This is an article about Synth, a character created by Lunari64 on December 4th.

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Synthess, who prefers to be called Synth, is a robot girl with long brunette hair, usually in a bun or ponytail, and blue eyes. Her robot equipment is mostly shades of purple and dark violet.


Synth was built very early in the history of robots. She worked happily alongside her creator, oblivious to the envy other people had towards her loving creator. Intruders broke into the lab one day, and before the intruders could find Synth, her creator shut her down and put her away. She was found much, much later, and reactivated, to find the world had changed much in the time she was shut off. To this day, she adapts to life in the present, and works with those who reactivated her.


Synth is very happy-go-lucky, and hard-working. However, she tends to seem lost, as she is still getting used to the present time. She is somewhat flirty, and quite friendly. She tends to have a short temper, and will not hesitate to give anyone who opposes her a piece of her mind.


Synth is a shapeshifter, changing herself as needed and using herself as her own tool when need be. She can transform her robot armor into almost any shape, granted it will still be the same colors as her armor.


Synth, due to her now long outdated coding, lacks a lot of things. She has poor balance, and is quite the klutz. This lack also leaves her a bit simple-minded, not having the came complexity in her coding as most modern robots. She has no fighting experience, whatsoever. She has a limit on her shapeshifting, and can't shapeshift into anything bigger than she is.