This is an article about Nickolari the Echidhog, a character created by Nickolasds on 06/1/2015.


Nickolari the Echidhog is the Hypothetical fusion of Nickolas the Hedgehog and Lunari the Echidna, they first fused (or, at least, tried to) in the fight against Zigath in order to double their Strength.


Nickolari has a vast arsenal of powers:

Spin Dash - Nickolari curls up into a ball and spins then Dashes. The attack radiates with blue spiritual energy, a power granted from Lunari.

Homing Attack - Nickolari jumps as a ball and will always hit the enemy. Again, the attack glows with spiritual energy, from Lunari.

Nickolari Boom - This is a modified version of Nick's Nickolas boom, where instead of shouting "NICKOLAS BOOM" he shouts "NICKOLARI BOOM" this has him dash faster than the speed of sound, also with a lime green aura, with an occasional blue streak in it.

Pyrokinesis - he does have a flaming essential however it does have limits.

Fusion Electrokinesis - since Nick and Lunari are both Electrokinetics, when they fuse they're Electrokinesis is greatly enhanced.

Chaos - Nickolari has almost every Chaos ability in Existence.

Power Share - Nickolari is able to give his lifeforce, super form, and just powers in general, from Nick. In a similar manner, each attack Nickolari performs is charged with spiritual energy, which is from Lunari.


Fusion Telepathy - since Nick and Lunari are also both Telepaths, When they fuse they're telepathy is greatly enhanced, they are also able to maintain their fusion for 1 hour.