Welcome to ONE MINUTE BRAWL! This is where you get to see 2 characters fight to the death in a quick battle. This time, we have two of the villains from Hero's Destiny. We have Zigath versus Xirsec! It's time to see who is the deadlier villain out of the alien who has the most unique way of learning langauges, and the hedgehog of destruction!

The Fight

Location:Temple Time: Midnight

Xirsec was walking through a temple he found when Zigath jumped out from behind a stone collum and threw a giant boulder at him. Xirsec punched the boulder in half and yelled "OK DICKHEAD"! "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME"? Zigath replied with "I will make this quick, I'm quite busy".


Xirsec lunged at Zigath with a knife and Zigath blocked it with a dagger he found on the table next to him. Then Xirsec jumped off the little platform they were on and blasted it with an energy blast. The platform crumbled and Zigath came tumbling down.(muttering cusses in alien languages) Xirsec followed up with a dagger to the gut, Zigath then yelled in pain"YOU LITTLE FUCKER"! and then stabbed Xirsec in the face. Xirsec leaped backwards and threw another energy blast. Zigath blocked it and took out a ray gun."SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER"! Xirsec looked disapointed and kicked it out of his hand. Then Xirsec punched Zigath in the face and knocked him through a wall. Zigath came back with a lightsaber and said "YOU DON'T KNOW THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE"! then he threw the lightsaber at Xirsec, who caught it and threw it back. They threw it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until Zigath instead threw it on the ground and yelled"This isn's helping"! Then Xirsec laughed and said "Do you know where you are"? "I'm in MY temple". Xirsec just smiled and pointed up, then as Zigath looked up, Xirsec shot a blast that blew up the ceiling and made a pile of rocks fall on Zigath. KO!


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