Rosa the Hedgehog is a 16 year old, dark blue, female hedgehog.


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Rosa has dark blue fur, very short quills, and green eyes. She has an unnatural glowing stripe down her top quill, which usually glows green, but sometimes changes color or brightness depending on her mood or what she's doing.

She tends to wear a black, short sleeved long coat, which goes down to her knees. She wears it over a plain white, long sleeved shirt, dark colored jeans, and combat boots. She also wears fingerless, pine green gloves.


Rosa is a calm, collected, level-headed person. She is a bit quiet, however, though not shy. She is not one to get distracted easily, or spend much time on herself. She'd rather go straight ahead, take care of the problem, and worry about other things later.


Not much is known about Rosa's history, other than why she has her powers. (I'll work on more later.)

Rosa was implemented with code by Cydik. He had coding for a weapon, and needed to give it form. As such, when he first met Rosa, he used her as the form for his weapon. He implemented her with code, but a few of her friends came to the rescue. The code that was going to control her had been removed, but the rest of the code had been implemented. This gives her the unique ability she possesses, and the glowing stripe on her quill.


Rosa has one unique power. She can travel into cyberspace at will, by touching an exposed wire of any electronic device. From cyberspace, she can access information, and make the device do... interesting things. However, there is one major downside to this: she needs an exposed wire to exit, as well. If the exposed wire she used to get in gets fixed, she gets trapped.

Rosa can also wield a "techno" form, in which she can control cyberkinetics like most elementals, freely wielding cyberkinetic energy. In this form, Rosa's glowing stripe extends down each quill, though not much else changes appearance-wise.


Rosa has one major weakness: Electricity itself. While electricity does not damage her more than any other element, it does cause her code to affect her in weird ways, and cause her to act erratically. As such, she has to be extremely careful in cyberspace.

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  • Rosa's name was at one point going to be Ameza, a name suggested by a user on the SFW.
  • Rosa can use her cyberspace abilities to break the fourth wall in strange ways.
  • The stripe on Rosa's quill draws some inspiration from the Aurum from Kid Icarus: Uprising.