Welcome to One Minute Brawl! This is where you guys will be able to see fights happen almost every day! The point is that these fights are supposed to be quick and epic at the same time. I do little to no research on these combatants, meaning I use what I know right now to decide on what happens.(I'll even tell you where they're fighting at and what time) This page will feature the very first fight, Vanguard versus Metal!

It works like this:

1.I do the introduction.

2.The fight happens.

3.I reveal who's battling next.

The Fight

Location:Cydik's Lab Time:7:00PM

Vanguard teleported into Cydik's lab."We have an intruder, Metal destroy him"!yelled Cydik."Just bring it on"! yelled Vanguard.


Vanguard went to punch Metal, but Metal blocked it and kicked him in the face. Vanguard made a blade of light and stabbed Metal with it, Metal disarmed him and smacked him flying into a wall. Vanguard jumped back and with a leap, punched Metel so hard, Metal got smashed into the ground. Vanguard than starting charging up his fist with light, Metal however took Van's sword and stabbed him with it. Van roared in agony and kicked Metal in the nuts.(not very effective) Metal then grabbed him and threw him on the floor and tried to punch him, however, Van caught his hand and threw him over his head. Then he charged the Infinity laser, Metal turned on it's hyperdrive and blasted forward, Van shot the laser, annihalating Metal's form and almost killing Metal. Van then took his sword and his one jet boot he had, along with his grappling hook he found on the floor, and then wrapped one end of the grappling hook around the jet boot, then attaached the hook end onto Metal's head. He then stabbed the sword into Metal's chest and made sure it impaled the ground. Then he said"goodbye foolish robot". then he turned on the jet boot, which blasted with so much force, it ripped Metal's head off. KO!


Ty VERSUS Silver!

It's time for 2 time-travelers to kill each other!