ready to attack.

Nick turned Lightning Super 3 and got in a fighting stance.

Dillian turned Super 2 Symbol and got into a fighting stance, then two small symbols appeared infront of his fists.

Dalton turned Super and got ready to fight, the same type of symbols appeared infront of his fists.

All of the judges except for the leader turned super and attacked theie opponent. Zupior attacked Nick with light-style attacks that homed in at him. Reks summoned 2 horn-shaped swords and sent slashes traveling through space at Dillian. Vex grew 2 giant claws and a scorpion tail before lunging at Rosa with both claws and acid spit.

Penwlo summoned a scale that spun around in circles until it latched on to Penelo, creating a makeshift helicopter blade on her back. Hayne split into 2 selves, 1 with a sword and the other with a shield. They both lunged at Io alternatively. Basch summoned a flaming spear and equipped a burning ram skull before jabbing at Dalton with the spear.

Nebude summoned a bow and turned into a centaur beforr blasting multiple volleys of arrows at Hectic. Gwann turned into a half hedgehog-half fish creature and shot torrents of water at Rudy. Yuloz grew 2 horns on his chest and then charged at Johnny. Tuiop crew a crab pincer and aimed a shot at Legna's neck, which hit her and knocked her out. Then Vuxo teleported in and picked Legna up. He then teleported her to the sidelines and then teleported back.

Then Vuxo pointed his finger at Tuiop and said "You done fucked up now asshole". Then Carrie blasted multiple blasts of energy at Xia. Secterro summoned a sword and grew a lion mane before charging at Ty with the sword. Then the leader, Valen, laughed at Maximus and said "You think you can stop me"? Then Maximus spat on the ground and said "I can sure try". 'Can't I"? Then Valen laughed and said "You will die for your heroism".

Then Vuxo blasted a laser through Tuiop and almost 1-shotted him. Tuiop faded into a spirit and left the battlefield. Then Vuxo teleported back to Legna. He lifted her up and said to everyone "I am going to my castle to heal Legna". "I'll be back". Then he teleported away. Then Valen laughed and said "He won't be back quick enough to save you".

Then Valen blasted Maximus through the chest and knocked him out and almost killed him. Then Valen walked over to Maximus and charged a laser, intent on finishing him off.

Rosa used a sword of cyber energy, holding off Vex with it.

Lexie strafed around to Penelo's side, and fired a sound blast aimed right at Penelo's ear.

Io held off Hayne with her staff, before firing a magic blast at the sword wielder's chest.

Hectic dodged the arrows and lunged at Nebude and performed a series of kicks in his chest.

Nick combined his Dark 3 Form with his Super 3 Form, giving him Balance 3, with that Power, he easily beat his opponent, then went to help Maximus.

Nebude turned into a spirit and left. Penelo did the same. The sword wielder part of Hayne was hurt, but the shield wielder defended him with a shield. Johnny avoided the charge and then blasted Yuloz with a laser, reducing him to a spirit. Ty sliced Secterro across the chest and he turned into a spirit. Xia reflected Carrie's attacks and the blasted her with a volley of fireballs, which reduced her to a spirit.

Rudy used scattershots in order to divert the water that Gwann shot before blasting Gwann and turning him into a spirit.

Dalton was able to beat his opponent with ease, Dillian was able to win aswell but it took a little bit.

Nick shot a laser at Valen to knock him away, then he used power share to heal Maximus and a Balance 3 Form.

Io teleported behind Hayne's two parts, and blasted both of them.

Both parts of Hayne were defeated and turned into a single spirit before leaving. Then the opponents that Nick, Dillian, and Dalton faced all turned into spirits. Vex realized that only her and Valen were left and teleported next to him.

"We seem to be losing". Vex said to Valen. Then Valen said "They don't realize what I'm capable off just yet". Then Vuxo finally got back and saw how everything had turned out. He sat on the chair again and said "It's not over yet". "It's never this easy". Then Vex turned into a spirit for no seen reason. But then, a sword is seen impaling her. Then the other 11 spirits appear around Valen.

1 by 1, they each turn into the thing their sign represents. Then Valen laughed and said "Tell me mobians, do you know what Ophiuchus is represented by"? Then Valen turned into a giant snake and absorbed the other 12 spirits!

"I will be your new God"! yelled Valen as Vuxo stood up. He teleported in front of Valen and blocked a punch that Valen aimed at Nick. Then Vuxo's energy left everyone and came back to him. Then Vuxo turned Deathbringer form and said "Don't. Fuck. With. MY. FAMILY"! Then Vuxo punched Valen and knocked him back before saying to Nick "Get Lunari and Micheal". "My plan is about to come full circle".

(Alright, when Lunari gets there with Micheal, the plans gonna happen. You'll finally get to see what my plan has been :D)

Nick teleported Lunari and Micheal to him.

Part 10: Vuxo's Plan Comes Full Circle

Vuxo looked at Nick, then Lunari, and then Micheal. Then he said "Valen, you may have the power of all 13 signs AND be in super form". Then Vuxo walked over to Micheal and said to Valen "Remember when I told you to not take another step forward"? Then Vuxo gently put his hand on Micheal. Then Vuxo said "Whelp, here's what happens next".

Then Vuxo used his power over age to transform Micheal into a teenager! Then Vuxo said "Nick, Micheal, it's time to send this shithead packing". Then he said to Nick and Micheal in telepathy "All together now, lets REALLY show him what family NOT to fuck with". Then Valen laughed and said "Your resistance is futile". Then Valen went Super Dark Hyper 3 form and said "Now I will finish this battle".

Then Vuxo sighed and said "I didn't really plan to do this, but I think it's the best option that WON'T destroy Mobius". Then Vuxo said to Nick in telepathy "Teach Micheal the fusion dance via telepathy while I hold commander shithead here off". Then Vuxo blasted forward and punched Valen back before blasting him with a laser. Then Valen came back out and smacked Vuxo into the ground.

Vuxo got back up and stopped another punch that was aimed at Nick. Then Vuxo pushed Valen back into a mountain and yelled "WHATS WRONG"!?!?!? "YOU SCARED TO FIGHT SOMEONE THAT CAN ACTUALLY KILL YOU"!?!?!? Then Vuxo used his power over age and made himself young again! Then Vuxo summoned the flare blade and his eyes turned red.

"You are gonna wish for death by the time I'm done with you". Vuxo said as he prepared to hold Valen off. Then Valen combined Super 1, 2 , 3, Dark 1, 2 ,3, and added hyper into the mix. He became Hyper Balanced 6 and then added his own Sign form into the mix. He was now a Hyper Balanced Sign 6 form serpent-hedgehog. Then he said "I want to see you try to stop me now".

Then Vuxo turned red and said "You know what...."? "FUCK IT"! "EVEN IF I DESTROY MOBIUS, I CAN EASILY RESTORE IT"! Then Vuxo entered Alpha form and created a gigantic deathball. Then he said "Now Valen, I want to see YOU survive THIS"! yelled Vuxo as he launched the timeline-shattering ball of energy at Valen! But then, time stopped and Vuxo stopped the deathball. He then resumed time and said to Nick and Micheal "I leave the fate of Mobius up to you 2". Then Vuxo dissolved the deathball and said to them "He is hurt a bit, perform fusion and fight him to the bitter end".

Then Vuxo grabbed Valen and flew into orbit with him. Then Vuxo began to glow white as he flew Valen higher and higher. Then Vuxo said "You brought this on yourself Valen". Then Vuxo began to crack as he said "You killed my first wife, and now I'm personally taking you to Hell"! Then Vuxo self-destructed and the force of the explosion sent Valen tumbling back down to Mobius at high speeds. Valwn crashed right in front of Nick and co. Valen stood up with cracks in his scales. Vuxo's explosion had drastically weakenned him.

Then Valen snarled and said "You puny rats can't stop me". "Especially with him gone for good". Then Valen entered Hypwr Balanced Sign X form and said "Now only 2 insects stand in my way". Then he looked into the sky and it began to thunderstorm violently. Then lightning hit the ground next to Nick, revealing Vuxo to still be alive. Then Vuxo said "What"? "I defy Death on a regular basis". Then Vuxo stood in front of Valen and said to Nick "Fuse with Micheal". Then Vuxo tossed Nick and Micheal each a pottara earring. Then Vuxo said to Micheal in telepathy "I know you have many questions". "But for now, just put that earring on your left ear".

Then Vuxo said to Nick in telepathy "Put it on your right ear". Then Vuxo blasted forward and held Valen back to give Nick and Micheal the time they needed. Then Vuxo said in telepathy to Lunari "You might wanna get everyone else out of here". "This next round is BOUND to get ugly".

(Yep, a TEMPORARY teenager Micheal. Plus I did think about 'What if Micheal and Nick FUSED'?. Then I decided to add that into the concoction) (How did I do?)

