Xirsec is a Grey Hedgehog with White Skin and a Red Scar down his Eye, Like Yamcha from DBZ.


Homing Attack/Spin Dash - ...

Super Speed - Xirsec is abit faster then Nick.

Super Strength - Xirsec can lift 12 tons.

Energy Attacks - The usual.

When Angered (Scar glows Red)

All previous powers quadrupled.

Telekinesis - able to move things with his mind.

Weapon Mastery.

Killer instinct - will NOT Hesitate to kill anyone.

When Completly Pissed (Scar Glows Ultimate Red, Nearly Black)

All previous powers multiplyed by four-hundred.

Master Assassin - able to quickly kill anyone.

Slight Chronokinesis - able to slow down time.

Ultra Destruction - an Omi-Directional Blast that will completely obliterate anything it touches, it would even do Minor Damage to Vuxo.