Nick is a Green and Blue Armored Robot, with Spikey Brown Hair, and a Mega Buster that he can summon at will, A Green Helmet and One Red Glove, his energy is Green.


Nick was created to defeat the Evil Rebal Robot, he was given Free Will and escaped. once Nick was informed from His Creator he set out, he has yet to defeat the Rebel yet, he has met friends along the way such as Casey and Brendan. He has beaten other Rebel Robot Masters.


Energy Blasts - When Nick has his Arm Cannon out he can shoot Energy Blasts and Various other Projectiles.

Melee Power Drive - He can Sacrifice Ranged Power for Melee Power.

Ranged Power Drive - He can Sacrifice Melee Power for Ranged Power.

Energy Field - Nick can use his Arm Cannon to Shoot a Field of Energy Around him.


Leadership - Nick can command very well, most people trust Nick without a Second Thought.

Super Smarts - Nick was programmed to be extremely smart.