Lunari nodded to Vuxo, starting to round up everyone else and get them away from the fight. She even took some pity on the spirits, and used her control over spiritual energy to send them out of harm's way.

Nick turned back to base, then him and Micheal put the earrings on and fused into Micholas!

Micholas turned Balance 6 and summoned the Blade of Balance, then Motioned for Vuxo to leave.

"Remember all the times you tried to one-punch my Nick half but Vuxo blocked them?" Micholas said. "How about we switch the roles, BUT NOBODY BLOCKS IT!"

Micholas flew at Valen and punched him, instantly killing Valen.

Valen wasn't instantly killed, but he felt the hit and was knocked back through the mountain. He stood back up and said "How many Legendary Warriors does it take to kill me"? "More than 2, I promise you that". Then Vuxo crossed his arms and said "For currently losing the fight, you sure talk a lot of shit Valen". Then Vuxo said "However, you underestimate what these 2 are capable of".

Then Vuxo created a small light in his right hand. He held it up to the sky and a light shone through the thunderclouds and hit it. The light in Vuxo's hand grew bigger and bigger, it's glow growing more and more intense as well. Then Vuxo said "Valen, you're about to have a bad time". Then Valen laughed and said "You can't even hope to touch me with that Vuxo". Then Vuxo laughed at Valen and said "If my 2 decendents here almost one-shotted you a few minutes ago, then what do you think that I'll do now"?

Then Vuxo dissolved the light and said "But I have decided to leave it up to them". Then Vuxo turned and began walking away. Then Valen said "Ha, you always were someone who walked away from their problems". Then Vuxo stopped and turned around before saying "At least I didn't sacrifice my friends just so that I could become a monster". Then Vuxo said "Leave again Valen". "I already beat the hell outta you in this form last time". "Take this one chance at mercy and DON'T come back".

Valen snarled and then teleported back to the white dimension again. Then Vuxo said "If he ever comes back, I won't even tell you". "I'll just annihilate him myself". Then Vuxo said "Alright, it is time for Micheal to be returned to his true age at this point in time".


"You again... I think It's time we've had a small chat." A voice said to Valen, it zoomed out and we see Xirsec.

(Oh shit, I like where this is going)

Valen looked at Xirsec and said "Hmmm"? "Your energy is similar to that of the hedgehog I just faced". "Do you happen to know anybody named Nick"? said Valen as he twirled a bunch of cards in his hand.

"He is my Brother." Xirsec said. "A Pesky one at that."

"That, we can agree on". said Valen as he shuffled his deck of cards.

"With my new power, and your help, we can exterminate their whole team." Xirsec said.

"Hmmm"... said Valen. Then he said "Yes, we shall destroy them". Then Valen said "But I still have one last trick up my sleeve". Then Valen layed the cards down and they each summoned a different warrior that was made to be nearly invincible. "These warriors are made differently from one another and can kill almost anything with just 1 of them alone". "There are 52 of these warriors and they serve me and whoever is assisting me". "Which now includes you".

"However, my own physical body cannot enter Mobius". "As it would draw Vuxo to us". "And that is one of the last things we need to happen". "Take these Meta Warriors and with their help, we should able to bring Mobius to it's knees".

Xirsec swiped the cards up.

"Sounds good." Xirsec said. "See you around."

Xirsec opened a portal and left.

Part 11: The Return of Xirsec

The moment Xirsec entered Mobius, Nick felt a shiver.

Valen summoned his crystal ball and used it to watch what Xirsec did. Then Valen finally released the other 12 spirits. They all looked around before Valen said "I was forced to flee". "We are lucky to still be alive". Then they all began watching the crystal ball. Then Valen said "Our ally here has the power to destroy them all". "So I gave him the Meta Warriors to use against our opponents".

Then Valen said "We shall watch over the battle". "And if things shall get hairy, we will bring our ally back here to us". "But I trust that he can beat them without our help". Then all 13 of them sat down in a circle around the crystal ball and watched to see what as happening.

(Yes, I know that I'm ripping off the Kais from DBZ, but they REALLY don't want to go back to Mobius for ANY reason)

Nick looked around, then a giant fist burst through the dojo.

"SHIT!" Nick shouted.

Xirsec floated down.

"I've been waiting for this." Xirsec said, then he had his other cards out. "I'd summon one at a time, but I'm SMART."

Then all the Meta-Warriors were summoned and Xirsec turned Contained Hydra!

"You're ALL finished." Xirsec said.

(Nick's Spirit OOC: plz check out)

(Dio's Spirit OOC: He's pretty good, 9 outta 10 Nick)

The judges remained watching in silence. Not even a whisper was heard in the area.

(Try checking the Nicknames again You might see something... odd, and comment :P)

"Shit." Nick said.

Then The Meta-Warriors all turned into Armor and a Sword which Xirsec wore.

"Let's see how long you last." Xirsec said.

Then, with one slash, Xirsec defeated Everyone, except Justin who wasn't there.

Hectic stood on his knees. "Wow, that was one strong attack..." Hectic said. His injuries then healed in a short amount of time.

"Shut your mouth bot-head." Xirsec said. "I know how to kill you."

"J-Justin...." Lunari cried out for help, telepathically to Justin, before passing out.

Nick got up and turned Balance 6.

"Here we go." Nick said.

The Judges remained silent for a bit longer. Then Valen said "Judges, we go to Mobius again". The other 12 Judges all looked at Valwn in confusion. Then Vex, the 2nd in command, asked "Are you trying to bring Vuxo into this again Valen"? Then Valen slapped her across the face and said "Who are you to question me"? "I am God and you are merely a priest that hears my voice".

Then Valen said "Now enough talk, I want to personally witness the end of Mobius".  Then he teleported all 13 of them back to Mobius. However, their arrival was soon greeted by Vuxo. "I told you to never come back Valen". said Vuxo. "But clearly, you didn't listen to me". Then all 13 Judges turned into their Sign form and then Valen said "Go ahead, detroy us". "All we must do is divert your attention for a few minutes".

Then Vuxo sensed Xirsec and said "Trying to pull one over me Valen"? "Thanks for giving yourself up". Then Vuxo said "Since I have to save my decendent from an untimely grave, I'll be letting you go". "For now". Then Vuxo teleported to the dojo. He looked at the destruction and said "You know Xirsec, you remind me of someone". Then Vuxo said "Can you tell me who"?

"I know exactly who you mean, Vuxo." Xirsec said. "Tortuah, The one who betrayed Mobius."

Vuxo laughed and said "Clever guess". "But you are NO Legendary Warrior". "No, I speak of someone who is more dear to my heart". Then Vuxo said "I had 2 sons". "Maximus, who inherited the role of being a Legendary Warrior". "And his twin brother Mercury, who turned evil, tried to destroy Mobius, and was sent to Hell by Maximus". "Sound familiar"? "Nick is Maximus's reincarnation". "Which makes you Mercury's reincarnation". Then Vuxo turned hyper and said "And I know how Mercury's story ended". "And you're going down the same path".

"He threatened Mobius and had aid from the same sign-wielding rogue you do now". "In turn, I banished Valen to that realm he is in now, and destroyed Mercury before he destroyed himself". Then Vuxo said "I would let your father carry this out in my place, but he lacks the power to kill you in your current state". Then Vuxo said "Whereas I have the power to just about 1 shot you". Then Vuxo said "Pick your poison Xirsec". "Either surrender, or die". Then Vuxo said "Oh and by the way, Tortuah repented for his sins in the afterlife". "Because of it, he was granted Heaven instead of the fiery alternative".

"So I've got a question for ya Xirsec". "Do you think that even someone as bad as you, can change"? "Do you think that if you actually TRIED, that you could be a hero just like your brother"? "You are WASTING your potential right now". "You have the same blood and spirit to rival Nick's". "But unlike him, you can't grasp it". "And destroying Mobius won't let you grasp it either". "No, what you need is someone to teach you and to support you". "Something that you and Nick both lack due to Xicon being an asshole". Then Vuxo un-summoned the flare blade and said "One thing you both have, is time". Then Vuxo paused and said "This will be the most important decision of your life up to this point". Then Vuxo said to Xirsec "Now's the chance for you to break the curse that has always befallen the brother of a Legendary Warrior". "And in turn, become one yourself".

Then Vuxo said "If you thought I came here to simply destroy you, the answer is no". "No, I came here to offer you a chance to start anew". Then Vuxo put out his right hand and said "It's not too late to change".

Xirsec used his strongest technique, Chrono Maximus, which he used to basically stop Vuxo, pull him by the hand, and chop him in his weakspot, neutralizing his form and knocking him out.

"You know Xirsec, I used to think Vuxo was an evil bitch, we've even fought twice, But I've grown a liking to him, Like one of my friends, And you KNOW how I treat people that hurt my friends." Nick said turning Balanced Dragon 6, then summoned the Dragon Blade of Balance and pointed it's tip at Xirsec. "Like the itch I can't get rid of."

