Nate is a Sayian with Black Hair, Green Eyes and wears a Leather Jacket and a Black Undershirt with Black Jeans.


Nate's Power Level was 120,000 when Freeza blew up Planet Vegeta, Nate had just gone on a trip, but he looked behind him and saw the planet get destroyed. He stays on another planet and is currently commanding Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta and some others.


Power Level - Nate's Power Level is 500,000. He currently have a Power Boosting Technique.

Destruction Flash - Nate has the Final Flash except 100x stronger than Vegeta's.

Finale - Nate's Ultimate Attack, It is 1,000,000x stronger than the Destruction Flash.

Deathly Combo - Nate's Hands and Feet are covered in a Dark Aura, He dashes at his opponent and punches them 48 times, kicks them up, flies up, then smashes them down to the ground and then the Dark Aura around his Hands and Feet go to his hands and he fires a Dark Blast along with the Dark Aura.