Nick is a Saiyan with Black Hair, Blue Eyes and wears a Green and Cyan Gi.


When Nick was a Kid, he already had a Power Level of 1000. Nick was always trying to be stronger, when he was 18, his power level was 10,000. When Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta, Numerous Sayians escaped, Nick was one, His Father sent him to Planet Namek before the Planet exploded, but on his way, an asteroid hit his pod, it activated the emergency landing and landed on Earth. Nick has continued to Train on Earth.

Now he has become very powerful, so powerful, people theorize he is a kai due to his power, access to the Kai World, and Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship with the Supreme Kai of Time.


Power Level - Nick's Maximum Base Power Level is 50,000. With the Kaioken his stats are, x1/x2/x3/x10/x20 /75,000/100,000/150,000/500,000/1,000,000. (Note: These stats are for Max Power in Kaioken, Not Average Power)

Ki Attacks - Like every character in the god damn franchise, Nick can use Ki to create amazing attacks.

Energy Breaker - Nick charges up a large ball of energy and contains it in his hand, then punches his opponent.

Flaming Combo - Nick's Hands and Feet light on fire, he dashes at his opponent and punches them 12 times, kicks them into the air, flies up, then smashes them down before taking all fire on his body and turning it into a fireball, then throwing the fireball down at them.

Burst Wave - Nick fires a Wave of Energy at his opponent.