Vuxo opened his eyes and stood up. He crossed his arms and said "Your strongest technique, with that form's amount of power AND even a suckerpunch like that can't keep me down Xirsec". Then Vuxo said "Normally, I'd send you to oblivion for that". "But for harming Nick's friends and family, I'll let him do the honors". Then Maximus, Eliza, Xexio, Ciri, Tortuah, Faadas, and Yolanda all appeared.

Then Vuxo said in an ominous tone "Now we shall see which of you 2 is truly stronger".

Nick and Xirsec rushed at each other, there blades crashing against each other, creating a large shockwave, Nick tried to stab Xirsec in the chest, but Xirsec parried it away.

Nick fired a beam from his sword that Xirsec cut in half, before stabbing at Nick, who parried it away.

Lunari used her spirit form, joining with Nick, leaving Micheal in Io's care. Io put a shield up around the two of them.

Before Lunari could join with Nick, Nick pushed her Spirit back away from him.

"This is my fight." Nick said. "All me."

Then Nick slashed at Xirsec, but Xirsec blocked it.

Lunari's spirit backed up, and then realized that Io had dragged her body into the magic shield. Io let Lunari through, and Lunari woke up under the shield, along with everyone else. Usually being surrounded by magic like this made her dizzy (and, she could only imagine what it'd do to Micheal), but oddly, she felt fine this time. She had no idea why.

Io seemed to understand why Lunari was acting confused. "It's that amulet." She said, pointing to Lunari's chest. "It's protecting you, and him." She handed Micheal back to Lunari.

Nick and Xirsec continued slashing at each other and Nick landed a stab that cracked through Xirsec's armor.

Ciri winced from the sound of the armor cracking and whispered to Vuxo "Are you really gonna let him fight his brother to the death like this"? Then Vuxo said "Xirsec hasn't exactly been a pleasant brother to Nick". "I'm leaving it up to Nick's decision". Then Valen and co teleported to the battlefield and Valen said "Alright, we have seen enough on this fight".

Then Valen absorbed the other 12 spirits and entered his Hyper Balanced Sign 6 form and turned into a giant snake. Then he said "Xirsec, there is 1 more chance for victory". "Let us take care of these others that stand in our way". Then Vuxo said "I gave you all a THIRD chance to live and what did you assholes do"? Then Vuxo turned hyper and said "I promised to not interfere in Nick and Xirsec's fight". "But as for you assholes, I'll be sure to finish you all this time".

Then Maximus turned Aqua God, Eliza turned into a Black Dragon with lightning flashing around it's scales, Xexio grew to a giant size and summoned a giant greatsword, Ciri grew 6 wings and her hand hands grew talons and she also grew a beak, Tortuah turned into a giant spider with 8 mettalic legs, Faadas summoned a bunch of floating swords that drifted around him and defended him while he transformed into a large, cat-like creature with a watery cape going down his back, and Yolanda turned jet black and grew tentacles before revealing to have bright white eyes. Then she grew slightly bigger and Vuxo said "We will finish you assholes off for good this time".

Then Vuxo summoned his armor and the sword of infinity. Then Vuxo entered Voidbringer form and said "Go ahead Valen, we'll let you take the first shot". Then Valen laughed and said "It takes all of you together to beat me". Then Vuxo snarled and said "I don't need help". "But I'm not one to turn help down". Then Vuxo said "But if you insist so much Valen, I'll let you go 1 on 1 with The Undefeated One". Then Valen laughed and launced a timeline-busting ball of energy at Vuxo while yelling "FUCK YOU"!

Vuxo held it back with one hand and said "What's wrong"? "Did ya expect that to beat me"? Then Vuxo laughed and said "Maybe if I was in base form". Then Vuxo launched the ball back and it smacked Valen directly in the face, causing the 13 Judges to defuse. Then Vuxo teleported over to them and turned the sword of infinity into the blade of infinity. Then Valen said "What the hell"? "How did you defuse us THAT easily"? Then Vuxo laughed and said "Simple". Then Secterro tried to slash Vuxo while he talking from behind. But Yolanda grabbed him with one of her tentacles.

Then Tortuah, Ciri, Faadas, and Xexio were all fighting with the other 10 Judges. Maximus and Eliza were fighting Vex while Vuxo merely stood still and said "This is the end Valen". Then Valen laughed and said "Not quite Vuxo". "I still have 1 more trick up my sleeve". Then Valen teleported next to Xirsec and said "Fusion". "Us, the Meta Warriors, the other 12 spirits, and our layered forms combined will defeat them all". Then Vuxo teleported next to Nick and said "If you wish to cheat the game Valen, then I will be glad to step in as moderator". Valen absorbed the other 12 spirits and said to Xirsec "Now is the time for us to fuse". Then Vuxo said to Nick in telepathy "Let them fuse". "They don't know who they are dealing with". Then Maximus, Eliza, Xexio, Ciri, Tortuah, Faadas, and Yolanda all teleported over to Nick and Vuxo.

Then Vuxo said "Go ahead, fuse and use your Meta Warriors". "Hell, layer all of your forms if you must". Then Maximus said "Dad, is this the wisest thing to do"? Then Vuxo looked at Maximus with that face that says "Do you question me"? Then Vuxo actually said "I am 99% certain". Then Valen snarled and handed Xirsec a potarra earing before puting one on. Then Valen said "Fusion is the only possible way now".

"That's enough!" Xirsec said crushing the earring, he absorbed the 12 Judges and Valen and became stronger than 10 Gods combined.

"Shit." Nick said. "I have a plan, Vuxo, fight Xirsec, Maximus and Eliza, come with me."

Maximus and Eliza went with Nick. Then Vuxo teleported in front of Xirsec and said "Well, you definently were eager for a fight huh"? Then the blade of infinity glowed white and Vuxo said "Whelp, here we go".

Meanwhile, Nick, Maximus and Eliza arrived at a large white hall.

"Zigo, Elder God, Master of all..." Nick said as his eyes started glowing. "I SUMMON THEE!"

Then a Hedgehog appeared and Nick's eyes stopped glowing.

The Hedgehog sat on a throne.

"What do you need." Zigo said.

"A Sample." Nick said.

"I see, Xirsec is wrecking the planet." Zigo said. "I do not think I can help you though."

"Tong ee aht ehutu shenga utaha!" Nick shouted.

"Tuehe guta undeia leuta shiata." Zigo said.

"Thank you." Nick said.

"You may access your new God Power whenever you need." Zigo said. "Now begone."

Nick took Eliza and Maximus to the battle.

Nick then sprouted Angel Wings as he entered his God Form.

Xirsec had seemingly beaten Vuxo and turned to Nick.

"Oh, Three Gods?" Xirsec said. "I'm TEN."

"Years Old." Nick said.

"Son of a bitch." Xirsec said.

Maximus layered his forms together and so did Eliza. Maximus was an Hyper Balanced Aqua Dragon God 6 form and Eliza was in Hyper Balanced God Ultima Dragon 6 form. Then Vuxo rose and said "Ten gods"? "Then Vuxo laughed and said "But I guess I'll tell you a little secret Xirsec". "You see, all of us Legendary Warriors are linked by a spiritual tie". Then Xexio, Ciri, Tortuah, Faadas, and Yolanda all recieved the god form from Zigo. Then Vuxo said "Your fate is sealed Xirsec".

Then Xexio, Ciri, Tortuah, Faadas, and Yolanda all entered their final forms like Maximus and Eliza did. Then Vuxo teleported all of them in front of Xirsec. Then Vuxo teleported himself in front of Xirsec and entered god form. Then Vuxo said "It sure was nice of Zigo to give us some help". Then Vuxo said "Zigo helped me once". "But that was a LONG time ago".

Then Vuxo said "There are 9 gods here, facing only 1 with the power of 10". Then Vuxo said in telepathy to the other LWs "Don't let him fool you". "10 gods really aren't that powerful". Then Vuxo said "Well, we have gathered here today, of all days, in order to pass judgement on these so-called Judges". "Who have happened to have persuaded one of our own family members to turn against us". Then Vuxo said "I offered Xirsec a chance to live, and he sucker punched me".

Then all of the LWs except for Nick and Vuxo began charging energy. Then Vuxo said "You should've chosen the right choice when you had the chance Xirsec". Then Vuxo summoned the blade of infinity and it's blade glowed white. Then Vuxo said "From the Alpha to the Omega, I present you with the sacred blade that I crafted back when this world was new". "It makes the Blade of Balance look like a mere child". Then Vuxo said "So Xirsec, I'll ask you 1 more time". Then Vuxo put out his hand again and said "It isn't too late to change".

"But the door is slowely closing".

Xirsec punched Vuxo away again.

