Welcome to ONE MINUTE BRAWL! This is where you get to see 2 characters battle in a no-holds-barred fight to the end. This installment has Io, the rune-drawing cat, versus Dillian the jutsu hedgehog. This battle is a battle of runes versus jutsus! Without further ado, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

The Fight

Location:The Forest Time:4:00AM

Io was wandering through the forest but got a fireball thrown at her. She jumped sideways to avoid it and then said "who did that"? "I did". said a voice as Dillian came out of the treetops."What are you"? "Crazy"? asked Io "No, you are crazy for entering this forest". "THIS IS MY TRAINING FOREST"! yelled Dillian "training forest"? asked Io Dillian facepalmed and said "Shit, there goes my secret, now I have to kill you to protect it"! "Oh really, bring it". said Io.


Io dodged a quick strike from Dillian, who then used fireball jutsu on Io. Io moved out of the way and lured Dillian into a thick undergrowth. While Dillian was trapped, Io started drawing a rune and completed it. Io used the rune to make her defence increase times 2. Dillian then broke out and actaully landed a punch on Io, who felt it, but didn't get knocked back. Then Io kicked Dillian across the face, Dillian took off thinking "Shit, how am I supposed to do this"? But Io caught up and smacked him again. Dillian then went symbol mode and started throwing multiple jutsus everywhere. Io got hit by a lot of them. The amount knocked her rune off of her and Dillain grabbed her by her head and tossed her through a tree. Io came back with a death rune, but Dillian dodged it and grabbed her by the throat. Then he used fireball jutsu to blast her head off.



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