Welcome to Wikia Death Match Episode 1, Darth Man the Rebel Robot vs. Metal the Robot Overload.


Darth Man


Darkness - Darth Man has total control over Darkness, He can make Swords, Shields, Sticks, Guns and Cannons, Not to mention Forcefields.

Power Drive - Darth Man has a special drive that raise his stats Ten Times, but he can't use it for more than an hour as it may cause his system to shut down.



Lasers - Metal can shoot various lasers.

Metallic Dash - Metal's Metallic Body and Sharp Spikes and cause serious Damage to Mobians, Combine that with a head-first Dash, Homing Attack or Spin Dash and you get a Really effective attack.

The Fight

Darth Man burst into Metal's Castle.

"What are you doing?" Metal said. "Show the King of Robots respect."

"If you the King, Then it's time for a rebellion." Darth Man said.


Darth Man shot a Ball of Darkness at Metal.

Metal jumped off his throne to avoid it, then Homing Attacked Darth Man, Darth Man created a Field of Darkness to block it, which Metal hit and stumbled back. Metal then shot a few Lasers that hit the field, Darth Man then put the field down to ram into Metal.

Darth Man then pointed his Arm Cannon at Metal's head, them blasted, however Metal kicked Darth Man away and Homing Attacked him.

Darth Man created a Darkness Sword and slashed Metal away.

Metal homing attacked Darth Man, but Darth Man Parried Metal away.

Metal shot multiple lasers at Darth Man, stunning him, then spin dashed and kneed him, then kicked him to the throne, which he ran to and stuck his spikes out, which caused Darth Man to get stabbed.

"How...?" Darth Man said. "NO!"

Darth Man activated the Power Drive and kicked Metal and punched him 50 times followed by a kick and then blasted him.

Metal came back down and kicked Darth Man who Punched Metal in the face.

Darth Man shot Darkness Bombs at Metal blowing most of him up, Then Metal came out of the Darkness and stabbed Darth Man with his sharp elbow.

"Your Finished." Metal said blasting Darth Man to bits.



Metal and Darth Man would be equal, If we went with the Metal from BEFORE Cydik reprogrammed him. But Cydik enhanced his stats enough to keep up with The Saviors of Mobius, Nick (Sonic) alone could beat Darth Man.