Then, all the Legendary Warriors's Spirits and Vuxo's Spirit all flew into Nick.

"This is the true power of the Legendary Warriors." Nick said, he put his hand out and it fired a beam larger than the planet that disintegrated Xirsec and his armor and Sword.

(Nick's Spirit OOC:

(Dio's Spirit OOC: Already read it. Just forgot to comment)

The spirits all returned to the LWs and then Vuxo said "Hmph". "He really doesn't listen to reason". Then the 13 judges re-appeared and Valen said "This isn't over, not yet". "Not when I'm this close to winning"! yelled Valen as he dashed at Vuxo. Vuxo caught Valen with a brutal stab through the gut and desintegrated him. Then Vuxo glared at the other 12 and said "If you wish to live, leave now". The other 12 looked at one another and then all teleported away.

Then Vuxo blasted a laser and blew up everything in the galaxy except for Mobius. "Dammit". he said. Then Maximus said "Don't worry about it Dad, Xirsec was an asshole". "Even Nick didn't like him that much". Then Vuxo brought the galaxy back and said "You don't know what it's like to have to strike down one of your own decendents". "I struck Tortuah down and then helped him atone for his sins so that he could return as a better person". "I can't do the same for Xirsec if he doesn't want any help". Then Eliza said "Oh relax Grandpa, it's just like how Dad said". "He was an asshole that refused to admit his own defeat".

Then Vuxo said "I can't help him where he's headed". Then Vuxo said "Now I shall go see if Legna has healed". Then Vuxo teleported away. Then Maximus said "Alright, that means that this meeting is over". Then all of the LWs teleported away except for Maximus. Then Maximus said to Nick "Good job". Then he teleported away.

"I like that Maximus guy." Nick said. "Probably because I'm him."

(Nick's Spirit OOC: Den Comment Mate.)

Io took down her shield, and everyone ran over to Nick, with Lunari starting a giant group hug.

(Dio's Spirit OOC: I just did)

Then after everyone left, Vex re-appeared and walked over to Xirsec's ashes. She scooped them into an urn and then teleported away. Then back the bright white dimension, Vex walked over to a magic circle and poured the ash on the center. Then she said to the other 11 spirits "Valen is gone". Then she casted a spell and the ashes began to slowley reform into Xirsec. Then Vex said "Even my magic can't bring Valen back now". "However, I believe we may have found another Judge to replace him".

Then Xirsec was complety reformed and concious. Then Vex said "Welcome back Xirsec". "You might remember us". Then Vex handed Xirsec a cloak and said "We have chosen you to replace out fallen comrade Valen". "We would ask you to replace him as our leader". "What says you"? asked Vex.

But before Xirsec could answer, the scene shifts back to the dojo.

(How's that for a HOLY SHIT! moment?)

Part 12: ???

"I did it!" Nick said. "Io, lemme see Micheal."

Io did as she was told, handing Micheal to Nick. (Really phone? Michelle?)

Nick held Micheal and stuff.

"He's so adorable." Nick said.

Lexie looked at him. "Awww...."

Alaine jumped up onto Nick's shoulder, so that she could see Micheal too.

Nick used Magic to hold Micheal for him while he went to do something.

Alaine didn't want to come for the ride, so she hopped off Nick's shoulder, and used her telekinesis to hover around Micheal, getting a closer look at him.

When Alaine got too close to Micheal, he grabbed her and started to use her like a toy.

"Whoa! Easy, easy!" Alaine tried to squirm out of Micheal's hands. Fascinating, for Micheal. It moved and made noise.

"Gogogage." Micheal made baby noises, then did something amazing, he ate Alaine.

A couple minutes later...

Alaine woke up, in a familiar predicament. "Ugh.... Again?" She figured it was the kid, so she didn't want to hurt him; she went for a light elbow to the side.

Meanwhile, Micheal started whining.

Lunari came to the rescue, holding Micheal in her arms. She didn't know what was wrong yet. "Hush, hush, hush. What's wrong, darling?" She said, in a soothing tone, rocking him slightly.

"GAGEGUGAGUGA!" Micheal whined.

Lunari took a closer look at Micheal, still rocking him and hushing him, trying to figure out the problem. She sensed something; another presence. ​"Alaine?"

"Help?" Alaine mumbled, hearing Lunari's voice.

"Oh no...." Lunari muttered. But then, she had an idea. She made Micheal use his spirit form (after a couple failed attempts), and let Alaine crawl out.

"Ewww....." Alaine complained. "Better than the alternative, though."

"Phew! You're okay!" Lunari said, relieved, letting Micheal's spirit return to his body.

Alaine washed up, and Lunari set Micheal down for a nap.

Hectic came from the door, looking a quite different with the eye color changed to yellow.

"Hmm? Oh, hello!" Lunari said, smiling.

"Hi." Hectic said quietly so that Micheal couldn't here. His voice sounded a little dark and deep.

Lunari noticed his voice sounded different, but didn't really worry about it. "How are you?" She asked.

Hectic stood silently, lookng at the people inside the room. He then finally spoke, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Io peeked out from her room, and noticed Hectic. She smiled. "Hello, Hectic."

Hectic looked over towards Io and opened up a little smile. "Hello, Io."

"How are you?" Io asked.

"I'm good." Hectic said towards Io.

"That's good." Io said, headed towards her room, motioning for Hectic to follow.

That's exactly what Hectic does. He then moves forward as he follows behind Io.

Io went into her room, and sat on the bed, not really sure what to do or what to talk about.

Hectic looked around Io's room, then turned back to her quickly as he shifted his head back to place.

"Nice room you have here, Io." Hectic said.

Io sighed, and took a deep breath. "Thanks." The room was kind've sparsely decorated, (at least on her side. She had to share with Dalton), but it smelled faintly of the spices and potions that lined the shelves. A couple of runes were drawn on the walls, protection runes for herself.

Hectic ran out of stuff to say. "So...."

Suddenly, they could hear Rosa's boots pounding on the dojo floor. She seemdd to be out the door in quite a hurry...

Io semmed to ignore her. "What have you been up to lately?" She asked.

Hectic rubbed his back. 'Well, Hectic has been a mercenary, an assassin, and a bounty hunter. That's about all he's achieved so far." Hectic said.

"How about you?" Hectic said. A happy smile then popped up on his face.

"Sounds to me lile he wants relatable. Move over, Airion...." Io's eyes suddenly started to change to both blue, her black stripes growing to cover up the white. "Ah. I get it. The two of us have been busy, helping the crew. And, for whatever reason, now we have to share a room with Dalton- this moron." She motioned to the other half of the room, decorated the way Dalton liked it.

"Oh..." Hectic said in a quiet tone. His right eye then turned red, while his left eye stayed yellow.

Io sighed. She was about to flop over onto the bed, but then, something caught her attention. She sat up, reverting back to her normal form, her eyes closed, focusing. "If you came inside, this must be urgent. What's the matter?" Io asked.

Hectic stood there, startled.

She wasn't talking to him; she was talking to the Ether Spirits she had just sensed. They started to show themselves. There were two spirits, one boy, one girl. "Airion! Celeste! The visionaries want you, right away." The girl stated.

"Okay. I'll be right there. Thank you." Io said, getting up, and starting to draw a teleportation rune. "Well, want to come with us? This might get interesting...."

"I'm not a moron." Dalton said coming out from under his bed.

"I would love to stay and chat, Dalton, but I have work to do." Io teleported away before Dalton would bother her more.

Hectic then just stood in the room, not knowing what to do. He then turned himself towards Dalton.

A couple hours later....

Rosa came back in the dojo, an injured chameleon leaning heavily on her shoulder. She helped him into her room, and set him down on her bed. "Guys!" She shouted, trying to get everyone to come and help.

Hectic was the first to come over. "What is it, Rosa?" Hectic asked.

"Oh." Nick said. "That guy."

Lunari rushed into the room. "What? What is it?" She asked, sounding concerned. She saw the chameleon, who was just starting to wake up. "Oh..." She looked sorry for him. She used her spirit form, joining with him, starting to heal him.

The chameleon, Derek (Who we already know), woke up, and sat up slowly. "Thanks..." He said.

"Sup Derek." Nick said.

"Huh?" He looked up at Nick. "Oh, Nick. Long time no see." She said, with a slight smile on his face.

'Well, might as well give a welcome..." Hectic thought to himself. He then gave a little smile towards Derek.

"Hmmm, Where'd Io go?" Nick muttered.

Derek waved slightly to Hectic.

Hectic waved back.

Part 13: Chaotic Ether

Nick left and looked for Io.

However, soon after Nick left, Io teleported back to the dojo, and collapsed on her bed. She moaned slightly, sounding pained.

Nick teleported to Io.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked.

Io didn't answer. She looked sickly; she was hunched over on the bed, shivering slightly.

"What the...?" Nick muttered, then he sensed it. "Ether! You're low on Ether!"

