Welcome back to One Minute Brawl! This is the 2nd episode of the first season. This time it's between 2 time-traverlers, Ty, the legendary general, and Silver, the savior of the future. This fight works identical to the first one, I'll give the time and place for the fight right before the battle.

The Fight

Location:The City Time:Approx. 10:00AM

Ty was walking through the city and almost got hit by a ball of energy. "Who the hell did that"? Ty yelled "I did, I have come to destroy the Iblis Trigger". "Iblis Trigger"? "HA, I'll show you a diablos trigger little man".


Silver used his psychokinesis to lift and throw a boulder at Ty, Ty slashed the boulder in half."Take that asshole"! Ty yelled. Silver started throwing cars at Ty, Ty was dodging the cars and then threw his sword at Silver. Silver dodged barely and then yelled"SHIT"! "What's wrong"? "You scared"? Ty taunted Silver with these words. Ty then shot Silver with his sniper rifle and Silver yelled out in pain"SHIT"! Then Ty kicked him and saluted him and then punched Silver in the face. Silver got back up with a noticably more twisted face and snapped out and went super form, he then started ripping apart the planet with his psychic force. Ty went super and started pulling the world back together with his own 2 hands, Ty's strength overcame Silver's psychic power and stunned him. Ty then teleported next to the stunned Silver and then used diablos trigger on SIlver, knocking him off the building, then when Silver's super form ran out of time, Ty bitchslapped him into the air and threw his sword up at Silver with a strong backhand. The sword hit Silver and sliced him in half, then when he hit the ground, Ty slammed his scythe into Silver's face.KO!


Two masters who have created their most dangerous weapons,

it's gonna be.......


This one will be EPIC!