Janet is a monster character created by Lunari64 on 2/21/16.


Janet is a salamander-like lizard. She is dark green, with off-white, cream-colored stripes and markings. She wears jean shorts and a dark, navy blue tank top. When playing for concerts, she wears black leggings, a black tube skirt, and a white tank top.


Janet is very fun-loving and happy-go-lucky. Despite being awkward when talking to people, her home is the stage, and she loves performing.


Janet grew up living a normal life in Snowdin town. She quickly developed a love of music, and when she grew up, bought a string bass with the gold she had saved. She started playing at Grillby's to entertain customers, which she does to this day.


Janet is a master string bass player, and often performs in a small string quartet or jazz band.