Io motioned to him slightly. Not quite; she wasn't low on ether, her ether was way out of balance.

Nick went to get Justin and Dalton.

Lunari came in to check on Io, and looked very worried. "Oh, oh my god. Io?"

Io hardly even reacted.

Justin and Dalton came in.

"Move." Justin said. "Nick get that Orange Potion we have."

"Yea, OK!" Nick said running off.

Dalton sat near Io.

"You know I care for you, right?" Dalton said.

Io couldn't do anything to shoo him away, so she just either ignored him or was to weak to react. It was hard to tell.

"You're probably ignoring me, but I'm just letting you know, I care for you." Dalton said.

Io moved her head, the only sign that she knew he was even there.

While Nick was looking for the potion, a quick glint may have caught the corner of his eye.

"Hmm?" Nick muttered.

Dalton got up and left.

Nick would've seen, it was the staff Lady Tempest gave him.

"Oh, the Staff!" Nick said picking it up.

The blue crystals that Io had embedded into it gleamed brightly. A little too brightly...

Hectic became very worried of what was happening, so he poked his head through Io's doorway. "Io, are you okay?" Hectic asked with concern in his voice.

Io mumbled something, sounding uneasy and weak.

Hectic went into Io's room, kneeling down beside her.

Io didn't do much, but she loosened up a bit, as if happy he was there. She was still in pain, though.

Hectic seemed very concerned for Io, trying to think of something that might will ease her. He then placed the palm of his hand on her, thinking it would get her relaxed.

Io seemed to relax a little more.

Hectic then started rubbing his hand back and forth on her.

Io fidgeted a bit. It didn't seem to help; she winced in pain again.

"Oh, sorry...." Hectic said as he stopped rubbing her and just made his hand stay still on her again.

Io mumbled something again, sounding like "It's okay..."

Meanwhile, Nick had an Idea, he had drawn a rune to teleport to Ether Forest.

"Ugh, Jutsu's are way faster..." Nick said. "Lady Tempest! Selene! Matthew!"

Two messenger spirits took off into the forest, and quickly came back with Lady Tempest and Selene.

"What's wrong?" Lady Tempest asked.

"Io's Ether's completely outta Balance!" Nick said, Matthew had also just arrived.

Selene gasped. Lady Tempest started drawing a rune, taking everyone to the Dojo.

Lady Tempest looked at Io, seemingly checking on her, looking her over to see what could be done.

"She gonna be OK?" Matthew asked as Nick tossed his staff to the corner.

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Tempest nodded. "She should be fine. She just needs rest. Quiet rest."

Selene turned around, and saw Dalton. "You. Come with me." Selene said, walking out of the room.

"No thanks." Dalton said, he fell backwards (like in a badass way) into a Symbol.

Selene rolled her eyes, but then noticed something; Nick's staff.

Nick noticed what she was looking at, then used Magic to bring it to his hand and hand it to Selene.

Selene saw the blue crystals embedded into it. "These crystals... they're very special. You should keep this with you; Io has a crystal just like these. They can help you two keep in touch."

"I think you mean 'You three.'" Nick said. "Now, is there any way too make her Ether restored, FASTER?"

"I know a way." Matthew said.

Lady Tempest looked at Matthew with a curious, (if not slightly suspicious) stare.

"Don't you remember, If I don't Meditate, how do you think my Ether's always in balance?" Matthew asked.

"Well, yes. The Ether Links. But, she can't go with you. Not with a body." Lady Tempest answered.

"Heh, Way off there, Lady Tempest." Matthew said.

Lady Tempest gave Matthew a harsh glare for mocking her. "Show some respect."

"Make me." Matthew said crossing his arms, then smiling and giving a little chuckle. "But for real, calm your tits I'm just playing around."

Lady Tempest huffed slightly. "As you were saying." She said.

"My ways are secret, so please, uh get the fuck out." Matthew said gesturing toward the door.

"Dang..." Hectic said in his mind. He didn't think Matthew would act that way.

Lady Tempest glared at him. "I told you to show some respect, and now what do you do? Go home, Matthew." She said. She drew a rune, teleporting Matthew away. "Sorry for the trouble, friends." She said, bowing slightly to Nick and co.

Nick's hand began to glow with Spiritual Energy, and then... he slapped Lady Tempest in the face.

The Spiritual energy seemed to bend away from her, and the slap phased through her. She drew a rune, and her and Selene teleported away before they got into any more trouble.

Io moaned again, slightly.

Nick teleported away and got Matthew back.

Two other Ether Spirits showed up in Io's room; Esther and David. They had been sent to help Io, to watch over her while she recovered.

Matthew and Nick shooed everyone out, then Nick left.

Io was grateful for the relative peace and quiet, but mumbled something in disapproval to Matthew. It sounded like "Go away..."

"Nope, I'm here to stay, now let's begin." Matthew said, him and Io began to glow.

Meanwhile outside the room, They could see the glow from behind the door.

Io tossed and turned some.

After the Glow faded, Nick came in.

"Her Ether's back to normal." Matthew said. "Thank me later."

Lunari came in, looking relieved. "Io?"

However, Io was asleep; she still needed to recover a little bit before she was back to 100%.

Matthew left.

Meanwhile in Ether Forest...

"Hey Temp guess what." Matthew said. "I just saved your advisor's skin."

"Thank you." Lady Tempest answered, distastefully, looking away.

"Come on Temp, what are you so pissed off about?" Matthew said.

Before she could answer, she faded away, headed to the Ether Links to sleep.

Matthew fazed into the ground to sleep.

Part 14: Blurred Memories

Meanwhile, at the Dojo....

Lunari, Rosa, and Lexie went to sleep. Alaine climbed up to the little nook Lexie made for her, and went to bed. Io was already sound asleep.

Everyone but Nick and Justin went to sleep.

And, everyone else woke up in the white space...

"Damn it... Not THIS place again." Dillian said.

Lunari wandered around. "And here we are once more..." She lamented slightly.

Alaine looked understandably confused. "Uhhh.....guys?"

"Lexie, tell Alaine bout this." Dillian said.

Lexie heard this, and came over. "We're all dreaming. Fun, right?" She joked.

Alaine nodded.

"I should've known. That's why I just regrew my arm instantly." Hectic said in a cheerful manner. He tore off his thumb and watched as it regrew back in a few seconds.

Derek finally met up with the rest of them, looking like he didn't believe his eyes.

Hectic immediately became bored of departing and growing his thumb, and stopped. "So now what?"

The scene changed, to Airion and Celeste in the Ether Forest. They were both drawing a rune, together, smirking at each other like partners in crime.

"This happens." Lunari chided.

"Alot." Dillian said.

Then Nick appeared behind them.

"Oh look I got here." Nick said.

Hectic noticed Nick, but then decided to turn away as if there were something he had to do.

"Good to see you too Hectic." Nick said.

However, past Nick had teleported into the blinding light of the rune taking effect. Once the light died down, Io laid in the middle of the rune. Airion and Celeste were back together again.

Then the scene switched, to a small desert town, filled with brick buildings. The sun was starting to set, casting a beautiful glow on the town.

Deser-" Nick said. "Wait a second..."

Lexie recognized the place. "Oh no-" Something stopped her, when she realized what was going on.

Past Lexie was hiding in an alley with a light bluish hedgehog boy. They were smiling, sharing snacks, but seemingly trying to hide as well.

Nick watched. "Hmm..."

Past Lexie giggled, while the boy told her a funny story.

"Heh." Nick laughed a little.

Hectic turned back around, becoming quite nosy about what the scene was showing. "Heh..." Hectic chuckled as he looked on.

Then, too fast for Lexie to react, a small fireball came flying at the side of her face. The boy put his hand out to block it. "Hey! Watch where you're aiming that!" He shouted in the direction it came from.

Lexie just noticed what had happened, and yelped, burying her face in her hands.

"That motherfucker..." Nick muttered.

"What's wrong over there, softies? Can't take a little heat?" A voice jeered. An echidna boy walked into the entrance of the alleyway, followed by a fox.

Current Lexie looked scared, and clung to Nick a bit, like a shy child.

Nick started breathing that I'm-really-pissed-off kind of breathing.

Hectic was starting to get extremely pissed off at what he was seeing. His teeth were crunching against each other, and his left eye was slightly twitching.

The hedgehog boy stood between them and Lexie, rather defensive. Ice started forming around his hands.

Lexie peeked at him between her fingers. "Mitch, no!" She whispered.

Suddenly, a large crystal erupted into the room and exploded! Then Maximus stood at the point of impact and said "Picking on a little girl"? "How low has Mobius fallen since my untimely departure"? Then Maximus looked at who Lexie had called Mitch and said "Ice crystals"? as he created a large crystal on his right index finger.

Hectic looked at Maximus, and then turned his head back toward the scene.

