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This is the page for Nathanyl the Hedgehog, Highest ranking agent of S.O.P.M., star of Trick's Series, better than Nick in everyway, and hope of everything.


Nathan is a Dark Blue hedgehog who usually wears a denim jacket with black sweatpants, or a leather jacket with BATTLE-DAMAGED ripped jeans.


Nathanyl likes to be called Nathan, he loves fighting and always wants to get stronger. he's very clever, but kinda cocky at times.


Nathan was living a happy life, until a fire struck the village he was in. Some hedgehog appeared to have pyrokinesis, Nathan woke up due to smelling smoke, he ran to his parents room, but they were burnt to a crispy corpse, Nathan was shocked and very saddened. Nathan ran outside to the hedgehog. He then attacked the hedgehog mercilessly and homing attacked him so hard, the hedgehog got a scar. Nathan then swore he would kill that hedgehog.


Aerokinesis - Nathan was born with Aerokinesis. He can make up to 5 tornadoes without getting tired.

Hydrokinesis - Nathan was also born with unimaginable Water powers. Nathan can create multiple tsunamis to close an opponent in from all sides.

MLG Skills - Nathan is an MLG quickscoper with noscoping training and master hardscoper and can headshot anyone 100% of the time and spends most of his life hunting the Illuminati.

Chaos Abilities - Nathan is a Tier 9 Chaos User.

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Super Form - Nathan has unlocked his Super Form.

Super 2 Form - Nathan also unlocked his Super 2 Form.

MLG - Nathan equips his MLG gear and gains noscoping abilities.

Ultimate MLG - Nathan absorbs the Rainbow Dorito, Rainbow Mountain Dew, Rainbow Sniper Rifle, Rainbow Swag Glasses, Rainbow Weed, Rainbow OBEY Hat and Rainbow $1 Bill (Or absorb them on their own to get a less powerful form) to become the ultimate noscoping Illuminati killing badass with 83,657 confirmed kills.

Serious - When Nathan gets serious, he's serious, No Weed, No Dew, No MLG Bullshit, He is dead serious, and you're dead meat.

Mythical - Nathan's True Ultimate Form. Nathan becomes Rainbow and gains extremely power techniques and will obliterate anyone in his way. He has never had to use this and probably will never lose if he does.


Pendulum - The Vulture

Pendulum - The Vulture

Nathan's Battle Theme


Reflexes - Nathan can dodged a Laser

Nightcore - The Vulture

Nightcore - The Vulture

Super and Hyper/Super 2 Nathan's Battle Theme

traveling at the speed of light, which is an inch infront of him.


Pendulum - The Vulture -Faze Remix-

Pendulum - The Vulture -Faze Remix-

Mythical Nathan's Battle Theme

Heightened Hearing - During S.O.P.M. training, he was put through tasks and given enhanced hearing so he couldn't be snuck up on.


Sound Blasts - Nathan has sensitive ears since his heightened hearing from training with S.O.P.M.