This page is here for you guys to have an easier time finding my OMBs.

Vanguard vs Metal

Ty vs Silver

Cydik vs Gabranth

Nate vs Knuckles

Ion vs Cole

Io vs Dillian

Zigath vs Xirsec

Lunari vs Xia and Star vs Shadow

Nick vs Sonic

Goku vs Nick

Vuxo vs Kratos

Trunks vs Silver

Lucario vs Knuckles

Lunari vs Rosa

Dante vs Dark Pit

Mewtwo vs Silver

Kara vs Superman

Nick vs Ty

Cydik vs Gabranth 3

Scourge vs Nick

Ion vs Lucario

Luigi vs Manic

Jules vs Bardock

Goku vs Superman

Bentley vs Tails

Lunari vs Rosa 2

Amy vs Peach

Terminator vs Omega

Ion vs Dr Manhattan

Io vs Blaze

Chaos vs Leviathan

Biolizard vs Godzilla

Gaara vs Johnny

Nathanyl vs Haely

Sora vs Link

Blanka vs Lunari

Kefka vs Yevon

Peach vs Amy 2

Cydik vs Gabranth 4

Joanna vs Magus ☀

Lexie vs Riley ☀

Metal Dillian vs Vanguard ☀

Bowser vs Knuckles ☀

Ridley vs Bahamut ☀

Cloud vs Ragna ☀

Samus vs Master Chief ☀

Silver vs Rosalina ☀

Quicksilver vs The Flash ☀

Vuxo vs Axel ☀

Dillian vs Ashura ☀

Axel vs Ermac ☀

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

Phantom vs Magnus

Sephiroth vs Ty

Bowser vs DK

Wave vs Corta

Freiza vs Nazo

Naruto vs Goku vs Ichigo

Nick and Ion vs Sonic and Shadow

Kefka vs Yevon 2

Dante vs Otega

Iron Man vs Batman

Black Widow vs Solid Snake

Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099

Sans vs Bill Cypher

Shadow vs Mewtwo

Liquid vs Chaos

Freddy Fazbear vs Slenderman

Weegee vs Vuxo

Toph vs Eden

Nick vs Goku 2

Acnologia vs Ashtok

Nate vs Vegeta

Cydik vs Gabranth 5