Welcome to ONE MINUTE BRAWL! This is the 4th episode of season 1. This time it's the anti-hero Nate, versus the punching powerhouse Knuckles! Let's see who'll win this epic fight!

The Fight

Location: The Dojo Time:9:00 PM

Knuckles wandered into the dojo, however he bumped into Nate.(who was in a bad mood) "Hey ASSHOLE, watch where you're going"! Knuckles simply looled at him and said "I know this hippie is not talking to me". "YOU"RE DAWM RIGHT I'M TALKING TO YOU"! "All right, that's enought, I'll show you the power of my fists"!

3... 2... 1... GO!

Knuckles punched Nate in the face and then kicked him into the ground. Nate jumped back up and kicked Knuckles into the wall, Knuckles responded with a elbow to the face. Then, Nate threw a couch at Knuckles, who punched it back at him. Nate jumped and kicked Knuckles in the face. Knuckles went flying out of the dojo. "Take that you piece of SHIT"! yelled Nate. But, Knuckles retuned in super form and punched Nate flying throught the dojo.(I think that woke everyone up) Nate then went super and flew at Knuckles, however, Knuckles dodged and kicked him in the face. Nate was stunned for a second with a busted nose. Knuckles then punched him threw the dojo and blew up the nearby forest. Nate came running back and delivered a punch to Knuckles's face. Knuckles flew back and then stopped his sliding by sticking his fists into the ground. Nate ran at Knuckles with ball of energy and smacked Knuckles with it. Knuckles went flying back to the dojo, blowing up the rest of it.


(Afterwards, when Nick and everyone else got back)

(Nick) Nate what the HELL DID YOU DO!?!?!?

(Nate) Uhhhhh....... nothing big that destroyed the dojo and the land around it.

(Nick) Then what do you call THIS?

(Nate) An argument.




The battle of two kinetics!

(Ion uses radiactive energy, while Cole can use wood)

(Or radiokinesis and woodkinesis)