Luna is a robot character created by Lunari64 on 5/2/16.


Luna is a blue robot, with white accents on her armor. Some of the joint parts in her arms, legs, and hips are visible, and can be seen moving. Under her helmet, she has short hair, dyed to a dark turquoise.


Luna is rather proper, but also has a tendency to be sly and secretive.


Luna was built as a prototype robot to test a new tele-communication system. If done right, it would allow her to transmit messages to almost any other robot, without speaking aloud. The system worked, but was still under constant revision and improvements, keeping her cooped up in the lab most of the time. This made her appreciate the few times she was allowed some time to roam and explore.



Sort of a technical counterpart to telepathy, Luna can communicate with any other robot in the vicinity instantly by transmitting messages. She can do this with multiple robots at a time, as well. And, if talking to a robot she knows well, she can send messages to them from almost anywhere.

Energy Blasts

Luna can fire blue energy blasts as a means of defending herself when necessary.