Your SOUL color defines your personality.


Red (Determination)

Red SOULs will never give up, they are so Determined that when they want it really Really REALLY bad, they can refuse to Die.

Blue (Integrity)

Blue SOULs are Honest and have high Morals so they will not kill anyone who is weak and poor, like a Froggit.

Orange (Bravery)

Orange SOULs will never back down from a Fight until they are defeated.

Yellow (Justice)

Yellow SOULs will enforce rules and will protect what they believe is Justice.

Purple (Perseverance)

Purple SOULs will keep trying to do difficult things, unlike Red SOULs they will eventually give up, after a Long Time.

Aqua (Patience)

Aqua SOULs can wait for a long time, eventually either tiring out there opponent, or making their opponent so annoyed, they just spare them.

Green (Kindness)

Green SOULs will not kill anyone unless absolutely necessary, they will continuously spare enemies until the enemy accepts the spare.


Black (Hatred)

Black SOULs do not show any compassion to anyone, they are cruel and will harm anyone who gets in their way.

White (Love)

White SOULs are caring and sweet, and would rather make friends than enemies.

Mint (Motivation)

Mint SOULs are always willing to work hard, and get things done.

Crimson (Lust)

Crimson SOULs do anything for what they love, to the point of being impulsive.

Teal (Hope)

Teal SOULs always perceive people at their absolute best, and believe in everyone.

Purple and White (Faith)

Purple and white SOULs always believe that the world can be made a better place, and will do anything to make that happen.

Black with Green Stripes (Disgust)

B/G SOULs are Disgusted by Others and will usually kill anything in they're way.