Welcome to One Minute Brawl! Today is a battle between two characters who built their greatest weapons. Cydik, the hedgehog that coded Rosa, and Gabranth, the one and only master to Vuxo. These two will battle to the death in a quick, but epic, fight. Anyways, let's get to it.

The Fight

Location:Cydik's Lab Time:9:00PM "Damn it"! "Metal has been defeated"! "I rebuilt him to become stronger, but now he's broken again".*hears a noise* "What the, who's there"? "Darkness". said a voice. "Hmm, trying to manipulate me won't work". replied Cydik. "I am darkness incarnate". "I am known as Gabranth, master of the deathbringer". "The death what"? "bringer". "I will show you what I taught him"! THIS OUTTA BE A MATCH TO REMEMBER Cydik rushed at Gabranth and kicked him in the face, Gabranth retaliated with a punch in the gut. Then, Cydik jumped bacl and touched a wire and went into cyberspace. "Where are you"? asked Gabranth. "Here". said Cydik from the mainframe computer. He then started turning on machine guns and they started firing at Gabranth. Gabranth started dodging the bullets and then teleported to where he saw Cydik enter cyberspace from. "Interesting, I see what you did there". "No you haven't". Cydik sent an electric current down the wire, which shocked Gabranth."You asshole"! Gabranth yelled at Cydik. Cydik came out and slapped Gabranth on the back of the neck."HOTNECK"! yelled Cydik. Gabranth held his neck in pain as Cydik picked up a chair and wacked him on the back with it. Gabranth fell over and then Cydik picked up his pliers and an exposed wire. "Well this was fun, but now it is time I end this". Then Cydik attached the pliers to Gabranth, and walked over to the exposed wire. However, as Cydik went to attach the wire, he heard an organ and it disruppted his concentration. Gabranth slipped the pliers on Cydik and then attached it to the exposed wire. As he was shocking Cydik, Gabranth was recovering, Cydik burst out of the pliers like a crazy hedgehog and yelled "YOU ASSHOLE"! then Cydik grabbed a spear off the ground and impaled Gabranth with it. Gabranth started to fade, but then he said "Hmp, I'm not scared of death". Cydik started walking away. But, as he walked away, Gabranth said, loud enough for Cydik to hear,"I'll see you again".



It's gonna be two people who usually help the heroes, but sometimes will fight with them instead. It's gonna be...