None of the people at the scene seemed to notice him at all. It was a memory; it really couldn't be changed.

Nick watched the scene still.

"Aw, willing to die for your little sweetheart, huh?" The fox teased. Mitch started getting angrier, and fired an ice shard at the fox. He caught it, and melted it.

Nick started to get angerier aswell.

Mitch motioned to Lexie to run. She started to run, but a fireball smacked her in the side of the face, knocking her into the brick wall and down onto the pavement.

A flaming aura surrounded Nick.

Lunari hugged Nick to calm him down, but actually looked pretty agitated herself.

Past Lexie got up, dazed and stunned. Mitch grabbed her hand, and ran past the duo, leaving Lexie to stumble behind, as they both got pelted with fireballs.

Then the Dream shattered as everybody woke up.


Lunari hugged Nick tighter, trying to get him to calm down.

Current Lexie ran away from Nick and the rest of them, with tears in her eyes. Not only a bad memory, but now Nick's threatening with more fire.

Nick flew away with a large flaming trail behind him, he knew exactly where that desert was, he'd been there before.

Lexie ran into Io's room, and woke up Io, explaining to her what was going on. Without another word, Io teleported away with her.

"I wonder if I should follow him..." Hectic whispered to himself while he looked at the flaming trail that Nick left.

Nick arrived at the Desert and found some people who bullied Lexie.

They looked at Nick with a disgruntled stare, but then, Nick became surrounded in a magic barrier. Io walked over, holding Lexie's hand. She recoiled for a second after putting up the shield, but Lexie helped her stay upright.

Nick used his own magic to effortlessly break the shield.

"Well I'm her friend." Nick said, then Lightning struck them all and lifted them up whilst flames and electricity rained down on them and his eyes glowed white. "Karma's a bitch ain't she?"

Lexie screamed. "Nick, no!"

Most of the kids just stood there, and only started to run for cover when they got hit with lightning.

"Nuh-uh-uh!" Nick said as a Lightning hand grabbed them.

Io tackled Nick from behind, seeing it as her only chance. "Nick! Stop this! She doesn't want you to do this!"

"Yes, But I do." Nick said. "I have an idea."

Nick brought them to him, then he shot a Magic Blast at them.

"I've revoked your pyrokinesis." Nick said. "Now you can be just like Lexie. And you can't abuse your power."

The kids tried it, to find what he said true. They didn't seem to care; they just went outside and started roughhousing without their fire.

Io looked around. "Lexie?" She'd clearly ran off.

"I'll make sure Jack treats them the way they treated Lexie." Nick said.

Meanwhile, a Dark Blue Hedgehog grabbed Lexie's arm to stop her.

"Where are you going?" The Hedgehog asked. "Someone hurt you?"

"N-no..." She answered, unsure of how to explain. She tried to budge out from his grip.

Hectic then arrived, only to see that he was too late, thinking that Nick must've dealt with the situation already. He then landed near them.

"Take me to whatever scared you." The Hedgehog said letting Lexie go, he didn't want to seem scary.

Hesitantly, Lexie started walking back where she had came from. The hedgehog man would probably notice that buildings were somewhat damaged; electricity still crackled through the area. She then realized, doing this, that she was getting Nick in trouble. What had she done?

The Hedgehog followed her.

"Ey!" The Hedgehog shouted walking up to Nick grabbing him by the neck and ready to punch him. "You think it's fun to frighten little girls?!"

"You think I was scaring little girls?! Bitch you're probably accusing me to cover up YOUR crimes!" Nick shouted.

The Hedgehog was about to punch Nick, then stopped.

"Wait a second..." The Hedgehog said. "Nick? Is that you?"

"Yea, Who's asking?!" Nick said. "Wait... Jack!"

"Nick! Good to see you!" Jack said putting him down.

"Same to you Jack! Haven't seen you in Five years!" Nick said.

Io seemed curious. "Oh, hello friend. How are you?" She said, somewhat formally.

Lexie sighed, relieved.

Jack shrugged.

"I've just been taking down anyone making fun of people without Pyromancy or Pyrokinesis that didn't do anything." Jack said.

Nick told Jack about what he did.

"Well if that's what they did. That's what they deserve." Jack said, suddenly a giant fireball got launched at the bullies.

Lexie saw this. She screamed and ran, back the same way she had gone earlier. She went that way for a reason; that's where her house was.

"Ah, shit." Jack muttered.

Io took off after Lexie.

Lexie ran all the way to her old house, and walked inside, to find the place abandoned.

One other Fox was in the house walking down the stairs with a small sound ball on her finger to help navigate, then saw Lexie.

"Ah!" She shouted before running up the stairs into a corner somewhere.

Lexie followed, more out of curiosity than anything.

"Go away!" The fox shouted. "I already paid you! No more fire!"

"Eep! What fire?" Lexie jumped a bit, looking around frantically.

"Stop mocking me!" The girl shouted.

"I-I'm not..." Lexie said, sounding a bit sad. She whistled a bit, and used her sonokinesis to make it echo and waver slightly.

The girl fired a sound blast at Lexie and then shot one at a window to break it, then jump out, but most of the window was still there and she jumped on to the glass and hit her head.

Lexie bent the sound waves away from her, as she sprinted to the window, catching the fox girl as she fell. "Are you okay?"

"Owie..." The girl muttered, then noticed Lexie holding her and screamed, slapping Lexie and running away.

Lexie yelped, dropping the girl. "B-but I'm trying to help..." She muttered.

The girl fired a strong sound wave behind her then ran down the stairs.

Lexie didn't see it coming, and got hit right in the face with the sound wave. She screamed, her sensitive hearing making the wave hurt even more, before collapsing.

Nick sensed what just happened.

"Stay here." Nick said, he flew over somewhere to see The girl still running, Nick stuck his arm out and The girl ran right into it hitting her face and being knocked out.

Nick picked her up.

Meanwhile, Io ran into Lexie's house, and found her unconscious on the floor. She picked Lexie up as well.

Nick took the girl and put her down somewhere.

Io met up with Nick, holding Lexie in her arms.

"So I'm guessing these two got into a fight." Nick said.

"I don't know. It must be." Io answered.

"Go heal them now." Nick said.

Io set Lexie down, and drew a healing rune for both of them.

Nick went somewhere else.

Once Io finished her rune, she watched over Lexie and the other girl until they woke up.

The other Girl woke up quickly.

Nick left back to the dojo to check on Micheal, he left him with Justin.

"Hey Justin." Nick said.

"You've been gone for a while." Justin said holding Micheal. "It's been like 3 hours."

"So, how's Little Micheal doing?" Nick asked.

"Normal." Justin said.

"Good." Nick said, he used Magic to teleport Lunari to the dojo. "Lunari go take care of our kid. I'm taking a nap."

Lunari nodded. "Alright." She sat down with Micheal, and started to rock him.

Part 15: For Better or For Worse

Meanwhile, Io teleported back to the dojo as well, setting Lexie down on her bed. Alaine came out from her little nook, and landed right next to Lexie. "Is she okay?" Alaine asked.

Io nodded. "She should be fine. Don't worry, little one. " She smiled, reassuringly.

A dark mist near the entrance of the dojo, manifesting itself to grow even bigger. Then out of the mist stepped out Hectic. He quickly snapped his fingers, and then the mist disappeared into thin air.

Rosa noticed him. "Oh, hi Hectic!" She waved happily.

Hectic waved towards her. "Hello, Rosa." Hectic said before falling down onto the dirt outside, spreading out his legs as he made himself comfortable.

Rosa, not having much to do, decided to join him outside, sitting down on the grass. "So, how've you been?"

Dillian grabbed Rosa's Arm.

"Rosa. C'mere." Dillian said.

"Yeah?" Rosa asked, getting dragged along.

Dillian put Rosa down somewhere.

"So, I've been thinking about things." Dillian said kneeling down and taking something out of a Symbol. "So. Rosa? Will you marry me?"

Rosa's face lit up with suprise. "Oh- oh my god! Yes!" She said, eith a beaming smile. She started to laugh.

Dillian gave Rosa a kiss.

Rosa hugged Dillian back, and kissed him.

The kiss was then interupted by a crash of a window, they saw a figure come crashing through and onto the ground outcold! The figure was a orange fox wearing a redish brown hood who looked like they were in their teens.

Io's ears perked up at the sound of breaking glass. She looked at Alaine. "Stay here with her, okay?" She asked, to which Alaine replied with a nod. Alaine sat perched on Lexie's shoulder, while Io ran out the door into the main room, to see the fox unconscious on the floor.

Lunari also heard the sound, and also rushed out to the scene, while trying to keep Micheal from whining. She looked at the fox, seemingly nervous.

Rosa whipped her head around, and darted back inside, leaping back in the broken window (somewhat over-dramatically) and taking out her cyber knife, ready to slash at just about anyhting. Once she saw Io shaking her head and Lunari looking scared, she put her cyber blade away, realizing there was no issue. "Who's this?" She asked, looking down at him.

