Welcome to One Minute Brawl! The place where you get to see epic fights almost every day. Today for our 5th matchup, we have Ion, the time-traveling hedgehog with power over radiation, and Cole, the squirrel with power over wood! Anyway, let's get to this battle of the kinetics!

The Fight

Location:Field Time:Noon

Cole was just minding his own business when Ion threw an energy blast at him. Cole used his tail to rebound it back. But, Ion dodged it."Hey man, calm down". said Cole "NO WAY"! "YOU STOLE MY ACORN YOU DUMBASS"! Cole made that angry Shadow face and said"All right then, I'll have you know that they were delicious". "YOU ADMIT IT"!?!?!?! "THAT'S IT, I'M GONNA KILL YOU"!


Ion ran at Cole with a dagger and attempted to stab Cole. Cole dodged and smacked Ion with his tail."YOU FUCKER"! yelled Ion. Cole then jumped on the nearby tree and started climbing up. Ion chased him up the tree and starting thowing energy blasts at Cole. One hit him and knocked him off the tree. On the way down, Cole's tail grabbed Ion and started dragging him down with him. Ion gripped the tree and starting using his radioactive energy to burn Cole. Cole let go and landed on his feet. Ion entered his atomic form and blasted off like a rocket at Cole. Cole moved out of the way and Ion smacked into a house. Cole snuck to the control panel and turned on the sprinkler. Ion started getting hit with water. Cole laughed at him as Ion started glowing with heat. Ion entered his heated form and smacked Cole flying across the world, then as Cole came flying back from the opposite direction, Ion smacked him in the face with a radiation-infused punch.



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Io VERSUS Dillian