Liquid is a male hedgehog made by DUBSTEPxSonic and now owned by Ztarhaven, and can control and manipulate Water and Plasma.

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Liquid the Hedgehog


little is known about about him other than he recently was created by some sort of Aquatic God.


look at picture for More details.


Liquid is Very Emo Like but will do anything to cause trouble, despite being neutral, he is very killjoy like, he will do anything to kill his enemies. making him more evil than neutral.



Liquid can use and manipulate Plasma at his will, it can be anything including blood but he can only use blood that is outside of the bloodstream.


Liquid can also use and manipulate Water as his will and he is EXTREMELY skilled with this, he mastered and perfected this type of kenesis and can use high amounts of water to drown his foes to death.


Liquid is known to use a unknown energy called Energy X basically a combonation of Plasma and Chaos Energy, this is a very powerful type of energy more powerful than Standard Chaos Energy.

Shapeshifting (Limited)

Liquid can also shapshift from Solid to Liquid and back, this power is very limited to him because he only can change the space between molecules in two ways.

Lobster Claws

Deadly lobster claw hands.


Plasma Lock

X Sphere

X Burst Wave

Aqua Wave

Aqua Blast

Plasma Grasp

X Palm

Plasma Ball

Plasma Whip

Plasma Razor

Plasma Construct (Blade Mode)

Plasma Construct (Dual Axe mode)

Plasma Construct (Ultima Mode)


Solid Form

Liquid Form

Xper Mode

Xyper Mode

Perfect Liquid