Lunari shrugged, while Io drew him a healing rune, hoping to restore his energy and wake him up. Lunari and Rosa both backed up, leaving Io to her work.

The Fox said nothing but a groan, he stood up very dazzed and nearly loses his balance, they than fell but lo cought them by their arms.

Dillian looked at the Fox and crossed his arms.

"Interrupting my after-proposal kiss..." Dillian muttered. "NICK!"

Nick woke up and ran over to Dillian.

"Yo." Nick said.

"Go help this new guy." Dillian said.

Justin came walking in.

"Who the fuck broke my window?" Justin said.

"This guy." Nick said.

Being the heavy sleeper that he was, Hectic was sleeping through what was happening.

Io still held the fox boy, and looked him over carefully. After handing him off to Rosa, Io rushed to her room, and came back with a potion. "You sure that's the right one, Airion?" "Says the warrior to the healer."

"You're Boring." Nick said flying away.

Hectic finally woke up from his quick rest, looking at the newcomer being held by Rosa. For some reason, he felt a little negative towards the fox boy.

The fox boy then finally spoke. "w-what happened..." he muttered. The fox boy looked like a teen but spoke like he was young.

Rosa helped him up, slowly. "Well, other than you crashing into our place, we don't really know either." She said, joking around a bit.

Hectic came closer to the group, scanning the boy fox to learn info about him.

Justin used Telekinesis to take the fox.

"I'll be taking this." Justin said walking away with the Fox.

Lunari followed along, worried about the fox, wanting to make sure he's okay. She was also reading his aura to a degree, realizing how powerful he was.

Part 16: Aura Aria

Hectic really didn't care that he couldn't scan the fox. Suddenly, his eyes began to widen, and his ears perked up. "Mercenary-senses, tingling!" Hectic said. He then ran out of the dojo at superior speeds.

Rosa followed along, itching for some action. "Mind if I join?"

Hectic stopped in his tracks, becoming quite surprised that Rosa asked that. He then turned around towards her, growing a large smile. "Yes, you may."

Rosa smirked. "Awesome."

"So.....yeah. Just follow me." Hectic said. He then started off again.

Rosa did as she was told, following him.

Meanwhile as Justin was carring the fox. "Hey let me down!" claimed the fox.

"Justin." Lunari said, as if she was about to tell him to stop. "Anyways, my name's Lunari. What's yours?" Lunari asked, trying to be friendly.

"The names Rookie, now please tell your friend to put me down or I'll use telekineses on him aswell..."

"Lay one telekinetic finger on me and I will destroy every atom in your body." Justin said.

"Just relax, Justin. Let's not start a fight." Lunari said, staring at Justin as if to say "Let go of him already!"

Rookie snapped his fingers and two blue cannon shape blasters made out of Aura appeared and aimed at Justin. Rookie chuckled.

Lunari was about to put herself between Justin and the cannons, but then looked down at Micheal. She couldn't do it.

200 Aura cannons aimed at Rookie followed by 1200 fire balls ready to fire AND 1000 lightning bolts, all aimed at Rookie.

"I suggest you put those away." Justin said.

Rookie froze with wide eyes, he then snapped his fingers and his cannons vanish. "Clever, you know your skills" Rookie said with a grin.

All Justin's attacks vanished.

"Strongest there is." Justin said.

"Nice, now please tell me where were going?!" Rookie claimed. "I dont like being controlled with telekineses"

"We're almost here." Justin said. "Also, you've spelt 'Telekinesis' wrong."

Lunari followed them, the whole time glaring at Justin to let go of Rookie.

Using telepathy Rookie communicated to Lunari "Where is he taking me...?" He asked.

Lunari seemed a bit shocked for a second, since she didn't expect Rookie to be a telepath like her. "Honestly, I don't know. He's never done this before." She answered.

"I hope it isnt bad, if it is He's getting over 50 aura cannons to his face when he least expects it" Rookie said.

"I suggest you don't try that, Rookie." Justin said.

Rookies eyes widened and he crossed his arms and glared at Justin. "Just tell me where were going and I'll stop talking..." Rookie claimed.

"No." Justin said.

"What the hell I wake up here and I'm being carried by some stranger to a unknown room... I dont even know you people!" Rookie claimed.

"OK First, it's Said, not Claimed, SECOND, THAT'S WHY I'M TAKING YOU." Justin said.

Rookies eyes and hands began to glow blue with aura showing that he was angry. "Fine... I'll shut up..." he said as he crossed his arms.

Lunari glanced over at Justin, as if to say "Calm down."

Eventually, Justin got to a tiny lab.

Lunari was, understandably, a bit angry at Justin. What did he think he was doing?!? She didn't want what happened to her so long ago to happen to Rookie. "What are you doing?!?" Lunari asked Justin, menacingly.

"Don't worry I'm not giving him a Spirit Form." Justin said. "With an IQ of 800, how could you think I'd screw this up like Eggman?"

Justin put Rookie on a table and hooked up a machine too him which extracted his powers and then stored them, then the Machine read his mind.

"I had to do this since his Aura Powers were conflicting with my Mind-Reading Powers." Justin explained.

"and the answer you thought of was taking my abilitys away! I'll be defenseless!"

Lunari sided with Rookie on this. "Justin, there's a thing called 'asking.' You can get answers that way without having to read minds." Lunari snarked.

Justin brushed his finger against Lunari's cheek, but it felt like a bitchslap, if he tried an actual bitchslap, he might've decapitated her.

"Stop being such a bitch, Mkay?" Justin said.

Lunari glared at him, turning away with a huff.

Eventually Justin let him go and gave him his powers.

"Thank you" Rookie said with a grin. "Now can someone please tell me whats going on and how I got here?"

"Nope." Justin said. "Now, Get out."

Lunari motioned to Rookie to follow her, as she walked away to her room.

Justin teleported away.

Nick started playing with Micheal.

"Nice place" Rookie said.

"Thanks..." Lunari replied. "Are you okay? Did that hurt?" She asked, sounding concerned.

"Nah I'm fine, i suffered through worse pain" Rookie replied. "I understand why that guy did that to me, he was just curious on what i am"

Dillian and Rosa went to do something.

"Lunari! Come here and play with your Son!" Nick said. "I'm getting bored!"

"Nick shut up." Dalton said.

"No." Nick said. "Micheal doesn't have any other babies to... uh... 'gu-gu-ga-ga' with."

Dalton rolled his eyes and went back to whatever he was doing.

Rookie took a few steps and his eyes examined Lunaris room. "Nice artifacts, you people must do alot" Rookie said still examining her room.

"Hey, thanks." Lunari answered, smiling. "Anyways, I should have introduced myself earlier. My name's Lunari."

"The names Rookie, now... please tell me what the heck happened and why I'm here?" Rookie asked.

Rookie still didnt know what happened, from crashing through the window he seems to have lost some memory from the impact.

"Honestly, we don't really know either. One minute, everything was normal; the next, you crashed right through our window." Lunari said, shrugging her shoulders. "But, you're still here because you were hurt, and we couldn't just leave you like that."

"Justin wanted me hurt" he chuckled. "But i do remember seeing something but its a blur, I was attacking something but i still cant remember..."

Rookie glanced aound her room. "I was blasted by something and I was knocked out cold  right when i crashed into your window..."

Lunari started to think. "Attacking someone... a blur.... huh." Something about it gave her déjà vu.

"The thing is, they came out of nowhere..."

Lunari listened intently. "That's odd..." She was starting to get an idea, but she wasn't sure....

"Who ever it was had some speed on them, and I'm really fast!" Rookie explained.

"Huh. I'm thinking... I might know who it is. But it's a wild guess." She said. The guy she was thinking of wasn't rediculously fast, but he could vanish.

Dillian teleported next to them.

"Guess what, Figured out who attacked him, It's NOT Phantom." Dillian said.

A loud rumble was heard, it was Rookie. His stomach was so loud it sounded like he hasnt eaten in days. "Sorry for being picky but do you have any food you can share please? I havnt eated in forever..." Rookie said.

Lunari seemed to understand. "Yeah, sure, I can fix something up really quick..." Lunari walked out of the room, motioning to him to follow.

As they walked out into a small kitchen, they passed by some familiar faces. Rosa, who gave a wave and a carefree smile. Io, who simply smiled, before going back to what she was doing. And, last but not least, Alaine, who was peeking out the door to Lexie's room.

Suddenly, the door to the dojo opened up silently. The figure was carrying a huge bag of money, and tried to silently creep past the others.

Suddenly a Lightning bolt was shot out of nowhere right infront of the figure, before it could even think of running, 5 more were shot at it and Nick grabbed it by the shoulders and smashed it into the wall.

