Your character wakes up after only recalling a bright flash and a buzzing noise. Having only recall that they were alone last night rather vaguely they find themselves to be in a rather astonishing and yet unnerving predicament. They have been shrunk down to the size of a toy! Now they have to figure out a way to revert back to normal size while being trapped in the household lab of a giant mad scientist! (Free to join)

Participants: (Please actually fill out this section this time. >_> )

  • Jaredthefox92
  • Lunari64
  • DUBSTEPxSonic (Because Why the Hell Not)

Involved Characters:


  1. Fill out the headers. (I need to keep track of who's in this roleplay and which character, plus linking them would be good.)
  2. Standard roleplaying etiquette applies. (No godmodding, auto-hitting, powerplaying, ect.)
  3. Chaos powers are weaker in this roleplay due to your character being tiny. (No exceptions!)
  4. Swearing is allowed as long as it makes sense to do so.
  5. This is a plot based roleplay, do not diverge from the plot.

Act One: The Awakening.

  • The area was dark, all around the room was darkness and bare visibility. There was a faint smell of plastic in the air and the temperature was around room temperature if not a tad stuffy. Soon your character would wake up after barely recalling the past events. However, all they can really recall is a loud buzzing noise and a blinding,(temporarily),  flash of light.

Lunari's eyes slowly fluttered open. "Um... hello?" She asked, making sure she wasn't alone.

As she would wake up her head would feel rather woozy and feel slightly week as if she overslept and her muscles and bones would feel sore.

Rosa was starting to come around as well. "Ow..." She moaned.

Then he may have noticed something odd about his surroundings, the floor he was on was made of plastic and didn't feel like tiled plastic one may find commonly in the average household either, but instead of cheap plastic.

Lexie shuffled around a bit, wincing slightly from being sore. "Uhhh... guys?!?" She asked, nervously.

Ion started to wake up slowly. "uhhh... man, what the hell happened..."

Lunari recognized his voice. "Ion.... you okay? Is everyone alright?"

Ion's vision Started to clear up, he noticed everything is huge in size compared to him.

"What the hell... why is everything huge?"