"Ow! What the heck, Nick?!?!" The figure said quickly. It then rustled out of Nick's grasp and ran into a shadow, disappearing instantly.

Nick recognized the voice.

"Oh god damn it Hectic..." Nick muttered.

Lunari let off a small, content sigh, handing Rookie a bowl of soup, and a plate with a sandwich. Lunari herself had a small bowl of soup, and sat down across from Rookie.

Meanwhile, Alaine smelled food, and walked out of Lexie's room. She too made her way to the kitchen. As tiny as she was, she used a telekinetic-augmented jump, to get all the way up to the table. She looked up at Rookie, with a beaming smile.

"You can come back now, Hectic." Nick said.

Hectic's head popped out of the shadow, and then the rest of his body. He then proceeded towards Nick, giving him the bag of money. Judging from the size and weight of the bag, it might be filled with dozens of bills.

"I would like you ​to have this." Hectic stated before he began to walk away.

"Hey wait, come back." Nick said. "Why were you trying to be fucking Espio?"

"Gotten the cybernetics taken off of me, that's all." Hectic said. He then slowly proceeded to walk away.

"Yea but you don't need to be a fucking ninja now." Nick said.

Hectic stopped and turned towards Nick. "I know." He said. He then walked to the kitchen, feeling kind of hungry after being out for so long.

Lunari noticed Hectic, and got back up. "Hey there, Hectic. I made soup, you want some?" She asked, casually. Alaine waved to Hectic as well.

Hectic, feeling good after getting rid of his horrible cybernetics, was in a extremely good mood, and waved happily towards Alaine. 

"And yes, I would like soup, please." Hectic said as he greeted the group, including Rookie.

Lunari got a bowl of soup for Hectic, and handed it to him, happily.

"Thanks Lunari, nice to meet ya Hectic" Rookie said greeting him.

"Nice to meet ya, too." Hectic said as he sipped from his bowl of soup.

Alaine grabbed a soup cracker, and started nibbling on the corner.

Lunari smiled, casually. "No problem, Rookie."

Part 17: Impostor

Dillian came back.

"Sup guys." Dillian said.

"Hey." Hectic said. He was finished with his bowl, so he putted it down, and went over near Dillian.

Nick looked at Dillian suspiciously.

Lunari picked up Hectic's bowl and put it in the sink, before sitting back down. She saw Nick's suspicious glare. "Hey, what's up?" She asked.

"Lunari." Nick said. "Come here."

Lunari walked over. "What is it?"

Nick put an arm infront of Lunari, then whipped out a pistol and shot Dillian in the head, instantly killing him.

Lunari looked understandably shocked, which quickly turned to anger. She glared at Nick, her eyes suddenly more menacing than they had ever been. "What was that for?"

Hectic stood in shock. The blood from the shot was on him. His eyes turned brown, which then turned lighter, to show how shocked he was. He shrieked and accidentally ran into a shadow.

Dillian's body morphed into a robot with a hole in it's head.

"We need to go." Nick said. "NOW!"

Nick grabbed Lunari's hand and started running whilst everyone (except the Robot) followed.

"Wait! No!" Rosa shouted. "Lexie's still back there!"

"What?!?!" Hectic said, his head poking out of a shadow right by the group.

"Don't worry, I'll get her." Hectic quickly said. He then quickly dipped his head back into the shadow to teleport back to the dojo.

He then silently crept into the dojo, seeking to find Lexie. He then began to search throughout the dojo.

Lexie was in her room, still unconscious.

Meanwhile Rookie was still in the kitchen, he sighed and using his aura he teleported next to the group, still with the bowl of soup in his hand. "Whats going on?!" Rookie said with a surprised tone.

"We're running!" Nick said.

A giant Mech bashed the Dojo aside as it sprinted after the gang.

"Now Now! Running! Are you still that pathetic, Nick?!" The Mech shouted.

Hectic quickly grabbed Lexie and carried her by holding her between his hands. He then joined with Nick and them, running at a fast pace.

Io took out her staff. She was going to teleport them away with a rune, but she had to stand still to do that....

The Mech fired a beam at them, but Nick deflected it, then he created a Symbol in the distance.

"Come on! FASTER!" Nick shouted.

Io quickly grabbed Lexie, thanking Hectic for saving her.

Rookie ran with the gang surprised on what was goin on, while he was still running he quickly summoned a aura cannon and blasted it at The Mech.

Nick pushed everyone to the side as the Symbol he made in the distance shot a giant laser to damage the mech and push it back, then he teleported everyone to a large cave.

Io landed on top of Lexie, which finally woke Lexie up. She mumbled something, and then sat bolt upright, noticing something very wrong.

"I'll light up the place" Rookie said as he snapped his fingers and his hand lit up with aura, filling the cave with a blue glow.

Nick created a Light Ball to light up the place.

"Don't waste your energy." Nick said.

The aura from Rookies hand faded along with the blue glow.

"We'll hide out here for a while." Nick said.

Lexie snapped her fingers next to her ear. She did it again, seeming shocked about something.

"Hm?" Nick looked at Lexie.

But then Justin arrived with a mini dojo in his hand.

"The hell is that?" Nick said.

The dojo became normal sized.

"New Dojo." Justin said.

"Sweet!" Nick said.


Lexie didn't even react to Nick, oddly. She tried holding a ball of sound up to her ear. Realizing what had happened to her, she started to sniffle, as if she was going to cry.

"Lexie, what's wrong?" Rosa asked, concerned. Lexie still didn't react.

"She went deaf." Justin said calmly.

Rosa gasped, in shock, realizing what this meant to Lexie. No more music. "Oh no... Lexie...." She ran over, snd gave Lexie a hug. Lexie was crying, but she calmed down a little bit.

"Yes yes, your little Fox went deaf, DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE 100 METER TALL MECH COMING AFTER US?!" Dalton shouted, but Nick punched him in the face out of the cave.

Though normally disgusted by such a petty argument, Io simply ignored this scuffle. She morphed into Airion's form, looking Lexie over in a doctor-like fashion. Being a healer, Airion knew much of both Ether Spirit and Mobian ailments and healing.

Then they were teleported into a large techy room.

After seeing Dalton go flying out of the cave from Nicks punch, Rookie quickly darted his attention to him. "Did you really have to hit him that hard?!"

"Not my concern at the moment." Nick said.

Airion shook her head, finished looking over Lexie. "I'm pretty sure it's just a temporary overload. Her hearing might come back eventually, very slowly." Airion said.

"Yea guess what." Nick said. "Shut up and help figure out where we are."

Io morphed back to normal, and quickly bared her sharp teeth at Nick, seemingly fed up with his pestering. She wanted to make sure Lexie was alright. She patted in Lexie's shoulder, creatively patting a little rhythm. Even if Lexie couldn't hear it, she could still feel it. Lexie seemed to calm down a bit, realizing this.

Nick's eyes glowed as he stared at Io.

"Don't gimme that look, Pussy." Nick said.

Io gave off an annoyed sigh, standing up. Lexie got up as well, and ran over to Rosa, giving her a big hug.

Hectic was kinda pissed by the way Nick acted towards Io. He knew it would be risky to talk badly towards him, but he had no choice.

He went towards Nick with a tiny frown on his face. "Uh, Nick? I know that this really isn't the best place to say this but....can you calm the f*** down a little?!?! You just called her a pussy because she was helping Lexie?!?! You just need to take a deep breath, and calm down, okay?!?!"

Io took a deep breath. "Relax, my friend. Don't worry." She said, trying to calm everyone down.

Hectic took heed to those words, took a deep breath, and then turned away from Nick.

"When I find that Mech I'm gonna tear it up piece by damn piece..." Rookie said. Irritated of the fact of things that he had to be put through.

"Shut up. I'm trying to figure out where we are." Nick said.

(They aren't in the cave anymore -_- 'Then they were teleported into a large techy room.')

(Oh yeah....s***.)

Hectic pulled out a guitar, and began to play music to pass the time.

Lexie, seeing Hectic playing music she could no longer hear, started to bawl, crying. But then, she remembered what Io had showed her. She watched Hectic carefully, and tried to drum along.

(Alright, I'm controlling Lunari's characters, I know how she roleplays so it'll be like she never left.)

Exo teleported everyone to him.

"What th-" Nick started, but Exo's Mech smacked everyone to a rock.

Nick turned Super 3 and punched Exo, but he punched Nick's Punch, which knocked Nick away.

"Hectic! Shoot it!" Nick shouted.

"Okay!" Hectic quickly responded.

Hectic quickly conjured up a gigantic ball of light energy, but the ball turned into the size of a baseball as he engulfed his hands into it.

"Summer Flash!" Hectic shouted. He then threw the ball at high speeds towards the robot.

(This is the same technique perfected by Hectic in Peeps.)

(Peeps... loved that show.)

The Robot's hand became a cannon which shot a laser at the ball.